Newsletter - Term 1, Week 8, 2021

From the Pen of the Principal 

Dear Parents and Carers  

Last week I attended the first Jesuit and Companion Schools Association meeting of 2021. When I say ‘attended’ it was, unfortunately, still a virtual meeting utilising an online environment. 

As a member of the Jesuit and Companion Schools Association (JACSA) Xavier Catholic College joins with the five Jesuit owned schools and four other companion schools to deepen our understanding of the charism of Saint Ignatius of Loyola and how best to live this out in a modern context. 

2021 will be a special year for followers of Saint Ignatius as there will be worldwide celebrations of the 500th anniversary of the moment that changed the course of his life. On the 20th of May 1521 Ignatius was struck in the leg by a cannonball during the battle of Pamplona. During a lengthy period of recuperation where he underwent a series of operations during which his leg was rebroken and reset, his sister gave him books on the life of Jesus and the lives of the saints. When he had finally recuperated he decided to devote his life to following Christ and spreading the message of the Gospel. 

The year of celebration will end on the 31st of July 2022 which will be the 400th anniversary of his canonization, that is, being recognised as a Saint. That date will have extra significance for us as it is also the 400th anniversary of the canonization of Saint Francis Xavier. They also share this important anniversary with Saint Teresa of Avilla, Saint Philip Neri and Saint Isidore Labrador. 

The theme of the year will be ‘To See All Things New in Christ’ and focus on Ignatius as patient, ascetic and pilgrim. There is so much more to the twists and turns of the life of Saint Ignatius from which we can learn. However, the focus on the events of that fateful day in Pamplona do have special significance for each of us. 

It leads me to ask the question, as I have of staff and students, ‘What have been the cannonball moments of your life?’ What have been those moments that knocked you over, changed the trajectory of your life or simply caused you to see the world in a different way? Do you try to deny them and pretend things can go on as normal, or do you embrace them as opportunities to grow, change and potentially choose a different path? 

Arturo Sosa SJ, The Superior General of the Jesuits recently said:  

“The Ignatian year gives us a good opportunity to make known our spiritual root, that spiritual source that feeds and nourishes us in so many different ways and places. Deepening and renewing our own interior freedom and energy for the magis opens us to new and enriching perspectives. These can come from accompanying young people, from the hope that drives us to participate in the collective effort that seeks to heal the wounds of nature and prepare a better world for future generations. I encourage all to commemorate with enthusiasm the Ignatian 


I wholeheartedly encourage all to embrace this opportunity to reflect on the gift that our Ignatian heritage brings to us, the richness of lens through which we view the world and the commitment we are challenged to embrace to make a positive difference to our world. 

God bless 

Simon dash 


Upcoming Dates 

Year 5 Camp 2021 (Maranatha)
18/03/2021Y11 Aquatic Snorkelling Practice
Y11-12 SAR Bronze Medallion
Y07-09 T20 ​​Cricket Competition Match - Round 1
4.2 to St Joseph's Feast mass
Hervey Bay District 10-12 year old Cluster 3 Sports Trials
23/03/2021School Photo Catch Up Day
23/03/2021Hervey Bay District Cluster 3 Sports Trials 13-19yrs
Year 12 Marine Lady Elliot Island
25/03/2021Y7  Immunisations
26/03/2021Hervey Bay District Yr 5/6 Gala Day
30/03/2021Wide Bay 10-12 year old Cluster 1 Sports Trials
1/04/2021Cross-Country Day
1/04/2021Xavier Day 
2/04/2021Good Friday
3/04/2021Easter Saturday
4/04/2021Easter Sunday
5/04/2021Easter Monday

From the Head of School – Primary: Mr Russell Davey     

HOS – Primary Term One - Week 8 

My thanks to all parents who attended Parent Teacher Interviews over the past two weeks. It was wonderful to see so many of our families on site to engage in these important conversations with staff.  Communication is a key element of how we approach education at Xavier, and I would always encourage parents and carers to maintain open lines of communication with their child’s classroom teacher.  Please see below some important information for the approaching weeks of Term One. 

Mrs Bucton – Maternity Leave 

Mrs Bucton will officially begin her maternity leave on Friday 26th March as she approaches the next exciting chapter of her life with her husband Josh.  We wish Hannah and Josh all the very best for the arrival of their child and look forward to meeting the newest member of the Bucton family. 

