Student Wellbeing


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Xavier is committed to being a safe and nurturing community of care, where the right​s and dignity of all children and young people are upheld and protected, and where all students have a right to expect that our College will always act to protect them from any kind of harm.

A "Recognise React Report​" poster has been placed in each classroom of the school. The message is to "Speak Up About Your Safety!" This could be to the Principal, a Student Protection Contact​, Pastoral Care Teacher, Classroom Teacher or Counsellor.​

Student Protection Contacts are staff nominated by the school to receive reports of inappropriate behaviour within the school and report these to the Principal. Student Protection Contacts at Xavier Catholic College are listed below.

Mr Simon Dash - Principal

Ms Kerry Sidaway- Head of Senior School

Mr Russell Davey-Head of Primary School

Mr Chris Relf-APA Learning & Teaching Secondary

Mrs Annie Sexton- Guidance Counsellor​ Secondary

Mrs Alicia Miles-Guidance Counsellor Primary

Mr Reagen Collier-APA Student Wellbeing Seco​ndary

Mr Paul Burke​- APA Learning and Teaching ​​​Primary​​​

Secondary Safety poster small.jpgComplaints of inappropriate behaviour or situations where a student feels unsafe can be reported by discussing them with one of the Student Protection Contacts, the Principal, PC Teacher, Classroom Teacher, Counsellor. Student Protection Contacts​​​ and other staff contact information is found in the school directory.

The Student Protection Process and Complaints Pr​ocedure for Xavier can be accessed by clicking the link. 

A hard copy of Student Protection Processes is available in the College Library for inspection during school hours by employees, parents and students. An online copy of the Student Protection Processes​ can be directly accessed by clicking the link.

In line with BCE practices, Xavier Catholic College has a 'School Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy'. 


Each time you visit Xavier Catholic College to work as a volunteer, you are required to sign on as a volunteer.  A sign in/out book is located in Front Reception in the Loyola Administration Building. Please remember to sign in via the Office before moving to other areas of the school.

​In responding to the Queensland Legislative requirements regarding Student Protection and Volunteer Training, we are mindful that becoming a volunteer in a school is now a complex process. Volunteers are highly valued here at Xavier and your role in helping at the College is a very critical one to our daily life and the provision of high quality education to students. Please continue to volunteer within our community. The students benefit enormously, the staff appreciate and value your contributions and the College Leadership Team commend the many skills and incredible energy you give us as a volunteer.

Brisbane Catholic Education require that all volunteers (parents, grandparents, etc.​​) complete an online Student Protection and Parent Code of Conduct Course.  It takes about 30 minutes to complete and when completed you are asked to print out the Completion Form, complete it with your information and send to school.  It supersedes any previous training or  forms  and must be completed for you to assist us in any way – swimming, tuckshop, uniform shop, classroom assistance, Fete, Library assistance or any other time when you come to school to volunteer.

If you have previously completed the training, you are required to complete the updated training and form. 

To locate the Code of Conduct Book and online course for volunteers,  click on the link below.

Importantly – remember to send the completed form to College as soon as it is completed. 
Volunteers will be unable to assist, without completing this training.​

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Xavier Catholic College Volunteers Handbook​