Newsletter - Term 2, Week 10, 2019

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Dear Parents and Carers

Parenting Ideas

Our College takes very seriously the importance of the partnership we form with you in order for every child to reach their potential.

Part of this is providing information to both parents and teachers to support the social and emotional needs of young people as they grow.

To that end we have entered into a partnership with ‘Parenting Ideas’ which was created by the renowned Michael Grose. Michael is a bestselling author of 10 books and award-winning speaker. As a conference speaker, parenting presenter and workshop leader Michael has been entertaining, informing and inspiring audiences around Australia, and internationally for more than 20 years. Michael’s passion for teaching, his understanding of the educational and parenting landscapes as well as his engaging communication style means he has held a respected profile in this critical area spanning many years. He has built up an incredible team of professionals to make it the leading resource in Australia.

This initiative has opened up access to resources that we can share with parents and teachers. These include written material, videos and webinars.

To start the ball rolling, I recently emailed a video link about supporting children with anxiety, along with a pdf attachment focusing on managing anxiety in children.

With this newsletter I have included a link to a short video (see below) about ‘daily lessons in resilience.’

In the coming weeks we will be releasing more of these insights into child development as well as advertising more upcoming webinars that you can sign up to free of charge.

I believe this is a great initiative that will further the partnership between home and school, as well as provide important and relevant information to parents and teachers as to how to best assist young people in their personal growth.

I look forward to the positive impact these resources will have on our school community and the partnership that it will foster for the growth of each and every child.

Xavier Market Research

Your input is critical shaping the school and its future. We have had great successes in the recent times that came directly from the 2017 Community Satisfaction Survey feedback. For example, in addressing concerns about consistency we developed a P to 12 Responsible Behaviour Policy as well as a P to 12 Curriculum Accountabilities Framework.

In order to keep improving we need to know what you and the wider community are thinking. To this end we are launching our 10-minute Market Research Survey. My thanks to those who have already completed it. It will provide valuable information that will help shape our priorities. The questions are carefully sequenced even though you may think the order is a little strange – there is a method to our madness! Everything is confidential, and no individuals can be identified.

The link to the survey is:

Obviously, we are hoping that every parent will complete the survey.

In addition, we are seeking to get non-Xavier community members to also complete the survey. To that end I am asking for you to share the link with friends and colleagues in the Hervey Bay area who do not have a connection to the College. This information about external community perceptions is also vital to us.

The survey will run for the next few weeks, but I encourage you to complete it as early as possible.

I thank you in anticipation of your support.

Announcement of 2019-2020 Ministry Captains

I am pleased to announce our 2019-2020 Ministry Captains.

The quality of applicants was immense which made the final decisions quite difficult.

In the process of selection each student’s application and interview was carefully considered. But an equally important factor was the validation data gathered from students and staff.

We congratulate the following students on their appointments.

Arts and Culture CaptainHenry Riley
Arts and Culture CaptainCaitlin Brennan
College Life CaptainLarissa Wilson
College Life CaptainMichael Radocaj
Justice and Action CaptainEmily Thompson
Justice and Action CaptainMaddison Challies
Praise and Worship Captain
Jenna White
Praise and Worship Captain
Dakoda Smith
Buthu House CaptainSieanna Alexander
Buthu House CaptainZachariah Robertson
Dirum House CaptainSarah Murphy
Dirum House CaptainJakob Tietz
Kondari House Captain
Phoebe Fraser
Kondari House Captain
Cameron Tobin
Narwari House CaptainTasmyn Robb
Narwari House CaptainLuke Jones

2020 Ministry Leaders.JPG

I thank all those who were shortlisted. All were outstanding.

They join a team of exceptional leaders with the School Captain and Vice-Captains announced in the last newsletter.

Just a quick recap, our Captains and Vice-Captains for the 2019-2020 School year are:

Captains: Isabella McMahon and Jaspa Wright

Vice-Captains: Aylee Barker and Jaden Carpenter

With such a strong group of 20 leaders in total, I am confident that student leadership at Xavier Catholic College will continue to blossom and advance our proud College.

