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 Magis Minis - Soup Making Adventures

Last Monday afternoon our Senior members of the social justice and action team coordinated and facilitated our annual soup making by our magis minis.  These beautiful soups will be the main meal for all participants of the annual Saint Vincent De Paul School sleep out.  This is what our magis minis wrote about the experience.


Hi I’m Irene, on Monday arvo I made some delicious pumpkin soup for the St. Vincent Sleep out.  I had heaps of FUN!!  We chopped onions (my least favourite bit).  We also chopped up some pumpkin.  Altogether I really loved cooking for Mini Magis.. 

Hi My name is Soph and our team got to make three soups, it was fun and I would help people anytime.  Love Magis minis…

I made some minestrone soup.  I had a lot of fun and it was so cool.  Savannah….

Hi my name is Charlotte.  On Monday afternoon we made soup with mini magis. I made minestrone soup with Ella.  It was so much fun and I hope everyone enjoys the soups…

Hi I’m Georgia and I worked with Damon making pumpkin soup on Monday afternoon for magis minis.  Loved it…..

Hi I’m Hannah and I had so much fun and when I chopped up the onions my eyes went bright red.  It was fun…..


A Big thank you to all our seniors for donating ingredients and making time to assist with the soup making.  Sophie Kluck, Zac Pronk, Damon Winton, Jacqui Hogan, Ella Wyvil, Rueben D’Arney, Jessie Staples, Taylah King and Holly Millard…. Thank you to Mrs Murray-Jones and her family for their assistance also.