Newsletter - Term 1, Week 6, 2018

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Dear Parents and Carers
In June this year Xavier Catholic College will be undergoing an external audit based on the National School Improvement Framework. This will be a critical review from which a new Strategic Plan will be developed.
In preparation, we wish to hear from all parents, students and staff. Last year we launched a very successful Community Satisfaction Survey which helped shape many new directions for the College including our new Responsible Behaviour Policy.

This year we are partnering with the University of Southern Queensland for our data gathering. USQ have developed a survey tool which aligns with the National School Improvement Framework. The survey tool is called the Diagnostic Inventory of School Alignment (DISA).

Your support in completing the survey is crucial to our future planning. Only when we hear all voices can we plan for long-lasting and sustainable improvement.

The link to the survey is  After this you will see a welcome page and you click on the dropdown box on the left-hand side to choose your survey (Parent, Student or Staff). The survey takes about 20 minutes to complete and it will be open for the next few weeks to give people the time and opportunity to have their say.

My thanks to you in anticipation. For those who wish to know more about the DISA tool and the data that it generates, I have provided an extensive summary below.

About the DISA Tool
The purpose of the Diagnostic Inventory of School Alignment (DISA) is to provide schools with information on which to base judgements about leverages for school improvement – identifying the challenges and focusing on the successes on which it is possible to build school capacity for sustainable improvement.

The DISA provides schools with three levels of information.
1. Firstly, it has been designed to give comparative feedback from teachers, parents and students on each
    element of an organisational image called the Research-based Framework for Organisational Alignment
2. Secondly, it scores a school’s level of social, intellectual and organisational capital. This is termed the School
    Capital Index.
3. Thirdly, it provides information on the overall level of organisational alignment or coherence. This is termed
    the School Alignment Index.

1. Comparative feedback
Staff, parents and students provide individual perspective on the Elements of the RBF, namely: School Successes and Achievements; Strategic Foundations; Community Cohesiveness; Pedagogical Development and Deepening; Generative Resource Design; and Holistic Professional Learning. The quantitative analysis provided by the staff of the University of Southern Queensland provides summary means and standard deviations for each of the Inventory items and the contributory elements as a whole – for each of staff, parents, and students, as well as an overall score.

2. Index of School Alignment
An institution is like a tune; it is not constituted by individual sounds but by the relations between them (Peter Drucker).

Peter Drucker’s use of a music metaphor to help us understand highly successful organisations raises a number of questions for schools as they confront demands to increase their effectiveness and to sustain significant successes that they achieve. In particular, if a successful educational institution is likened to a piece of music, what are the individual “sounds” that comprise the musical piece and how can they be brought into “tunefulness”, “coherence”, or “alignment”?

Educational theory asserts that alignment is the deliberate linking of the key features of the school so as to best serve the purposes of the school as a dynamic educational environment. That is, the creation of meaningful alignments between school vision, community input, classroom practices, physical infrastructure, and professional learning. Alignment is enabled by administrators and teachers developing each of the six elements of the RBF and bringing them into a philosophically consistent connection with each other. Thus, the foundations are laid for teachers to engage collectively and creatively in pursuit of heightened aspirations, through resourcing and schoolwide pedagogical processes.

Based on an analysis of authoritative contributions from educational organisational research, the following definition of alignment has been developed to guide schools:

Alignment (tunefulness) in schools occurs when each of the five key, or “contributory”, elements (i.e. the sounds) of the school is developed comprehensively, when the five elements are philosophically congruous (i.e. in harmony) and when they are implemented so as to be mutually re-enforcing in the school’s (orchestral) practices.

Research tells us that schools that are characterised by high levels of alignment, or tunefulness of their contributory elements will be better placed to achieve outcomes that reflect their aspirational goals. That is, using Drucker’s musical metaphor, they will have the conditions in place to create rhapsodic music – high levels of student achievement, teachers’ sense of professional well-being, community support and embedded processes for sustaining success.

