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 Year 10 Camp at Glastonbury Creek and Year 11 Camp at Alexandra Headlands

Year 10 Camp – Glastonbury Creek

On April 30th the Year 10 students packed their bags and headed off to Glastonbury Creek National Park, located in the middle of nowhere not far from Gympie. From the moment we descended from the bus the students all took on roles to help make sure the camp was a great experience for everyone involved. We spent three days with no phones, no Internet and no other electronic devices, and although students all suffered anxiety and withdrawal symptoms, they survived the three days.  

The teachers and instructors gave students many different sorts of challenges that the students all endeavoured to complete to the best of their ability. Activities ranged from Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, Bush Navigation, Team Development, Canoeing and Raft Building. Everyone gave it their all and gave the activities a go, even though some of us may not have gotten to the top of the rock face, or may have had to walk their bike the last length of the hills, or struggled ascending the slippery banks of the creek, they had a ball, and it was in adversity that the students learnt about themselves, growing and challenging their limits.

When the three days were up and we returned back to civilisation, the students came back with new and stronger friendships that they will treasure forever, and with the leadership skills that will put them in good stead for future senior leadership roles in our Xavier community. 

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Year 11 Camp – Alexandra Headlands

Wow! What a fantastic camp! Situated at the Alexandra Park Conference Centre, the Year 11 students experienced a range of activities designed to challenge them both as individuals and as team members.

On arrival, we got straight into the various activity rotations – there was fun team-building and problem-solving activities, a clowning workshop and a ‘smart drinker’ program, designed to educate these young adults about the drug known as alcohol, so that they might make smart choices if and when they start using it.
The first night was ‘Tropicana’ themed, featuring fabulously colourful outfits. ‘Dancing with the stars’ introduced the cohort to the ballroom dances they will do during their Year 12 Formal. The progressive dances offered a unique opportunity for all the students to interact with students they may not necessarily be friends with. All got involved and this made for a really fun and memorable activity. Following this, the students ran a beautiful liturgy focusing on friendship, giving each other a go and making amends.
Day two offered some physical challenges with the Total Adventures activities – surfing, body-boarding, rock-wall climbing, high ropes and ten pin bowling. Conditions were great and the students were again eager to challenge themselves and encourage each other to succeed.
The night’s entertainment was provided by the students themselves, with Red Faces skits performed for the cohort before a mixed panel of encouraging, impassive and scathing judges! As seniors and leaders of the college, the liturgy then challenged the students to strive for the ‘Magis’  - to be ‘more’  - to give more of themselves to their friends, families, studies and communities.
Despite one of the buses breaking down on Friday morning, we all made it to Sunshine Plaza for a spot of shopping on our way back to the Bay.  It was a quiet trip home as the students enjoyed reading affirmation notes that they had written each other over the 2 days.
Sincere thanks to all the Year 11 students for the way in which they participated in all aspects of this camp and to their accompanying teachers who ensured everything ran smoothly.
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