Newsletter - Term 2, Week 2, 2018

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Dear Parents and Carers
We are currently in the process of recruiting new members to the Xavier College Pastoral Board. Under the guidelines, the Board should be comprised of a minimum of 7 members and not more than 12 members.
Nominations are called for prospective members to this most important body within our school. If you are interested in nominating, please email Sue Gee at and Sue will email you the nomination form.

The Purpose of the School Board
School Boards within the Brisbane Archdiocese are Boards of pastoral governance. A model of discernment called 'sharing wisdom' has been adopted as the most appropriate form of school governance in the Archdiocese.

The purpose of the School Board is to build, strengthen and nourish the school as part of the parish. The School Board is a structure intended to facilitate members of the school and faith community to share responsibility for the wellbeing of the whole of the school within the beliefs and values, teachings and traditions of the Church.
The role of the Board is one of stewardship, developing the school in all its facets 'in trust' for the faith community. As stewards, the Board is called, through the Spirit, to serve the faith community by caring for and developing its school community. In this role, members of the Board are called to servant leadership, collectively accepting accountability for the school's well-being.

 Key Responsibilities of the School Board
The Board is called to take the responsibility to:

Mission and Vision
• Lead the school community in articulating and developing the mission and vision of the school based on
  Gospel values and Catholic ethos
• Seek on-going opportunities to assist the school community to understand and strengthen the mission of the
  school and wider Church
• Review and evaluate the mission and vision when appropriate
• Celebrate and affirm the school community and its identity as a unique community within the broader faith

Policy development
• Promote and ensure the implementation of Archdiocesan school policy
• Adapt Archdiocesan policy, when appropriate, to the specific context and culture of the school
• Develop and approve specific school-based policy and keep the Brisbane Catholic Education Office informed
  of such policy development.

 Strategic Planning
• Collaborate with the school community to set goals within its mission and vision
• Develop and oversee a Strategic Plan for the school
• Establish its own annual operations plan
• Support of the school's educational leadership.

Support of the school's educational leadership
• Act as a consultative forum for the Principal on issues such as: curriculum, finance, property and maintenance,
  administration, human resources, parent education etc and to provide timely, appropriate advice as requested
• Provide avenues of support to the Principal and school executive for the management of the school through
  the establishment of a needs-based committee structure
• Advise upon and monitor, in conjunction with the Principal, school effectiveness within the cycle of school
• Provide affirmation and encouragement to the Principal and school executive team
• Assist in harnessing the expertise, talents and resources of members of the school community and wider local
  community for the benefit of the school's development.

 Collaboration and communication
• Support the Principal in modelling, developing and strengthening a school culture of participatory decision-
  making and collaboration
• Establish and sustain avenues of consultation and mutual communication with those affected by Board
  decisions and policy implementation
• Use processes of discernment and consensus in all areas of decision- making
• Communicate regularly with the Executive Director of Brisbane Catholic Education on the positive and negative impact of policy implementation, through the provision of regular reports
• Strengthen relationships between the parish and the school through joint planning of school-parish initiatives.

 Board sustainability
• Recruit, induct and regularly review its own membership in the model of pastoral governance, and within
  guidelines and assistance from the Executive Director of Catholic Education
• Develop on-going understanding of the spirituality and practices of 'Sharing Wisdom' as the foundation of
  pastoral governance
• Conduct its meetings within best practice of contemporary meeting procedures
• Develop processes to assess and appraise its performance and hence discern its own training and
  development needs
• Balance its commitments, expectations and ambitions with the demands on and needs of Board members in
  their own family and working lives.

All schools share the mission of the Church in the Archdiocese of Brisbane. The Board should be composed of people who appreciate, value and share the educational mission and ethos of the Catholic Church.

When seeking Board members, it is important to reflect on the qualities and skills of benefit to the Board in carrying out its functions.

The following is a suggested list of key qualities and skills for members of Boards:
• Commitment to Catholic education in the parish and school
• Commitment to the vision and mission of the parish and school
• An understanding of the role of parish priest, principal and Board members
• Willingness to ask questions and seek clarification
• Ability to think strategically
• Willingness to support the contributions of other Board members
• Capacity to listen in an active and meaningful way
• Willingness to work co-operatively with others
• Commitment to maintaining confidentiality at all times.

