Newsletter - Term 2 Week 4, 2019

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Dear Parents and Carers

Shake It Off and Step Up 

I came across the following story recently which carries a message of resilience and determination:   

mule-in-well.jpgA parable is told of a farmer who owned an old mule.  The mule fell into the farmer's well.  The farmer heard the mule 'braying' - or - whatever mules do when they fall into wells.  After carefully assessing the situation, the farmer sympathized with the mule, but decided that neither the mule nor the well was worth the trouble of saving.  Instead, he called his neighbours together and told them what had happened and enlisted them to help haul dirt to bury the old mule in the well and put him out of his misery. 

Initially, the old mule was hysterical!  But as the farmer and his neighbours continued shovelling and the dirt hit his back, a thought struck him.  It suddenly dawned on him that every time a shovel load of dirt landed on his back: he should shake it off and step up!  This he did, blow after blow. 

"Shake it off and step up... shake it off and step up... shake it off and step up!" he repeated to encourage himself.  No matter how painful the blows, or distressing the situation seemed, the old mule fought "panic" and just kept right on shaking it off and stepping up!

You're right!  It wasn't long before the old mule, battered and exhausted, stepped triumphantly over the wall of that well!  What seemed like it would bury him, actually blessed him.  All because of the manner in which he handled his adversity.

At times we all have to face difficult tasks or unexpected adversity.  While it may not be pleasant at the time, handling these situations provides us with character-building opportunities.  There will be times when students face these challenging moments both inside and outside the classroom.  

A great deal is written in educational circles about the notion of resilience.  It is the quality to face up to tough situations and to work through the difficult times.  As an educational community one of our tasks is to work in partnership with parents to help build a sense of resilience in our young people, in a caring and supportive environment.  Setting the bar high, demanding clear standards and following through with consequences are all part of this task.  While, at times, students may not be grateful for our efforts, at the end of the day we are working to prepare them to face up to the trials and tribulations of life.

God Bless

Simon Dash


Last week of Secondary School Camps

This week sees our Years 8 and 10 students heading off to Camp in Maroochydore and Glastonbury Creek, respectively. We owe a great deal of thanks to our teachers and support staff who have taken time away from their families to ensure that we can offer such wonderful learning experiences for our students.

Classroom Climate Surveys

In Term One teachers across Years 4 to 12 provided the students in one of their classes to complete a survey aimed at identifying good practices as well as areas for improvement. Data was collected over the following 16 areas:

Asesses the extent to which ...


Student Cohesiveness

Teacher Support


Young Adult Ethos

...there is an environment in which students feel accepted and supported by their classmates and safe to express their ideas.

​... the teacher helps, befriends, trusts and is interested in students.

... students are treated fairly by the teacher.

... teachers give students responsibility and treat them as young adults.


Formative Assessment

Assessment Criteria

... students feel that the assessment tasks given to them make a positive contribution to their learning.

... the assessment criteria are explicit so that the basis for judgement is clear and public.



Task Orientation

Personal Relevance



... students have attentive interest, participate in discussions, ask questions and share ideas.

... it is important to complete activities planned and to stay on the subject matter.

... the subject is relevant to students' everyday out-of-school experiences.

... students collaborate with one another on learning tasks.

... teachers cater for students differently on the basis of ability, rates of learning and interests.

Once Staff had collected this data they then meet in Professional Learning Teams (PLTs) to discuss strategies they could implement to address the areas for improvement. Over the next two weeks staff will now administer the Post surveys to assess the impact of the strategies.


Please note the following events:

​15/05/2019​Yr 8 Camp
​15/05/2019​Year 10 Camp
​15/05/2019​NAPLAN Writing
​16/05/2019​NAPLAN Reading 3, 5
​16/05/2019​NAPLAN Reading 7, 9
​17/05/2019​9-12 Years Athletics Carnival
​20/05/2019​NAPLAN Language conventions 3,5,7,9
​20/05/2019NAPLAN On-Line Window​
​21/05/2019​Yr 4-12 Hervey Bay District Cross Country
​21/05/2019​NAPLAN Numeracy 3
​22/05/2019Fraser Coast Careers Expo​
​22/05/2019​Yr 3-6 Choir Under 8's Day Excursion
​22/05/2019​Yr 10 Try a Trade for a Day
​22/05/2019​NAPLAN Numeracy 5
​22/05/2019​NAPLAN Numeracy 7, 9
​23/05/2019​U8's Day
​23/05/2019​Year 3 Excursion to Round Island
​24/05/2019​SHOW HOLIDAY
​28/05/2019​Aboriginal Education Workshop
​28/05/2019​Yr 7-9 A&TSI Boys to Men Program
​29/05/2019​P-12 Dirum Mission Week Assembly
​29/05/2019​Reconciliation Week Liturgy
​29/05/2019​Industry Night
​30/05/2019​Year 10 Immunisations
​31/05/2019​Hervey Bay District 9-12 Yrs Athletics
​Mayor visit to Student Leaders
​06/05/2019​Principal's Afternoon Tea


In celebration of National Reconciliation Week, on the 29 May Xavier Catholic College Community will be hosting a Reconciliation Ceremony & Liturgy. This will be a powerful event with dance, art, storytelling, faith, culture and prayer. Families from the Xavier Community and members of the wider community are welcome to attend.  Light refreshments, tea and coffee will be provided for guests.

