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 Year 6 Camp

In Term 2, Year 6 head out on their 3 day camp. In 2011, students and teachers headed to Noosa North Shore. After waving their families good-bye students were ready to hit the road for the three hour journey to camp. The bus ride was full of excited students and they sang all the way to camp.
The weather was a little cool but this did not stop the students from entering whole heartily into every activity, including the water ones. The rotational activities included medium ropes, raft building, body boarding and beach Olympics. In medium ropes the students had to face their fears and climb across three different logs trusting that the person holding on to their rope would catch them if they slipped. Some students were in tears, but were so proud of themselves when they had conquered their fear and the log. At raft buildings the students needed to work together to build a raft using limited equipment and then test their raft in the river. Rafts of interesting dimensions were built in this activity. Body boarding was the favourite activity. The students learnt about reading the surf and then got to show their abilities on a body board in the surf.  No one wanted this activity to end. Beach Olympics gave the students to show off their abilities in the sand with beach races, flags and other games all taking place in the soft sand.

On the first night the night life in the bush were visited by Year 6 with their trusty torches.  The second night gave the students an opportunity to show off their talents with a talent show.  The bus ride home was a little quieter than the one going with some tired children returning to their families.


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