Newsletter - Term 2, Week 2, 2017

Dear Parents and Carers
It has been a particularly busy start to Term Two both within and outside the classroom. Our very successful Xavier Day celebrations were followed by an equally successful Cross-Country. We then had Anzac Day this week and Middle and Senior School camps are in full swing.
Behinds the scenes we have been reviewing some of our key policies and procedures. One aspect of this work is the development of a Curriculum Accountabilities Framework which brings together a unified whole school approach to unit planning, assessment, moderation and reporting. This allows for clear expectations for both teachers and students when it comes to our learning and teaching standards.
We have also drafted an Anti-Bullying Policy which has received positive feedback from the Heads of House. It conforms to the Brisbane Catholic Education requirements and makes it clear as to how we go about handling these situations when they arise. It also provides clear definitions as to what constitutes bullying.
It is based on Restorative Practices approach to dealing with such incidents. Restorative Practices is an approach which focuses on helping the parties involved understand the impact on the victim and examine what needs to happen to restore the relationship between the parties who have been affected. This does not mean that the process is devoid of consequences. Rather, it reframes consequences in terms of actions that need to happen to restore the relationship with the parties affected by the behaviour. One of those parties is the school itself, so taking steps to repair the relationship with the school also involves consequences. But, the consequence has a clear context in Restorative Practices model.
In response to feedback for clarity around our Behaviour Management Policy and Procedures, we have constructed a draft Responsible Behaviour Policy to be put forward for consultation. The consultation process will be crucial as staff need to feel comfortable with the philosophy and practicalities in administering it. I am also aware that adaptations will need to be made to incorporate some of the excellent work that the Junior School has been developing in this area.
Again, the draft Responsible Behaviour Policy has strong elements of Restorative Practices built into it. In supporting this approach, it also adopts elements of the Responsible Thinking Process which is grounded in the Perceptual Control Theory. Ultimately, the aim of the Policy is to have students think about their actions and the consequences of their actions. This creates ownership of responsibility and the natural consequences that flow from this.
Schools are places where students are growing cognitively, emotionally, socially and spiritually. In this process of growth, errors will occur, poor decisions will be made and boundaries will be tested. Coercing a child into behaving is not a long term viable strategy and certainly does not promote reflection and the development of personal responsibility.
The draft Responsible Behaviour Policy is designed to be comprehensive and support students to grow into responsible adults who own the choices of behaviour they make.
So, much has been happening behind the scenes to respond to some of the themes that emerged in the Community Satisfaction Survey. Once again, I thank the 782 respondents to the survey and want to reinforce that the processes outlined above are a consequence of your invaluable feedback. These are not the only school improvement processes that we are working on, but I felt that it was important to let you know that we are working hard to take Xavier Catholic College to new levels of excellence.
God bless
Simon Dash
Dear Parents/Carers,
It has been a hectic start to the term with many exciting events and moments for us to celebrate as a College.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to be involved in these significant moments and would like to congratulate all staff and students on their participation and willingness to be involved. These events demonstrate the spirit and community atmosphere which make our College a wonderful place to be. Some key highlights are shown below:
Xavier Day
The spirit of St Francis Xavier was well and truly alive on Xavier Day with students coming together to recognise the importance of this day in the religious life of our College.  We also recognised the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the new hope of the Easter season.  A very big thank you to Mr McDonald and his team of students and staff for a wonderful day.
XCC Cross Country
Congratulations to Buthu who were the runaway points champions on the day of the Cross Country.  The real winners on the day were the staff, students and the extended Xavier community. A little bit of rain made its way across the course but it did not dampen the spirits of the competitors. The sound of students supporting their House could be heard far and wide.  Thanks to the Ms Hogan and Mr Milne for their organisation of this event and to the parents who attended to support.  Information for those runners representing at the next level-Hervey Bay District- will be sent home to parents.
P-5 Disco
Our P-5 Disco will be held tomorrow in the GOA centre from 5.30 pm – 7.30 pm.  Music, good times and a sausage sizzle are all on the agenda for this event.  Drinks and snacks will also be available.  Just a reminder to parents that you will be required to remain for the duration of the disco if your child is attending.
Promoting Xavier Catholic College in the Community
Over the weekend of Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th April Xavier will have a display at Stockland Shopping Centre. The College Leadership Team members look forward to working with our student leaders who will assist in promoting the College across the Fraser Coast.  If you are shopping over the weekend, please ensure you drop by and say hello!
6-12 Camp Program
We wish our Senior School students all the best as they head off on Camp this week.  We ask parents to check the time that students need to be at school as many have an early start. I am sure there will be many stories to share when our students return.
Have a great week.
Heads of School
We thank all our Xavier students who joined together at Anzac Day services on Tuesday, acknowledging the men and women who have served our great land. The list of Xavier Catholic College Alumni who have served or are serving in the Armed Services continues to grow.
2007 Andrew Wotherspoon(I), Brendan Taylor(I), Patrick Dalton(N), Dale Roffey(A), Bryce Mahony (A)
2008 Nathania Baumanis (I), Matthew deSousa (I), Laura Jessep
2009 Kyle Wade-Cooper(N), Rhys Wade-Cooper(N), Luke Littlewood(N), Adam Bogart, Chelsea Skinner (I)
2010 Oliver Bill(I), Ashley Lamprey(I) Ethan Collins(N), Josh Dugdale (I), Luke Jagger, Taylor McLean
2011 Ryan Davis, Jack Randell, Thomas Randell(N), Starlee Nightingale (N)
2012 Michael Wilson(N), Tom Fitzpatrick, Kurt Wade-Cooper, Robert McGrath, Mitchell Scordia
2013 Kyle Bickerdike (I), Ryan Brown, Nicholas Wyvill (I), Syene Young (A) Alex Cronin, Michael Bailey.
2014 Kyle Campbell, Alex Cronan, Chris Whebell(I), Sam Jessep(A), Jonathon Jordan(N) Mitch Cassell, Mitch Collins
2015 Ben Tudman
If we have missed any Xavier Alumni who have served, please email so that our records can be updated.