Tilly Davis
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Student Support Co-ordinator

2019 Reconciliation.JPG

Education Council Information notice


All Education Ministers from Commonwealth, state and territory governments endorsed the implementation of a Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD) in all Australian schools (government, independent and Catholic).

The nationally consistent approach to data collection provides all Australian schools, education authorities and the community with a clear picture of the number of students receiving adjustments because of disability in schools, and the adjustments they are provided to enable them to participate in education on the same basis as other students.

Authority for the national data collection

The Australian Education Regulation 2013 requires the operators of all government and non-government schools that receive Australian Government funding (approved authorities) to provide information to the Australian Government Department of Education and Training (the Department) for the purposes of the national data collection.

The Australian Education Regulation 2013 ( is on the Federal Register of Legislation website.

The information that approved authorities must give to the Department is set out at section 58A of the Australian Education Regulation. This includes, in relation to each student with a disability at a school operated by the approved authority:
  • the student's year of schooling
  • the student's category of disability (physical, cognitive, sensory or social/emotional)
  • the student's level of adjustment (support provided within quality differentiated teaching practice, supplementary, substantial or extensive adjustment).
Other details about the information to be collected, and the format in which the information is to be provided to the Department, are contained in guidelines approved by the Education Council (the committee of the Council of Australian Governments comprising the Commonwealth and state and territory Ministers responsible for education). Guidelines for the national data collection ( are available on the Department's website.

The information will not explicitly identify individual students (subsection 58A(3) of the Regulation); no information that could reasonably enable the Department to identify individual students will be provided by approved authorities to the Department[1].

Collection, use and disclosure of information from the national data collection

The information collected by schools for the purposes of the 2019 national data collection will ultimately be provided to the Department. In some cases, this will involve the school passing the information directly to the Department, and in other cases the school will provide the information to its state or territory government agency (or other relevant body) in the first instance, depending on the school's particular arrangements. In such circumstances, that state or territory government agency, or other relevant body, will then provide the information to the Department.

The Department, on behalf of the Joint Working Group[2], will use information from the national data collection for the purposes of preparing reports for and briefing the Australian Education Senior Officials Committee[3] and the Education Council in relation to the national data collection.

When providing these reports or briefing material, the Department will ensure that the information remains de-identified.

In December 2016, the Education Council released the report Improving educational outcomes: Emergent data on students with disability in Australian schools. The report provides high-level data from the 2015 national data collection and was the first public release of data from the national collection.

This report was followed in May 2017 by the release of the report 2016 emergent data on students in Australian schools receiving adjustments for disability, which contains data from the 2016 national data collection.

These reports are published on the Reports and Publications page of the Education Council website (

Information from the national data collection will also be used for policy development undertaken by the Department, including informing funding considerations relating to students with disability, and other policy development as agreed by the Education Council.

From 2018, the Commonwealth's student with disability funding loading for schools is based on the national data collection.
The document Fairer funding for students with disability (, on the Department's website, provides more information.


For further information about the collection, use or disclosure of information for the national data collection, please contact:

Tracy Grambower
Dean of Inclusive Education -  Xavier Catholic College

 Any questions parents/carers or schools have about the completion of the 2019 national data collection may be directed to:



On Friday 17 May we invite you to come and support the 8 to 12 year old students at the Xavier Catholic College Primary Athletics Carnival. This event will take place on the senior oval starting at 9am. Students are encouraged to bring food from home, as break times are short. Parents are welcome to visit the canteen throughout the day. Don’t forget students are to wear their house shirts and are encouraged to bring their best team spirit.

800m events will take place on Thursday 16 May starting at 1.30pm. Parents and supporters are welcome to attend. These events will be run on our senior oval.

​100M 200M
​100M 200M
​100M 200M
100M 200M​


This event is being held on Tuesday 21st May at St James Lutheran College. All students have been given information and forms and payment was due on Tuesday 14th May. Below is the schedule of events for the day. Buses leave Xavier at 8:45am. It is COMPULSORY that students travel on the bus.