3. Index of School Capital
The Index of School Capital derives from a combination of a number of ‘capital’ models of school capacity building. They include Hargreaves’ (2001) notion of enhancement of outcomes partially achieved through ‘leverages’, namely, intellectual capital (what teachers know and do) and social capital (the school’s capacity to generate trust and sustain both internal and external networks). The notion of organisational capital is taken from Mitchell and Sackney (2000) and Hopkins and Jackson (2003) and its definition further defined from other research (Andrews et al., 2009; Andrews et al., 2012).

Social Capital
Social capital describes professional relationships of trust and respect, dynamics within parallel leadership and in student well-being. The underpinning concept is that of relationships. Our use of the term closely resembles Mulford (2007) who asserts that in successful processes of capacity building three types of social capital are created, namely, bonding (which occurs among colleagues), bridging (which occurs between schools) and linking (which occurs between the school and its community).

Intellectual Capital
Intellectual capital describes a combination of: the creation of a school vision, identification of a school’s underpinning values, the conceptualisation and articulation of a schoolwide pedagogy, insights about school improvement processes, and student academic achievement across learning areas.

Organisational Capital
Organisational capital describes a combination of procedures for shared school planning, linkages internally and to external networks, organisation of time and space, use of technologies, curriculum design, and school aesthetics. The term organisational capital has been coined to describe intentional design, those structural organisational arrangements that Harris et al. (2003) assert generate associated synergies, interdependence and efficiencies.

Each item of the DISA is assigned to one of the three capitals – social, intellectual or organisational. The Index of School Capital indicates a value (for each capital) that is calculated by averaging the summary means for all items that are attributed to the respective capitals.

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God bless
Simon Dash

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Please note the following up-coming events:
28/02/2018  Lady Elliot Island Excursion
01/03/2018  Year 11 AQU Snorkelling
01/03/2018  Brisbane Street Immersion (Year 11/12)
05/03/2018  P-6 Parent / Teacher Interviews commence
05/03/2018  Year 7 Starlab (Library)
06/03/2018  Junior School Photo Day
07/03/2018  Secondary School Photo Day​
12/03/2018  Narwari Mission Week


School Photos
School photos will be held next Tuesday and Wednesday.  A reminder that all students in Years 7 to 12 are required to wear formal uniform.  Please bring order forms on the day and hand to the photographers.  Order forms for Family photos are available from the School Office.

Parent/Teacher Interviews
Bookings for P-6 Parent Teacher Interviews close this Friday, 2 March, 2018.  Please book on-line by this date, if you haven’t already done so.  Interviews will be held from 5-16 March, 2018.
Bookings for Years 7-12 interviews will be available in the near future.  These interviews will take place on Tuesday, 20 March from 3.30 – 8.00pm.


If you missed the amazing caterpillar video captured by our Prep class or the latest episode of 'X-Files - The Arts Are Out There @ Xavier', please check them out by clicking the images below:

Caterpillar video.jpg
2018 Drama Camp.jpg


“Create the Change”
It was an important Secondary assembly this morning as our Year 12 Captains unveiled the College Motto for the year with an engaging video and a presentation as to why this was chosen.

The words build on our past mottos and ask us to Create the Change by being the change. The leaders took inspiration from St. Mary “the Cross” MacKillop who once said, “Never see a need without doing something about it”.  Our leaders asked the student body to where they see a need within our college, whether it be the need to pick up rubbish or the need for new resources, they are called to do something about it and ‘Create the Change’ that is required.

Create the Change banners.jpg

Clean up Australia Day
We will take part in this wonderful community activity across the College on Friday morning. Student will be asked to move across the College ensuring that we leave a tidy and well cared environment for us to work and play in.

2018 Clean Up Australia Day.JPG

It is always amazing to see the many and varied opportunities that our staff offer to students to enhance and reinforce their learning.
This week alone we have Year 12 students taking part in a Marine program on Lady Elliot Island. The Senior Drama class were treated to a weekend of Arts and Culture in Brisbane with visits to a variety of productions and tomorrow six students set off with Mrs Donnelly to Brisbane to take part in a ‘Street Immersion’ where they will work with a variety of agencies to see how the disadvantaged in our community are supported.

