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 Upcoming Events

Bastile Day - A tradition at Xavier Catholic College

Students at Xavier Catholic College study French as their foreign language. Consequently, the celebration of Bastille Day (France’s National Day) has become a traditional event at the college.

This year’s celebration will take place next Friday, July 22. It is a day when we ask our students to consider the real significance of the cause that the revolutionaries fought for- Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood.

We are looking forward to seeing all our Xavier students in costume – either in a combination of the French colours (red, white and blue) or an outfit reflecting a period of French culture or history. Prizes will be awarded for the best individual and group costumes in each year level.

Morning tea (chocolate éclairs and croissants) will be provided for all students from prep to year 12. Lunch (quiche and garlic bread) will also be provided for our middle school students. More donations of quiche and garlic bread would be greatly appreciated to assist with the catering for lunch.  

Bastille Day at Xavier is a day of fun and festivity providing the students with an opportunity to celebrate their language learning experiences. We look forward to a great day.

Loretta Swann- HOD – Humanities/Arts/LOTE


13-18 Years Athletics Carnival

Our 13-18 Years Carnival will be held on Friday 5th September (Week 4), however, due to the size of the carnival a number of events will be completed prior to the carnival day. These events will run during lunch breaks, Friday afternoon Sport and on Period 5&6 Thursday afternoon prior to the carnival. See outline or Pre-Carnival events below.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 12.44.15 am.png 

Term 3 Friday Sport – Years 7-9

This term, students will be involved in an inter-house completion for Friday Afternoon Sport.

Students will have the opportunity to select from a number of sports including; Tennis, Soccer, Netball, AFL, Basketball, Lawn Bowls, Oz Tag and 7 A- Side Union. Selections will take place this Friday during sport.