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 Congratulations Rosina Baumann Hervey Bay Zone Sportswoman for 2013and Harry Nuske Xavier Sportsman 2013

Recently a group of very talented athletes attended the Hervey Bay Zone Sports Awards ceremony at Sandy Strait State School. The following Xavier students received certificates for representing the Hervey Bay Zone in their chosen sports in 2013. Congratulations Chelsea Neck, Meg Mason, Riley Jones, Alex Webb, Alex Goffinet, Lachlan Bell, Shaun Connor, Isaac Palmero, Harry King, Riley Matheson, Ella McConville, Sam Gale, Ethan Phillips, Piper Hinton, Sophie Roche, Chantelle McCarthy, Rosina Baumann, Isaac Kelsey, Ella Barthelot, Harry Nuske, Elias Broome, Ruben Broome, Kasey Gamble, Garrett Moore, Leilani Coster, Lachlan French, Brandon Johansen, Amy Wyvill and Kyle Begaud. 

Seven of these students went on to further represent the Wide Bay and also received a certificate to acknowledge this achievement. Congratulations To Issac Palmero, Harry King, Riley Matheson, Piper Hinton, Chantelle McCarthy, Rosina Baumann and Harry Nuske.

Rosina was one of 4 Hervey Bay students that were selected to represent Queensland. She achieved this in the sport of softball. Congratulations Rosina.

Each school in turn announced the recipients of their Sportswoman and Sportsman of the Year Awards. It was no surprises when Rosina, with her 10 certificates in hand and Harry Nuske, with his 5 certificates, were called to the stage and presented with their trophies.

It wasn’t over for Rosina yet. For the second year in a row, due to her hard work and dedication, Rosina took out the Hervey Bay Zone Sportswoman for 2013. What an excellent achievement.

 Congratulations Rosina Baumann Hervey Bay Zone Sportswoman.jpg