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 From the APREs - Term 3, Week 6, 2016

The Assumption of Mary was celebrated this Monday, the 15th August, and is a day when Catholics affirm their belief that Mary is now in Heaven. It is a Holy Day of Obligation, a day when Catholics are encouraged to attend Mass.  On this day the Roman Catholic Church celebrates the belief that the Blessed Virgin Mary, having completed her earthly life, was in body and soul “assumed” into heavenly glory. Some even see the Assumption as “The day we assume Our Lady went to heaven!”  It is now generally agreed that this belief was unknown in the earliest years of the church.  This feast originated in Jerusalem before the fifth century and was known as the "Falling-Asleep of the Mother of God." It was adopted in Rome in the mid-seventh century and was renamed the "Assumption" in the next century.  Mary has always been an example for us to follow, particularly the way she accepted the will of God. She heard the word of God and acted on it, because charity and a spirit of service were the driving force of her actions.  She is worthy of imitation because she was the first and the most perfect of Christ’s disciples.


Did you know? 

The Assumption is one of 54 Holy Days of Obligation in the liturgical calendar for Australia, the others being every Sunday of the year and Christmas.  The importance of a day in the liturgical calendar is determined by its rank and is called either a solemnity, feast or memorial.  Solemnities such as the Assumption are the celebrations of greatest importance as they commemorate an event in the life of Jesus or Mary or celebrates a saint important for the Church as a whole or for the local community. The Mass of a solemnity has proper readings, and the Gloria and Creed are recited. The only feast days to be observed in Australia as Holy Days of Obligation are the solemnities of the Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ (Christmas Day) and the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. (Taken from Liturgy Brisbane).



Fathers play a vital role in the lives of their children and families.  This coming Father’s Day, Sunday 4th September, we remember the many sacrifices fathers make for their children and families, and the ways they do this - both big and small.   We also remember those who have helped fill the void when fathers pass early or are absent eg grandfathers and uncles, brothers, cousins, teachers, priests and coaches. Students in P-5 will ask God to bless all of the Fathers in our community at a liturgy on Friday 2nd September at 2pm in Goa.  Parents and families are warmly invited to attend.  A note will go home with P-5 students this week outlining all of the details.



The Parish will celebrate Multicultural Mass on Saturday 27th August at 6pm and Sunday 28th August at 7am and 9am Masses. We are looking for two people to read the Prayers of the Faithful in their own language at one of these masses. If you would like to offer your assistance can you please contact the Parish Office on 4124334 between the hours of 8.30am – 2pm Monday – Friday.  We also invite those attending the 9am Mass to dress in their native or traditional attire.