Newsletter - Term 1, Week 5, 2017


Dear Parents and Carers

Last Wednesday the Xavier Catholic College Fr Regi opening mass 2017.jpgCommunity gathered in JPAC for our annual Opening Mass. It was a wonderful celebration led by our Parish Priest, Father Regi, centred around the theme of new beginnings. It seemed an apt theme with so many new students starting at Xavier as well as a new Principal and Head of Junior School. We were grateful for the attendance of representatives from Star of the Sea, St Joseph’s, Childers and St Mary’s, Maryborough. We also welcomed Stephen Locke representing BCE, our local Mayor, Chris Loft, along with Peter Keary representing our local Member of Parliament, Ted Sorensen who was away on Parliamentary business. Of course, it was wonderful to see so many parents and grandparents join us for this special day which also saw the induction of our 16 Middle School Leaders and all our Year Five students as leaders of the Junior School.

It was terrific reminder that core to who we are as a community is our identity as a Catholic School in the Ignatian tradition. It was a welcome opportunity to reinforce our vision as a school that sets high expectations for all, is a ‘no excuses zone’ and a community that believes that everyone should strive for their personal best regardless of their starting point or ability level. It is wonderful to be an inclusive and diverse community, but it is these values that bring us together and sets us apart. Aim high! As the author, Norman Vincent Peale once said, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.”

Congratulations to all who made it such a special occasion with particular thanks to our Faith and Mission Team of Brendan McDonald, Amy Brennan and Carmel Donnelly who took responsibility for bulk of the organisation. A job well done!

2017 Opening Mass_a.jpg

Currently we are planning an extensive school renewal agenda to take Xavier to the next stage of its growth and development. In the weeks to come I will outline some of the proposals that are on the table and some of the areas of College life that we wish to review.

However, in any time of change and review the voice of the community is critical. We need to hear from you and what your dreams and aspirations are for the College. To this end in the coming weeks all parents, students and staff will receive a Community Satisfaction Survey. It will come in the format of a Survey Monkey and ask you to rate different aspects of College life and well as provide you a space in each section if you wish to make a comment or suggestion. The survey in anonymous so your individual responses will not be able to be identified.

So this is advanced notice that sometime in the next week you will receive an important survey via email that will be vital for all to complete so we can gauge the community’s feelings about Xavier’s performance and its future directions.

God Bless

Simon Dash


Induction of Junior and Middle School Leaders
It was a great pleasure last week to see our Junior and newly appointed Middle School leaders receive their badges at the conclusion of our Opening Mass. We had many special guest join us as well as very proud parents.

leadership badges.jpg

Camps Program

This week students will receive information about their year level Camps which will be held in Week two next term. The students will leave on Wednesday 26th April and return on Friday 28th April. They will travel to a variety of locations where they will enjoy a challenging yet enjoyable time, participating in a range of activities. The Heads of house will each co-ordinate a particular year level:

  • Year 6         Mr. Tony McQuaid
  • Year 7         Mrs. Margie Robertson
  • Year 8         Mrs. Brenda Beach
  • Year 9         Mrs. Dani Wright
  • Year 10       Ms. Stacy Sullivan
  • Year 11       Mrs. Leonie White
  • Year 12       This will be a Retreat lead by Mrs. Donnelly, Mrs. Brennan and Mr. McDonald

If you have any questions related to the camp please feel free to contact them at the College or by email.

Opportunities for our Students

On Monday the Year 7 students took part in their Annual Retreat. It was held at the Hervey Bay Community Centre and was facilitated by the Passionist Youth Group and we thank Mrs Donnelly for the work she put into to co-ordinating this event for the students.

2017 Year 7 Retreat.jpg

Over the weekend Mr. Dunn and Ms. Gilshenan organised the Senior Drama Camp which provided the opportunity for the students to see three live productions as well as experience the sights of the city.

Also in Brisbane for the weekend was Mrs. Donnelly and four senior students who undertook a local (Brisbane) Immersion experience. They were able to visit various organisations who provide services to the many disadvantaged people who live in the city, as well as help out and see first-hand how they can bring joy and support to others.

We thank the staff who give up time with their families to provide these types wonderful opportunities for our students.

Kerry Sidaway
Head of School


24/02/2017    Junior School Performances (11:30am - 1:30pm)
27/02/2017    Year 5 Camp (Through until 1/3)
07/03/2017   Junior School Photo Day (TBC)???
08/03/2017   Book Fair (Through until 10/03)


Last Wednesday our College community gathered for our 2017 Opening Mass, led by Fr Regi, our parish priest. In the gospel we were reminded of Jesus’ greatest commandment, “Love one another, as I have loved you” (John 13:31-35). With this in mind, we look to the start of the school year as an opportunity for new beginnings. Everyone in our community, students, staff and parents can learn from the model of Jesus and strengthen relationships based on this message of love. In addition to celebrating the Mass, we also took this opportunity to induct our new Middle School (Year 9) and Junior School (Year 5) leaders. These students will actively live out the gospel message in their everyday dealings across the college.

