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 House Leaders

Last week saw the election of our House Leaders . We congratulate these young people on taking on the challenge of Leadership. All newly elected Leaders will be taking part in a two day Leadership program to be held at Campialba. They will investigate what it means to be a leader, particularly in a Jesuit /Ignatian College. They will also have the chance to spend time with our current Student Leaders who will share their learning and experience of doing the job.
Emily King - Dirum House Leader.jpgRhiannon Lowe - Dirum House Leader.jpgZac Pronk - Dirum House Leader.jpg
Sophie Kluck - Dirum House Leader.jpgElla Wyvill - Buthu House Leader.jpgJasmine Csetoth - Buthu House Leader.jpgKelsea Alexander - Buthu House Leader.jpg
Phillip Russo - Buthu House Leader.jpgKondari Jayden McClouskey.jpgKondari-Tahlika Carpenter.jpgKondari House Captain - Damon Winton.jpg
Kondari House Captain - Madi Piddington.jpgLilli Glass - Narwari House Leader.jpgGeorgia Anderson Narwari House Leader.jpgCooper Climo - Narwari House Leader.jpgJacqui Hogan - Narwari House Leader.jpg