2018 Senior Drama Camp.jpg

School Photos
Next week the photographer will be here to take our school photos. We ask all parents to ensure that students are looking neat and tidy and wearing their uniform correctly. Secondary students will need to wear their formal uniform. This would be a good time to check its condition and that it fits wel!
Our dates are as follows:
  • Prep to Year 6     Tuesday 6th March
  • Year 7 to 12        Wednesday 7th March
  • Catch up day       Tuesday 13th March

Family photos will be taken from 7.30am each morning. Photo envelopes have been sent home, if you are yet to receive yours please make contact with the School Office.

What a great start to the year for our Year 7 students. This year we headed off to Garapine in week 3.  Garapine is an outdoor adventure camp south of Gympie situated on 180 acres of bushland.  The lodge and accommodation was high on top of a hill with spectacular views over the Mary Valley and most of the events involved walking trails down the hills, through the bush or on the Mary River.

The focus of the camp was getting to know you.  Students worked in various groups.  They had their main day working group, house groups, sharing meals in mixed groups and coming together for Mass.  The activities included: raft building, kayaking, orienteering, bushwalking, archery and group initiative challenges.  The group initiatives included shelter building, fire building and damper making plus challenges that focused attention on the group process, decision-making, communication and innovation.

One of the highlights of the camp was the second night of minute to win it activities where students competed in house groups.  Events included “Stack Attack”, “Suck it Up” “Ninja Cards” but the best was “Carrot in a can”.  Throughout the event there was some great house spirit but the winner for the evening was Buthu.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following staff for being group leaders: Andrew King, Tom Riley, Reagen Collier, Kate Duffield, Shannon McDuff, Brenda Beach, Geena White, Brigitte Murtagh.  A special thanks to our day visitors who assisted at camp: Kerry Sidaway, Lynette Hawes and Annie Sexton.
Year 7 Camp 1.jpg 
Year 7 Camp.jpg
Annual Family Accounts were issued by email on 2 February 2018. 

Please contact our finance department on or telephone 4197 1261 if you did not receive your account.

Due date for payment is 5 March 2018.

If you wish to set up a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly payment plan your original Direct Debit Request or Credit Card Authority Form is required to be received at the college office by the due date 5 March 2018.

Note: Statements will still be issued each term for families with payment plans.  Please use this statement to check your payments have been received as scheduled and that your account will be paid in full by 30 November 2018.


We are seeking a suitably experienced / qualified person to fill the position of SCIENCE LABORATORY ASSISTANT to replace a staff member on leave from the 4th May – 28th May, 2018.

The appointee will support the Dean of Science and a team of teachers in the organisation and management of the Science laboratory and provide assistance in setting up Science experiments.

Applicants should provide a resume and a brief covering letter outlining their experience/qualifications to undertake this role, including the ability to prepare and organise materials for practical activities and maintain laboratory apparatus and equipment.  Please include the names and contact details of two referees, including one professional referee who can comment on your ability in this area.

If you require further information regarding the position, please contact Mrs Peta Perry, Science Laboratory Assistant on Ph. 4197 1252 or email

Applications close 9am Wednesday 21 March 2018 and should be emailed to Ms Suzanne Gee, College Administration Officer, Xavier Catholic College at

Care and Concern Parent Committee

Xavier Catholic College has a group of parents who volunteer their time to welcome and help other members of the school community.
They do this by: -
  • Holding first day morning tea (Meet and Greet opportunity)
  • Providing meals for school families experiencing a crisis
  • Providing information about the school to families
  • Assisting the College Board in planning and reviewing the Pastoral Care Policy of the College
  • Working closely with the Campus Minister.
At all times we encourage you to explore the parent portal or to talk to your child’s classroom teacher or Pastoral Care teacher about any questions that you may have as your first point of contact. Each House has parent contacts and they range from P-12.  If you wish to contact any one of our parent contacts their details are below.   Confidentiality is utmost for our committee and any information shared with our parent contacts will not be passed on unless you so desire it. 