God Bless
Simon Dash


K- 2 Athletics Carnival

After a day of steady rain, it was a welcome sight to see the sun come out for our K-2 carnival on Friday.  Focusing on fun, fitness and participation the day was a wonderful chance for our younger students to be involved in some athletic events.  It was also a chance for them to show the many parents/carers who attended, their spirit and enthusiasm.  Thanks to Ms Hatchett and all staff who ensured the day was a success for all involved.

2019 K-3 Athletics Carnival.JPG
2019 K-3 Athletics Carnival2.JPG

Year 1 Historical Village Excursion

Our Year 1 students spent the morning at the Historical Village last Wednesday.  Dressed in their very best outfits from the past, students had the opportunity to explore the many exhibits. They were exposed to a series of workshops focusing on some of the skills used widely in the past and had the opportunity to interact with the wonderful volunteers at the village.  Thanks to the Year 1 team and the many parents who travelled with the group to ensure the day was a success.

2019 Yr 1 Historical Museumb.JPG2019 Yr 1 Historical Museumc.JPG
2019 Yr 1 Historical Museuma.JPG

Year 3 - Major Visits

On Tuesday, Year 3 had a visit from Mayor George Seymour and shared their knowledge of local history, geography and understanding of and appreciation for Butchulla culture. They had a great time learning about the Mayor’s role and responsibilities in the Fraser Coast region.

Thank you, Mayor Seymour for coming to visit Year 3!

Year 6 Retreat Day

"Be brave and be courageous as your Lord God asks of you"

A big thank you to Donna for leading our Year 6’s in a wonderful retreat, discerning their noble values and how they would like all to feel in our school community.  They especially focused on their actions and words used each day and the message they are sharing with our younger students and staff.

2019 Yr 6 Retreat.jpg

P-6 Reports

A reminder to all P-6 parents that reports for Semester 1 will be uploaded and available via the parent portal at 3.00 pm on Friday 28 June.  Please do not hesitate to contact the College if you are having difficulty accessing your child’s report.

7-12 Reports

Year 11 reports for Unit 1 will be uploaded and available on the parent portal at 3:00 pm on Friday 28 June. Reports for all other year levels in the Secondary School will be available in Week 2 of next term.

Year 10 GECKO

Over the past 2 weeks our Year 10 students have been participating in the Year 10 GECKO (Greatly Enhancing Career and Knowledge Opportunities) program. Over a two-week period, each student participates in a week of work experience and spends the other week at school participating in Personal and Social Development activities. This is an engaging program for our students and assists them in their transition to Senior Schooling. We could not do this program without the assistance of our many work experience providers and our external presenters and we sincerely thank all of them for their commitment to the development of our students. A special thank you to Mr Donnelly, Mrs Moy who facilitate the work experience placements and to Mrs Brennan for looking after the PSDE activities.

Secondary Athletics

This coming Thursday and Friday we have our Secondary Athletics carnival. A reminder to all students and parents that these are compulsory school days.

We hope that all students and families have a safe and happy holiday and that students return to Term 3 well rested and ready to take on the challenges of Semester 2.


Please note the following events:

​27/06/2019Athletics Carnival Yrs 7-12
​27/06/2019​Athletics Carnival Yrs 7-12
​28/06/2019Yr 6.3 Mass at St Peter & St Paul Burrum Heads​
​28/06/2019TERM 2 ENDS​
​16/07/2019P & F Meeting​


It’s been another big term for sport at Xavier and is about to finish with a bang with Secondary Athletics to round out the term and both Confro and QISSN teams playing in the first week of holidays. Good luck to these students competing and congratulations to all students who have represented the College, District or Region this term in sport.

A reminder about the schedule of events for secondary athletics this Thursday and Friday (included below). This Thursday will be a House Shirt day with Friday an opportunity to dress up in House theme.