2017 Opening Mass_b.jpg


Xavier Catholic College has a group of parents who volunteer their time to welcome and help other members of the school community. They do this by:
  • Holding first day morning tea (Meet and Greet opportunity)
  • Providing meals for school families experiencing a crisis
  • Providing information about the school to families
  • Assisting the College Board in planning and reviewing the Pastoral Care Policy of the College
  • Working closely with the Campus Minister

At all times we encourage you to explore the parent portal or to talk to your child’s classroom teacher or Pastoral Care teacher about any questions that you may have as your first point of contact. Each House has parent contacts and they range from P-12.  If you wish to contact anyone of our parent contacts their details are published below.  We are in need of parent contacts in our P-6 area so if you would like to nominate yourself or to ask further information of what is involved please do not hesitate to contact Carmel Donnelly (Campus Minister) during school hours on 4197 1165.  Confidentiality is utmost for our committee and any information shared with our parent contacts will not be passed on unless you so desire it.

If we can be of any assistance, or if you have any questions about our school, we would be very pleased to help you – just ring one of the following:

House Parent Contacts

Narwari House Parents
Claire Sinclair (Cassandra Sinclair) 41295730
Rachel Neck (Chelsea Neck) 41287859/0417768798
Darlene Hogan (Daniel) 0419 226445/
Jo O’Neill (Will/Lucy/Kate O’Neil) 0422942289 
Ellen Geldard (Connor, Lachlan & Matthew) 41286910/ 0400499508
Mary Arnold (Riley/Corey/Joey) 0418729967
Karen Grumley (Stewart and Lachlan) 41243034 / 0413306540.
Cassie Wilson (Max/Anabele Wilson/Imogen) 0409761207.
Kerrie Payne (Cameron Payne) 41280554/ 0407581389

Buthu House Parents
Michelle Wiegmink (Connor Wiegmink/Jenna/Reece) 41287941/0409890188
Deanna Wyvill (Amy Wyvill) 41282176
Karen Goffinet (Alex/Patrick Goffinet) 4128 7375/ 0421 322 121.
Allison McGovern (Madison/Georgia McGovern) 0411 416 943
Dirum House Parents
Rachel Loague (Oscar Loague) 0417792179
Melissa Lynch (Mya, Noah)
Helen Hatchett (Bryce/Charli/Summer/Sam Wilson) 0438347153
Kellie Robinson (Nathan & Alysha Robinson) 0448623963

Kondari House Parents
Michelle Begaud (Blake/Kyle Begaud) 0438242252
Carole Dewhurst (Patrick/Rory/Freya Golik) 41206240/0400793188


Over the weekend our Senior students joined forces with Rosie’s on the street in Logan Central. They spent time sharing the stories of patrons who attend this regular event, as well as preparing food and refreshing drinks to quench their physical thirst. They shared this experience with Orange Sky Laundry and the Street Doctor. This is all part of our Senior Local Immersion in and around Brisbane. “Men and Women for Others”, a “Faith that does Justice."

2017 Senior Immersion.jpg


A reminder that Xavier staff offer free additional weekly Maths and Science tutoring. Below is the roster, which commenced in week 3.

Maths Timetable.jpg 

Science timetable.png


Over the course of the weekend our Senior Drama students experienced shows at La Boîte Theatre, GOMA, QPAC and the Metro Arts Theatre. The first night students attended the stage production, Single Asian Female at La Boîte Theatre, Round House. They were fortunate enough to meet with the cast following the show. One of the questions that Drama asks and attempts to illuminate is 'What does it mean to be human'. Not a small question. The students have been tasked with examining current theatrical products and analysing how they reflect our human experience. They need to interrogate not only the thematic content of these productions, but the structure, staging, performance technologies and skills of performance that are employed to bring these messages or themes to life in the dynamic and living art form of drama on stage.

On Saturday at GOMA, the Senior Drama students were tasked with finding their favourite artwork, photographing it and observing how it impacted upon anyone who encountered it. They have to provide a physical report to demonstrate the reactions and to interpret what they mean. 

Saturday afternoon, students attended the QPAC hosted production, ‘Ladies in Black’, which was a slick, home grown Aussie musical set in the 1950s. The high production values and mainstream content were a stark contrast to the bold and brash performance on the first night. 

The final delight for our Senior Drama students...the weird and wacky Cargo Club at Metro Arts theatre. The show began in the laneway outside and moved into an open plan theatre where the performance literally occurred all around the audience.

The experimental, post-modern structure of the Cargo Club with its 'no-budget' funding model was a fantastic contrast to the other two shows. Interestingly, all three shows dealt with issues of identity, equality and multiculturalism - each in a unique style and with wide ranging production values. The perfect trio of performance experiences for budding student dramatists.

Thank you Mr Dunn for organising such a memorable and inspiring cultural experience for these students.

2017 Drama Camp.jpg

If you are aged between 12 and 25 and are passionate about the Fraser coast region - the youth ambassador program could be a great fit for you! Nominations are now open for the 2017 program.
Further information and an application form is available from: with final applications closing, Tuesday, February 28

The first day of training for our GenR8 and AllevE8 programs was a resounding success with the trainers for both programs providing excellent feedback around student behaviour and enthusiasm.

