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 It really is a Small World – Bastille Day Festivities at Xavier College

Bastille Day this year at Xavier Catholic College was a real community event, celebrating   the richness of our world, the various countries, races, cultures and religions. The theme for this year’s celebration, “It’s a Small World” was reflected in all aspects of the festivities. The stage was decorated with images of national costumes from a range of different countries. Students from all year levels came dressed in historical or cultural costumes or in a creative combination of French colours. The college grounds were a sea of colour as students and staff come together to celebrate the contribution that all cultures make to our college community.
 A visit by the Disney character Olaf, as our choir director for the day was a real surprise and had audiences enthralled. Our prep students were the highlight of the morning’s liturgy. They provided an energetic and very cute version of the song, “It’s a Small World” as the introduction for the very moving liturgy for the festivities. The liturgical dance performed by the year 4 students was a memorable finale.
The audience was then treated to a modern day fairy tale, “An amazing French adventure”, based on the journey taken by our senior French students to France during the Easter vacation this year. Images of the highlights of their tour flashed across the big screen as memories and recollections were shared in an amusing and entertaining way via our very capable narrators in the guise of Snow White and Alice in Wonderland. Students roared with delight at the entrance of a selection of fairy tale characters from the Euro Disney studios – Buzz Light-year, Mr. Incredible, Woody, Mickey, Minnie, Peter Pan and the Mad Hatter. The highlight of the presentation was the finale as characters chose partners from the audience to join them on stage as they danced to the strains of the theme song of the Disney parade, “Magic Everywhere”.
The masses were kept fed and happy all day with a range of activities and an assortment of French delicacies – croissants, éclairs, quiche and garlic bread. It was a fantastic day of celebration, where each of us was reminded that we do live in a world full of different faces and different places but a world where we all have a lot to offer each other and where we have a lot to share with one another.

Loretta Swann – HOD – Humanities/Arts/LOTE