Newsletter - Term 1, Week 8, 2017

Dear Parents and Carers
Disturbing Behaviour
Scientists talk of the need to disturb environments in order toWater drop.jpg promote growth.  Stagnation is death.  I believe that the same principle applies to school communities. 
Through our planned cycle of renewal, Xavier Catholic College is in the process of being “disturbed”. As a community committed to the education of young people, we are engaging in an exciting dialogue that will lead to profound changes across the spectrum of schooling life, including curriculum, assessment, pastoral care, behaviour management and leadership structures.  At times in this process tensions may run high, as differences of opinion are shared.  But, such dynamic tension may be essential in charting the course for the future. 
I also believe that the same principle applies to people.  People need disturbing in order to grow.  Through challenging our students to pursue high standards we start them on the right course to adulthood.  In fact, if we do not challenge them, we insult them.  While we are committed to tailoring our educational service to the needs and abilities of each student, this still involves setting the bar high and demanding robust standards for each and every individual.  The demand for academic rigour, no matter what the ability level of a student, is the disturbing first step.  My expectation is that such disturbance will lead to excitement…
As the third principle of living systems states: “When the excitement takes place, the components of living systems self-organise and new forms and repertoires emerge from the turmoil.
Our students need to be disturbed in order to grow.  Only then will new repertoires and skills emerge.
At the moment many students are facing the rigours of assignments and exams as they complete their studies for Term One.  Last week our Middle and Senior Years students received Interim Report about their progress.  For most it was an indication that students are achieving well in their academic pursuits.  For others, it may have presented disturbing reading.  If your child is struggling with their studies, the Interim Report is an indication of the growth that may be required.  We are committed to working with parents to overcome educational issues and advance student learning outcomes.  While Parent-Teacher Interviews occur next week, please do not hesitate to contact individual teachers about your child’s results.  If we plan together, we will hopefully provide the environment to promote growth, development and improvement.
God bless
Simon Dash

Dear Parents,
As I mentioned in my last magazine article I was lucky enough to attend the Year 5 camp at Maranatha on the Sunshine Coast.  When I spoke to the students on camp I found myself reflecting on my own school experiences and those key moments which contributed to my own development and formation.  With the ongoing focus on academic progress it would be easy to pass over the benefits students take away from these experiences.  As a school, it is important that we prioritise time to recognise the spiritual, emotional and social development of our students.  Forming good individuals is as much a part of the journey at school as the learning we focus on each day.   All our year 5 leaders were asked to reflect on their time at camp and what they took away from these three days.  I have included some of these reflections in my article for this week:

  • The best things about camp were the Jungle Ropes, Leap of Faith, Raft Racing and the Food.  The Jungle Ropes were fun; The Leap of Faith was very exciting when you jumped off and the Raft Racing was awesome in the creek which was very beautiful. The Food was also delicious - Kai, Max M, Patrick and Dylan K.
  • At the start of our adventure was the Leap of Faith when you got to the top you shook but when you jumped you felt so proud of yourself - Tilly, Abbie H, Xavier and Josh
  • The most competitive thing on camp was the raft race where you had to build your raft and race it down the creek.  It required lots of teamwork - Max C, Cooper W, Jamie, Fin
  • The highlight of Maranatha for us was the Amazing Race.  We also got to take part in the Jungle Ropes and Leap of Faith - Noah, Colby, Savannah and Andrew
  • Year 5 camp was fantastic, we participated in plenty of fun activities.  But the one that we loved the most was the Leap of Faith.  We climbed up a 7-metre-high ladder and jumped for a big ball.  Our second favourite activity was Archery as we got to shoot arrows - Lucia, Katlyn R, Addyson, Tanika
  • Camp was fun because you got to have fun with your friends, the food was delicious, there were some challenging activities and the best thing was it gave you an opportunity to make new friends - Jasper, Brodie, Caleb and Oliver
  • The highlights of the year 5 camp were the Leap of Faith, Amazing Race and the food was delicious - Claire, Abby S, Georgia and Lily S
  • The most exciting part of our year 5 camp was making new friendships and having the chance to do lots of different things - Imogyne P, Shayla, Mia and Mya
Some key reminders for the coming weeks:
  • A reminder to all parents who volunteer at the school that they are required to complete student protection training before working within a classroom.  Please contact the school if you require more information.
  • Miss Broom and 2.1 will presenting their class showcase on assembly next week. All parents are very welcome to attend.
  • Please ensure you contact the school if your child is going to be absent. Parents/carers are required to explain any student absences.  Information regarding the various ways to do so can be found on the parent portal and college website.
Have a great week. 
Russell Davey (Head of School – Junior Years)

