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 WONDER, 2016

wonder news.jpg

“An interior world as big as my phone
Hides all my fears about being alone.
I selfie, I snap and I send it to you
I text and I twitter and Instagram too.”
(WONDER, 2016)
Where do our phones end and we begin? Are we turning into our technology? Should we dis-connect from electronic connected-ness so that we can re-connect with each other? Wow! Those ‘WONDER’ kids are really deep!
Be immersed in these refreshing philosophical waters of thought, image, music and action with WONDER! A small troupe of dedicated students have devised and created a compelling physical response to these and other ‘big’ questions as a part of the WONDER project at Xavier. Treat yourself to an uplifting and sense-drenching multi-media performance experience set to Go-Live in JPAC in October.
Curious? Be entranced by the compelling sound and vision of WONDER.
LIVE in JPAC October 20, 21 and 22. Doors open at 7.00                                      
Book using Qkr! app now! Please make sure you change the date to the date you will be attending.