I can also advise all parents that Mrs Rachael Tulenew has been appointed to the position of Year 6 teacher for Term 2 and Term 3.  Rachael is an experienced educator and will bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the role of classroom teacher at Xavier.  She has worked across a number of educational systems and has demonstrated the ability to apply her extensive teaching skills to a range of contexts.  We look forward to welcoming Rachael to the College at the start of Term 2.  Mr Davoren will cover Mrs Bucton’s classroom responsibilities in Week 10 of Term 1 

Year 6 Camp 

It was my absolute pleasure to join the Year 6 students and staff in Brisbane for the Year 6 Camp experience.  Both the students and staff thoroughly enjoyed their time together and it was wonderful to see our students engaging with new and exciting opportunities. It was also very positive to hear the staff at the Campsite and centres we visited comment on the attitude and behaviour of our students.  Well done to the team of staff who gave their time to ensure the students enjoyed their time away.  

2021 Year 6 Camp1.jpeg

2021 Year 6 Camp2.jpeg

Long Service Leave - Week 10  

I will be taking a short period of Long Service Leave in Week 10 for a family holiday. Please contact Mrs Sarah Love should you require assistance during this time.  

Visor Cards - Pick Up 

My thanks to the many families who have been utilising the Visor Cards at pick up.  Parents and Carers who have been displaying their family name on their car visor have allowed staff to move the cars quicker of an afternoon and reduce congestion.  This is a result which I am sure we can all agree is a positive step forward towards creating smoother traffic flow in the afternoon.  

From the Head of School – Primary: Mr Chris Relf     

Parent/Teacher Interviews 

It was great to see so many parents taking the opportunity to come to the College to meet with teachers to engage in discussion about their child’s progress in each subjectThese conversations are so valuable, and we thank you for partnering with us for the benefit of your children. If you missed the opportunity to meet with staff, please feel free to email any questions to your child’s teachers.  


Narwari Mission Week 

 A big thank you to the Staff and Students in Narwari house lead by Miss Angela Hogan (our Narwari House Dean) for the time and effort that you have put into making Narwari Mission Week the success that it has been. Our assembly this morning asked us to 'aspire not to have more, but to BE more’ (Oscar Romero). The inspirational life story of the patron Saint of Narwari House, Blessed Edmund Rice, was re-visited and his mission to make education available to all, especially the disadvantagedwas celebrated. 


Last Saturday, the Xavier Wolves ran the local Hervey Bay Parkrun. It was great to see so many staff and students involved in this activity. Thank you to the Xavier community who volunteered on the day; Lyle Gronow, Graham Gronow, Matt Ninnes, Paul Barker, Mary Arnold, Marion Bridle, Dani Wright, Margaret Robertson, Jo Murray-Jones, Mandy Brindell, Amy Brennan, Liz Mee, Belinda Gardener, Chantelle McCarthy and Jenni Spain. 

 2021 Xavier Parkrun.jpg


Primary School - Excellence at XCC Award recipients   

These awards are for students who have demonstrated one or more of the following SAIL Expectations.    

  We are Safe   

  We Act Responsibly    

  We Interact Respectfully    

  We Love to Learn   ​

Award recipients Term 1, Week 6 





Oma​r Chakik 


Maylee Dodd & Aaron Still 


Mira Turrell & Blake Brindell 


Brooklyn Fulcher 


Poppy Johnson 


Joel Hinks 


Mia Falconer 


Tilly Canning 


Mia Holloway 


Mia Falconer 


Isla Ritchie-Robertson 


Preston Sacipovic 


Stormie Moustakis 


Amelia Wohlsen 


Nate Purser 


Kiara Mason 


Ethan Cieply 


Utah Blaikie 


Jacob Tinker 


Adaobi Nkire 


Jayden Ball 


Poppy Upton 




Award recipients Term 1, Week 7 





Juan Kruger & Aster Nakier 


Ari McNulty & Estelle Fahey 


Bill Young 


Willow Rowell & Brooklyn Fulcher 


Angus Gallimore 


Willow Rowell 


Elliott Fowler 


Aubrey Warren 


Thayer Day 


Emily Adamson 


Jerome Nellickal & Kyle Jones 


Jerome Nellickal 


Sophie Edwards 


Mahina Rasmussen 


Grace Shaw 


Kobe Prizeman 


Olivia Jenkinson 


Lily Falconer 


Taj Harvey 



Parish Pastoral Coordination Position 

St Joseph’s Catholic Parish invites applications for the part-time position of Pastoral Ministry Co-ordinator with Hervey Bay Parish and OzCare for approx. 25 hours per week 

The successful applicant will: 

  • ​​​​Participate in the community and liturgical life of the Parish, Eucharist, as well as attend parish events as appropriate.

  • Collaborate with parish groups in providing care and service to the community. 

  • Participate in parish meetings as required. 

