Newsletter - Term 2, Week 4, 2021

From the Pen of the Principal ​

Dear Parents and Caregivers


Would you like to hear some consoling words? You would! Then here they are: “There is no such thing as the 'Perfect Parent'!" Thank heavens for that! The reason for this bold statement is that being a parent is one of humankind's most difficult tasks. Of course, there are many pleasures and rewards but parenting can be demanding, challenging, exhausting - and there's no time off.

What makes it challenging and demanding is that every day we act as a model for our children. Every day they are watching and learning from us; they learn from our actions and conversations; they absorb our attitudes and copy our expressions. They are doing this mostly without us being aware that it is taking place.

Parents are somewhat like a honeybee that has a life purpose to pollinate plants; the bee keeps life going on earth. However, when the bee sets out from the hive each day, she doesn't do it to pollinate plants, she does it to collect nectar to make honey. Likewise, we parents set out each day to lead our own lives and because we have invited our children to share our lives, we incorporate them into the routines of our daily activities. Inadvertently, we also act as an example to our children as they see us deal with frustrations, settle disagreements and cope with not being able to have the things we want.

Our family is the first school for our children and we parents are powerful models. What we say and do, is recorded by our children, and possibly used as evidence against us, if we are seen to be inconsistent in our expectations of them yet fail to have an equal expectation of ourselves. Because we are the main caregivers, we provide the major influence on our children's lives. We constantly demand respect from our children but it is not something that we should take for granted. Like most things of real value, respect has to be earned. The best way for us to earn respect is to give respect.

Our children, want to see us express real feelings in a healthy way, they want to see us handle anger in an appropriate way, they like to see us making healthy choices about our lifestyle, they like to hear us speaking positively about other people, they like to observe us showing respect when it comes to alcohol, prescription drugs and gambling. They like to witness positive reinforcements as to how they would like their life to be.

The Chinese have a saying that, “A young branch takes all the bends you can give it". There is no doubt that our children will, in their adult life, be most appreciative of our parenting, if they bear no mental scars or character distortions because of our good intentions as their nurturing parents.

It is not easy to be a model for another human being, but it is a big part of every parent's role. There is a saying that, “Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been". Hopefully, that will be the explanation for our wrinkles as our turn of role model gives way to our children making their own grown-up choices and, perhaps, taking upon themselves the mantle of role model.

God, our Father,

You have gifted us with parenthood. Strengthen us when we have feelings of inadequacy and are fearful of our own failings.

Give us courage when we underestimate our own capabilities. Encourage us to open our hearts fully to the working of Your Spirit in our lives.  Amen.



While our teachers do a remarkable job in staying abreast of latest educational trends and implementing them into their daily practice, your assistance is also vital. You can never underestimate the impact of parents in developing a learning culture.

The following pointers provide some useful tips for parents to assist their child in reaching their educational potential:

How Should I Help My Child with Homework?

  • Show that you think education and homework are important. If your child knows that you care about what is happening at school, he or she will have a good reason to complete assignments on time.

  • Set a regular time for homework. The best schedule for homework is what works best for your child and your family. Your child's outside activities, such as sports or music lessons may mean that you need a flexible homework schedule.

  • Provide an area for your child to do homework. Make sure the area is well-lit and has minimal distractions.

  • Ensure that there are no distractions. Discourage your child from making and receiving social telephone calls during homework time. Turn off the television if it is keeping your child from doing his or her homework.

  • Provide supplies and identify resources. Have pencils, pens, erasers, writing paper, a dictionary, or other supplies that may be helpful available.

  • Help your child use everyday routines to support the skills he or she is learning. Teach your child to play word and math games. Help your child look up information about something in which he or she is interested.

  • Look over completed assignments before they are turned in. Then, after the teacher returns completed homework, read the comments to see if your child has done the assignment satisfactorily.

  • Talk about school and learning activities in family conversations. Ask your child what was discussed in class that day.