Schedule of Events – Thursday 27 June

​Time​13 (2006 - WHITE)
14 (2005 - ORANGE)​15 (2004 - BLACK)​16 (2003 - PURPLE)​Open (<2002 - PINK)​
​12:00 - 12:45

​High Jump (G)

Novely (B)
​Discus (G)

Discus (B)
​Long Jump (G)

Long Jump (B)
​Triple Jump (G)

Triple Jump (B)
​12:45 - 1:30
Long Jump (G)

Long Jump (B)

High Jump (G)

Novely (B)
​Javelin (G)

Javelin (B)
​Shot Put (G)

Shot Put (B)
​1:30 - 2:15
Discus (G)

Discus (B)
​Novely (G)

High Jump (B)

Shot Put (G)

Shot Put (B)
Javelin (G)

Javelin (B)
​2:15 - 3:00
Triple Jump (G)

Triple Jump (B)
Discus (G)

Discus (B)
Novely (G)

High Jump (B)



Schedule of Events – Friday 28 June – ATHLETICS DAY

​Time​12 (2007 - GREEN)
​13 (2006 - WHITE)14 (2005 - ORANGE)​15 (2004 - BLACK)​16 (2003 - PURPLE)​Open (<2002 - PINK)​
​8:40 - 9:15
​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​JPAC for roll-marking and Opening Ceremony (including War Cries)
​9:15 - 10:15
​800m (participation only)
​JPACShot Put (G)
Shot Put (B)​
​Long Jump (G)
Long Jump (B)
​Javelin (G)
Javelin (B)
​Novely (G)
Novely (B)
​High Jump (G)
Discus (B)
10:15 - 10:45​​100m (participation only)
​10:45 - 11:30
Javelin (G)
Javelin (B)
Shot Put (G)
Shot Put (B)
​Triple Jump (G)
Triple Jump (B)
High Jump (G)
Discus (B)
Long Jump (G)
Long Jump (B)
​11:30 - 12:15
​JPACNovely (G)
Novely (B)
Javelin (G)
Javelin (B)
Shot Put (G)
Shot Put (B)
Triple Jump (G)
Triple Jump (B)
Discus (G)
High Jump (B)
​12:15 - 1:00
​400m (participation only)
​1:00 - 1:45
​Relay Marshall (can run in 13's relay)
​Relay Marshall
Triple Jump (G)
Triple Jump (B)
Long Jump (G)
Long Jump (B)
Discus (G)
High Jump (B)
Novely (G)
Novely (B)
​1:45 - 2:30
​2:30 - 2:45
​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​WAR CRIES and THE XAVIER GIFT (Boys and Girls races)
​2:45 - 3:00pm
​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Presentations

Confraternity - Rugby League (Bundaberg)

On Sunday June 30, the Xavier College Open Rugby League Team will depart for Bundaberg for the 2019 Confraternity Tour. The Confraternity Carnival draws together 48 Rugby League sides from Catholic and Independent Schools from throughout Queensland.  2019 will be Xavier’s 11th Confraternity Tour. This year the carnival is being hosted by Shalom College, and matches will be played at the ATW fields.  Xavier will field a squad of 20, welcoming 3 students from St Mary’s Kingaroy.  The side has a strong core of committed and enthusiastic players that will represent Xavier extremely well throughout the carnival.  The side has been training well early on Tuesday mornings, and as a result the players have developed the skills and structure to enable them to be a force at the Confraternity Carnival.  We thank Miss Angela Hogan (Manager) and Mr Connor Gilliland (Trainer and Physio) for giving up their time to attend the tour and help to make it a memorable experience for the players.  Below is a brief profile on each of the players in the 2019 squad, and I’m sure you will join with me in wishing them all the best for their upcoming tour.

1    Dylan Crockford    Dylan is a welcome addition to the Confro squad in 2019.  Possessing a lethal combination of evasion and acceleration, he is dependable under the high ball and can slice open the defence when chiming into the backline. He is the organising voice at the back, barking instructions to the team and ensuring they make their defensive assignments. A key player.

