Newsletter - Term 2 Week 6, 2019

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Dear Parents and Carers

Honouring Mary

During The month of May Catholics around the world honour Mary the mother of God in a special way. Mary was the first person to say ‘YES’ to God in the story of Jesus and is a role model for each one of us. Though the future was uncertain, she trusted God and became an agent for God’s grace to enter the world.

Mary is also a role model of justice. In Mary’s famous prayer the “Magnificat” she says of God: ‘He has shown might with his arm, He has scattered the proud in the conceit of their heart. He has put down the mighty from their thrones and has exalted the lowly. He has filled the hungry with good things, and the rich he has sent away empty’. Mary, like Jesus, wants all people to be treated with dignity, for the lowly to be raised up, and to have their basic needs met. We are challenged to have the same values. It is a challenge that is even more poignant during Reconciliation Week, where we remember the injustices of the past, celebrate the beautiful and rich cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and take up the commitment to close the gap. 

Solidarity and justice is a core dimension of a Catholic School in the Ignatian Tradition. We are called to offer a different kind of education, an education that is purpose-filled with the intent of growing young women and men into active citizens with a social conscience, an education that will lead to advocacy for the marginalised.

It is a reality that many Catholic schools have become comfortable and attractive to those who may primarily seek our 'fruits but not our roots'. Catholic Schools must resist in a society that increasingly sees education as a commodity which can be bought. We must resist the temptation to have our schools being used principally as vehicles for socio-differentiation and creeping elitism. At times we all need to be reminded that we are on about more than strong academic results, 'good discipline' and providing a 'caring environment', as important as these qualities are for any school community. To set our priorities and define our success solely by league tables and sporting achievements betrays the foundations upon which we stand. Catholic education in this land can model a family of schools where those who can look after those who can't; where co-responsibility becomes the norm; where the strong accept responsibility for those on the margins.

When we reflect on the life of Mary we see a model of faithfulness to God and God’s call to be agents of justice and solidarity in a world that is too often divided into the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’. It is not surprising that devotion to Our Lady was such an important part of the lives of both St Ignatius and St Francis Xavier as they reflected on the world in which they lived and how best to bring hope to those who were oppressed by an unjust social order.

God Bless

Simon Dash



Under 8’s Day 

Last week the College celebrated Under 8’s day by hosting students from Star of the Sea, Xavier Kindy and the Playgroup.  It was a wonderful occasion with many different activities to engage and entertain our youngest students.

With a focus on diversity and culture the morning gave all students the opportunity to explore and learn through the medium of play.

A big thank you to all staff, parents and carers who attended on the day.  Thanks to Mrs Smith, Miss Roffey and Mrs Gaedtke for planning the day and ensuring it was such a success. 

2019 Under 8s Day.jpg

Year 3 Round Island Excursion 

The Best Week Ever!  

Last week was one of the best weeks ever in Year 3 so far!   We completed our first ever NAPLAN testing with flying colours.  Everyone showed resilience and a positive attitude.  We are so proud of our students no matter what the results are, so we decided to have a NAPLAN party!   There was food galore and enough to take extra over to Round Island for our excursion.  

Our Round Island and Dayman Point Excursion focused upon our HASS studies, exploring local history and our area’s rich Indigenous culture and connection to country.

With our very own Butchulla guides, we were taken to Weenandin (Round Island) where we enjoyed sand art, a bush tucker and medicine talk, a traditional welcome to country, music, Dreamtime stories and a question and answer session.
The weather was glorious, and the experience was extremely special and fun.

At Dayman Point, we did some crayon rubbings of the Butchulla art and walked the Midden trail, enjoying the Matthew Flinders lookout and observing the geographical features of the area for our upcoming mapping experiences.   

Thank you to all Staff and Students for a fabulous day and to Hervey Bay Eco Marine Tours for helping us organise this spectacular day out.

2019 Yr 3 Round Island.JPG

Junior Choir

Our Junior Choir were on show again last week performing at the Fraser Coast Under 8’s celebration.

As always, they performed brilliantly and represented our College with pride.
Thanks to Miss McDuff, Mrs Smith and Mrs Nicoletti for their efforts on the day towards ensuring all students were organised and ready to sing. 

Dirum Mission Week

Students are invited to dress up to celebrate and fundraise for Dirum Mission Week on Thursday.
Students can donate a gold coin to support our charities JRS and JSS.

  • P-6 – students are welcome to wear a Jersey/Team Colour Top for JRS Jersey Day
  • 7-12 – students are invited to come in their best Op Shop gear to support Thrift Shop Thursday

 Year 7-12 students can make a purchase from the Bake Sale at break. 


Our first year of NAPLAN Online is now complete.  After some minor technical issues, the testing period proved to be quite successful.

Thanks, and congratulations must go to all students who completed the tests and worked with staff towards a smooth transition.

Once all schools have completed testing, results will be compiled and distributed to all schools.  These results will then be shared with parents of students who undertook these national assessments. 


The Sacrament of First Communion will be held on Sunday 11 August and Sunday 18 August 2019. 
Parent information nights will be held on Thursday 13 June and Monday 17 June.
In the year when children turn 9 (Year 4), they are welcomed to the Lord’s Table and receive Holy Communion for the First Time.
This is the climax of their Christian initiation.  Children must be Baptised and have already received the Sacrament of Confirmation (in 2018 or earlier) to receive their First Holy Communion.  
Please contact the Parish Office for further information.  

