Newsletter - Term 1, Week 2, 2020

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From the Pen of the Principal

Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome to the 2020 Academic Year with a special welcome to those new to our Xavier family. Already so much has happened with teachers creating exceptional learning experiences and students setting high goals for their studies. I look forward to what I hope will be a vibrant year of extending students and working in partnership with parents to attain excellence in all our educational endeavours.

Before students returned to school, I had the opportunity to speak to all staff about the year ahead. I began with the fundamental question, ‘What are we here to do?’ - The following quote from the former Jesuit Superior General was a good starting point in answering that question:

In Jesuit education, the depth of learning and imagination encompasses and integrates intellectual rigor with reflection on the experience of reality, together with the creative imagination, to work toward constructing a more humane, just, sustainable, and faith-filled world.

Adolfo Nicolás, SJ

Superior General (2008-2016)

These are lofty goals, but they are animated by an openness to God’s grace at work in the world and in our lives. The cynics have shut themselves off from this possibility because they have pre-judged the world around them and the motives of others. In effect, they have shut out the joy of life. Depending on the circumstances, we have all been guilty of this negativity from time to time.

But God has a way of surprising us when we least expect it. To crash through in unexpected moments that changes lives and worldviews. We can look at the example of the founder of the Jesuits, St Ignatius of Loyola. As a soldier, he was hit by a cannonball in battle that badly damaged his leg. During his long convalescence, he read a book describing the lives of the saints and committed himself to spreading God’s love. An unexpected battlefield accident sparked the conversion experience that changed his life.

I asked the staff, as I ask each of you now, What have been the ‘Cannonball Moments’ of your life? Where has God’s grace appeared to you in unexpected ways that have changed your outlook and thinking? When have you been the agent of God’s grace that, perhaps an act of unexpected kindness, brought about a positive change in the life of another?

Pope Francis has been an extraordinary leader who often speaks from the deep wellsprings of his heart. It is not so much his theology that has captured people’s imagination, rather, it has been those moments where his empathy and compassion have shone through. He is a believer in the importance of joy and his actions have so often been the catalyst for bringing joy to the lives of others.

The following Youtube clip sums up what I am talking about: the Pope speaks with a young boy whose father has died and the boy worries whether his father is in heaven:

As Pope Francis rightly points out:

Joy adapts and changes, but it always endures,
even as a flicker of light born of our personal certainty that,
when everything is said and done, we are infinitely loved.

                                                                                Pope Francis (2014). “The Joy of the Gospel"

So, as I shared with staff and I now share with you, there are four key things our community must commit to in order to be a truly joyous community:

When we commit ourselves and our school to the 'Spirit of Joy':

  • The Ethos is evident in everything and people are 'Radiators of Joy'

  • Positive relationships, respect, trust and forgiveness are pervasive

  • We celebrate inclusivity and focus on the best in everyone

  • We sense a positive and enthusiastic atmosphere (including humour!)

My prayer for Xavier Catholic College is that such commitments can be made and maintained throughout the year so that we can be a shining beacon which blesses all we encounter.


New Staff

On your behalf I welcome the following staff who have joined our Xavier family:

  • Tameika Grist – Head of Secondary School and teaching RE.

  • Libby Spash – Year 2 class teacher.

  • Hannah Bucton – Year 5 class teacher.

  • Glenn Carey - Year 5 class teacher.

  • Tarryn Lamprey – Year 1 class teacher (3 Days).

  • Erin Daunt – Year 4 class teacher (1 Day).

  • Denys Legge –teaching Religion and HPE.

  • Di Markey –teaching Religion and English.

  • Roanna Henseleit – teaching Science and Maths.

  • Mike Thompson – teaching Industrial Technology and Design.

  • Claire Sinclair – STIE and teaching English.

  • Trina Alston – Indigenous Student Support Coordinator.

  • Carolina Cordova Cruz – Finance Secretary – Accounts Receivable.

  • Anita-Rose Vella – Choir.

  • Barb Petersen – School Officer (Prep).

I also acknowledge our returning staff:

  • Alex Forbes – Year 3 class teacher.

  • Jayde Jacobs – Year 3 class teacher.

  • Steph Smith – Year 1 class teacher (2 Days).