2    Tristan Sanders    Returning for his 3rd Confro tour, Tristan joins us from St Mary’s, Kingaroy. Like all good wingers possesses speed and athleticism. He can be relied upon to lock up one sideline in defence and brings a wealth of Confro experience. Has matured into a quality leader and his experience will be invaluable.

3    Casey Russell    Team captain signing on for his 3rd Confro tour. Evasiveness and speed are words usually associated with outside backs, and Casey boasts these qualities in spades. His swerve and step make him very tough for defences to handle and he can get the team on a roll with one run. Casey’s experience across many age groups, including a-grade, means he can read a game better than anyone. Can break open any game when he gets his hands on the ball.

4    Lachie Cain     Lachie is a gifted athlete with a skill set broader than any.  His swift footwork will be an asset returning kicks and supporting ball runners, while his long kicking game will be crucial in gaining quality field position. His AFL pedigree makes him a target for attaching cross-kicks, and his high endurance allows him to make the hard yards when defences are fatigued.

5    Bryce Wilson    One of our Confro debutants in 2019, Bryce brings size and speed to the wing position. His height will make him a threat when on the end of attacking kicks, and he has shown he can read and shut down any backline play coming his way.

6    Gula Shillingsworth    Making his much anticipated Confro debut, Gula slots in to the all-important five-eighth role. His unique skill set and ability to play ‘of-the cuff’ mean that he will be a potent weapon from the first minute until the last.  Never afraid to drop the bigger opponents, he makes just as big of an impact in defence. Will be an x-factor.

7    Patrick Hoult    The second half of our halves pairing, Patrick made a huge impression in his first Confro tour. Lightning-quick feet matched with silky smooth ball skills is the perfect combination for a half. Will be perfectly placed to use his speed as the opposition starts to tire, and it’s clear he will be a real game-breaker during the tour. With enhanced knowledge of our players, he will be asked to take on more organisation in 2019.

8    Jaiden Davis    Jaiden is an up-front powerhouse that brings a wealth of experience to the side on his second Confro tour.  He uses his size to advantage, busting tackles to make big post-contact metres, always dominating the ruck with superior strength and technique. He is a fearsome defender who can wrap up forwards one-on-one, particularly when defending our goal line. He will lead from the front. 

9    Lochie Armstrong    Lochie touches the ball more than any player in the squad so his influence on our game is huge.  Moving from halfback to dummy half was a logical step to take advantage of Lochie’s high work rate and aggression. His experience with Patty in the halves in 2018 provides us with a high quality 7/9 combination. Topping tackle counts is the norm, but subtle talents like slowing the speed of the play the ball and making the right tactical calls are where his real impact lies.  Will play big minutes in 2019, but he will be strong form start to finish.

10    Dylan Smith    Dylan has come from the clouds to land a starting front row spot in 2019. He has developed a hard, no frills approach to playing in the forwards, running straight and direct with the sole aim of taking the team forward. Every match has been a step up for Dylan and his willingness to adapt his style, technique has been a massive boost to the side. No reason he can’t take another step up in Bundaberg.

11    Brayden Andersen    Another to have impressed on his Confro debut, Brayden is a big, strong lad who runs hard, straight, and usually over the opposition defence. Forming a good combination with Patrick in the halves, Brayden’s rugby league experience and his line-running ability could see him finish Confro with a bag full or tries. A terrific team man, there is no doubt he will be even more impressive than Charters Towers.

12    Elias Broome    It’s very rare for a Year 10 student to make the starting side, but Elias’ form and ability demanded that he be awarded a back-row spot. Hard as a rock and without fear, he will always put his hand up for the toughest charges into the defence or meeting the big forward at the advantage line.  A young player seemingly made for Confro, Elias is earmarked for a future leadership role of the team.

13    Brad Goodluck    Brad steps into the big shoes of the lock position, having many roles to cover in defence and attack. Fortunately, he has the skills to not only meet the positional demands but excel at each. With Confro 2018 under his belt, Brad has developed the game sense to know when to take the hard run and when to shift into the role of ball player or support. These decisions can change matches, and no doubt that Brad will make the right calls at the right time.