House Parent Contacts
                                     Narwari House Parents
                                     Claire Sinclair (Cassandra Sinclair) 41295730
                                     Rachel Neck (Chelsea Neck) 41287859/0417768798
                                     Jo O’Neill (Will/Lucy/Kate O’Neil) 0422942289 
                                     Ellen Geldard (Connor, Lachlan & Matthew) 41286910/ 0400499508
                                     Mary Arnold (Riley/Corey/Joey) 0418729967
                                     Karen Grumley (Stewart and Lachlan) 41243034 / 0413306540
                                     Cassie Wilson (Max/Anabele/Imogen) 0409761207
                                     Kerrie Payne (Cameron Payne) 41280554/ 0407581389
                                     Carmel Donnelly(Jeremiah Donnelly) 0448488443

                                    Buthu House Parents
                                    Michelle Wiegmink (Reece Wiegmink) 41287941/0409890188
                                    Deanna Wyvill (Amy Wyvill) 41282176
                                    Karen Goffinet (Alex/Patrick) 0421 322 121
                                    Allison McGovern (Madison/Georgia McGovern) 0411 416 943
                                    Shelly Hislop (Jordan/Lincoln Hislop) 0423 506 675
                                    Dirum House Parents
                                    Rachel Loague (Oscar Loague) 0417792179
                                    Melissa Lynch (Mya/ Noah)
                                    Helen Hatchett (Bryce/Charli/Summer/Sam Wilson) 0438347153
                                    Kellie Robinson (Nathan/Alysha Robinson) 0448623963

                                    Kondari House Parents
                                    Michelle Begaud (Blake/Kyle Begaud) 0438242252
                                    Carole Dewhurst (Patrick/Freya Golik) 41206240/0400793188
                                    Alison Keal (Archie/Angus/Seth) 0466250799
                                    Emma Ilka (Dylan/Shayli) 0403599406


​Year 5 Icy Cups - 1st Break
(Delivered to your room)
​Icy Cups on sale all week.
Easter Raffle on sale all week.
​Year 3-6 Carnival Games - 1st Break
​Bake Sale - 1st Break
(Outside Campion)
​Assembly - 9am - on Edmund Rice
Prep - Year 4 & Year 6 Icy Cups
(Delivered to your room)
Assembly - 9am - on Edmund Rice
Teacher v Students Volleyball Game
​Prep - Year 2 Carnival Games - 1st Break
Icy Cups on sale all week.
Easter Raffle on sale all week.
​Face Painting - 1st Break
​Jelly Eating Competition
Easter Raffle Drawn
(Outside Stage)
Pre-orders for Primary are due Tuesday 6th March.


We are very excited to announce the cast for the 2018 Musical Grease.

 Grease-logo.jpgPerformances will be on Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th August 7.00pm – 9.30pm

Rehearsals are weekly, commencing this Thursday, March.

Those selected have committed to rehearsal on Thursday afternoons, from 3.15 – 4.45pm as well as some weekends and evenings particularly as we move closer to performances in late July and early August.  In a large venture such as this it is important that the cast makes every effort to attend rehearsals as required, so we can work together to create a fun and fantastic spectacle.