We look forward to their contribution to Xavier Catholic College and the energy they will bring to our vibrant community.


God bless

Simon Dash


From the Head of School - Secondary: Ms Tameika Grist

First Impressions

It is hard to believe I have now been ‘in the Bay’ (as I have heard it coined) for only four weeks. The welcoming and caring Xavier community has made my transition to a new State and home quite a lovely experience. From my first impressions of the College late last year, to now, where I am experiencing the culture of the staff and students, I can honestly say Xavier College is an amazing gem of a school existing in one of the most beautiful locations in Australia.

The dedication and hard work of staff in preparation for this week (and for the many weeks ahead) with countless extra activities, events, excursions and camps, is really a great testament to a committed teaching body and a witness to the common theme I hear about the positives of being at Xavier, and that is, its ‘Community’.

It is wonderful when a Catholic school does not have to have its ‘ethos’ explained in labels or rhetoric, but where it has its catholicity at the heart of its experienced identity.


A bit about me

I have always loved working with children, starting out with a gap year in childcare before heading into Education, having my own two children, and then working predominately in Independent and Catholic K-12 Schools for over two decades. Whilst my family and extended family, including our grown up children remain in Tasmania, my husband and I are enjoying the challenge of an interstate move and love the new adventures, opportunities and experiences that it provides.

I have always had a love of learning and a curiosity about how we as educators can make the learning environment better for our students. I am passionate about supporting teachers in their work, helping remove barriers for student learning and wanting to partner with families in allowing learning to come to fruition in the richness of the school setting.


I look forward to getting to know the parent community better as the year unfolds, and also extend a warm welcome to parents who are able to make it to the Swimming Carnival next week to support your children.

Tameika Grist

Ms Grist.jpg

From the Head of School – Primary: Mr Russell Davey

Primary School Open Classroom Evening

Parents and carers are invited to join us on Monday the 17th February for our open classroom evening.  All classrooms will be open from 3.30 pm for parents to visit and meet both their child’s teacher and other parents from their class community.  Teachers will also hold a short information session during this time as per the schedule shown below:


3.30 pmPrep
3.45 pmYear 1
4.00 pmYear 4
4.15 pmYear 2
4.30 pmYear 3
4.45 pmYear 5 & 6

Junior School Open Classrooms.jpg

Upcoming Calendar

5/02/2020Year 6 Leadership Day
5/02/2020Yr 12 Retreat - Alex Park
5/02/2020Elevate Year 7,8
11/02/2020Hervey Bay Cluster Trials
17/02/2020University Showcase Year 12
17/02/2020P-6 Open Classroom Evening
19/02/2020OPENING MASS 9.00am
20/02/2020Wide Bay Cluster 1 Trials
24/02/2020Hervey Bay District Swimming
25/02/2020BUTHU/DIRUM House Liturgies
25/02/2020Shrove Tuesday
26/02/2020Ash Wednesday Liturgy
27/02/2020Yr 11 Senior Local Immersion
27/02/2020KONDARI/NARWARI House Liturgies
28/02/202010-12 Yrs AFL Gala Day
2/03/2020P-6 Parent Teacher Interviews
2/03/2020Hervey Bay Cluster 2 Trials
2/03/202011-12 Yrs HBD Girls
3/03/202010-12 Yrs HBD Cluster Trials AFL Softball


P-6 Reminders

The P-6 staff at Xavier are looking forward to the year ahead and sharing the joy of learning with your children.  Please see below some general reminders for all families.  Your support in these areas would be greatly appreciated. 

  • Morning Duty – Supervised duties begin in the GOA Centre and on the GOA oval at 8.00 am.  Two teachers are rostered to monitor students during this time.  Students will be assembled and released to their classroom at 8.30 am each day.

  • Drop Off - Parents who are dropping students to the classroom door are asked to wait outside the pods until 8.30 am.  This simple practice ensures teachers have the opportunity to plan thoroughly for a new school day.  This is also the time when staff are asked to attend briefings etc.

  • Collection - Parents are also asked to remain outside the pods until 3.00 pm to ensure maximum learning time for students.  Children will naturally become distracted if their parents/carers are in the pods before 3.00 pm. 

