Newsletter - Term 1, Week 4, 2019

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Dear Parents and Carers
Last Wednesday we gathered as a community to celebrate the new academic year with our Opening Mass. Father Reggi led us in a beautiful celebration which incorporated the induction of our Year 6 and Year 9 Leaders for 2019, along with recognizing the 17 students who have made the journey at Xavier Catholic College from Prep to Year 12. 

This year marks the first time that students who started in Prep will finish in Year 12. In 2006 the College took in its first ever Prep students. Thirteen years later these students enter Year 12 as the first group of students to have completed the entire Xavier journey.

To mark this important milestone, we designed a special badge to commemorate this achievement. The badge contains the words ‘Tredecim Annis’ which is Latin for ’13 years.’ Mrs Libby Gaedtke was one of the Prep teachers who taught these students and it was fitting that she was on stage to present the badges.

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Our Year 9 Student Leaders are an exceptional group of young people with the energy and enthusiasm to make a mighty difference. The opportunity for leadership at Year 6, where all students take on this responsibility, Year 9 and Year 12 provides the platform for innovation and achieving great things. I congratulate the following students:

College Life – Charli Thompson and Ella Barker
Arts and Culture – Emma Wylie and Elizabeth Murphy
Justice and Action – Stella Ignatenko and Tahlia Wilson
Praise and Worship – Isaac Goodfellow and Jonty Brien
Buthu – Megan Mulholland and Tyler Manssen
Dirum – Isabella Jensen and Robbie Borsboom
Kondari – Georgia Cassidy and Alexander Pacifique
Narwari – Josie White and Thomas Davies

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At such times it is important to reflect on leadership in a Christian context. Too often we get focused on leadership as a noun and not as a verb. When taken as a noun we can become preoccupied with badges, titles and fancy speeches. As a colleague of mine from outback Queensland used to quip, “when it’s all said and done, there’s more said than done.”  

In reality, leadership is about what you do, and the recognition may (or may not) come later. The students chosen for leadership positions for 2019 have been acknowledged for what they have already contributed. They are called to continue ‘doing’ leadership and to be mindful that they are stewards of the spirit of leadership at Xavier Catholic College. Many young people will exercise leadership by their actions this year but will not receive a badge or title: those given the titles are called to recognize, support and affirm this kind of unheralded leadership as well.

It is fitting to look to Jesus as an example of leadership as a verb. He did not receive a badge or title ‘The Christ’. He got about doing God’s work: healing the sick and sharing a vision of a new way of living which he exemplified. Mark’s gospel is an excellent example of this. For the first half of the gospel his disciples follow him because of his actions, not fully knowing who he truly was. It is at the midpoint of the gospel, when posed with the question ‘who do people say I am?’ that the penny drops for Peter and he realizes that Jesus is the Christ, the son of the living God. The bottom line is that the title came after the action.

I hope and pray that we will have a similar experience at the College where leaders are recognized by their actions and not by their titles. I am confident that the qualities of our leadership group are such that they will do all in their power to advance our College in its mission as a Catholic School in the Ignatian Tradition. They have my full support and I am sure they will make 2019 a year to remember.

God Bless
Simon Dash


Please note the following events:


It has been a busy start to the year with many major College events. Our senior school swimming carnival was held with Kondari House taking out the title. In Week Two we held our House Liturgies which provided the opportunity for parents and caregivers to meet with PC teachers. It was wonderful to see all members of families-both Primary and Secondary coming together to join in prayer.

Captains’ Breakfast
Our College Captains, Lucy Glass and Lockie Espulso and Vice Captains, Jade Dundas and Tom Miller attended the first Fraser Coast Regional Council School Leaders’ Breakfast for the year at Hervey Bay State High School. These breakfasts are held each term for the leaders to share their experiences as well as hear from a high-profile speaker.

This term we heard from Nicole Gibson who spoke about the importance of developing good communication skills and being positive through the power of ‘positive self-talk’. She has also presented a TED Talk and I would encourage you to look at her website. The students enjoyed interacting with Nicole while enjoying a breakfast prepared by students. Xavier will host the breakfast to be held in Term Four

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2019 Sport Sign-On
The 2019 sport sign-on was held Thursday 7th and Friday 8th February. This was an opportunity for students in Years 7-12 to express their interest in playing sport for one of the Xavier Sport Teams in 2019. The 2 sign-on sessions proved to be a great success with 13 sports and over 30 teams filled. Coaches and managers of each sport will now make contact with those students once their specific sport’s competition approaches. If a student missed out on signing up for a sport, it is not too late. Those students can email Mr Milne directly.