  • Show your child that the skills he or she is learning are an important part of the things adults do. Let your child see you reading, writing, or using math. Talk to your child about what you do at work.

  • Attend school activities. If you can, volunteer to help in your child's classroom or at special events.

God Bless
Simon Dash


Calendar of events​


Year 11 Industry Night


WB Rugby League Trials 11yr Boys


Prep Come and Try  (3:30pm - 5:00pm)​


Year 10 Careers Expo​


Under 8s Day


Show Holiday​


​Year 11 & 12 Gallery of Modern Art

From the Head of School – Primary: Mr Russell Davey

A good night's sleep!

As we enter the NAPLAN window for testing you will often hear many educators talk about the importance of a good night's sleep. You will also find that often parents will go out of their way to ensure that students are well fed and rested before they sit down to complete these annual exams.

The reality however is that a good night's sleep is beneficial for students on any given school day.  Every aspect of their learning is important and like most of us children will handle this learning better when they have been well rested and a healthy breakfast to start the day.  This can be difficult to accomplish at times in the fast pace of our modern world with children now doing more than ever and parents often feeling like there is not enough time in the day.  Often parents will find themselves going from one thing to the next and routine can be hard to establish. 

However, the research around providing a good routine for children at bedtime and ensuring they start the day with a regular and nutritionally beneficial breakfast cannot be denied.  Most research will indicate that children need at least ten hours sleep per night to take the challenges of a new school day.  If your child is not getting this amount of sleep each night and is often irritable by the end of the day, it would be fair to say that the battle is over before it has begun. It has long been recognised that not getting enough sleep can affect every aspect of a child's day. Sleep deprivation affects attention, concentration, decision making and problem solving. It can also make ki​ds moody and even hyperactive.  Many experts agree that to ensure that school-age children get enough sleep, it is important that they have a regular sleep schedule on both weekdays and weekends.  Bedtimes should not vary between more than 1 or 2 hours from weekday to weekend.

It also just as important that they are given the energy they need to get through the demands of a school day.  Some of the key benefits of a healthy breakfast to start the day include:

  • Children who eat breakfast are more likely to behave better in school.

  • and get along with their peers than those who do not.

  • Breakfast helps children pay attention, perform problem-solving tasks,

  • and improves memory.

  • Children who eat school breakfast are likely to have fewer absences.

  • By eating breakfast, students get more of important nutrients, vitamins and minerals such as calcium, dietary fibre, folate and protein.

  • Studies have shown that children who eat breakfast on a regular basis.

  • are less likely to be overweight.

  • Eating breakfast as a child is important for establishing healthy habits for later in life.

  • What you eat for breakfast can have an impact on learning. One study showed that eating breakfast food high in fibre and low in sugar for breakfast helped students sustain the cognitive effects of breakfast.

I would encourage all parents to take a moment and consider these two key elements in a student's day.  A good night's sleep and simple but healthy breakfast can be the difference between a successful school day and one which is full of challenges. 

Finally, I would like to wish all students participating in NAPLAN over the coming weeks the best of luck for this assessment period. As I always say to the students…aim to do your very best and as long as this occurs the school, your parents and the community will always be proud of your achievements.


Xavier Kindergarten – Open Afternoon

On 17th May, 3.30pm to 5.00pm Xavier Kindergarten will be holding an Open Afternoon, for any families considering them in the future.  Both Jess (Outside Hours School Care) and Mellissa Pigott (Kindergarten Educator) will be available during this time to discuss Kindy and Before & After School Care options for 2022.  ​

2021 Xavier Kindy Open.JPG

Prep Enrolments for 2022

Prep enrolments for 2022 have now commenced. If you have a child who is due to commence Prep next year, please submit an online application on the College website: The online Application for Enrolment form can be found under the ENROLMENT tab. 

