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 Readers Cup State Final 2016

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On the Thursday afternoon of the Readers Cup, the Xavier 5,6 team gathered at Somerville House Girls School with seventeen other schools from across Queensland. Everyone was extremely nervous. The competition went for around two hours and was led by Nick Earls, who read out each question. Nick Earls is also the author of New Boy. At the half way mark they announced the scores, Xavier was in the top three! Finally, the competition ended after six rounds.

They slowly announced the winners from third place to first. Xavier came third!! They then read out the scores for the top three. Xavier at 3rd place scored 48, 2nd place scored 48 and one half and then first place scored 49. We had only lost by one point! Throughout the event our parents and Mr B were cheering us on and helping us to concentrate. All in all, the 2016 Readers Cup State Final was an amazing experience, but it was also extremely nerve wracking.

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Session with Samantha Wheeler - by Adam Wylie

The Xavier 5,6 team met up at the Gallery of Modern Arts in the morning for our first session of the Brisbane Writers Festival with an author named Samantha Wheeler. She talked to us about three of her books, her most famous being a book called Mister Cassowary. She talked to us about her writing as a child, how she could only ever wrote about donkeys, but she kept trying and improving until she became the famous author that she is today. The majority of her books now are still written about animals, but a much larger variety, not just donkeys. Before writing Mister Cassowary, Samantha Wheeler had never actually heard of a cassowary, so her biggest tip to us was that before you write any book, RESEARCH. She found this out while writing a book called Spud and Charlie, in which the Koala (Spud) is fed weet-bix for breakfast. When she gave the copy to a friend to read, she was told that koalas cannot be fed weet-bix. She even did a little dangerous research while writing Mister Cassowary, where she was standing face to face with a dangerous wild Cassowary. The session was great and I recommend reading Mister Cassowary and all the other Samantha Wheeler books to anyone.

Session with Lee Battersby -  By Lily-May Mackinnon

Lee Battersby captured my attention and inspired my imagination with his evil sense of humor and his spine chilling spooky stories. His talk gave an insight into an author’s mind and has helped me to change my reading and soon writing genre to a style that I have had no previous interest in. He taught us how to take something that is absolutely normal and make it unbelievable. I have read and highly recommend his book Magrit, for anyone looking for a good read.

Session with Tristan Bancks – by Stella Ignatenko

When our Readers Cup team visited the Brisbane Writers Festival the last session we saw was the session with Tristan Bancks. He talked to us about his books, the My Life series, Two Wolves and the Mac Slater series. He played his 'Exploding Chickens' game with us and talked to us about the inspiration for his books. After that we helped him brainstorm an idea for his new book in the My Life series. It was really fun and we all had a great time.

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