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 QLD All Schools – 5th – 9th October

This competition is of the highest quality, attracting over 60 teams in each age division. Xavier teams competed strongly, recording wins in most age divisions but unfortunately not making the finals. The top performers from Xavier were the 13yrs Girls team who recorded 4 wins from 7 matches. Xavier students are to be congratulated on their outstanding efforts at this competition. Three of the teams competed against either an eventual finalist or winner and Xavier teams competed admirably in these games.  A very big acknowledgment must again be made to the parents of these students for the provision of transportation and the organisation and provision of accommodation. Touch at Xavier is more than just competing at these major competitions. The friendships and connections that students make throughout the season are invaluable. Many students consider Touch at Xavier as one of their highlights of the school year. It is because of these students dedicated approach, that Touch at Xavier remains a rewarding experience for all.
Thanks on behalf of the parents,
I was fortunate enough this year to have all three of my children attend All Schools Touch, this year. One of my children’s quote in the car on the way down was, “I am so excited, I have been waiting for this since last year!”  On the way back from the carnival her comment was, “That was so good, better than last year – I loved it!” It is comments like these and many more of the same that I heard during my time there that makes the opportunity of attending All School such a wonderful experience for our students.
So on behalf of the parents I would like to thank the coaches for firstly giving our children the opportunity to attend such an amazing sporting event and for the countless hours you have spent training, guiding and assisting them in all things related to Touch football. Thanks for giving up your family time to attend the four day carnival away from your families and previous lead up carnivals. It is a huge commitment which is appreciated by all.  Xavier College is extremely fortunate to have such dedicated staff that are passionate and devoted to their students and their involvement in sport.
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