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 Leadership Address - Term 3, Week 10, 2016

Dear Parents, Students and Staff

We would like to take this opportunity to wish our students and staff a well-earned enjoyable break.  We pray that we will all return safe and healthy for Term 4 which begins on Tuesday October 4.  Our thoughts are also with our Year 12 students who will complete their final assessments prior to graduation at the end of November.

Year 12 Formal Evening
If you have had the chance to look at the College Facebook page you will have seen our Year 12 students strutting the red carpet for their Formal on Friday evening. It was lovely to see our student transformed into young adults, dressed to impress, having the chance to enjoy an evening of dancing and relaxing with staff and families.

The students had been undertaking formal dancing practice over the last few weeks so were ready to show their parents how they could do old favourites like the ‘Pride of Erin’ and the ‘Barn Dance’. Following the dancing, parents and families left to enjoy a dinner function while the students enjoyed dinner and dancing.

Thanks must go to our wonderful Heads of House team, who lead by Mr. Tony McQuaid, did all the behind the scenes work to get our students ready for the evening. Ms. Stacy Sullivan and Mrs Margie Robertson lead the team responsible for turning our Goa gym into a beautiful reception hall for the evening.

Middle School Leadership Program 2017
The College Leadership Team is working with the Heads of House to introduce a Leadership program for year 9 students in 2017. We have identified that there is a gap across the year levels as we offer year 5 students the opportunity to be leaders of the Junior School and our senior students represent the whole of Senior School, however, Middle School is not represented.

To begin this process, we have had one session with our current year 8 students to ask them to identify the qualities they see as important for a leader of the Middle School as well as try to suggest roles and jobs that could be undertaken by the leaders. In the new term will meet with them again to ask them to consider these qualities and identify how they could be demonstrated in the role of a Middle School Leader.

We will develop a timeline for this implementation however, we will be announcing the Year 9 Leaders for 2017 at the Middle School Celebration Evening which will be held on Tuesday 22nd November.

Greatly Enhancing Employment & Career Opportunities - GECKO
The last two weeks of this term has provided the opportunity for all Year 10 students to undertake work experience and complete their GECKO week. The GECKO activities are designed to assist them to cultivate a range of both employment and personal skills to assist them in their future development.

Thanks must go to Mrs. Amy Brennan who lead the team to develop and implement  the GECKO program and to Mr. John Donnelly who is the driver of our work experience program. Each year we receive wonderful feedback from employers who have hosted our students and many students, due to the skills they have shown are offered part time positions and even at times traineeships and apprenticeships for when they leave the College.

10 GECKO.jpg
10 GECKO2.jpg10 GECKO3.jpg

Year 4 Sleepover
This week our very excited Year 4 students head off to Underwater World for their first ‘camp’ overnight! They will be sleeping over in the tunnel and billabong areas of Underwater World with the marine creatures that they have been learning about this term. Year 4 teachers, Mrs Dougherty, Mrs Smith, Mrs Donnelly and Mr Smith will be accompanying our students on their adventure. We will return to school on Thursday afternoon, probably a little weary but very well informed about marine life and ecology.