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 Leadership Address - Term 3, Week 4, 2016

Inspire with Action
If you visit one of the 2000 Jesuit schools and universities around the world you will be well aware of recurring themes such as:

-    Competence, conscience and compassion;
-    All for the greater glory of God;
-    Strive for the Magis;
-    A faith that does justice;
-    Men and women for others.

Men and women for others was the catch cry of Fr Pedro Arrupe, a former Superior General of the Jesuits.  Fr Arrupe was stationed in Japan at the outbreak of World War II in the Pacific.  He was imprisoned for a time as a suspected US spy.  When he was released, he was appointed as a novice master at the Jesuit noviciate in Hiroshima.  He was there that day the first atomic bomb was detonated above the city destroying the city and most of its citizens.  Fr Arrupe was a doctor and immediately transformed the Jesuit noviciate into a hospital, saving many many lives.  In the early 80’s, as the Fr General Arrupe of the Jesuits, he stood up to the right wing fascist government in San Salvador and refused to leave the poor. Father Arupe was a doer, who inspired many through his actions. 

Last Wednesday we launched our Motto for 2016 that has been developed by our 2015/16 Senior Leaders - “Inspire with Action”!

The “Inspire with Action” banner at the front of the school has a silhouette of Fr Pedro  Arrupe taken from in his prison cell.  Fr Arrupe and the Yr 12s have been inspired by the words of St Ignatius that “love manifests itself more by deeds than words”.  Not only do you need to talk the talk, you also need to be able to walk the talk.


Winter Uniform
Students are to wear the College spray jacket and/or tracksuit pants if they are cold. The only exception to this is our Year 12 Seniors are allowed to wear their senior jersey over the top of their day uniform (not formal uniform). Other Xavier winter items, eg Sporting jumpers or ‘hoodies’ are not to be worn as a replacement to the spray jacket. If the spray jacket is not warm enough for the students, they can wear extra clothing under their spray jacket for extra warmth – ie singlets, thermals etc. The same principle applies to the track suit pants.

APA Performance Review
All those in Senior Management positions in Brisbane Catholic Education, participate in regular performance review processes to assist in their professional development planning.
Mr Reagen Collier is undertaking such a review during Term 3 2016.

As a component of this process, a confidential on-line survey is being conducted by Simons & Associates (trading as Ardjuna), an independent survey company.

On Monday, 8 August, a sample of families selected across various year levels will receive an invitation to participate in this survey.  The invitation will be emailed directly to families by Ardjuna, appearing as “”.   This survey will be conducted over a two week period.

Community consultation is highly valued and I thank you in advance for your participation.

Junior Choir
Our junior choir head to Gympie this Thursday to represent Xavier Catholic College in the Gympie Eisteddfod. We wish them all the best for their performance. We thank Miss Shannon McDuff for her preparation of the choir students, and the students for their hard work and enthusiasm leading up to this event.

Prep Church Visit
On Wednesday our Prep students were very excited to be heading off on their excursion to St Joseph’s Catholic Church to meet with Fr Marty. Fr Marty talked with the children about the church and the many special church features and their significance. The children were able to tour all areas of the church with their group leaders and ask questions. After the church tour they enjoyed lunch and a play in the park with their teachers and parent helpers. Next Monday our Year 5 students will join Star of the Sea students to celebrate a special mass for Mary MacKillop’s Feast Day.

Feast of St Ignatius Loyola, Sunday 31st July
Last Sunday was an important day for the Jesuit community and therefore Xavier, as it was the Feast Day of St Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus. To celebrate this milestone, Fr. Andy Hamilton SJ has written an article that has been summarized here. He describes the two sides of St. Ignatius and the importance of both in our ministry of educating students.

The ‘first’ Ignatius, and the one best known through the stories told about him, was the ambitious, passionate and competitive young man who was converted from his courtly ambitions to the desire to follow Jesus. That Ignatius was a wanderer, a seeker, a street evangelist suspect to the religious authorities in Spain and Jerusalem. He was at home on the street with simple people, a charismatic guide and friend.

But then there was the ‘second’ Ignatius. Dressed soberly, his days spent in administration of a fast growing and always challenged religious congregation, speaking with cardinals and patrons, his nights spent on the roof wondering at the mystery of God hinted at in the wheeling stars.  Always attentive to the calling of Christ through the people at his disposal, through the success and demand for new ventures.  Always ready to change direction, as the demand for travelling missioners gave way to the need for teachers and scholars.

The difference between the two versions of Ignatius did not lie in a personal choice of lifestyle but in the call in different situations to serve Christ in different ways. As a school we are also called to serve our community in different wyas as well as support all members of our community.

For Xavier, and all schools in the Ignatian tradition, we need both faces of Ignatius.