Main CastChorus/Ensemble

Sandy – Alexandra Pronk

Danny – Brodie Rowe

Rizzo – Lauren Flynn

Kenicke – Jacob Gamble

Frenchie – Raemah Krause

Marty – Rachel Damms

Jan – Maddison Smith

Doody – Jack Buckley

Roger – Zach Durston

Sonny – Kieran Catterick

Miss Lynch – Ms Sidaway

Patty Symcox – Madi McGovern

Eugene – Lachlan Relf

Vince Fontaine – Hayden Kubler

Jenny Casino – Brie Bagnall

Teen Angel – Kirra Buckley



Destiny Annetts

Poppy Block

Isabelle Brittain

Amelia Brookes

Karrie Burton

Georgia Cassidy

Jenah Cocker

Louise Drake

Jade Dundas

Jasmine Durston

Mercedes Durston

Lucy Glass

Jackson Green

Rhys Jones

Charlotte Knight

Shelby Leworthy

Poppy McIvor

Lily Moses

Emily Powers

Maeve Riley

Ebony Trembath

Cailey Veitch

Rhylee Ward

Emma Wylie

GREASE! - Book, Music and Lyrics By JIM JACOBS and WARREN CASEY


This is not one-on-one tutoring, it is group tutoring. Students are required to have work with them and ask the teacher for help with the questions that they are struggling with. Students may wish to attend to work on their homework/Maths Online or just to get into a good study habit. They can attend as many tutoring sessions as they like in a week, and best of all it is free.
Year 7-12 Maths Tutoring Roster 2018
Before School
(8 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.)

Mr Relf
Staff Prayer
Mr Smith
Mrs Wright
First BreakMrs White
Room 4
 Mr Riley
Room P20
11- 11.20am
Mr Tyrrell
Room 42
Second Break   
Mrs Buxton/Mrs Ritter
Room 12
After School
3:05 p.m.-4:00 p.m.

Miss Murtagh
Mrs Glass
 Miss Hourigan
Mrs Ritter

Sports for Schools

If you shop at Coles please collect the 'Sports for Schools' vouchers and place them in the boxes at stores or drop them into College reception. Our school will benefit with sports gear for P-12, so start collecting now!

2018 Sports for Schools.jpg 


Sporting Date Clashes

The Hervey Bay District Cross-Country is on Wednesday 2nd May. This is also the first day of camp for Year 6 students and students in Years 8 to 11. Students who are wishing to run at these trials to gain selection in the Hervey Bay District team to compete at the Wide Bay trials will be able to do so. These students will be transported by bus to their respective camp locations at the conclusion of the carnival.

The Sunshine Coast All Schools Touch competition is being held on Sunday 29th July and the QLD All Schools Oztag competition is being held from 27th to 29th July. Information regarding this clash of dates and the ramifications for students hoping to play both sports in 2018 will be communicated to students and an information letter sent home.

QLD Triathlon Titles
From the 15th – 17th February, the QLD Aquathlon and Triathlon titles were held here in Hervey Bay. Xavier has continued its strong presence in this sport with the following students competing: Lochie Armstrong, Brodie Harris, Piper Hinton, Harry King, Chantelle McCarthy, Toby Powers, Emily Powers, Jordan McCarthy and Charlotte Davies. All students performed with great commitment in very hot conditions with several of our students having top 10 finishes. Harry King had a terrific race and reaped the rewards of his dedication to training over the last 12 months to finish in 3rd place. This qualifies Harry for the QLD team to compete at The National Titles in Penrith in April. Congratulations Harry and to all Xavier students who competed.

Hervey Bay District Cluster 2 Sport Trials
These trials are being held on Thursday 8th March at various locations in Hervey Bay. Students will be trialing in the following sports: Rugby League, Rugby Union, AFL, Football (Soccer), Netball, Golf, Basketball and Hockey. Students who signed up for this have received paperwork this week. All paperwork and payment is due by Monday 5th March 9am. Good luck to all students in your upcoming trials.

Xavier wins Secondary Hervey Bay District Swimming

On Monday 19th February, 34 students represented Xavier at the Hervey Bay District Swimming Carnival. Once again, students competed with great skill and spirit and managed some outstanding results. Xavier won the Junior Trophy (12-14yrs), Senior Trophy (15-18yrs) and the Overall Trophy. Xavier was also runner up in the Percentage Shield.
In addition, the following students claimed Age Champion Honours:
12 Year Boys – Blake Begaud
14 Year Girls – Tiarna Lyons
15 Year Girls – Kiera Stephens
15 Year Boys – Lachlan Gent
16 Year Girls – Kasey Gamble
16 Year Boys – Tom Veitch
18 Years and over Boys – Matt Maag

The relays were a highlight of the day, with Xavier winning 7 out of the 8 relays. Selections for the Wide Bay Swimming Team are being made in the coming weeks and students will be notified by the Wide Bay managers.


2018 Kindy Promo1.JPG
2018 Kindy Promo2.JPG