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 Embracing the Difference - Bastille Day Festivities

“Embracing the Differences”, the theme of this year’s Bastille Day celebration, was reflected in all aspects of the day’s festivities. The college was filled with costumes mirroring many different historical and cultural aspects of the French nation and the programme of events was a true reflection of the benefits of acknowledging and accepting the contribution made by other cultures and other races to our lives.

The day began with a very touching liturgy reminding us all that our college is made up of people from all continents and all walks of life, yet we are all part of the one community and that it is days like Bastille Day where we celebrate the diverse cultures that bring us together. Twila’s singers gave a moving performance of a short song, “Je t’aime” reminding us of the importance of loving and accepting one another. As a school, we stopped to give thanks for the lives we were blessed with and to remember the victims of the recent tragedies suffered by our French friends, the latest being Nice.

Our Senior production this year, “My Kitchen Rocks” provided us with a journey exploring what France had to offer in the way of food. The performance began with an enthusiastic performance of “Ton Thé” by our very talented choir members. This catchy round got us into the mood to hear more about French food.   Our two chefs, Pierre Patisserie (head chef of My Kitchen Rocks) and his assistant, Bernadette Baguette then introduced us to the many culinary delights for which France is most famous – cheese, snails, truffles and of course chocolate. We heard of the plight of the snail, through a comical rendition of “Escargot” by our mini- singers.  The audience was then educated as to the authentic way to eat snails …a real hit with our younger audience members. The performance ended with a visit from the “Great Chefs of Paris” performing an energetic routine with wooden spoons clacking to the tune of a popular French song, “ Moi, j’ai faim…I am hungry. “

The masses were kept fed and happy all day with a range of activities and an assortment of French delicacies – croissants, éclairs, quiche and garlic bread. The day was full of fun, festivity and frivolity. ….a true reminder of how much we can learn from and share with one another.

Loretta Swann- Director – Humanities/Arts/LOTE