Once again this week we turn our attention to one of Caritas’ Project Compassion stories. This week we hear the story of Martina from East Timor.
For Martina, an East Timorese mother of eight, escaping domestic violence was the first step in her journey to a new life. But at first, her future seemed very uncertain. Timor-Leste is one of the least developed countries in the world, with extremely low levels of basic health, literacy and income. Most East Timorese live in rural areas, with very limited access to basic services or livelihood training, and many households don’t have enough food year round.
The shelter where Martina sought refuge, Uma PAS, offered her many ways to transcend these challenges. Uma PAS is a partner in Caritas Australia’s Protection Program, a holistic community-wide program in Timor-Leste that offers women like Martina economic empowerment and a life of safety in a supportive community.
 Caritas image.jpg
Through the program, she was linked with a network of support services, and this enabled her to undertake livelihood training and start a small business to support her children. The program also linked her with a supportive community.
“Martina is a person who did not want to give up, but wanted to be able to support her family,” her counsellor at the shelter says. Through the Protection Program, Martina says, “I have learnt how to change my life to support myself, and my children.”
To find out more about Martina’s story and all of the Project Compassion stories please go to:
This week our college celebrates Narwari Mission Week where, as a community, we raise awareness and funds to support the works of Caritas Australia. The generosity of everyone in our college community goes a long way towards ensuring a dignified life for people such as Martina and all of those who benefit from the organisation’s works.
Confirmation/Communion for Older Students
 With many families moving around so much these days with work requirements and family reasons it is often difficult to ensure your child has completed their sacraments of initiation within the Catholic Church.  If you have a child who is a baptised Catholic and is in year 8 and above who would like to receive Confirmation and their first Eucharist (Communion) please contact myself, Carmel Donnelly directly on or on 41971165.  Preparation will commence in Term 2 this year. 
Caritas K’s
Every day, thousands of women and children around the world need to cover many kilometres each day to fetch water, obtain food, get to school or markets or simply to survive. Caritas K’s is an opportunity to fundraise and educate people at Xavier Catholic College, with the aim of inspiring them to be a voice for the poorest in our world. On the 22nd of March, the Year 12 Social Justice and Action team and the Magis Minis are running Caritas K’s during the first break to help raise money and awareness for those who walk many kilometres each day to access water. Students will be walking around the school, some carrying buckets of water to have a similar experience of the women and children who do this each and day. It would be greatly appreciated if you could give your child some money to contributed, every donation counts as well as talk to them about why we at Xavier College believe that this is important to stand in solidarity with the poor and marginalised.
22nd MARCH, Senior Oval, First Break
Caritas Ks.JPG 
Campus Ministry Corner
This weekend I am catching up with my family to celebrate my mother Irene’s 80th birthday.  When I say family, it is my 6 sisters and one brother.  As the years, have gone on we all now have children of our own and don’t always have time to just be as siblings once more.  The very first time we did this as adults was in the last few months of my dad’s life.  My dad had ben diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and now had only weeks to live.  We decided to have a family dinner, just siblings and mum and dad.  I was 36, my eldest sister was 41 and my youngest sibling, Peter was 25.  It was a funny night.  We set up dinner in the main lounge room, on the carpet floor which was always a no go space for shoes, food and baby mishaps.  But this night we shared dinner together in the air-conditioning.  Dad was in pain and sat for a while at the table then moved to his comfortable chair when it became too much.  At first it was quite organised and quiet then it soon turned into our dinners of old.  Lots of laughter and memories shared.  One sibling sharing their version of a memory of home life and how quickly another would readjust the story, shedding their recollection of events.  We totally forgot we were here with Dad to say goodbye.  The noises got louder and the laughter was contagious.  I remember looking over at dad one time and he had his eyes closed, listening and yet grimacing with pain.  Mum soon was up giving him his morphine, caring for his every need, as she had always done.  Life was real around us and every present as we discussed, shared and argued memories and events.  It is times like these that we treasure.  Experiencing life and death as our earthly journey.  This weekend there is no imminent sense of death for us at present.  But a joy that is life at its most precious.  Can’t wait to hear those stories once more and how we never let the truth get in the way of a good story. Dad was no saint, thank God.  But there is something so precious as family time and making time for family. 
Enjoy your Lenten journey…. 
Many Blessings Carmel Donnelly
Maths tutoring is for students in Year 4-12. Students can attend any time slot but Mr Riley's tutoring on Friday first break is the best time for Year 4-6. This is group tutoring so please bring all your maths equipment and the questions that you wish to ask the teacher.