  • Work collaboratively with the Parish Office on all parish matters. 

  • Carry out other duties as required by the Parish Priest. 

Specific responsibilities include: 

  • ​​The successful applicant will be responsible for coordinating a range of pastoral activities and programs and will assist in developing and implementing parish activities such as Sacramental Programs, Liturgical Ministry, Pastoral Care and Visitation and Adult Faith Education.  This position will report to the Parish Priest. 

To apply for this position, please email your current resume and a covering letter outlining your suitability for the position directly to Fr. Regi at: For more information, contact the Parish Office on 4124 3334. 

Applications should include the name of two (2) professional referees with one being from a Parish Priest. 

Applications close 28th March 2021 ​

Academy School ‘Catch-Up’ Photos  

Catch-up School individual and family photos will be held on Tuesday 23 March in Campion Theatre from 7:00-8:30am and during first lunch break . 

*Secondary students are required to have formal shirt and tie for their photos and may change into day shirts afterwards. ​

Volunteering at Xavier Catholic College   

We are so fortunate to have many generous parents and carers who volunteer their time in different capacities around the college. If you are interested in volunteering, you will need to complete our online training available at the link below. Please download and read the Code of Conduct, complete the Student Protection training and download, print and complete the registration form. This registration form can be dropped into our Student Support staff in the Manresa Support room (outside Goa) where we can discuss your availability and the areas you would like to support. This is an annual requirement from Brisbane Catholic Education before you commence your voluntary work in the school each year.    


Kondari Achievement 

Last week in Kondari House Meeting we celebrated those students who have shown great application to their studies and outstanding spirit! ​

2021 Kondari1.jpg

2021 Kondari2.jpg

Easter Raffle for Caritas Australia 

As part of Narwari Mission Week fundraising for Caritas Australia, an Easter Raffle is being run. Tickets are $1 and available at school as well as on QkrQkr sales will close one Thursday COB, so that tickets can be processed for the draw on Friday at first break. 

2021 Easter Raffle Ticket.jpg

Caritas Ks 

Did you know that every day, thousands of women, and children around the world need to cover many kilometres to fetch water, obtain food, get to school or market, or simply to survive? As an act of social justice and to take action in our wider community we are going to run a Caritas K’s Event here at Xavier. This event is to raise awareness and possible funds for Caritas Australia, as well as developing our understanding of how it may feel for so many young girls who spend hours of their day walking to gather water for their families, often missing out on an education, subjected often to physical violence and harm. Caritas K’s is an opportunity to fundraise and walk in solidarity with those in our world who walk for hours each day to survive. This event will be held on Monday the 22nd of March, which also commemorates World Water Day, at first break and is open to all students. Students will gather on the senior oval around a large cross to begin the 20-minute walk around the college to raise awareness and collect donations, with the aim of inspiring us to “be more” for the poorest in our world. The walk will begin at 11.10am and finish at 11.30. It is a very small sacrifice to make in comparison to what many face every day. We would love to see as many students as we can participate on the day and don’t forget to bring along a gold coin donation for Caritas Australia.  

2021 Caritas Ks Promotion.jpg


Equestrian Competition 

Nellie Davis and Charli Thompson recently competed in the Wide Bay Regional Equestrian Championships, over 3 days at the Queensland Equestrian Centre in Caboolture. Nellie contested the Show Jumping and Charli challenged in the Combined Training, Show Jumping and Dressage. The students enjoyed themselves while achieving some high placings in a competitive field. Xavier is incredibly proud of the way both students conducted themselves in competition. ​

2021 Equestrian1.JPG

2021 Equestrian2.JPG

Year of St Joseph 

Pope Francis on December 8, 2020 published an Apostolic Letter Patris corde (With a Father’s Heart), commemorating the 150th anniversary of the declaration of Saint Joseph as Patron of the Universal Church. To mark the occasion, the Holy Father has proclaimed a “Year of St Joseph”, running from December 8, 2020 to December 8, 2021. 

Our parish is named after St Joseph and we will celebrate the feast day of St Joseph the worker on Friday 19th March in our parish here in Hervey Bay.  St Joseph was an ordinary man who lived every day in  loving obedience to GOD the father.  St Joseph listened to God who offered him much guidance in times of trouble and uncertainty.  He made time for stillness so that he could hear God speaking to him.  At times Joseph had to make decisions that were not always easy, taking great courage to say yes to God’s plan for him and his small family. He was selfless, thinking of others who were more vulnerable, Mary and the child Jesus, making life choices that would benefit his whole family, not just his career or reputation.  St Joseph is a quiet yet strong person in our Faith Tradition who gave his all, yet not knowing what would come of his life. St Joseph gives meaning to doing the small things well in our everyday lives so that others may also live.  St Joseph is the patron saint for the Universal Church, it is the Church’s call to be Christ in this world, caring for others, especially the most vulnerable and marginalised so that they become stronger and share in this creation that God gives unconditionally.  May we continue to learn about St Joseph this year, his courageous but simple life in the Church’s sacred story.   