  • Pick Up - any students who are being collected from the pickup zone will be met by rostered staff on the GOA veranda at 3.00 pm.  They will then be supervised as group to the point of collection in our drive through pick up zone. Please remain in your vehicle if you are collecting your child in the pick up zone.  For safety reasons all P-6 students who have not been collected in the pods are asked to wait at the pickup zone to be collected.  This area is supervised until 3.30 pm. Parents who do wish to collect their child in the pods are asked to park in the central area of the carpark.  This will ensure a smooth flow of traffic at this busy point in the day.

  • Bus Transport - Students catching the Star of the Sea Shuttle bus will also be met outside GOA and are walked to the pickup point for this bus.  Students catching all other buses will be met by a rostered staff member at the red fire hydrant in the middle of the P-3 pods.  They will then be walked to the bus stop where they are supervised until they collected by their bus.

  • Peanuts - A reminder to all parents that we have a number of students with significant peanut allergies in the school.  Please avoid sending any peanut related products to school in your child's lunch box.  This simple practice will ensure the students concerned are not exposed to unnecessary risk.

  • Assembly – P-6 assemblies are held in the GOA centre from 9.05 am each Wednesday.  All parents & carers are very welcome to attend. Our first P-6 assembly for 2019 will be held in Week 4 following our Opening Mass in Week 3.


A reminder about students meeting school expectations.

At Xavier, we have fantastic students, who for the most part are enthusiastic and set the high standard for behaviour and dress that we have come to expect from students at our College.

As we start the new academic year, it is good to remind parents of the processes we use if students are not meeting the expectations for uniform and behaviour. We also want to let you know that we value communication from home about any issues or concerns that may be impacting on your son or daughter in not being able to fully meet our expectations.

In the Senior years, these processes are followed by our teaching staff and Pastoral Care teachers if students are not meeting expectations:

  • Students failing to meet uniform expectations or general behaviour expectations will spend some of their 'First Break' as a reflection time, and a record noted.

  • If a student is in breach of meeting College expectations for behaviours in learning (after appropriate teacher supports and reminders have been given) they can be relocated to a 'buddy class' to complete their work. Parents will receive communication about this relocation.

  • Time is spent with a Senior Leader on creating a plan for a successful re-entry to the original class, formulated around our Restorative Practices framework.

  • In addition, Pastoral Care teachers monitor the number of overall instances where behavioural and/or uniform expectations have not been met. They will be in contact with parents if multiple breaches have occurred.

  • If a student has had four instances of not complying with College expectations for their behaviour or uniform, parents will be informed. A fifth occurrence will result in an after-school detention.


In the Primary Years the following processes are followed:

  • Students will develop with their class teacher a class covenant which aligns with the whole school SAIL expectations and the P-6 SAIL behaviour matrix.

  • Students who do not meet these expectations will be given the opportunity to change their behaviour and reconsider their choices through a series of steps which encourage the student to reflect on the choices they have made.

  • Students regularly failing to meet classroom expectations or general behaviour/uniform expectations may spend some time out of community as a reflection time, and a record will be noted.

  • If a student has spent time out of community parents will be notified wither via a copy of the student reflection sheet or a phone call home.  This will depend of the nature of the disruption/incident.

  • Class teachers will also regularly communicate with parents and if a pattern of behaviour forms a parent teacher meeting will be established to determine strategies which may assist the student in making better choices.

  • Students will be regularly referred to the P-6 SAIL behaviour matrix which outlines for all students expected behaviours in child friendly language.


Maintaining good communication is vital in this process, and ultimately a joint approach from the College, Parents and Student will be the most successful way to ensure a positive engagement in the learning and culture of Xavier College.

News from the Finance Office

We will welcome Carolina Cordova Cruz to the Finance Office on 28 February.  Carolina will be replacing Sandra McLachlan who resigned at the end of last year.  Tania Herrmann will continue to assist with setup of your Direct Debits, Credit Cards and 2020 Concession Applications and can be contacted on 4197 1271.

Due to the high volume of calls at this time of year please allow 3 days for us to commence your Direct Debit or Credit Card payments.

Just a reminder if you had a 2019 Concession and would like a 2020 Concession you will need to reapply.

2020 Finance Office opening hours.

Monday – Thursday from 8:00am to 4:00pm

Friday – Closed.