2017 Anzac Day liturgy.jpg

26/4     Year 6-11 Camps (through until 28/4)
01/5     Labour Day Holiday
02/5     Year 11 and 12 Geography Fraser Island Camp
12/5     Mothers Day Liturgy (9am)


BCE Connect, our mobile app for all our BCE Schools, is another great way to participate in our community. BCE Connect gives parents, staff, extended family, friends and the public easy access to school information, making it easier to keep track and stay in touch.

BCE Connect has been designed to work on both Apple and Android devices.
Now, parents/legal guardians can use their BCE login to access extra Parent Portal features and private information such as reporting absences.
We will also be using this push notifications through BCE Connect App to inform parents of expected camp return times on Friday. Another great reason to download and subscribe.
This program is offered by the University of Queensland Rural Clinical School and provides opportunities for students to experience what it is like to be a Dr for a Day.  Last term two of our students, Kelsea Haupt and Joshua Howarth both participated in this program.  Kelsea and Josh worked alongside UQ Rural Clinical School student doctors, in a realistic simulated ward with three different life-like scenarios.
2017 Dr for a day.jpg 
Careers in Medicine:
The following Universities in Queensland offer medicine as a career pathway:
(Please note that there are many interstate universities who also offer medicine and many alternative pathways to achieve a medical or a medical related career)
​University ​Entry Requirements ​Further Information
University of Queensland OP1 or equivalent; Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test (UMAT); English Applicants must complete their first level degree at UQ prior to entering into the MD program.  25% of places available are designated to students from rural backgrounds.  For further information:
James Cook University  Academic results; Application Form; Interview; English; Maths B; Chemistry
Bond University English; Chemistry; Maths B or Physics; Interview Bond is a private university.  In 2016 the fees for this program were approximately 361,872
Griffith University OP1; English (some assumed subjects) This is a provisional entry pathway to Dr of Medicine
The Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test (UMAT) is required for applications in most Universities for medicine and some medical related careers. For example UMAT is required for the following courses:

University of Adelaide ​Medicine, Dental, Surgery
​Curtin University ​Medicine
​Flinders University ​Medicine, Clinical Sciences
​Monash University ​Medicine
​UNE ​Medicine
​University of NSW ​Medicine
​University of Tasmania ​Medicine
If you are considering a career in health, please check all entry requirements for your preferred universities, either through QTAC or each individual University website.  UMAT is only offered once each year to grade 12 students.  This year the UMAT test date is Wednesday 26 July 2017  but you must register by 5.00pm AEST Friday 2 June 2017.  For further information contact:  UMAT Office at ACER; Email: or register online at:   Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
Annie Sexton
Guidance Counsellor