To secure an Enrolment Interview in the first round, the on-line application needs to be lodged by Monday, May 24th. Prep Enrolment Interviews will begin on Tuesday, 8 June 2021.

Enrolment enquiries can be made on 4197 1177 (select option 3) or email:


Under 8s Day is coming next week

To celebrate the fun of learning in the Early Years we are having our Under 8's Day next week.  This year's theme “Children Celebrating Outdoor Play and Learning". A morning of outdoor investigation, fun and Play is a perfect way to put this into practise.


Who:  All students from Prep, Year 1 and Year 2

Where: here at Xavier (due to Covid SOS will have their own celebration this year)

Wear:  Play clothes, sunsafe hat, joggers

When: Thursday 20th May, 9.00am start for the morning and finishing with a sausage sizzle and popper juice for lunch at first break. (Please notify your child's teacher if there are dietary requirements)

ALSO:  Parents and siblings are welcome to come and join the fun, checking in and following Covid instructions on arrival.Last



From the Head of School – Secondary: Mr Chris Relf

​Year 7 Enrolments for 2022

Year 7 enrolments for 2022 have now commenced.  All current XCC Year 6 students are automatically enrolled in Year 7 next year. Online applications and enrolment interviews are not required for current Year 6 students. 

If you have a Year 6 student attending elsewhere, please submit an online application on the College website:  The online Application for Enrolment form can be found under the ENROLMENT tab. 

To secure an Enrolment Interview in the first round, the on-line application needs to be lodged by Monday, May 24th.  Year 7 Enrolment Interviews will begin on Thursday, 10 June 2021.

Enrolment enquiries can be made on 4197 1177 (select option 3) or email:


Homework Hub

WHEN:   Wednesday 3-4:30

WHAT:   Come for a little or a long time

WHO:     All students 7-12

HOW:     Supervised by Teachers

WHERE:  Library


The Homework Hub is a safe, supportive, and productive student meetup out of school hours to assist students in completing their homework. Homework clubs provide vital support for students who do not otherwise have the help that they need or just want a quiet place to study with free Wi-fi.

Homework Hub can provide:

  • a safe, quiet and calm space for students to concentrate

  • a supportive environment

  • one to one or small group support

  • a chance to share knowledge

  • work collaboratively on assessment

  • an opportunity to build relationships

  • an opportunity to develop good work habits and a positive attitude towards learning

  • the chance to develop skills involved in becoming an independent learner

2021 Homework Hub.JPG


School-based Apprentice / Traineeship (SATs) – Joel Glass

The reason why I decided to look for a school-based apprenticeship was because I don't really enjoy school and have always liked working with my hands fixing things. I asked Mrs Moy to help me with my resume and a cover letter before approaching businesses that I might be interested in working with. I handed my resume to QCivil and asked them if they may be interested in putting on a school-based apprentice. They said YES! and within a month I was signed up starting my trade Certificate III in Engineering (Mechanical Trade). I work two days/week and come to school for 3 where I continue to work towards my QCE. I hope to transition into full time employment at the end of Year 12 and complete my apprenticeship. For other students looking for a Traineeships and Apprenticeship you must have a good resume and put yourself out there and go and see business owners.​

2021 SAT Joel Glass.JPG

School-based Apprentice / Traineeship (SATs) – Emily Berghofer

I decided to do a School-based Traineeship as I felt passionate about furthering my knowledge in my job as a Pharmacy Assistant. I first approached my boss about the options for me then I went to Mrs Moy to discuss what paperwork I needed to start as soon as possible. I really like that I know more about pharmacy products and I love that I can help people at another level.