I wholeheartedly ask you to consider nominating for our school Board and help us continue our journey of school improvement.

God bless,
Simon Dash


What a very busy start to the new term! Staff spent some time on Monday 16th April gaining an understanding of the requirements of the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on students with a learning disability and how they can support students in their classes.  Our Learning Support team will manage this process and work with staff and parents to address this program.

We held a Prep to Year 12 Assembly on Wednesday morning to recognise the end of the Easter season and we thank the staff and students involved for bringing us this message.

Our College Captains also addressed the students and asked them to make sure that they looked at the banner in the carpark that highlights our motto “Create the Change”. As you will see the focus is on St. Mary of the Cross MacKillop, who encouraged people of her time to be the change they wanted to happen.

2018 Motto signB.jpg

ANZAC Celebrations
On Tuesday afternoon at 2pm the students gathered in GOA for an ANZAC Liturgy. We are thankful to the students from cadet groups who participated and made our ceremony a very special one.

On ANZAC Day students will have the opportunity to lay wreaths at a number of Services around the Hervey Bay area. We thank our school leaders and those students who will participate.

2017 Anzac DayB.jpg

As part of the ANZAC day celebrations in Hervey Bay both our Junior and Senior choirs will perform at the Dawn and Main service.  Thanks to Ms McDuff and Mrs Jensen for once again ensuring our choir students are well prepared for this event.  As a College we feel privileged to be given the opportunity to contribute to this important local event.

Camp Week for years 6 and 8 to 11
We wish all students and staff a safe and happy camp experience next week as they head off on Wednesday 2nd May until Friday 4th May. I’m sure that there will be Facebook posts to show you some of the highlights.

Rachel Sewell - Practicum Teacher
Welcome to Rachel Sewell.  Rachel is a former student of Xavier who has returned to complete her final practicum for her teaching degree.  She will be working for the next six weeks in 4.1.  Both the students and staff of the primary years are very excited to have Rachel on board.

Year 4 – Xavier Day
As part of our Xavier Day celebrations our Year 4 students wrote cards to be delivered to some of the elderly residents in the local area via Meals on Wheels.  Mr Davey was very pleased last Friday to deliver to the Year 4 students many responses from those residents who received a card and Easter Egg as part of their regular delivery.  Well done to all the Year 4 teachers and students for this wonderful outreach activity. 
Parish Sacramental Program
This Thursday 26th April at 5:30pm, there will be a parent information evening at St Joseph’s Church, Pialba, for parents of children in Year 3 and above who have been baptised and wish to receive the sacrament of Confirmation. Confirmation will be held on Thursday 24th May. If you are unable to attend the meeting please contact the parish office on 4124 3334.
ANZAC Day Service Schedule
This Wednesday 25th April is ANZAC DAY. Below is a listing of various services that are occurring around the Hervey Bay area. Students attending any of these services should wear their full school uniform with hat (Formal uniform for yr7-12).

Dawn Services
Hervey Bay will commence following the march from the RSL at 5.15 am.
Howard at 4:20am
Toogoom at 5:45am

Mass will be celebrated at St Joseph’s church in Pialba from 8am.

Hervey Bay main march and Service of Commemoration
Students will gather in the RSL Club car park from 8.45 am with step off at 9.15 am via the Hunter Street exit. The service will commence once all marchers are assembled in Freedom Park.

We have been advised by the RSL subbranch, that due to Workplace Health & Safety concerns parents are requested to not join with their children during the march from the car park to Freedom Park.

Once at Freedom Park Xavier students and their teachers will occupy a space towards the seafront end of the park. Students will need to remain with staff until a parent collects them from this area.

Burrum Heads march commences at 8.15 am, going from the Burrum Heads Road Boat Ramp to the Burrum Heads Hall. Those intending to march should assemble by 8.00 am.

Howard march: assemble at 7am for a 7.20 start.

