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 Student Awards

At the Student Awards we recognised the outstanding achievements of a number of Yr 6-12 students who excelled at the highest level in the school reports from Semester and Trimester 1. No doubt there were many students who have improved since last year, or worked hard to achieve their personal best and for this they are to be congratulated. However we also wanted to acknowledge those students who have obviously dedicated many hours of study and hard work to achieve outstanding results across all their subjects. Further in this newsletter there are a full list of award recipients. We would also like to recognise the following students who also received an Academic Medal for achieving mostly straight A’s for all of their subjects.
Yr 7  - Ella Barthelot & Lydia White
Yr 9 – Kiel Baumanis & Maddison McMorrow
Yr 10 – Mikayla Doyle, Madison Piddington, Sheryl Uluitoga
Yr 12 – Alec Arnold, Ella McGrath, Jenna McLean, Conor McMahon, Taryn Miles-Polit, Rachelle Moore, Alexander Newton, Mallory Tuche, Phoebe Tweedle, Daniel Willis
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