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Shanghai Skyline Panorama

During the Easter break, I attended a China Study Tour with 4 staff from Xavier and another 9 from St Mary’s and Star of the Sea. The Study Tour was partially funded by Tian Jin University and the University of Queensland. Participants were required to fund their plane fares. Tian Jin is looking to influence schools to deliver Mandarin as their Asian LOTE. For a number of years we have been weighing up Chinese vs Japanese for our second LOTE to be commenced 20014/15.

The study tour visited a number of schools, cultural sites and the University of Tian Jin. We also had discussions with the Tian Jin Education Commission.

In requesting approval of Brisbane Catholic Education for this Study Tour, the following aims were stated:

  • To provide an opportunity for participants to advance their knowledge and understanding of Chinese culture.
  • To assist our schools to implement within our programs the National Curriculum’s Cross-Curriculum Priority - Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia.
  • To provide input at the school level in decisions around the introduction of the teaching of Mandarin.