Check out some of the recent events through our Facebook video posts. Featuring:

Commonwealth Games, Queen's Baton bearer, Tom Hillhouse
Tom Hillhouse Baton Relay.JPG
Rugby League Broncos Challenge Grand Final Match
Rugby League Broncos Challenge Final.JPG 
Year 3.3 Music students
yr3 singers.JPG
Xavier Day community service projects
Xavier Day Video.JPG

Please note the following date savers:

24/04/2018 Anzac Day Liturgy
24/04/2018 Year 7-12 AFL QLD Cup
27/04/2018 Year 10-12 Visual Art - Gallery Visit
27/04/2018 Year 10-12 Confro Trial vs Shalom
30/04/2018 Year 10 Starlab
01/05/2018 Year 8-12 A&TSI Girls to Women Program
02/05/2018 HB District Cross-country Carnival
02/05/2018 Year 6 and Years 8-11 Camps
07/05/2018 LABOUR DAY Public Holiday

On assembly we had the opportunity to congratulate and present badges to the four Xavier students who have been appointed as UQ Science Ambassadors for 2018.  UQ Science Ambassadors are high achieving students who have a strong interest in science and good communication and leadership skills. Their role is to bring science events, activities and opportunities to the attention of fellow students. They will be contributing to the college newsletter and meeting regularly to plan activities.
The Xavier UQ Science Ambassadors for 2018 are:
Chelsea Aston, Eleanor Beach, Mikaela Gray and Dhriti Naidu

Science Ambassadors.JPG 
Science Ambassadors update
University of Queensland Experience Science Excursion
On Tuesday 17th July, we are planning to take students from years 10, 11 and 12 Science classes and year 9 STEM, to Brisbane for a day of Science workshops and experiences. This UQ Experience Science excursion will be of interest to students who are planning to study a science related course at a University in the future.

What is Experience Science?
Experience Science provides students with the opportunity to discover what studying science is like at UQ and how science is applied in industry and everyday life. The event is facilitated by experts from UQ and industry through a series of hands-on, interactive science workshops. All workshops are held at the UQ St Lucia campus.

Depending on numbers, the cost for the day will be around $60. This will include a lecture, University tour and science workshops at UQ, morning tea, transport and a visit to the Brisbane museum and the Sciencentre.

Your Science teachers will have the relevant forms and information or you can email or see Mrs. Hopgood for more details. Forms and money will need to be submitted before the end of May. Numbers are limited to 45 students so students who confirm their attendance early will be given preference.

Sunflower Growing Competition
This year, a group of students from Year 7, 9 (STEM) and 12 have been competing in the UQ Sunflower growing competition. They have grown their plants by seed. Flowers will be judged on the 15th of May. Prizes will be awarded across several categories. Students are encouraged to post photos of their plants and to share the progress of their plants with other students.

sunflower 2 grace.jpg

Fraser Coast Science and Engineering Challenge
On Tuesday 8th May, a Xavier science representative team of 32 year 9 and 10 students will be competing against other schools in the Fraser Coast Science and Engineering Challenge. This will be held at the PCYC. During this event, students will be working in teams to apply their knowledge and skills creatively to solve problems. We wish them well and hope they enjoy the day.

Three teams of Year 11 and 12 students, the XCATs have been training for the regional Chemical analysis competition to be held on 2nd June at the Sunshine Coast. During X-cite, they will be competing against each other as they practice their skills.

Year 9 STEM
Year 9 STEM is a single Semester elective subject that students can choose to study in year 9. During X-cite, some of these students will be presenting a Science demonstration to visitors of the Science lab. They are also keen to share the Big Bubble-making formula they have been perfecting and to take their demonstrations to students in the primary school.  To demonstrate their scientific investigation skills, they will also be working on an individual project which they will display later this year. If successful students will be eligible for a CSIRO Crest Award.

Keen on Science?
Students who wish to be more involved in science activities keep up to date with the Science News via the Newsletter. Please contact your science teacher or one of the science ambassadors and we can let you know what is happening.

Other future opportunities to become more involved in Science include a Crystal Making competition and the SCU Research Awards.
Contributed by Chelsea Aston, Eleanor Beach, Mikaela Gray and Dhriti Naidu

Our class has started reading the novel 'Wonder' which looks at a young boy with a facial deformity. This art activity had the students looking at their own faces and how they can be distorted by using a Picasso-style of art. We really enjoyed creating these images of ourselves and are very involved in the story of Auggie and the problems he has fitting in with other kids due to his appearance.
Wonder3.JPG Wonder4.JPG

Dear Parents/Carers
Our school has implemented EdSmart to assist with communication between school and parents.

