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 Leadership Address - Term 3, Week 7, 2016

Middle & Senior School Assemblies
As a College we are working on developing a “Growth Mindset” in our students. This mindset challenges students to persist in their learning if they “don’t get it the first time”! In Junior school we don’t say we can’t do it we say we can’t do it YET! To assist us in promoting a Growth Mindset we are focusing on using the Habits of Mind.

When we see our sports people achieving success we do not often think of the sacrifices and hard work they had to go through to achieve these results. Likewise, we are keen to have students understand that success is the result of persistence and hard work.

This means we wish to recognise and celebrate the work that goes on behind the success students achieve. Therefore, this week we called all Middle School (Years 6-9) and Senior School (Years 10-12) together to recognise students who worked consistently during Semester One. Our data was taken from our Semester One reports.

Accessing your Semester One Reports
Have you taken the opportunity to read your Semester One reports and discuss it with your children? Our records show that some families are yet to access their child’s reports. To read these reports you need to log on to the Parent Portal or click on the link below to find out how to do this. They can then be downloaded and saved electronically which means that you will never lose a report again.

Book Week
This week our college celebrates Book Week and our P-6 students are engaged in many literature-based activities around the 2016 Book Week theme 'Australia! - Story Country'. We have held a range of wonderful activities:

•    Year 6 students hosted our P-5 students at Rug Reading,
•    Parents attended a 'Joy of Reading to Your Child' information evening,
•    Students enjoyed a ‘Pyjama Reading Night’
•    Students have decorated their classroom doors for Book Week, 

and of course we culminate on Friday with our annual Book Week dress up parade. Thank you to Graham Bebington and our teachers for making this week both educational and enjoyable for our younger students.

Buthu & Kondari House Disco
Last Friday evening a small but enthusiastic number of students gathered to celebrate our theme of “Op Shop”. Students dressed in a wide range of costumes and were treated to a feast of slow cooked casseroles and sweet treats. We thank our Buthu and Kondari student leaders for leading the way on the dance floor and our hard working Heads of House who were behind the organisation of the evening.

Senior Education & Training Plan (SETPlan)
This Thursday Year 10 students and their parents will meet with a designated SETP Mentor to discuss and finalise their senior subject choices for next year and where they see their future pathway. Interviews will be held in the Library and are 30 minutes in duration. Instructions for booking interviews have been emailed to all parents.