Newsletter - Term 1, Week 4, 2020

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From the Pen of the Principal

Dear Parents and Carers


Our College takes very seriously the importance of the partnership we form with you in order for every child to reach their potential. Part of this is providing information to both parents and teachers to support the social and emotional needs of young people as they grow.

To that end we entered into a partnership with 'Parenting Ideas' last year, a program which was created by the renowned bestselling author, Michael Grose. This initiative opened up access to resources that we have been able to share with parents and teachers. These include written material, videos and webinars.

While Parenting Ideas remains an important resource, we are proud to announce that we have also now partnered with SchoolTV, featuring the wisdom of Dr Michael Carr-Gregg and many experts in the area of child and youth development.

SchoolTV is a world first wellbeing platform for schools supporting parents It is a wellbeing platform that addresses the modern-day realities faced by schools and parents in raising safe, happy and resilient young people. Whilst there is a great deal of information available, this can often be confusing and overwhelming for parents looking for guidance. SchoolTV addresses this issue. It is an online resource designed to empower parents with credible, sound information with realistic and practical strategies.

To access SchoolTV click on the link and browse the many articles and videos available.


Uniform Shop Review

I deeply appreciate the effort that so many parents have put into assisting the school through completing recent surveys. Our Brand Statement review had 265 responses which provided excellent data for our planning. Our Mobile Phone Policy Review survey has 186 parents of Secondary School Students provide crucial input.

We have another important survey that we wish to conduct that will help shape any future directions regarding our Uniform Shop. As part of an agreement between the College and our uniform suppliers, Weareco, a parent survey was to be conducted once school was up and running for 2020. The information you provide will be confidential and allow all parties to gain an insight in parents' views and ideas that will assist future planning.

The link to the Uniform Shop Survey is and it will remain openuntil 4pm Friday 28th February. Many thanks in anticipation of your contributions.

Communicating in a Community

In 1975 Muhammad Ali was invited to talk to a group of Harvard students. Someone in the crowd shouted, 'Give us a poem, Muhammad'. He paused for a moment, looked up and said: 'Me. We'. It remains arguably not just the shortest poem in the English language, but also the most powerful.

So, what does it mean for us today? At a time in the Developed World when consumerism and individuality are so prominent, it potentially is more potent now than when Muhammad Ali first uttered these words. In a nutshell, there is no 'me' without the 'we'. My life, skills, experiences, passion, purpose and contribution are shaped by my connection to others. These include parents, family, friends, acquaintances and those who we may not have met yet who have inspired us. It is the 'we' that shapes the 'me' and a reason to be humble and thankful.

Athought process that many sporting teams have embraced, including the All Blacks, is to write down the names of those who have sacrificed for you, contributed to your development as a person, challenged you to push your limits and have been there for you in the most difficult times. Before taking the field they physically touch those names to remind themselves that this isn't just about me. It is about all those who have shaped you and that you represent when you take to the field. The 'we' is a most powerful force in any moment of commitment or decision making.

In many ways the 'we' is an experience of a collective culture. The intricate connections that form that culture help each of us derive personal meaning but also a collective identity that makes achieving a shared vision all the more rewarding.

On reflection it seems that the happiest times for me were when I had an intense sense of 'we'. Those moments when I felt part of a strong culture with a serious purpose stand out. The author, Peter Drucker, reputedly said 'culture eats strategy for breakfast'. I couldn't agree more. 

As a Catholic community in the Ignatian tradition there is much that brings us together. We have shared values that are the touchstone for a sense of belonging that binds us together to create a common vision, mission and purpose. The 'we' is integral to the Xavier Catholic College community and its future.

The 'we' does not mean we won't disagree from time to time and it is a hallmark of a healthy community to have strong discussions and learn from each other. I would just ask that at such times we conduct our communications with civility, respect and an acknowledgement of the integrity of the other person. Over the years I have taken face-to-face meetings, phone calls and emails that, while we may not completely agree by the end, the interactions have been conducted in a respectful manner with both parties at least understanding where the other is coming from.

While this has been my overwhelming experience of Xavier Catholic College, and remains so, I will confess that it has also been the most difficult year with communications and posts on various sites that have not shown any of these qualities. Worse still is when people use the cover of anonymous surveys to hurl personal insults. I will always respect the person who says they disagree with me over a complex decision and proffers a different viewpoint. But, to hurl insults and question my integrity is a 'cheap shot' that says more about the author than it does of the recipient. All I can ask for is respectful dialogue and a sense of decorum in communications. This applies not just to me but to all in our community.

Let's put the 'we' front of mind and remember that our community is built upon shared values, and respectful dialogue must be at the front and centre of our culture.