To celebrate this year dedicated to St Joseph maybe you may like to take the challenge of,  

 “Small Acts with Big Impacts”… ​

2021 St Joseph.jpg

Narwari Mission Week – Project Compassion - Lenten Appeal Week 5 Story

 2021 Project Compassion.jpg

Clean Up Australia Day 

On March 5, our Year 9 student leaders organised a lunchtime emu parade for Clean Up Australia Day. Clean Up Australia inspires and empowers communities to clean up, fix up and conserve our environment. ​

2021 Clean up Australia Day.jpg

Maths Pathway – Year 7-9 Growth Gurus 

Each fortnight we will be recognising the students who have mastered six or more new mathematical concepts for the cycle. These students have achieved rocket status for their growth rate. 

​Maths Pathways – Week 6 Results 








Daniel Lemanu 

Tom Geldard 

Seth Lo​​gan 

Kail Daly 

Anthony Czinege 

Bella Thom 

Cooper Reid 

Emily Glock-Lewis 

Harrison Betterridge 

Drew Lynch 



Mikayla Sankey 

Dylan Borsboom 

Phoenix Richardson 

Phoebe Kingsman 



Katelin Whitbread 

Sakina Baziani 

Bonnie Murphy 




Ethan Harvey 

Alix Woods 

Jaxon Hand 




Bonnie Lamont 

Belle Bishop 

Brodie Dearne 




Mckenzie Taylor 

Emil Stewart 

Kaine Richters 




Chiara Di Pietro 

Mia Anderson 





Addison Brummell 

Jaeden Makovetsky 





Joshua Hazeldon 

Reef Hartwell 





Sarah Gardner 

Brody Carter 





Dekoda McGennan 

Gemma Lassey 





Deacon Sanderson 

Ruby Gibbs 





Bailey Shinner 

Maddy Moyle 





Chloe Allen 






Sophie Louth 






Clint Meyer 






Lachlan Mesken 






Ieesha Williams 






Will Rayner 






Hannah Bould 






Aerin Goodfellow 






Rosie Koia 






Riley Ludgate 






Ellie Stewart 






Aiden Quinn 






Alexander Laskowski 





Leah Lyle 






Lilliana Binns 






Mackenzie Riedy 






Oliver Watson 






Olivia Frawley 






Peyton Prizeman 






Savanna Pendergast 






Kastor Andreasen 






Joshua Cartwright 






Seth Keal 






Lily Ryan 






Zeteny Barton-Bako 






Lucia Jensen 






Katelyn Relf 






CJ Noora 






Milana Hatch 






Hayley Hourigan 







Maths Pathways Week 7 Results 











Larry Smit​h 

Harrison Betterridge 

Tily Upton 

Sharnee Daly 

Lucas Tavaya 

Alexander Laskowski 

Olivia Frawley 

Belle Bishop 

Jaxon Hand 

Lachlan Manssen 

Hayley Short 

Peyton Prizeman 

Jake Claridge 

Claire Olsen 


Anthony Czinege 



Jamie Wilson 

Maya Malkani 

Kian Black 







Louise Drake 

Lilliana Binns 

Harriet Everett 







Oliver Wright 

Sebastian Carlin 

Emil Stewart 







Coben Spence 

Jake Claridge 

Charlotte McQuaid 







Riley Close 

Sebastian Carlin 

Brody Carter 







Mateo Quattromani 

Mia Huerta 

Leesha Williams 







Patrick Lewis 

Lehansa Jayasinghe 

Joshua Hazelden 







Mackenzie Riedy 

Kaine Richters 

Phoebe Kingsman 







Danielle Hopkins 

Hamish Bryce 

Brock Verbeek 







Gordan Coventry 

Damon Stewart 








Alexa Kirkpatrick 

Amara-Lee Delongville Voth 








Ryan Vanner 

Erich Haenni 








Charlotte White 

Sophie Louth 








Alyssa Moyle 

Deacon Sanderson 








Lincoln Shaw 

Mason Bartholomeusz 








Orion Driver 

Lucy Cambra-Bourne 








Jayden McNall-Kadel 

Ivy Hillhouse 








Holly Courtney 









Kyra Huxham 









Oliver Trinh 









Zeteny Barton-Bako 









Abbie McDonald 









Harry Rayner 









Bailey Stankovic 









Millie Campbell 









Drew Lynch 









Lincoln Hislop 









Jacinta Riebe 









Lily Ryan 









Tahlia Lethborg 









Savanna Pendergast 









Sara Ewart 









Lylyana McKillop 









Lachlan Mesken 









Rhys Shepherd 









Sienna Hilton 









Emma Garty 









Madison Hodder 









Corey Howe 









Mia Kenny 









Chantelle Mears 









Erykah Nelson 









Amelia Stow 









Clint Meter 









Lyla Tobin 









