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 Congratulations to all on our first week of term

Congratulations to all parents, students and staff involved in of last week’s activities. This included our ANZAC Day Observance at the college, Xavier Day and Rugby League Finals at Stafford Park. Once again Xavier excelled as it also did at the ANZAC Day Dawn Service and March. A big congratulations to Miss Shannon McDuff and her combined college choir for their presentation at the Dawn Service. Congratulations to all involved in Saturday mornings ANZAC Day March. Once again we were the largest school represented with the vast majority of Xavier Students making the effort. A big congratulations again to Mr Damms and our band who again did us very proud.

Paul D Anzac 5.jpgPaul D Anzac 1.jpg 
Paul D Anzac 2.jpgPaul D Anzac 3.jpg 
Paul D Anzac 6.jpgPaul D Anzac 7.jpg 
Paul D Anzac 9.jpgPaul D Anzac 11.jpg 
Paul D Anzac 13.jpgPaul D Anzac 15.jpg