Simon Dash


From the Head of School – Primary: Mr Russell Davey

Open Classroom Evening

Thank you to the all the parents and carers who joined us for the Open Classroom Evening.  This is a valuable opportunity for teachers to connect with each of you and provide some basic information regarding day to day procedures in the classroom.  The relationship between home and school is vital towards ensuring each child can access learning each day. Please do not hesitate to contact the College should you have any further queries regarding the information provided as part of the information sessions present during the evening.

2020 Open Classrooms.jpg

Parent Teacher Interviews

Parent Teacher interviews are now open, and times have been made available to parents to book a parent teacher interview.  I encourage all parents to engage in this process as these interviews are really a conversation about your child and their start to the school year.  They also provide parents with an opportunity to pass on any important information which may impact on their child's learning for 2020.

School Banking – Volunteers Needed

As you may be aware school banking operates every Friday at Xavier.  This service is facilitated by parent volunteers who do a wonderful job of collecting any student deposits.  The College currently requires a few additional volunteers who may be willing to assist in the collection of deposits on a Friday morning.  If you are available to assist, please contact College Reception with your details and a member of the Primary Leadership team will be in contact.

Before/After School Procedures

My thanks to the many parents who have been respecting our before and after school procedures.  These procedures ensure our teachers can be prepared for the arrival of students in the morning and they also prevent any distraction for students as we approach the end of each school day.  Parents are asked to wait until 8.30 am to enter pods in the morning and to remain outside of the pod areas until 3.00 pm each day. 

Year 5 Band Program

An exciting new initiative currently taking place in the Primary Years is the introduction of a weekly session of band in our Year 5 timetable.  Each Year 5 class across the year will be exposed to the core instruments that when assembled form a band.  The hope is that many of these students will then continue to pursue our College Band program as they progress into the upper primary and secondary years of schooling.  Mr Damms has been working with 5.1 over the past few weeks and has been very pleased with the engagement of students and their desire to learn the basics of a band program.

Paul Damms insert Photos

P-6 Assembly

A reminder that all parents are invited and welcome to attend scheduled P-6 assemblies. When scheduled these assemblies will start at 9.05 am in the GOA hall.  Classes will also perform a showcase in the 2020 school year and parents will be invited to attend this special occasion.

From the Head of School - Secondary: Ms Tameika Grist

Thanks for a fantastic Swimming Carnival

I would like to publicly thank all the staff involved in last week's Secondary Swimming Carnival. As discussed in Simon's Newsletter article this week, it takes a team of many individuals who all play a part in providing what I hope was a great day for every student attending – it really cannot happen without the support of all, and it is not an easy feat to manage it so well; it was a credit to all involved.

Students also demonstrated the power of the team spirit, supporting one another and sharing the challenges and joys of the day. It was a fantastic display of Xavier Student Spirit.

2020 Swimming Spirit.JPG

Bush Fire Appeal – 2020 Hearts Aflame for Catholic Schools – Collection on Friday 21 February

Brisbane Catholic Education set Valentine's Day aside for a further Bushfire Appeal across the State, this was after a successful short notice appeal late last year raised over $56000 for the St Vincent De Paul Bushfire Appeal. We postponed this year's collection date due to our Swimming Carnival and our Student leaders having not had a chance to meet together to help organise. The money raised by schools at this point will be distributed by Brisbane Catholic Education to Catholic Schools in fire devastated regions, where funds will be distributed to support families in these local communities. You are invited to consider contributing by donating funds through your child's Pastoral Care group on Friday morning, 21 February. We have also set up a Qkr donation point for your convenience. Thank you – every little bit will make a difference in the lives of those affected by the long-reaching effects of the bushfire disasters. 

2020 Hearts Aflame.jpg


Students displaying Respect

One of the great things I've noticed about Xavier's positive student culture, and I don't think it should go uncommented on, is the way in which students have responded so quickly and respectfully around meeting School Expectations for piercings. The rules haven't changed at Xavier, however, for some students the beginning of this year required readjusting their expectations to what they had previously observed or practiced. It is a credit to the parents and the students that there is respectful compliance and support with all uniform expectations, this really does help teachers get away from the distraction of reminders about such things and focus on the important work of teaching.

I share the staff's pride in belonging to a College with such respectful students. The change in this seemingly small matter was achieved on a rather large scale; it has been very noticeable and appreciated. Thank you to parents for your support.


Maths Pathway Parent Evening (Years 6 – 9) Thursday 5 March 5.30 – 6.30 pm Campion Theatre

A Parent Information Evening is planned for parents of students in Years 6 to 9 to share information about the way Mathematics is taught at Xavier through the use of the program Maths Pathway.

This informative session, will help you understand how the Mathematics Curriculum is being addressed, how you can support your child, tips for getting the most out of the program, ways to monitor and track your child's progress, and unpacking student reports that are generated from the program.