Broncos Challenge Rugby League
The first games of the Broncos Challenge Rugby League competition kick off this Wednesday at Eskdale Park in Maryborough. Good luck to the boys and girls representing Xavier in this competition.

Wide Bay Cluster 1 Trials
Good luck to those students who are trialling for Wide Bay teams this Thursday for AFL, cricket, softball or Rugby Union. The next round of trials for representative sport is the Hervey Bay District Cluster 2 trials taking place on Tuesday 5th March for Netball, Rugby League, Soccer and Basketball. Students will have an opportunity to sign up for these trials in coming days.

Hervey Bay District Swimming Carnival
This inter-school carnival is taking place on Monday 25th February at the Hervey Bay Aquatic Centre from 1pm to 4pm. Students who have been selected for the Xavier Swim Team have been given information. A reminder that the Qkr payment is due this Friday 22nd February 9am. Students will come to school for Period 1 & 2, and part of Period 3 before catching a bus to the pool. As communicated, there is no bus returning to the school and so students are required to arrange own transport home. It is requested that all students remain at the pool until the conclusion of the carnival at 4pm.

Xavier Cross-Country – Date Claimer
The K-12 Xavier Cross-Country is being held on Friday 5th April. For many of our Year 7-12 sport teams, the cross-country this year will be used as a part of their fitness training. This will be viewed as an opportunity for these students to showcase their commitment to their sport by improving their fitness.


Last week we had our first Parent & Friends Association meeting where we were joined by a few new members. Our first second-hand uniform sale went well, and we thank the many families who donated items of clothing at the end of last year. If you do have items that no longer fit please drop them into Reception as they will help our families offset some costs of education.

The Annual General Meeting will be held at the College in Frankie’s Hospitality area on Tuesday 12th March at 6.30pm Everyone is invited to come along and hear our College Principal provide an overview of the role College Board as well as share the many exciting plans that are in the pipeline for Xavier Catholic College. 

At this meeting the executive team will be standing down and all positions will be open for nominations.  If you would like to nominate for any of the positions please email Jody Peacock on

Positions are, President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

No General Business will be heard at this meeting but can be tabled for the following meeting. There will be nibbles and drinks and the chance to meet the Principal and P&F members.​ ​

This week two-year levels are spending time away from the College and we appreciate the many staff that have given up their time to provide these wonderful opportunities for our students.

The Year 12 students are taking part in their Retreat, which will provide time for them to come together as a group and explore their own and others’ gifts and talents. They are staying at the QCCC in Mapleton.

Luther Heights Youth Camp at Coolum is where are Year 7 students are spending time getting to know each other as well as their teachers. We had more than 30 students join the College at this year level, so the Camp is a wonderful opportunity for them to get to know the Xavier students and staff.

On Wednesday 6th February our Year 6 students participated in their 2019 leadership day.  This day aims to give students the motivation to pursue their leadership potential.  The students thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity and have decided that in 2019 they will “Aspire to Serve”.  We wish the Year 6 cohort the very best for the year ahead as leaders of the P-6 community. 

2019 Year 6 Leadership Day.jpg

P-6 Parent Teacher Interviews will be held from 4 March – 15 March.  You can book these on PTO from our school website or the link which will be emailed to you with your login and password.  Please note bookings will open at 8:00am on 25 February and close at 1:00pm on 1 March.  If you do not receive your login details via email, please contact Kim Heckels on 07 4197 1177.

Thanks to all parents who attended the P-6 Open Classroom Evening on Monday 18th February. This afternoon allows parents the opportunity to informally meet and greet their class teacher and receive valuable information for the year ahead.  The relationship between home and school is vital and we look forward to the opportunity to further develop this connection as the year progresses. 

Early January this year was when I attended the National Youth Science Forum. With the company of two hundred other students from around Australia and based on campus at the Australian National University – I experienced a program that could easily be described by many (including myself) as lifechanging. As a student entering year twelve, it is reasonable to expect that at first, I was more than a little apprehensive of devoting nearly two weeks of my holidays to a science-orientated camp. However, what I predicted the forum to present me with and what I experienced were two entirely different instances. Being gifted with the opportunity to connect genuinely with such a large group of students who are as passionate about science as I am is what has allowed me to enter my final school year with a fresh perspective on school and new sense of motivation. 