​9:00am​Warm Up & Course Familiarisation
​9:40am​Managers meeting - course cleared
​10:00am​12 Yrs Girls
​10:10am​12 Yrs Boys
​10:20am​11 Yrs Boys
​10:30am​11 Yrs Girls
​10:40am​10 Yrs Boys
​10:50am​10 Yrs Girls
​11:00am​9 Yrs Boys
​11:10am​9 Yrs Girls
​11:15am​9-12 Yrs Para-Athletes
​2km (timed)
​11:20am​13-19 Yrs Para Athletes
​3km (timed)
​11:30am​Primary Presentations
​11:40am​13 Yrs Girls
​11:50am​16, 17 & Open Boys
​12:15pm​14 Boys
​12:30pm​14 Girls
​12:45pm​15 Boys
​1:00pm​15 Girls
​1:15pm​16, 17 & Open Girls
​2:00pmSecondary Presentations​


Harry King and Toby Powers continue to impress in Triathlon. Recently Harry won the Australian Schools Triathlon title with Toby not far behind in 12th. Very determined races boys. Congratulations on your success.

Harry King Nationals2019.jpgToby Powers Nationals1.jpg


Last week our Year 9 students headed off to Noosa North Shore for their 3-day camp. They had fantastic weather which just added to a perfect camp. The students enjoyed doing the different activities of archery, laser tag, high rope and surfing during the day.

At night they got to test themselves on the pamper pole, crate climb and giant swing and to show how clever they were in the Trivia Quiz. 

Thanks to the students for the positive way they conducted themselves throughout the camp and to the staff Brendan McDonald, Jonathon Wedemeyer, Michael Tyrrell, Tracy Grambower, Stacy Mills, Carmel Donnelly, Karen Grumley and Gerry Glass for giving up their time to make the camp such a success.

2019 Year 9 Camp2.jpg2019 Year 9 Camp3.jpg


Brain Bee State Finalists

Last term, Year 10 STEM Students participated in Round 1 of the Australia-New Zealand Brain Bee Challenge (ABBC). ABBC had over 2,000 students from across Queensland participating. As a result of their efforts and levels of achievement in the quiz, four of our students have qualified to participate in Round 2 which is the 2019 ABBC Queensland State Final. This will be held at the Queensland Brain Institute, University of Queensland on Wednesday 17 July 2019. Congratulations to the four successful STEM students:
  • Emily-Jane Hill
  • Aiden Nugent
  • Ashleigh Usher
  • Sarah Garty
The day will include an Individual and Team Challenge to determine the 2019 ABBC Queensland Champions, as well as tours of the research laboratories and neuroscience presentations. After lunch students will participate in group challenges and more. 
The students have qualified to participate in the Individual Challenge. Individual Challenge competitors compete for some great prizes including the chance to progress to the 2019 Australia-New Zealand Brain Bee National Final which will be held in December. The Queensland Individual Challenge Champion will receive return airfares for themselves and a guardian to attend the National Final. 

RACI Crystal Growing Competition

STEM students are also preparing their entries for the RACI Crystal Growing Competition. They will be submitting their entries in July.

2019 RACI Crystal Growing Competition best.jpg

RACI South-East Queensland Regional Titration Competition
XCATs – Xavier Chemical Analysis Teams

The South-East Queensland Regional Titration Competition was held at the University of Queensland in Brisbane on the weekend. Schools from Brisbane surrounds can send up to four teams of three students to the competition. The four Xavier Teams were made up of ten Year 11 and two Year 10 students and are listed below along with their “newly acquired names”. 

Sarah and Calista Esposito are two of only three Year 10 Xavier Students to ever compete in the Titration Competition due to the skills and commitment required to compete.

Team No. XCAT Clowder members and their Clowder names
  • 1
  • Caitlin “pop some Tags” Brennan
  • Brianna “Siri” Skyring
  • Sarah “Neon” Garty
  • ​2
  • Larissa “SBS” Wilson
  • Jed “Noisy” Malan
  • Calista “New York” Esposito
  •  3
  • Henry “High Notes” Riley
  • Lachlan “Reacher” Relf
  • Lachlan “Latch” Hatch
  • 4
  • Isabella “Phenolphthalein” Mc Mahon
  • Phoebe “Big Spender” Fraser
  • Amelia “No Skirt” Frawley


We congratulate them on their fantastic individual performances and team work

High Distinction within 0.25% accuracy: Phoebe Fraser, Ella McMahon, Brianna Skyring, Sarah Garty

Distinction within 0.50% accuracy: Amelia Frawley, Lachlan Hatch, Henry Riley

Credit within 0.75% accuracy: Jed Malan

Competent within 1% Lachie Relf, Calista Esposito

2019 XCATS best.jpg

Fourth overall and into the National Final

Special congratulations to the team of Amelia, Ella and Phoebe. They were placed 4th overall in the competition against all the schools in the South - East (including Brisbane). This means that they have been invited to participate in the National Finals in September. They will have to do lots of extra training as the techniques and procedures required are much more complicated.