EdSmart is an online system that replaces all the paper forms we send home for you to complete and return. By moving to an online system, the school anticipates making good savings in time and cost compared with managing a paper process.

The online system is extremely easy for parents to use. Instead of paper forms coming home in your child’s school bag, you will be sent an email notification, with a link to click that opens a secure web page version of the form to complete and submit. You can do this on your phone, tablet or computer. You do not need to download any apps or register.

The online system is a much more efficient way to capture all this information from you, and means teachers and the administration staff can easily keep track of who has returned their forms.

All of the data you submit in the forms is held in a secure database and is only accessible to selected school staff.

You can read more about EdSmart on their web site:

Family Account Statements will be forwarded to all families currently paying by payment plan on Thursday 26 April 2018.  Please use this statement to check that your payment plan is being received as expected.

Our Finance Department will assist you as much as possible, however the responsibility for ensuring  payment plans pay your account in full by 30 November 2018 remains with each family.

Issue 3 of Scholastic Book Club is out now and ready for orders.  If you missed out on receiving the catalogue, it is available online at

All orders are to be placed using LOOP, the Scholastic Linked Online Ordering & Payment platform.  LOOP is safe and easy to use and eliminates the need to return paper order forms to us.

Books will be delivered to your child’s classroom, unless you have marked the order as a gift.  Each order helps earn free books and teaching materials for our school.  We hope our students enjoy Scholastic Book Club and they find lots of fantastic titles to read!


The College has a range of Sponsorship opportunities available to local businesses and members of the community.  Please contact the College on 4197 1177 should you wish to learn more.
Girls formal ties and formal hats sizes 56 and 57 only have arrived at the Uniform Shop.  Please see Mandy or telephone 4197 1265.

Matthew Hauser and Jordan Kerby at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games
It was thrilling to watch both Matt Hauser (2015 graduate) and Jorden Kerby (2009 graduate) compete at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. The commitment they give to the demands of their respective sports is inspiring. The Xavier community offer both Jordan and Matt our heartfelt congratulations on the incredible way they represented our nation at these games. Well done Matt and Jordan.

On Tuesday 24th April, Xavier will have a Year 10-12 boys AFL team play against Urangan State High School in the first round of the AFL Q Cup competition. This competition is also open to Year 7-9 boys and girls. Students are reminded of the importance to attend meetings and collect and return paperwork in order to meet the requirements of representing Xavier in sport.
Term 2 Friday Sport
Year 7 & 8 students have commenced Friday sport for Term 2, with all options having a ‘fitness’ focus this term. Along with the Dance and Soccer program, students have selected to participate in either: Cardio Tennis, Martial Arts, PCYC Fitness, Walking for Fitness, School Gym and JPAC Fitness. It is hoped all students will have an enjoyable experience throughout this term’s program, challenging their own levels of fitness whilst having fun and making new connections with peers.

Touch Football Season – 2018
Trials for the Xavier touch football teams are occurring this week. This year, Xavier is entering six teams into major competitions. These teams and coaches will be as follows:
13 Girls – Helen Hatchett
13 Boys – Paul Barker
15 Girls – Blaire Roffey
15 Boys – Michael Tyrrell
Open Girls – Simone Collins
Open Boys – Nathan Milne

You will notice that this year, Xavier is not entering Open Mixed teams, but rather is entering separate Open Boys and Open Girls teams. This decision has been made based on changes to rules and criteria at the QLD All Schools Touch competition held in Brisbane in October. Schools are no longer able to nominate more than one team in any division. By entering separate gender teams in the Open division, it is hoped that all students will continue to enjoy the rich experience that is QLD All Schools touch and will have equal opportunities to develop their touch skills throughout their years at Xavier.

 An information letter has been sent home with students who are trialling this week. This letter includes dates for the major competitions this year and an explanation of a ‘mini-tour’ that may occur prior to the competition in October.

 It is hoped that the 2018 Touch Season will once again prove to be a rewarding experience for all students involved.