Contact number for School Fee account inquiries is 4197 1261.  If we do not get to your call please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

2020 Schedule of Fees and Levies.pdfXavier School Fees Policy.pdfSchool Fees and Levies Collection Guidelines.pdf

QKR! App for Tuckshop Orders and Extracurricular payments

A reminder for new parents to download and set up the QKR! app available on both IOS & Android. This is the secure payment system utilised by the tuckshop for pre-orders and also for sports and other extracurricular payments. For continuing students please update your child's Year and class to ensure tuckshop orders are delivered correctly.

QKR - How to Guide.pdfQkr Tips from web.pdf

Instrumental Music Program

Research shows that learning a musical instrument has many measurable positive impacts upon brain development.  These include enhancing learning (particularly language and literacy), improving multisensory processing, strengthening the brain’s executive function (such as processing and retaining information, critical thinking and problem-solving), improving motor control, as well as reducing stress and anxiety (to name but a few!).

The Xavier Catholic College Instrumental Music Program (IMP) is a comprehensive tuition program in which students learn orchestral/band instruments and voice through instruction on a small group basis.  Students enrolled in the IMP receive weekly 30-minute lessons which endeavour to operate on a rotational basis to ensure minimal disruption to students’ academic studies.

The College offers tuition on the following instruments:

  • Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone

  • Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba

  • Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass

  • Guitar, Bass Guitar

  • Percussion and Drum Kit

  • Piano/Keyboard

  • Voice (singing)

Students from Years 1 to 12 may elect to learn any instrument offered, although some instruments are more suitable from year 4 onwards.  Students receiving tuition through the IMP are strongly encouraged to participate in an ensemble as soon as they are technically ready.  Ensembles include Concert Band, String Ensemble and Choir.

A small range of instruments can be rented directly from the College at a lower rate than is available from rental companies.  Please note that we have a very limited number of instruments available for rental.

To enrol your child in the IMP please complete and return the attached form and return to the College as soon as possible, lessons will commence week 3 of this term.  For further information/questions do not hesitate to contact me at the College.

Paul Damms

Dean of Visual and Performing Arts


Music Program.jpg

Celebrating our Success

At Xavier improving students' literacy is a priority. Our whole school literacy program aims for all students to improve their writing skills through the involvement of all teachers – not just their English teachers, in the explicit teaching of literacy. Within this program our teachers employ a range of highly effective, evidence-based strategies to support and target writing improvement.

  • Students in Years 7-10 complete an extended piece of writing in one of their subjects each term;

  • This writing sample is marked to check students' progress in areas such as spelling, punctuation, vocabulary and sentence structure;

  • Results are then analysed and teachers work collaboratively to develop strategies for classroom practice;

  • Teachers focus their feedback to students and teaching practice targets identified areas for improvement.


Writing Task Graph:

Clear improvements in mastery of writing skills in Years 7-10 from 2017 to 2019:

(The striped green area represents aspirational goals)

2019 Writing task graph.jpg 


Our Naplan results are also evidence of this improvement. In 2018 for example, Xavier’s Naplan results were in the top 20 most improved in all Queensland secondary schools. In 2019 our Naplan results continue to show an upward trend in all areas of literacy in both Years 7 and 9. For example, our results indicate that in Year 7 Naplan Spelling and Writing, XCC has surpassed the average results of State, National, BCE and other QLD schools. Well done to all our students for their ongoing efforts. 


Looking towards the future

This year Xavier Catholic College will continue to focus on the explicit teaching of literacy to improve students’ learning outcomes. As literacy is lifelong endeavour that extends beyond the classroom we strongly recommend students engage in the programs we have on offer to support student literacy and academic skills.  Continuing this year, the study skills program Elevate will visit the school in the opening weeks to help students start the their year with tips and strategies on how to approach their studies. In addition, based on strong student usage in the last few years Studiosity (for students in years 10 to 12) will be available to students for online tutoring and subject questions. After a positive trial last year, the online learning platform that flips the classroom,  Education Perfect will be assigned as a regular part of homework in Years 7-10.

