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 Middle School Celebration Evening

Middle School Celebration Evening.

  On Tuesday evening, we celebrated the achievements of our Middle School  

  students.  It was great to see so many students from Year 6 – 9 being   

  congratulated  for their efforts. The evening is also a graduation ceremony         

  for our Year 9 students as they move into the Senior School. 

  Each student was presented with a certificate to congratulation them on their  

  efforts on finishing Middle School. 

  A big thank you to our:

            ·         Master of Ceremonies - Scott Irving and Emily Bell, who did a 

              fantastic job      hosting the evening.

           ·         Three musical performers; Brandon Woods – “Lord of the dance”, Rachel Damms – “Hallelujah” and Sean 

              Barnes – “Waiting on the world to change”.

           ·         Sound Technicians: Coen Wilrath, Jntz Stagg & Bryce Gardner.