Waking up in Canberra to a day teeming with innovative lectures and workshops from university professors and scientists, laboratory visits (where we were able to investigate a variety of scenarios with some very expensive toys), various social events, meet and greets and STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Maths) visits that specifically catered to the interests of all students is only a snapshot of the true essence of the National Youth Science Forum. Now, as an alumnus to the program, I can confidently advocate that being accepted and attending was probably one of the best things that could have happened to me. NYSF has an amazing ability to the not only cement the post-graduate intentions of participants, but also introduce them to areas of STEM that offers careers that we couldn’t dream about – and potentially do not yet exist.

If you feel even the slightest bit inclined towards learning more about the program (I haven’t even managed to scratch the surface here), I strongly urge you to just apply. Being surrounded by people and opportunities of such a high calibre is truly indescribable – it is something that must be experienced to be fully appreciated.

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2019 Family School Fee Accounts were issued Friday, 8 February 2019 by email.
Full payment of your account will be required by 22 February 2019.  Alternatively, we will require a payment plan via direct debit or credit card which finalises your account by 30 November 2019.

Documents to assist you to calculate your annual account or set up a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly payment plan are available on the Parent Portal in the School Fees section.

Greetings from the Tuckshop.  We are seeking Volunteers to help in the canteen. Having some extra help Mums, Dads or even Grandparents, would be fantastic.  If you could come for an hour or two, this would be great. Anytime that suits you will suit us. Come have a coffee and a chat.

Thanks Liz Mee Canteen Convenor

Please contact our Tuckshop staff on 4197 1264 if you have any further questions.

When ordering on the QKr! App please select the appropriate item from the Allergy category and add it to your order.

This category shows as a tab on the top of your screen when you are selecting food items.

Adding this product will advise the Tuckshop staff that your student has a food allergy, and
will be required to be selected every time you make an order.

This year, the Xavier community is taking on the challenge of covering a part of our grounds in paper poppies in commemoration of lives lost in war and as part of our ANZAC Day activities. You have probably seen images of this done in many locations both here and overseas and have found the spectacle a very moving tribute to those who served and who are currently serving in our armed forces.

Students, teachers as well as our administration staff and school officers are all excited about participating in this venture. We hope that there are parents and grandparents who would also like to be part of the action.
How can you be involved?  Make some poppies out of paper or however else you can. Some may like to crochet some. It’s up to you.
Capture 2.PNG  
When do we need to have them ready?   We need to have the poppies ready before we go on holidays at the end of Term 1. That is the 4th April. 

What happens after that?   We will place the poppies in the allocated area when we come back for Term 2 and leave them in place for a number of days.

Please use the link attached for a short tutorial on how to make a very simple poppy. If you need materials, please let us know by contacting me via email at .

I’m looking forward to hearing from you and seeing lots and lots of poppies coming into the school. If you or your family have lost someone in service or have others currently serving, please take this opportunity to remember them by writing their names on a poppy.

Kind regards
Jennifer Gilshenan  - Visual Art teacher.

Important changes to the Admissions Test for Medicine/Dentistry/Clinical Sciences applicants.   For students intending to study in these areas in 2020, the current test is now called UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test).   
Some of the Universities and courses that require UCAT include:
• University of Queensland                             Medicine (provisional entry) and Dental Science
• University of Newcastle/New England           Joint Medical Program
• University of NSW                                         Medicine
• Monash University                                         Medicine
• University of Adelaide                                    Medicine, Dental Surgery, Oral Health
• Curtin University                                            Medicine

Please check your preferred university to ensure you are meeting their entry requirements.

Other details include:
• Registration for the UCAT will open in March 2019 and close in mid-May
• Two-step process using the Pearson VUE online registration system to register and book a test
• UCAT is 2-hour computer-based test
• Your closest Pearson VUE test centre will be at University of Queensland, Brisbane
• Further details are available at 

Please come and see me if you require any assistance. 
Annie Sexton
Guidance Counsellor (Grades 7-12)
Phone: 41971177
Fax:  41971170


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