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 Six Characters in Search of a Musical

2.JPGWhere do old characters go to die? What happens to 'first draft' characters that are subsequently axed from a production script? What if there were OTHER nuns from The Sound of Music who never made it to the stage or the screen? Was there a DIFFERENT South American woman who rose to fame and glory and died tragically in the 1940s - for completely different reasons - other than Eva Peron from EVITA? What if Jesus Christ Super Star originally started out to be a show about a messianic used car salesman? Where would these characters go if they were no longer wanted?

Such is the premise of Xavier Catholic College's original new musical Six Characters In Search Of A Musical. Using 'never-were' characters from "MAME", "OAKLAHOMA", "THE SOUND OF MUSIC", "THE WIZARD OF OZ", "JESUS CHRIST SUPER STAR" and "EVITA", Drama teacher and the show's director, Jonathan Dunn, has woven a twisted and wacky plot in which these six 'never-were' characters turn up at an amateur theatre company and demand to be included in their production. Throw in an amateur theatre director with a deep passion for the films of Quentin Tarantino, an alcoholic lighting technician, a highly-strung female lead and an older woman with a fascination for cannibals, plus six catchy show-tunes that we all know and love and you have the makings of a hilarious and mind-bending night of entertainment.

"Originally I had planned to write a parody of a strange, absurdist play by Luigi Pirandello called Six Characters in Search of an Author - but this project has somehow taken on a life of its own and now bears little resemblance to the orginal" said Mr. Dunn. "I've been really impressed by the talent and commitment of the students involved in the production who have basically choreographed it themselves and continually made terrific suggestions to improve the script. The incredible dedication of the other teachers involved has also made this a truly collaborative and ensemble style production - I'm really proud of everyone and humbled by their dedication."

In fact, so impressed was Mr. Dunn by the talent of the students, that after the auditions, he went back and wrote in seven extra main parts to ensure that everyone could have a chance to shine. Featuring a talented cast and crew of nearly eighty students (yes, a figurative cast of thousands), Six Characters in Search of a Musical will explode onto the stage of the new GOA Auditorium at Xavier Catholic College on July 26 and run through to Saturday, July 28. This will mark the first time the new state-of-the-art, GOA Auditorium will be used for a college production. Tickets are available from College Reception, 1 Wide Bay Drive, Eli Waters, or at the auditorium before each performance.

Adults $12.00 and Concession $9.50