These programs provide students career pathways into either the transport, logistics and supply chain industry, or Health Support. AllevE8 allows the opportunity to undertake a Certificate II in Health Support, contributing 6QCE points, and undertaking 20 days of valuable work experience in the field. .


The school fees billing run for Term 1, 2017, has been emailed from Payment will be due on this Friday, 24 February 2017.
If your email address has changed or you didn’t receive your account by email in 2016, please provide your new contact details to the College Office.


Next week is a busy week for the Xavier Canteen. On Tuesday the 28th February (Shrove Tuesday), the tuckshop is offering $1 pancakes with maple syrup and ice-cream. They will be available from 7:30-8:00am.

Following this, the Online Ordering Competition will be drawn at the end of the month. Anyone who has ordered through the Qkr system online in the month of February, has gone into the draw for a $5 canteen voucher.
The tuckshop would also like to remind and draw attention to some changes to the current menu. This particularly comes into effect for those ordering via the old bag system. Please check the new prices and menu items as we have made some changes and would not like for the children to miss out on a treat or part of their order. Two examples are the cost of sauce has been 50c for over a year now and also we no longer have pizza rounders but alternative vegetarian option. Thanks. 


Congratulations to both Eloise Rossetto and Naomi Shanahan-Giaquinto who were exceptional representatives of Xavier Catholic College in the first round of the Lions Youth of the Year Competition. Both Eloise and Naomi put in an outstanding effort and spoke with confidence and poise. The competition requires students to be interviewed by a panel of judges about their leadership, sporting and volunteer experience and also to present a five minute speech on a topic of their choice. They must also present two impromptu speeches of two minutes at a dinner in front of a room full of teachers, parents and Lions Club members from the Hervey Bay area. Would you be able to talk to a large audience for two minutes, with absolutely no preparation time, about housing development and the impact of cutting down forests? The other topic they needed to discuss was whether social media had a positive or negative impact on young people. Despite the challenging nature of the impromptus, both girls presented articulate and convincing responses and should be commended for their efforts and their willingness to participate. They earned substantial praise from the audience for their speeches and interviews. Naomi received one of the two Lions Youth of the Year awards available and will go on to compete in the next round held at Yarrilee State School. The other schools represented in the competition included Urangan SHS, Fraser Coast Anglican College and St James Lutheran College. The Lions Youth of the Year is designed to encourage, foster and develop leadership in conjunction with other citizenship qualities required to take an active and constructive role in the community. A high level of academic, leadership, sporting, public speaking and citizenship achievement is sought in its potential winners. By emphasising these qualities it hopes to provide outstanding role models for the youth of Australia and an overall increase in the confidence of young men and women. This competition provides a wonderful opportunity for students to extend themselves in many areas of learning and to meet like-minded students in fellowship. They have the opportunity of open discussion, exchange of ideas and the chance to meet professional people of a community service club organisation. Our College is very fortunate to have this opportunity and we thank the Lions for offering their time and resources to our students.


There will be Cross Country Training from Prep-5 every Tuesday morning for Term 1 from 7:30 to 8am on the Junior Oval. Students of all ability are welcome to come for a run and some fun.

Xavier has once again taken out the treble at the Hervey Bay District Swimming carnival, winning Junior Trophy (12-14yrs), Senior Trophy (15-18yrs) and Overall Trophy. The Carnival was held on Monday the 20th February at the Hervey Bay Aquatic Centre. Seven Xavier students claimed Age Champion honours. These include: Cailey Veitch (12yrs Girls), Taj Wright (13yrs Boys), Tiarna Lyons (13yrs Girls), Tom Veitch (15yrs Boys), Kasey Gamble (15yrs Girls), Will Kluck (16yrs Boys) and Todd Baldwin (17yrs Boys). A highlight of the meet was Xavier winning 7 of the 8 relays with only a disqualification preventing the clean sweep. A big thank you to Mrs Gerry Glass, Mr Brad Mitchell and Mr Michael Tyrrell for the assistance on the day and a big congratulations to the Xavier Swim Team for an excellent performance that epitomised the sportsmanship qualities that XCC sport upholds.

2017 Hervey Bay District Swimming.jpg

Students have been given the opportunity to nominate for a variety of sports in the upcoming District Cluster Trials on Thursday 9th March. These sports include: Rugby League, Rugby Union, AFL, Netball, Hockey, Soccer, Basketball & Golf. Please note that some sports will require a trial to be held at Xavier in order to select a team to compete at the district trials.
On Wednesday 15th February, Xavier entered 4 teams into the Rugby League 9’s competition. The u/13 boys side, coached by Mr Michael Tyrrell and Mr Tommy Riley, took out the competition after winning all 4 of their matches against schools from throughout the Fraser Coast. The u/15 girls, coached by Ms Angela Hogan, also took home the trophy after defeating Urangan SHS in their final. Our u/15 and u/18 boys played some outstanding football but just missed out on the silverware. All students played with great spirit in what were at times very trying conditions. A big thanks also to the coaches for giving up their time to look after the sides and enable these valuable sporting opportunities for our students.
2017 9 a side rugby league.jpg 
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