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 Prep Students Recycling

On Thursday 8th September the Fraser Coast Regional Council visited the Prep students with their amazing W.R.E.C. (Waste and Recycling Education Centre) trailer to support what they are learning about in Science. The children learnt about recycling and making responsible choices when disposing of our rubbish. They looked at what materials were recyclable and what happens to the recyclable materials once they go in the recycling bin. The children listened to a wonderful story about litter which highlighted the importance of putting our rubbish in the bin and making sure it does not go in our water ways.  They even got to play an interactive ‘Smart Shopper’ game where they had to make smart choices when selecting different grocery items depending on their packaging. A big thank you must go to the ladies from the Fraser Coast Regional Council, Carol and Rheanon. The Preps had a wonderful time!

Recycling preps1.jpg
Recycling preps2.jpg
Recycling preps3.jpg