Without the ongoing support of parents/guardians and the wider community these successes and opportunities would not always be possible. To that end, we encourage all of our parents and guardians to continue to support our program of improvement by encouraging students to read at home every night and engage in positive approaches to study to make the most out of school learning.

Maths Tutoring Timetable

Be sure to take advantage of our free Mathematics tutoring, staffed by our expert teachers. This is available to all students at no cost and bookings are not required.

Year 7-12 Maths Tutoring Roster 2020







Before School

(8 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.)


Mr Relf


Staff Prayer


Mrs Wright


First Break


Mrs Buxton

Room 48

Mr Tyrrell

Rm 48

Mrs Glass

Week B Rm 10

Mr King

Room 12

Mr Riley




After School

(3:05 p.m.-4:00 p.m.)

Staff Meeting

Miss Murtagh


Mrs Ritter

Miss Hourigan




Sports News

Welcome back to the 2020 school year as we look forward to what will be another massive year of school sport for Xavier students.


Secondary Interhouse Swimming Carnival

The interhouse swimming carnival for all Year 7-12 students will be held at the Hervey Bay Aquatic Centre on Wednesday 12th February. This is a compulsory school day for all students in Years 7-12. Families are invited to attend this event and watch students compete across a range of events including 50m championship, 25m division, novelty, relays and a new event this year “The Salmon Run”. Students are encouraged to arrange private transport to the pool ready for an 8:40am start. Buses will be running from Xavier to the pool in the morning (departing 8:40am) and returning in the afternoon (return to Xavier by 3pm). Students requiring bus transport will need their parent/caregiver to complete the Parent Slip on the Parent Portal to provide permission for catching the bus. Students are not permitted to leave the pool before the conclusion of the carnival at 2:30pm. Students who have appointments scheduled on the day will need a note of explanation from a parent handed to their PC teacher by Tuesday 11th February. Students are encouraged to wear sun-safe clothing, bring a water bottle and lunch. Students will have restricted access to the pool kiosk at different times throughout the day. We look forward to what will be a fantastic celebration of House and College spirit.


Xavier Sport Teams Sign-On

The 2020 Sport Teams Sign-On will take place on Tuesday 4th February in JPAC during first break. Any student in Year 7-12 that wishes to be considered for selection in a Xavier Sport team must attend this sign-on. Initially, information will be presented to students detailing the goals of Xavier Sport, the teams and sports offered and the expectations of students playing sport for Xavier. Students will be given a ‘Student Handbook’ detailing this information as well as providing details on the sports and teams offered, including dates and estimated costs. Students will be encouraged to share this document with their parents to discuss their sporting involvements for the year. Please note: any students wishing to play in a Xavier sport team, must attend and participate in all three of Xavier’s interhouse sporting carnivals (swimming, cross-country and athletics). Students who fail to meet this expectation will be at risk of forfeiting their place in that team. We look forward to all our teams representing Xavier in 2020.


Hervey Bay District Cluster 1 Sport Trials

The Hervey Bay District Cluster 1 sport trials will be held on Tuesday 11th February. Information has been communicated to students. Nominations close on Thursday 6th February at 9am. A meeting will be held at 1st break on Thursday for students to collect information. Sports included as a part of these trials are: cricket, AFL, softball, tennis, golf and rugby union.


Year 7 & 8 Friday Sport

Last Friday, all Year 7 & 8’s were given an opportunity to select a sport for Term 1 Friday sport. Term 1 sport options include: dance, golf, futsal, netball, tennis, oztag, rugby league, basketball and table tennis. These sessions held during period 5 every Friday are wonderful opportunities for students to improve physical fitness, develop skills and create new friendships. Throughout Term 1, students participating in dance, golf, futsal and netball will be catching a bus from Xavier to an off-campus site. Buses will depart Xavier at 1:50pm SHARP. Students are encouraged to move promptly from their P4 class to the bus so it can leave on time.

I wish all students and families a prosperous school year ahead.

Community Notices

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Tammy Farrell is a dedicated wife, support worker & a pure country gal at heart. Tammy & her husband Mark have a love for breeding & showing Miniature & Shetland Ponies. Her can do attitude & love for adventure matches her desire to serve the MS Cause. Tammy's mother in-law was diagnosed with MS in 1999.


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Hervey Bay Hockey 2020 sign on.JPG