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 Queensland Independent Secondary Schools Netball Tournament

During the first week of the school holidays the Xavier Netball team travelled to Rockhampton to compete in the Queensland Independent Secondary Schools Netball (QISSN) Tournament.

1st day: Sunday 26th June

The very first day of the QISSN trip! Everyone was super excited even though we all had to be at school by 8am. After saying our goodbyes, we all got into the cars for the long trip ahead. The trip was filled with sleep, music, pies and lots of laughter. After a 5 hour trip we finally arrived at our hotel. We had a few hours just to unpack before getting ready for the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony started at 4:30pm and was held at the St Joseph's Cathedral, Rockhampton.

2nd day: Monday 27th

On the second day we had our first set of games. Everyone was excited and nervous at the exact same time. The first game we played was against Gilroy Santa Maria College, we won with the score being 25:10. Sadly our second game we lost against Chanel College. However, we didn’t let this bring us down and in our third game we played against Columbia Catholic College and we won. The score being 27:10. After a hard first day of games we all went to Max Brenner for a delicious chocolate treat. After an extremely tasty treat we headed back to the hotel for a well-deserved sleep.

3rd day: Tuesday 28th

On the third day we had four games. This was our biggest day! The first game we played was against Blackheath and Thornburn College, which we won with the score being 15:14. This game was a very exhilarating game because the score was always neck and neck. The second game we played was against Mercy College Mackay, we unfortunately lost this game. We put up a fight and we held our ground but unfortunately couldn't hold them out. The third game we played was against Assisi Catholic College, we won with the score being 28:10. Our fourth game we played against Rockhampton Girls Grammar School, we lost to them by 1 point with the score being 17:18. After the big day of games we all went and watched Finding Dory to relax.

4th day: Wednesday 29th

On the fourth day we all had a well-deserved sleep in. This day was our rest day so there was no hurry at all. At 10:30am we all got into the cars and left to go to the Rockhampton Zoo! The zoo was loads of fun and we all saw so many animals. The team’s favourite animals would have to be either the otters, chimpanzees or the blue and yellow macaws. After the amazing time spent at the zoo we all got back into the cars and headed to one of the shopping centres!! Woohoo!! Shopping was a blast and everyone had bought at least four things, even if two of those items was food. The shopping trip had to end, although it defiantly wasn’t the last time spent there. After that we all went back to the hotel and had some down time just to relax and bond with the team before going out to dinner. For dinner we went to the Rodeo, some of the boys from the Xavier CONFRO team even joined us for dinner. The dinner was a time to relax and spend some time with other Xavier students. Once we had all finished eating there was many people who went bull riding, all trying to stay on longer than eight seconds! This was an interesting and anxious experience. After it was all done we came back to the hotel and went back to our rooms and into bed. The day had been long but extremely exhilarating and enjoyable.

5th day: Thursday 30th

The fifth day we had only two games. The first game was against Holy Spirit and unfortunately we lost against them. However, in the second game for the day we played against St Austines College and won! The score for that game was 24:15.

6th day: Friday 1st July

The sixth day of the QISSN tournament. The last game, the grand final, of 2016 was an extremely close game! We were up against some pretty stiff competition, All Souls St Gabriels school. It was neck and neck the entire game. However, we pulled through with a win the score being 27:26 to Xavier! The game was filled with tears, sweat and large smiles. Xavier Catholic College QISSN team had won the very last game and placing 5th in our division and 3rd in our pool. Thanks to all the hard work the coach, Ms Stringer, and the manager, Mrs Sullivan, had put in to make the week run smoothly. Congratulations to all the Xavier Catholic College 2016 QISSN players.

Ella Wyvill (C)  and Emma Shang (VC)