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 Relic of St Francis Xavier

As you know last Tuesday we hosted the Relic of St Francis Xavier on its Pilgrimage of Grace throughout    Australia. The day was about recognising the incredible achievements of St Francis Xavier, a celebration and a day of reverence. The middle and senior school was treated to a sausage sizzle and prep to 3 enjoyed cake. The Relic traversed the Year 12 Walk of Honour throughout the college. The students lined the pathway and were respectful and reverent during this time and the liturgy that followed. As we indicated earlier there is nothing magical about the Relic, it is simply a reminder of St Francis Xavier and his incredible deeds through his short life. He is our hero and patron. During the liturgy prayers of petition were written on prayer sheets and offered to St Francis Xavier for his intercession. Our Prep to 3 also had a separate liturgy and with each of our junior school students releasing a balloon symbolic of prayers going up to St Francis Xavier. A special Guest on the day was Bishop Brian Finnigan.