Students also enjoyed a walk around South Bank, some express shopping, travelling on the City Cat and an escape room challenge.

From the Chemistry Team a special Mother’s Day message. 
Science Mothers.jpg

Fraser Coast Science and Engineering Challenge

Last Friday, 31 Year 10 Students represented Xavier to compete against seven other schools across the Fraser Coast in the Science and Engineering Challenge at the PCYC. Xavier representatives were:

​Alyssa McGrath
​Claudia de Brenni
​Tamsyn Mewha
​Ashlyn Skene
​Lily Moses
​Tegan Dawe
​Poppy McIver
​Poppy Block
​Sarah Garty
​McKaylah Smith
​Georgia McGovern
​Ash Usher
​Crystal Kumar
​Andrew Chapman
​Noah Brooks
​Ella Hare
​Patrick Lewis
​Liam Bauer
​Emily-Jane Hill
​Jacob Weldon
​Dylan Foster
​Grace Knighton
​Aiden Nugent
​Ethan Drury
​Eliza Boyd
​Jorja Hore
​Jett Kruger
​Calista Esposito
​Lakeyta Feste

​Alysha Robinson
​Seairra Scott
​Congratulations to all students on your selection into this representative team, teamwork, behaviour and application. 
You can watch live action video of the day including the bridge challenge test (1.13 time) at
2019 Science and Engineering Challenge (Custom).jpg

Special congratulations go to the team of Alysha Robinson, Seairra Scott and Lakeyta Feste for winning the Stringways Challenge.

2019 Science and Engineering Challenge2.jpg

Special Mention2019 Sarah Garty Science.jpg

Year 10 Student Sarah Garty: 

In the last week Sarah qualified for the State finals for Brain Bee, represented Xavier in the Science and Engineering Challenge, is competing in the National Crystal Growing Competition and was awarded a High Distinction in the South East Queensland RACI Titration Competition. 

Other STEM Opportunities
Science Experience opportunity for Year 9 and 10 students.

The Conoco Phillips Science Experience is a nationwide STEM outreach program for students in Year 9 and 10 in 2019/2020. It is a 3 to 4-day hands-on practical STEM program conducted in 34 Australian Universities.

Each program includes a wide variety of practical activities, excursions, career information together with interesting presentations by leading Australian Scientists and Engineers. 

Costs are $190 for 3-day or $260 for 4-day program. It is a Rotary Youth Services Project and local Rotary clubs are often willing to sponsor students to attend if financial assistance is requested. 

Students are encouraged to attend a meeting with Mrs Hopgood for further information about the program and how to apply for funding. Parents can contact Mrs Hopgood, visit the Conoco Philllips Science Experience website or email;

National Youth Science Forum opportunity for Year 11 Students

Year 11 Science Students have a few weeks left to apply for participation in the National Youth Science Forum. Xavier students who have attended in the past, have all had a wonderful time and said that it is an amazing experience.

The Rotary Club will select students from applications and will offer significant financial support. 

Below is the website with more information or students/parents can contact Mrs Hopgood for more details.


Students from Year 3-12 have been invited to sit the Australian Mathematics Competition in Term 3, Week 3, Thursday 1 August Lesson 1 and 2. 

A letter was given to students in Year 7-12 who were interested last week.  If your child has missed out on a letter and wishes to participate in the competition, they can collect a letter from student reception.

An email was sent home to all parents of students in Year 3-6.
The competition costs $6.50 to enter. It is to be paid via QKR, final payment is to be made by Friday 21 June 2019.

If you have any queries, please email:


Xavier Catholic College has two senior students doing a School Based Apprenticeship in Electrotechnology (Electrician). Both Dylan Smith and Harry Railz commenced their apprenticeships in Year 11. Dylan works with Dave Smith Electrical and Harry Railz with Mid Coast Air Conditioning and Electrical. Once they have completed their certificate, both boys will have a trade with the skills to install and maintain electrical components in residential and commercial applications. They will be able to understand and interpret electrical drawings, develop circuits and all wiring applications.
Dylan and Harry will then be able to apply for an Electrical Contractors licence and open their own contracting business or continue their studies and specialise in more technical fields within this industry. With a high demand of electricians, Dylan and Harry have bright a future ahead of them. 

Dylan is a punctual and dedicated employee who is valued by all staff in his workplace and Harry has been said to have a great work ethic and is highly respected by all members of his work team. Keep up the good work! 

​Loanda Moy   |   VET Links Officer/ Acting Youth Support Coordinator

2019 VET Harry and Dylan.jpg


It's Term Two already. We are in need of volunteers, if any of our parents or grandparents are available for a few hours a week, that would be great. We are getting busier now as the weather is getting cooler. Come in have a coffee and a chat and meet our friendly team.

Liz Mee – Tuckshop Convener 


​P​lease contact Melissa Davis for further information -


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