We look forward to welcoming parents of students in these Year levels, to come along and hear about how this program is enhancing the Mathematic programs at Xavier College. This information session is targeted at parents of students in Year 6 and 7 as well as parents of new students in Year 8 and 9; however, all parents are welcome to attend.


From the Assistant Principal – Learning and Teaching (Secondary)

It has been a busy start to the year from a Learning and Teaching perspective with many activities and events already taking place.  It is pleasing to see that our students have settled into the year so quickly and have begun working towards their academic goals.  Of note is our Year 12 students who have entered their final year of secondary schooling.  With the new QCE system and the introduction of the ATAR they are sure to have a busy and rewarding year.

Assessment Calendar

Semester 1 Assessment Calendars are now available on the Student and Parent Portals.  These are individualised for each student and should assist parents and students to stay on top of assessment requirements.

Elevate Education

Once again, this year we partnered with Elevate Education to provide all students in Years 7-12 with essential study and time management skills to assist them to achieve at their potential.  The sessions were very well received by students with 99% saying they would recommend the program to their peers.  I encourage parents to talk to the students about what they learnt in the session that they attended and how they can implement the strategies presented.

Senior Pathways Interviews – Year 12 Students

At this point I am about one third of the way through interviewing all Year 12 students as a part of supporting them on their pathway through senior schooling and beyond.  Topics for discussion at these interviews include:

  • Reflecting on their Year 11 studies

  • ATAR/VET Pathways

  • QCE

  • Study Habits

  • Setting short-term and long-term goals


A reminder that students in Year 11 and 12 have access to the online tutoring service 'Studiosity'. Studiosity provides students with access to live tutoring in English, Maths, Science and Business as well as a Writing Feedback service with a 24hr turnaround time for any tasks that involve extended writing.  Year 10 students will also be set up with access to this service over the next couple of weeks.


Upcoming AGM for P and F – Thursday 26 March

Time: 6.00 pm

Venue: Xavier Catholic College, 'Frankies' (Near JPAC)


Upcoming Calendar

20/02/2020Wide Bay Cluster 1 Trials
24/02/2020Hervey Bay District Swimming
25/02/2020BUTHU/DIRUM House Liturgies
25/02/2020Shrove Tuesday
26/02/2020Ash Wednesday Liturgy
27/02/2020Yr 11 Senior Local Immersion
27/02/2020KONDARI/NARWARI House Liturgies
28/02/202010-12 Yrs AFL Gala Day
2/03/2020P-6 Parent Teacher Interviews
2/03/2020Hervey Bay Cluster 2 Trials
2/03/202011-12 Yrs HBD Girls
3/03/202010-12 Yrs HBD Cluster Trials AFL Softball
5/03/2020Yr 11 AQU Snorkelling Skills Practical
5/03/2020Yr 6-9 Math Pathways Parent Evening


Finance Office News

Last Friday Family Statements were emailed to parents.   Please note the due date for these is 28 February 2020 unless you have a Direct Debit or Credit Card payment authority. 

Please note that we are behind in processing our receipts so some receipting for February may not appear on your statement. 

Any subject levy changes made after 12 February 2020 will be processed as soon as possible.  Please be patient whilst we work through these as we await our new Finance Officer – Income, Carolina Cordova Cruz who is due to commence on 2 March 2020. 

If you are struggling to pay fees, please contact the office as soon as possible to see if we can assist. 


Maths Tutoring Timetable

Be sure to take advantage of our free Mathematics tutoring, staffed by our expert teachers. This is available to all students at no cost and bookings are not required.

Year 7-12 Maths Tutoring Roster 2020







Before School

(8 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.)


Mr Relf


Staff Prayer


Mrs Wright


First Break


Mrs Buxton

Room 48

Mr Tyrrell

Rm 48

Mrs Glass

Week B Rm 10

Mr King

Room 12

Mr Riley




After School

(3:05 p.m.-4:00 p.m.)

Staff Meeting

Miss Murtagh


Mrs Ritter

Miss Hourigan




Instrumental Music Program

Research shows that learning a musical instrument has many measurable positive impacts upon brain development.  These include enhancing learning (particularly language and literacy), improving multisensory processing, strengthening the brain’s executive function (such as processing and retaining information, critical thinking and problem-solving), improving motor control, as well as reducing stress and anxiety (to name but a few!).

The Xavier Catholic College Instrumental Music Program (IMP) is a comprehensive tuition program in which students learn orchestral/band instruments and voice through instruction on a small group basis.  Students enrolled in the IMP receive weekly 30-minute lessons which endeavour to operate on a rotational basis to ensure minimal disruption to students’ academic studies.

