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 Xavier’s Kitchen Rules with Dan and Steph!

My Kitchen Rules winners Dan and Steph visited Xavier on Friday to run two workshops with our very fortunate Year 11 and 12 Hospitality students.  The students were entertained with stories from Dan and Steph’s time on MKR and were treated to a demonstration of two dishes that showcased local ingredients such as Hervey Bay scallops, macadamia nuts and other fresh produce.

Dan and Steph showed the students a range of cookery and plating techniques and explained the importance of balance in flavours, textures and colours when constructing dishes. The students got to witness first-hand the synchronised teamwork that Dan and Steph were so renowned for during their time on MKR and of course thoroughly enjoyed the tasting at the end!

We would like to thank Dan and Steph for their generosity with their time and willingness to answer many questions, sign many, many autographs and pose for many more photos!  This experience will definitely inspire and encourage our students with their forthcoming endeavours in Hospitality and we all hope that we see Dan and Steph back at Xavier in the near future.

Lynette McLean
HOD Technology​