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 Chemistry Titration team

A Chemistry Titration team of Emma Wade, Emily Whebell (both of Grade 12) and Bailey Kilpatrick (Grade 10) came third of the six teams at the Bundaberg district competition on Wednesday.

When the results were compared to those of two other district competitions in the Central Queensland region, the Xavier team was 10th of 30 in Central Queensland.

The effort of the students was especially commendable, as we were able to arrange to take part and organise a team only in the previous three weeks, and thus managed with only about 5 short first-break practices, and only one complete run-through (in a before-school and an after-school session, as in the usual rush of Term 3 we could not even arrange to have all three students together at one time before or after school for a full-team practice).

Term 3 is particularly busy for Seniors and thus Emma and Emily were very loaded with commitments to study and assignments; Bailey’s enthusiastic volunteering was very welcome such as to create the team.


Gary Turner
Director of Science 

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