Nate Tomekovic 









Bailey Shinner 









Oliver Sunni 









Chloe Mesken 









Tatum Bade 









Addison Brummell 









Natalie Fulcher 









Lily Gray 









Geoffrey Naughton 









Charlotte Westblade 









Isabelle Frawley 









Emily Glock-Lewis 









Koopah Nooroa 









Destiny Scott 









Kane Anderson 









Brodie Dearne 









Piper Simmons 












Maths Tutoring Timetable

Year 7-12 Maths Tutoring Roste​r 2021


Before School

8:00 – 8:30 am



Staff Prayer

Mr Relf


Mrs Wright


First Break

11:15 -11:35 am

Mrs Green


Week B


Mr Tyrrell

Mrs Buxton

Rm 48

Language Centre


Mrs White


Week B

After School

3:05 - 4:00 pm

Staff Meeting

Miss Hourigan

Mr Duck




Mrs Ritter




​ ​




HB District Swimming Carnival 

Xavier sent a full team to the Hervey Bay District 12yrs to 18yrs Secondary Swimming Carnival on Monday 8th March. The students swam with great effort and commitment and represented the school with great distinction. Results and age champions have not yet been published but Xavier students broke the following 3 records on the day: Alix Woods 14yrs 50m Butterfly, Alana Woods 16yrs 50m Butterfly and the 15-18yrs Girls 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay team. Congratulations to all students who attended. 


Xavier Cross Country 

The P-12 Xavier Cross Country will be held on Thursday 1st April here at the College grounds. Below is a schedule of events. Parents are invited to attend but will need to sign a Covid-19 register upon entry and maintain appropriate social distancing guidelines.  


Compulsory run/jog for all ‘sport students’: 

Xavier secondary students who have signed up to play a team sport for Xavier this year are aware that this is a compulsory event. The expectation is that all ‘sport team’ students will jog/run the entire cross-country course. Failure to do so can result in these students not being eligible to play in Xavier Sport Teams this year. A solid foundation of aerobic capacity (cardio-vascular endurance) is essential for a significant majority of our school sports and so this event is seen as an opportunity for students to develop this important component of fitness. Students will be monitored on track to ensure this expectation is met. 


Event ​​



11 Yr (2010) Boys Championship - ribbons 



11 yr (2010) Girls Championship - ribbons 



10 yr (2011) Boys Championship - ribbons 



10 yr (2011) Girls Championship - ribbons 



yr (2012) Boys Championship - ribbons 



yr (2012) Girls Championship - ribbons 


10:35 – 11.00 


Year 6 to remain on oval (bring morning tea with them) 


Participation – 2009 Boys 



Participation – 2009 Girls 



Participation – 2010 Boys 



Participation – 2010 Girls 



Participation – 2011 Boys 



Participation – 2011 Girls 



Participation – 2012 (yr 4 & yr 3 ) Boys 



Participation – 2012 (yr 4 & yr 3 ) Girls 



Year Three (2013 only) - Boys 



Year Three (2013 only) - Girls 



Year two – Boys 



Year two – Girls 



Year one – Boys 



Year one - Girls 



Preps – Boys  



Prep - Girls 



Kindy Kids 



12 yr (2009) Girls /Boys Championship 



12 Girls (2009)  



12 Boys (2009)  



16 Boys (2005)  



Open Boys (≤2004)  



13 Girls (2008)  



13 Boys (2008)  



15 Boys (2006)  



14 Boys (2007)  



15 Girls (2006)  



14 Girls (2007)  



16 Girls (2005)  



Open Girls (≤2004)  



2021 Bay Power.jpg


Are you keen to make new friends and join a friendly club?

Bay power are currently looking for young people to join the club to have fun and learn new skills. They have teams from under 8,10,12,14 and16. 

Never played before? Doesn't matter we can teach you and help improve on your existing skills. Training is Tuesday's and Thursday afternoon with games played on Sundays. 

If you are interested call Pete on 0438792103 or come down to the club Tuesday afternoon and have a chat.