14    Jaden Carpenter    ‘Carpo’ is so good at his role that he needs to start form the bench. One of the most versatile players ever to pull on a Xavier jersey, Jaden can slot into any position on the field without the side missing a beat.  The positive energy and talk that he provides after the initial exchanges gives an important lift to the team, and even though in Year 11, he has taken on important leadership role within the playing group. 

15    Zach Ritchie-Robertson    As genuine as they come, Zach is another powerhouse that brings size and strength to the Xavier pack.  ‘Snoggy’ has fought hard to overcome injuries for his spot, and now with full fitness he is starting to deliver on his potential. Will be called upon to roll the side forward and aim up in defence. With tremendous attitude and team spirit, Zach will be a crucial ingredient to success in 2019 and 2020.

16    Brock Shepherd    A Year 11 player on his second tour, Brock’s League and Oztag background provide the ideal skill set for an outside back.  Speedy, athletic and evasive, he only needs half a chance to be scoring an all-important try. Rock solid in defence, Brock brings intensity and quiet determination to his role in the team.

17    William Thorogood    Will has long been identified as a game breaker, whether it be creating a line break through tired defence or a jolting the ball loose with a big front-on tackle. Another from the strong Year 11 crop, Will plays an important role in building on Xavier’s early dominance. If he can rack up big run metres, then XCC will more than likely come away with the win.

18    Lachlan Gent    After some strong displays in the Year 10 side, Lachlan has been a revelation since stepping up to open company. It is no easy task for our youngest player to be running around in the front row, but ‘Genty’ not only accepts his role, he thrives on it. Another vital player in the forwards rotation, Lachlan’s stirring runs not only get the team on the front foot but inspire those around him to lift their game also.

19    Luke Harrison    Drawing constant comparisons to Shaun Johnstone, Luke is a fleet-footed assassin who can crack a game wide open in the blink of an eye. While will be at his best against tired defences who drop off their assignments, Luke also has the passing game and vision to slot into a halves position should the need arise.  Defensively sound, look for Luke to weave some magic in Bundy.

20    Cam Tobin    Cam was earmarked a Confro player as soon as he arrived at Xavier, and it is terrific to see him not only meeting, but exceeding, those expectations. Cam is another dependable, tough young forward that gives his all for his coach and teammates. A quality addition to the 2019 squad and another with leadership potential, Cam is well respected both on and off the field.


Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) Opportunities

There are three STEM opportunities available next term.

UQ Experience Science Excursion

A Science/Maths excursion to Brisbane for Yr 10,11 and 12 students and Yr 9 STEM students is planned for Tuesday July 16 (first week back). The cost will be approximately $50 per student. For this to be feasible we need 40 students to have paid for this excursion by Thursday this week. The day will involve going to UQ (science lectures, hands on experiments, workshops and activities in the University laboratories). Students who would like to attend will need to have payment and permission via QKR in before Thursday. Students have been emailed the detailed information regarding the day. You can watch the video for more information.

The other two opportunities ARE FREE! But numbers are very limited. Students are asked to email Mrs. Hopgood at to express their interest in attending.


For Yr 7, 8 and 9 (possibly 10 if there are vacancies)

Questacon is the National Science Centre based in Canberra. Google Questacon and you will see how great it is. They have offered to bring to Xavier a couple of their workshops. These are hands on Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics construction activities (e.g. robot coding, rollercoaster, wind tunnel etc). The session will run for 90mins They will be held at Xavier during class time on Monday 12 of August.

ADF STEM workshop

For Yr 9 STEM and Yr 10-12

A whole day of STEM activities: construction and coding with Lego and virtual reality activities. They are offering two separate opportunities; one on Monday 12 August and the other on Tuesday the 13 August. There are very limited vacancies (15-20 per day). They will be held at Xavier during class time.

The aim of the day is to Educate and inspire young students about STEM Careers in the ADF. This will be achieved through hands on activities and information sharing.

Once again students you are interested in being involved are asked to email Mrs Hopgood


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