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 Leadership Address - Term 3, Week 8, 2016

It is always great to see the number and variety of exciting activities that are open to our students. The junior School had an action-packed week with a range of activities for Book Week while Senior students have undertaken an excursion on Houseboats in the great Sandy Straits. Our Marine Science and Aquatic Practices classes spend three nights on houseboats practicing the skills they have developed in class. Both Junior and Senior students competed in Equestrian event with great success. It was also great to see a number of students receive a Certificate from their participation in the Australian Geography Competition. Another opportunity for students to test their skills in this area against students from across Australia. These certificates were distributed during our Middle School Assembly last week.

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Combined Services Dinner, hosted by Zonta
Members of the College Leadership team and three of our student leaders attended the Combined Services Dinner talk to learn about Homelessness in the Hervey Bay area. George Seymour, Director, Regional Housing Limited and Deputy Mayor, Fraser Coast Regional Council spoke on this topic and invited all Hervey Bay Service Groups and school to come together to understand the extent of Homelessness in our community, with a view to create change. It was a great opportunity for our student leaders to meet a range of people from the many Service Clubs across Hervey Bay.

Recognition of Consistent Application and Effort in Class
Last Wednesday was split the Middle and Senior School into two groups for an Assembly to recognise those students who had consistently applied themselves to their class work over Semester One. This data was gathered from the Reports and recognised student who had received a scale of ‘Consistent’ in the majority of their subjects. Over the year levels over 150 students received a Certification for their hard work and dedication.

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This practice is in line with the College’s focus on developing a growth Mindset in our students. We focus on how they achieve the results that they did rather than the result itself. The way we are looking at developing a Growth Mindset is through the implementation of the Habits of Mind. Students have been hearing in their classes different aspects of these Habits of Mind such as the importance of perseverance and accuracy for success. We know that all students are capable of learning and succeeding, if they are prepared to put the effort into their learning.  Additionally, responding to challenges with a Growth Mindset helps us to believe that we can progress in our learning, even if we’re not seeing the rewards of this effort ‘yet’.

Father’s Day Liturgy
This Friday our P-5 classes will be celebrating Father’s Day with dads, step-dads and grandads in our Junior School. We will begin with a picnic lunch at 1.00pm, followed by classroom activities and a liturgy in Goa at 2.15pm. We invite our families to join us for this special afternoon.