During the recent Easter holidays a group of year 11 and 12 French students from Xavier Catholic College embarked upon a trip of a lifetime to immerse themselves in the life and culture of the people of France. One of the highlights of this trip was the visit to the battlefields of the Somme which was made possible by the very generous contribution of the Hervey Bay Returned Services League.
The first stop was to the Amiens cathedral, a beautiful structure which was used as a hospital during World War 1. This cathedral features a plaque dedicated to the Australian forces who defended the city of Amiens from the German onslaught during this period.
The Villers-Bretonneux Australian national war memorial was the next stop. Located near the commune of Villers-Bretonneux, in the Somme département of France, this stunning structure features 10,773 names of soldiers of the Australian Imperial Force with no known grave who were killed between 1916, when Australian forces arrived in France and Belgium, and the end of the war. The location was chosen to commemorate the role played by Australian soldiers in the Second Battle of Villers-Bretonneux.
The visit to the Franco-Australian museum and the Victoria school were a vivid reminder of Australia’s significant contribution to the war effort. The school building is the gift from the children of the State of Victoria, Australia to the children of Villers-Bretonneux as proof of their love and goodwill towards France.  Twelve hundred thousand Australian solders, fathers and brothers of these children gave their lives for the heroic recapture of this town on 24th and 25th April 1918.  Inside the school playground, students were significantly moved by the aboriginal artwork and a huge sign above the playground – ‘Do Not Forget Australia’.
Visiting this region was an emotional and poignant experience for our students, one which brought home the true meaning of the key phrase used in Anzac celebrations, “Lest We Forget”.
Loretta Swann- Director – Humanities/Arts/LOTE

2017 Villiers-Brat.jpg

Departing in cyclonic conditions, is not the ideal way to embark upon an adventure of a lifetime. However, this dramatic start did not deter our senior French students from making the most of every single opportunity provided for them during our tour of France during the recent Easter break.
After a very long and tiring 21-hour flight, our very excited crew finally landed in Nice on the French Riviera. The drive from airport took us along the famous Promenade des Anglais lined with iconic palm trees and bustling with cyclists, roller bladers and locals out for their daily run. Just in sight were the long pebbly beaches which sprawled endlessly along the coastline. The next few days were filled with meanderings through the Old Town to check out market stalls bursting with delicious local produce and artisan gifts, a visit to Nice and Monte Carlo to view the Grimaldi palace and to witness the famous changing of the guard and a quick trip to Cannes, in the rain, to explore the Palais des Festivals and to perhaps find a handprint of one of our favourite actors on the celebrated Boulevard de la Croisette.

The next phase of the adventure was a trip to Avignon. The journey was punctuated by a stop to the Fragonard perfume factory which saw many of us walk out with bags full of souvenirs for family and loved ones. After a brief stop at Saint Paul de Vence, one of the oldest towns on the French Riviera, we finally arrived in Avignon late in the afternoon for a warm reunion with homestay families. The week in this beautiful city passed very quickly with excursions every day to nearby tourist attractions such as the Pont du Gard, an ancient Roman aqueduct, the Haribo sweets factory, the Palace of the Popes, the Pont Saint-Benézet and the Arles arena. Students were very spoilt by homestay families who treated them to special lunches, dinners and trips away.

An early Sunday morning departure saw us arrive in Paris in time for the Palm Sunday mass at Notre Dame Cathedral, a special moment for many of our students. Accommodation at the FIAP, youth hostel, was popular with free WIFI, spacious rooms and a well – stocked canteen. Our schedule here was quite hectic with lots on the agenda…frogs’ legs and snails at Montmartre, a fleeting visit to the Moulin Rouge area to practise our can can, a comprehensive tour of the very opulent Versailles castle, an outing to the Louvre to view a selection of the most important masterpieces, a very entertaining bus tour of the major monuments of the city and the compulsory evening cruise along the renowned river Seine. Perhaps the most poignant and memorable of our outings was to the Somme region where students were quite moved by stories of what our soldiers endured during battles waged here. Our day at Disneyland was the highpoint for most of our group as they enjoyed the atmosphere of the happiest place on Earth.

Our students immersed themselves in the culture and language of the country and made the most of the opportunities they were given to expand their horizons. Mr Swann, Mr Smith, Mrs Smith, Mrs Gronow, Miss Dawkings were proud to accompany such a well-behaved and respectful group and we are certain that each of these students will have many happy and long-lasting memories of their 2017 French trip.        

2017 French Trip.jpg

Some of our preps participated in a very tasty lesson last week which was the culmination of many busy weeks tending to a garden. In Term One we planted a number of seedlings as well as making Frank the Scarecrow to keep the birds away. This week we harvested the bok choy and wrote out a recipe to follow. The results are in and it turns out most of us love bok choy! It has been an amazing journey from garden to plate!