Having a spare at school helps with the stresses of content, heavy subjects as well as I can work on the modules for my Certificate II in Community Pharmacy. My advice for others, I recommend that you get yourself organised before you start Grade 11, so you have plenty of time to get your work done. Now in my situation, I have completed all my modules and I can work on assessments for the rest of the year in preparation for the external exams. Doing a School-based Traineeship is a leg-up in the long run. I got paid work while I completed a Certificate II in Community Pharmacy, plus I get extra QCE points so I can graduate!​

2021 SAT Emily Berghofer.JPG

School-based Apprentice / Traineeship (SATs) – Tarni Bade

My choice to work in the Pharmacy Industry was pursued as I wanted to gain further knowledge in my job as a Pharmacy Assistant. Choosing to do this School Based Traineeship has helped me gain further knowledge in my job and enables me to help others in our local community while gaining a qualification. To get the traineeship, I approached Miss Moy and let her know the options that my boss had given me to pursue my role in the pharmacy, I was then signed up using Busy@Work who organised the paperwork so I could start.

For others that are considering completing a school-based, once you know what you want to do, I highly recommend getting in early and stay organised. Even if you get in late like I did, there are people there to help you complete your modules in time to obtain your QCE points. Choosing to do a School Based Traineeship is one of the best choices I have done as it's giving me qualifications before I graduate school.​

2021 SAT Tarni Bade.JPG

Work Experience Assistance

We are calling on our Xavier Community who own a business or have contacts of other businesses who may like to host Work Experience students to please get in touch with our Youth Support Coordinator/VET Links Officer, Loanda Moy.

Hats now available

The uniform shop now has stock in if you are wish to buy a new day hat. 

​​Win a State of Origin jersey of your choice!

Purchase your tickets on Qkr! app for your chance to win. The money raised goes towards supporting our QISSN Netball team to compete in Brisbane at the state carnival during the June school holidays.​

2021 QISSN Raffle.JPG

Peter Pan Junior Musical + Love and Information: Senior Secondary Performance Event

The Magic of Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie is set to cover Xavier with fairy dust later in the year. Mrs Jensen is directing the classic tale of the lost boys, Wendy, Peter, Tinkerbell and of course the nasty Captain Hook. The show has been cast and rehearsals are underway! Stay tuned for more details and updates as rehearsals progress.

Up the other end of the college, something different and unique is brewing for students in years 10 -12. The Amazing and Intriguing play Love and Information by Caryl Churchill – a funny, moving and challenging play – is to be directed by Mr Dunn. This is not a musical but a play! (I know right? A play!) Auditions for this theatrical and fun experience will be held Next Wednesday, the 19th of May at 11.10am in Room 38 – Drama Room. If you have an itch for acting, then this is the experience for you! Email Mr Dunn if you would like to audition.


Celebrating the Year of St Joseph (8 December 2020 – 8 December 2021

Pope Francis in his Apostolic Letter, Patris Corde, called the Church to set aside 2021 as a year to focus our attention on St Joseph as patron of the Universal Church.

Saint Mary MacKillop and Fr Julian Tenison Woods, the co-founders of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart, chose St Joseph to be patron of the Congregation and so we rejoice in this opportunity to pray with and for the people of God with St Joseph. For prayers and reflections please visit the website.

2021 St Joseph.jpg

News from Jesuit Refugee Services

"A little bit of mercy makes the world less cold and more just." Pope Francis

Dear Friends,

As Winter approaches, we hope you and your family are safe and well.  JRS Australia and the forcibly displaced people they serve are so grateful for your friendship and generous support during the pandemic especially and each year as you donate during Dirum mission week.  These donations have enabled them to respond effectively to an unprecedented 260% increase in urgent requests for critical assistance.

While the hope is that our sisters and brothers who fled violence and persecution will access support for a short period of time and then move on to a self- sufficient life, we know the need is long term as the result of systemic barriers that deny a safety net for people seeking asylum. Without the protection of the Federal Government, charities like JRS Australia become the only ongoing support option for thousands of people and their families.

One recent, real-life situation: The Mohammadi family*:

Mother Aleah, father Babak andtheir three children (7 and 5 years old and 3 months baby).