The College offers tuition on the following instruments:

  • Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone

  • Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba

  • Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass

  • Guitar, Bass Guitar

  • Percussion and Drum Kit

  • Piano/Keyboard

  • Voice (singing)

Students from Years 1 to 12 may elect to learn any instrument offered, although some instruments are more suitable from year 4 onwards.  Students receiving tuition through the IMP are strongly encouraged to participate in an ensemble as soon as they are technically ready.  Ensembles include Concert Band, String Ensemble and Choir.

A small range of instruments can be rented directly from the College at a lower rate than is available from rental companies.  Please note that we have a very limited number of instruments available for rental.

To enrol your child in the IMP please complete and return the attached form and return to the College as soon as possible, lessons will commence week 3 of this term.  For further information/questions do not hesitate to contact me at the College.

Paul Damms

Dean of Visual and Performing Arts


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2020 National Questacon Invention Convention!

Congratulations to Chloe Kingsman, who has been offered an opportunity to attend the 2020 National Questacon Invention Convention in Canberra this April.

Education Perfect

Since school has returned our Secondary students have completed 225,000 subject specific questions and spent more than 1,370 hours studying on Education Perfect. Education Perfect is a fun, responsive and effective way to learn online. It is proving to be highly effective to supplement the learning and teaching beyond the classroom and at home.

Education Perfect progress newsletter.jpg

Sports News

Buthu Wins Secondary Swimming Carnival

On Wednesday 12th February, the Secondary Interhouse Swimming Carnival was held at the Hervey Bay Aquatic Centre. Breaking a 2 year winning streak of Kondari, Buthu managed to claim victory on the day with a narrow win over runners-up Kondari, with Narwari and Dirum placing 3rd and 4th respectively. The wet weather predicted was not seen, but in its place were very hot and humid conditions – perfect for students to jump in and make a splash. The biggest splash was seen in this year's new event – 'The Salmon Run'. Congratulations to all students on their fantastic levels of participation on the day.

 2020 Sec Swim2.JPG

Age Champions:

Kyle Begaud

Cale Berthelsen

Hannah Bould

Zaniel-Trae Cooke

Kasey Gamble

Takara Gibbons

Alexander Pacifique

Alysha Robinson

Charlie Ryan

Oliver Wright

Emma Wylie

2020 Sec Swim4.JPG 

Final House Positions: 





 2020 Sec Swim1.JPG

Big Splash Winners:

Boys – Kyle Begaud

Girls – Kasey Gamble


2020 Sec Swim3.JPG

District Swimming Carnival
The Hervey Bay District Swimming Carnival is being held on Monday 24th February from 1pm to 4pm at the Hervey Bay Aquatic Centre. Information has been communicated to students this week. Payment of fee and consent is due on Qkr this Wednesday 19th February 9am.


Community News

 Girls Cricket.jpg


The theme for Queensland Youth Week 2020 is 'Yeah the Youth' – Celebrating friendship, strength and unity between young people and their contribution to our communities.

To celebrate Youth Week 2020, PCYC Hervey Bay Indigenous Programs Unit and Regional Housing Limited's Youthcare Program  are presenting the 'Yeah The Youth' Seafront Festival and Touch Tournament. This festival will celebrate the achievements of local youth and bring all youth and community together! As part of the festival the PCYC is organising a mixed youth touch tournament with the winners of the tournament to verse an invitational QPS team in a fun and barrier breaking game of touch football.

The festival will also incorporate music, art and craft, cultural activities, games, competitions and giveaways, food, market stalls and community information stalls.

We would like to invite you to attend on the day to promote your service. Bookings are now open for stall holders, so get in quick to book your spot and come along to help us celebrate the achievement of our local youth.

We extend our appreciation and thanks to Fraser Coast Regional Council for their support of this event.   

Where: Seafront Oval, Pialba

When: Wednesday 8th April, 2020

Time: 10.30am to 4.00pm

Contact either Michelle or Megan at Youthcare for further information and stall registration forms.

Phone: 41255798 or mobile 0447 315 315

Stall Bookings close March 25th, 2020.


Digital Ambassador Program

Want to become a Digital Licence Ambassador? Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) is on the lookout for six Digital Ambassadors on the Fraser Coast, to be one of the first in the community to receive the Digital Licence App and to assist members of the trial cohort to learn how to use the app.

The Queensland Digital Licence is a handy app being trialled that allows Queenslanders to securely and easily store their driver licenses and other TMR credentials digitally on their mobile devices.

The competition is open to high school students in grades 10, 11 and 12 within the Fraser Coast area.

For more information about the competition, go to 

This initiative aligns to the Advancing Queensland priority to be a responsive government

 Digital Ambassador.jpg