Year 9 students have been studying a Biological Science Unit this term. The topic is “Homeostasis” and the students have been learning how the human body detects and responds to changes in the internal and external environment.
Students conducted tests on the touch receptors, our sense of smell, and mapped the chemical receptors on the tongue as they explore the sense of taste. Students also tested the effect of plant hormones called auxins on root growth. At times the Science lab was looking like a Hogwarts classroom as students experimented with solid carbon dioxide (dry ice).
Class Award Winners Amelia Frawley, Meg Mason and Grace Farrelly were recognised for their outstanding application to their learning of science. Ben Mylan and Brandon Howard also received awards for excellent Scientific Thinking. Isabella McMahon is congratulated on the Academic Award she received for her high standard of learning.
2017 Scientists at work.jpg 

We have had a busy week so far with jelly cups, carnival activities and an exciting assembly about Blessed Edmund and St Patrick. We still have icy cups, more carnival games and ending the week with an exciting St Patrick’s Day, where we will turn the school green with shamrocks on our faces and some jelly eating. Thank you for the wonderful support you have given to this week with all the money we raise going to support Caritas.
Xavier would like to acknowledge the efforts of Rotary International, and one of our students Jeremy Hinton, for their recent time and efforts in Nepal.  The trip was an eye opening experience for Jeremy, and I am sure that the respect he displayed, the generous donations, and his time giving aide was appreciated by the many families in Nepal.
One of the families (of over 23 members) were the recipient of a bio gas unit, donated by Xavier Catholic College.  Of all the shoes, clothes and living amenities donated, the children’s reactions to the gift of a tennis ball, was amazing in Jeremy’s eyes. A wonderful opportunity for Jeremy, and we are sure it is one that he will grab with both hands, and he will surely carry on helping others in need in his future.
2017 Nepal Hinton.jpg 

If you haven't already done so download the Qkr app today. You can quickly make payments for school events, and make accurate tuckshop orders quickly and easily. The more you use it, the more you will love it.
Every Friday for lent the canteen will have their regular menu as well as a fish option. This will be under the Friday alternating meal on Qkr and will be $4.
We have updated and made many changes to the menu prices this year. Some changes to be aware of:
Ice creams for Junior school can only be ordered at second break.
  • Sauce prices are 50c
  • Chocolate cake is now $1.50 as is chocolate choc chip muffins. 
  • Slush Puppies are $2.50 each.
Plus there have been additions to the menu and some items are no longer available. Jump on Qkr and have a look.

With such a short month in February the canteen forgot to drawtuckshop winner.jpg the winner of the $5 Qkr voucher. We asked our friends in 5.2 to draw the lucky winner at Junior school assembly this week and congratulations go out to Brodie Ferguson from 2.3.
For our next competition you will need to purchase a COCOA BANANA flavoured Slush Puppie. It is the fruit equivalent to cola. And as an extra incentive it will be reduced in price to $2 just for the competition. Once again you need to order online in the month of March and the prize will be a $5 credit to spend on Qkr. Drawn on the last Junior School assemble for the term.
A heads up for the next term's competition, we will be asking all students to come up with an item they would like to see in the menu. Think about something healthy, perhaps a meal deal, or a winter warmer? And you will have the opportunity to name it. E.G Netty's No Nut Health Bar! You have the holidays to think about and research it.
Just a reminder that cut off times for Qkr are 9:30am first break (longer break time) and 11:00am second break. You can order days in advance if you wish to do so. If you have ordered in advance and your child is sick or you realise your child has something that requires them to be away from school on that day please do not hesitate to call us direct to cancel or change the order.
If you need to contact the canteen direct please do so on 07 4197 1264. Liz Mee (Canteen Convenor) Kath, Net and Peta are more than happy to help where they can.
Volunteers are still needed. Come in for a coffee and stay for a chat. All are welcome for as long as you like, as often as you like, to help prepare orders for the children.
On Friday Year 5 & 6 participated in the annual Gala Day, which includes Soccer, Netball, Rugby League, Hockey and Touch, against other schools in Hervey Bay. It was a warm day, but all the students enjoyed playing their sport and getting to meet students from other schools. Some of our older students also helped out on the day by being referees/umpires for the various sports. The students did a great job of being ambassadors for the school by their participation and sportsmanship.

Gala Day.jpg