Aleah was the breadwinner of the family as her husband Babak lost his job at the beginning of the pandemic. She was expecting a baby and she hoped to keep her casual job until the birth, unfortunately, as a result of COVID-19, Aleah also lost her job. Since then, Babak has been unable to secure work, like so many other people seeking asylum, who have often been the first to lose their jobs and the last to be rehired.

With their baby due, their only income stream gone, no other family or social support network, plus being excluded from any form of Federal Government support, the future did indeed look bleak. Food and essentials became difficult to secure and the rent on their small, shared living space fell months into arrears, making each day a struggle.

Aleah and Babak had faced many extreme hardships in their life but the thought of being homeless in an unfamiliar country with young children and a newborn baby was indeed their darkest time. 

When eventually referred to JRS Australia their situation was desperate. The newborn baby needed to switch to baby formula for feeding, but Aleah and Babak could not afford it. Aleah and Babak's other two children were not getting enough food.

The JRS team quickly stepped in to assist with immediate provisions and ongoing access to JRS' Foodbank plus a living allowance to assist with rent and essential living items such as nappies, formula and medicine.

Thanks to our family of supporters, JRS was able to extend the care and services to this family of five, and today, JRS continues to assist them with access to JRS Foodbank, emergency relief, specialist casework and employment counselling to secure jobs and become independent once again.

JRS is doing its utmost to continue providing life-saving support to refugees and people seeking asylum that have already endured extreme hardship and cruelty in their own countries and that now are in crisis and facing dire situations in Australia as they remain excluded from any form of Federal Government assistance.

Thanks to your generous support, each year, JRS serves more than 3,800 children, women and men who have been forced to flee their homes and need lifesaving support. JRS is delivering food to more than 1,000 people on a weekly basis and is providing emergency relief for many families that are facing destitution. JRS has also continued providing specialist casework support and is assisting more than 700 women seeking protection who are experiencing or at risk of sexual and gender-based violence. They also work to support people's resiliency through initiatives such as JRS employment support service

You can donate online via credit card, bank transfer or by simply mailing a cheque.

Secure online donations can be made through or by calling the JRS office on (02) 9356 3888. Your generous gift is 100% tax deductible.

Thank you for showing your love and care for displaced people in situations of acute vulnerability and helping them to access a brighter future.

 “We all have the duty to do good".  Pope Francis

 The JRS Australia family

*Names changed to protect their identity

This term Dirum House is raising awareness and funds for JRS Australia.  Please give generously when you can and keep an eye out for more information about JRS. ​

Year 7 Camp

Year 7 spent 3 great days at the beautiful Luther Heights Youth Camp at Coolum Beach. The purpose of the Camp is to further develop the relationships within the group as they settle into their first year in the Secondary School. Teamwork was vital as they completed activities such as the flying fox, escape room, high ropes and the catapult challenge! Thank you to the students for their enthusiasm and to the dedicated teachers who accompanied the group.  ​

2021 Year 7 Camp a.JPG2021 Year 7 Camp b.JPG

Year 8 Camp

Wednesday, April 21 saw 102 year 8 Students and 8 staff, head off to camp, at the well-appointed, Maroochy Waterfront Camp and Conference centre. Under glorious skies, the students participated in a range of activities, over three days.

Activities such as Stand-Up Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, Dragon Boating, Scooters and The Amazing Race, were designed to challenge students while fostering teamwork strategies.

The campsite, meals and facilitators were marvelous and the year 8's were a credit to the College. The smiles said it all!  ​

2021 Year 8 Camp a.JPG2021 Year 8 Camp b.JPG

Year 10 Camp

120 students, two man tents, three days. Sounds like the stuff nightmares are made of… this was certainly not the case for the Year 10 cohort of 2021. Glastonbury Creek camping was a new adventure for us as a group and has brought new friendships, leadership opportunities and a whole lot of fun. Students were apprehensive to begin with but threw themselves in to tasks with gusto. Abseiling, Mountain Biking, Canoeing, Survival Skills, Raft Building and Team Development were all on the agenda. It was excellent to see the comradery of the groups as they supported each other through some difficult and confronting tasks.