2017 prep cooking.jpg

Welcome back from the ladies in the canteen.
With term 1 being cut short our March Competition was not drawn on the last day of school as previously advertised. We will draw a winner at the end of this week and make an announcement next newsletter so watch this space.

Our next competition will run all of term 2 with a prize worth $15. You will need to come up with an item you would like to see on the canteen menu. It will have to be something healthy and name it. For example Liz's Lovely Lemon Bar.

We will be introducing a curry item every Friday for the next 2 terms and will be online under Friday Curry. This Friday it will be Chicken Curry and Rice $4.

We also have Gluten Free bread and wraps available online under sandwiches.

We would love to see more fresh faces in the canteen. You can volunteer any day for as little or as long as you like. Come have a coffee and a chat as we would love new ideas and input. Perhaps we could swap old family recipes?

Hope you have a great week.
Regards, Liz, Net, Kath and Peta.

As a part of the Xavier Day activities on Wednesday 19th April, the first ever P-12 Parlauf Relay was held on the secondary oval. The separate boys and girls races were held between the 4 houses with each house being represented by 13 runners (one from each year level). Dirum was victorious in the Boys Race and Kondari won the girls race. This event contributed to the points for the Cross-Country.
On Thursday 20th April, the Xavier K-12 Cross-Country was held at the College grounds. With the wet weather hanging around, students were often faced with trying conditions with both showers and blustery winds persisting throughout the day. Despite the weather, the students had a fantastic time with great levels of participation and many excellent performances. The Age Champions were as follows:
​9yrs ​Isabelle Martiensen
Blake Tomekovic
​10yrs Katelyn Relf
Caleb Berthelsen
​11yrs ​Kirra Burns
Jordan Hislop
12yrs​ ​Layla Martiensen
Edward Gatenby
​13yrs ​Seth Tomekovic
Charli Thompson
​14yrs ​Toby Powers
Channy McCarthy
15yrs​ ​Jacob Tietz
Sienna Alexander
​16yrs ​Lachie Smith
Maddy McGowan
​Open ​Rueben D'Arney & Jeremy Hinton
Kayla Munson
​Kondari & Narwari
Congratulations to BUTHU for winning the Junior Trophy, the Middle/Senior Trophy and OVERALL CHAMPIONS. They were simply brilliant on the day! Overall points are below:
​P-6 ​7-12 ​TOTAL ​PLACE
​BUTHU ​50 ​1673 1453​ ​3176 1​
​DIRUM ​60 ​1556 ​1152 ​2768 ​2
​KONDARI ​60 ​1140 ​1191 ​2391 ​3
​NARWARI ​50 1045​ ​1190 2285​ ​4
The Hervey Bay District Cross Country will be held on Wednesday 3rd May at St James Lutheran College. Students who finished 1st to 6th from 9yrs to Open have been given the opportunity to compete at this event. An information letter has been given to students with instructions for permission/payment included. A program of events for this day will be given to students also.

2017 Cross Country.jpg

Both Todd Baldwin (Year 12) and Lochie Armstrong (Year 10) have recently competed at the Australian School Triathlon Titles in Penrith. Both boys had a fantastic race in their respective divisions, both in the lead pack at the end of the bike leg. Todd finished 11th in his division and Lochie finished 10th in the Intermediate Division as a 15 year old where the top 9 placegetters were 16. Xavier is extremely proud of these boys; not only with their amazing achievements but also in the way that they continually represent Xavier with such high standards of sportsmanship and fair play. Congratulations Todd and Lochie.

Congratulations to our Under13s Boys Rugby League Team, who this week claimed the title in the Broncos Challenge. The team were victorious in the finals match against Aldridge SHS with a 28-10 scoreline. Congratulations to the players and coaches (Tommy Riley & Mick Tyrrell).

Congratulations also to Eleanor Beach, Kyesha Feste, Lakeyta Feste and Ella Webb who were on winning sides for their respective U13 & U15 Girls divisions.

A big thank you to Tony McQuaid who does a brilliant job convening the Broncos Challenge competition for our zone. He’s been doing this for 5 years now, on top of coaching our Open team as well. It is always an excellent competition, thanks to Tony’s organisation.

Also thank you to Phil Smith for coaching the 15 Boys team and Angela Hogan who looked after our girl rugby league players throughout the competition.

2017 Broncos Challenge Final.JPG

A chance to meet other families and children
CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) mothers and fathers are invited to bring their children along to a free play group at the community centre’s childcare centre, 22 Charles Street Pialba, on Wednesdays (starting on the 26th April) from 9:30-11. For more information on how to register for a free play group please call Robyn on 4194 3077 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.