Staff that attended the camp were impressed with the behaviour and manners of the students and wish to congratulate them on the way that they approached this new experience. Well done year 10!

2021 Year 10 Camp a.JPG2021 Year 10 Camp b.JPG

From the classroom - Science

Students recently performed a practical in Science requiring them to isolate strawberry DNA.​

2021 Science Georgia DNA.JPG

Maths Pathway – Year 7-9 Growth Gurus 

Each fortnight we will be recognising the students who have mastered six or more new mathematical concepts for the cycle. These students have achieved rocket status for their growth rate. 

​Maths Pathways – Week 1 Results ​

Riley Close
Seth LoganSamantha BetterridgeShayla BlenheimPhoenix RichardsonJoshua HazeldenClaire Olsen
Mya LynchAshleigh ElliottAlix WoodsGeoffrey NaughtonJaxon HandCharlotte WestbladeKaylan McKeehan
Jamall NelsonBrayden LethborgEdward DaviesRicha WoochitKai PeacockSharnie Finlay
Bailee PendergastItamaeri TaeraRhys RockliffeJack Delaforce
Jaiden Smith-ChistisonRebecca WolffEllie O'Brien-StandquistMilli Paxton
Jamie WilsonSienna HiltonStewart DamonTamyra Farrell
Ryan FulcherRosie KoiaMitchell TaylahGrace Noble
Cooper ReidMia KennyBelle BishopHamish Bryce
Hayley ShortAmara-Lee Delongville VothReef Hartwell
Villo Barton-BakoLeah Lyle
Max CooperZac Drake
Zara RoyalJordan McCarthy
Bailey StankovicMason Bartholomeusz
Cooper Wood
Lance Dino
Natalie Fulcher
Brody Carter
Scarlett Dunkley
Sakina Baziani
Madison Fletcher
Riley Ludgate
Chantelle Mears
Ruby Fribance
Corey Howe
Zara Kampman
Brydie Kratzmann
Ellie Stewart
Evan Stockdale
Lachlan Mesken
Robellea Clarke
Rhys Shepherd
Charlotte McQuaid
Emil Stewart
Tom Clayton
Makayla Jordan
Sophie Louth
Emily O'Shea
Ella Allman

Maths Tutoring Timetable

Year 7-12 Maths Tutoring Roste​r 2021


Before School

8:00 – 8:30 am



Staff Prayer

Mr Relf


Mrs Wright


First Break

11:15 -11:35 am

Mrs Green


Week B


Mr Tyrrell

Mrs Buxton

Rm 48

Language Centre


Mrs White


Week B

After School

3:05 - 4:00 pm

Staff Meeting

Miss Hourigan

Mr Duck




Mrs Ritter




​ ​



Xavier wins Overall Champion School at District Cross-Country

On Tuesday 4th May, 113 students from Year 3-12 represented Xavier at the Hervey Bay District Cross-Country. With 6 students permitted to compete in each age group, Xavier sent a full team which is a credit to Xavier students' willingness and desire to represent their college at these events. Congratulations to all students who competed. Results as follows…


Age Champions:

10yrs Boys – Will Robertson

13yrs Girls – Ellie Stewart

16yrs Boys – Jett Wright

18yrs Girls – Chantelle McCarthy


Junior Trophy (13-15yrs)

Xavier – 1st (286 points)


Senior Trophy (16-18yrs)

Xavier – 1st (359 points)


Overall School Champion Trophy (13-18yrs)

Xavier – 1st (646 points)


The Wide Bay Cross-Country is held on June 1st in Gayndah. Students who have qualified have been notified and received initial communication. When final details are released, this information will be emailed to selected students. ​

2021 HB District Cross Country.JPG