Hervey Bay Catholic Parish
Ph 07 4124 3334


Please note the following events:

​​29/05/19   P-12 Dirum Mission Week Assembly
​29/05/19   Reconciliation Week Liturgy
​29/05/19   Industry Night
​30/05/19   Year 10 Immunisations
​30/05/19   Yr 3-7 HBD Athletics
​31/05/19   Yr 3-7 HBD Athletics
03/06/19   Year 4 Healing Mass​
​04/06/19   Mayor visit to Student Leaders
​06/06/19   Confirmation
​06/06/19   Principals Afternoon Tea


2019 Family Fee Accounts will be forwarded via email in the next week.
Please check the document and ensure your payment plans are actioned and all is in order.

Finance Staff are able to assist  if you have any queries or concerns.


9 – 12 Years Athletics Carnival 


Not deterred by the rain, the athletes participated in high spirits, competing in 100m and 200m sprints, high jump, long jump, shotput and team novelty events.  The day ended on a high as we cheered on the finalists in the sprint races. 
Congratulations Dirum athletes on bringing your team home victorious.

House Results

1st Dirum
2nd Narwari
3rd Kondari
4th Buthu
2019 Age Champions

​2007 Girls
​Katelyn Relf
​2007 Boys
​Braidan Houliston
​2008 Girls
​Cloe Whitbread
Amarni Delahunty
​2008 Boys
​Lachlan Groves
2009 Girls​
​Annika Greco
​2009 Boys
​Sam Wilson
2010 Girls​
​Sienna Collins
​2010 Boys
​Chase Breen

2019 9-12 Athletics Age Champions.JPG

District Cross-Country Champions

On Tuesday 21 May, Xavier had 104 students represent the College at the Hervey Bay District Cross-Country trials. 
After a bit of rain leading up to the day, the track provided some muddy sections and difficult terrain, making it a true cross-country event. Xavier students represented the College with great distinction, particularly the Senior students in attendance who lead by example through positive actions. 

2019 13Girls Cross Country.jpg

Results as follows…

Secondary School Results:
​​Junior Trophy            (13-15yrs)   Xavier 1st
​Senior Trophy            (16-18yrs)   Xavier 1st
​Overall Trophy           (13-18 yrs)  Xavier 1st
​Percentage Trophy    Xavier 2nd   (FCAC 1st)

​Age Champions:

​Madison Fletcher        12yrs​​
​Rhyan Carthew           15yrs
​Chantelle McCarthy    16yrs
​Toby Powers               16yrs
Jaspa Wright​               17yrs

The Wide Bay Trials are being held in Maryborough on Tuesday 4 June.  Information has been emailed to students who have qualified. Students must make a $9 payment on Qkr and submit Project Consent Form to the sports box by Thursday 30 May 9am.

2019 District Cross Country.jpg


On Monday 27 May, Xavier fielded 2 teams (Senior Boys and Senior Girls) in the AFL Q Cup competition. This was the first round of this competition and was held at Walkers Rd AFL grounds. After a shaky start, the Girls team played well in their second half against USHS, playing with skill and determination to finish positively but not qualifying to go through to the second round. The Senior Boys played two tough games against USHS and Aldridge SHS but managed to win both games and now progress to Round 2 of the competition.

2019 Girls AFL.jpg
2019 Boys AFL.jpg

Secondary Athletics Date Claimer

The Secondary Athletics carnival for all Year 7 to Year 12 students will be held on Thursday 27 and Friday 28 June. Some long-distance events and track nominations will be held in Week 8 prior to all Year 10’s beginning their GECKO experience on Wednesday 13 June. Please stay tuned for more information.


Students from Year 3-12 have been invited to sit the Australian Mathematics Competition in Term 3, Week 3, Thursday 1 August Lesson 1 and 2. 

A letter was given to students in Year 7-12 who were interested last week.  If your child has missed out on a letter and wishes to participate in the competition, they can collect a letter from student reception.

An email was sent home to all parents of students in Year 3-6.
The competition costs $6.50 to enter. It is to be paid via QKR, final payment is to be made by Friday 21 June 2019.

If you have any queries, please email:


As part of the Year 10 Gecko Program students visited the local Career Expo held at the Hervey Bay TAFE Campus.
This event showcased possible future pathways for our students with more than 40 stakeholders participating in the event.
 Our students were encouraged to ask questions and try out activities that were of interest as well as collect resourceful information from exhibitors for future reference. 

The interaction and enthusiasm shown by the students endorsed this event as being worthwhile.

If students have more questions regarding their career they can always make an appointment to talk to our Guidance Officer or Youth Support Coordinator. 

Loanda Moy   |   VET Links Officer/ Acting Youth Support Coordinator

2019 Careers Day1.JPG
2019 Careers Day2.JPG 


Xavier Staff continued the tradition of hosting an event to raise much needed funds and support for Cancer Council Queensland. The afternoon tea took the theme of a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Wonderful food, great conversations and plenty of hats and celebrations to boot.  

2019 Afternoon Tea cancer.jpg


*Any queries regarding school photos should be directed to Academy on the phone number below.

Message from Academy Photography
Families wishing to order any of the additional photos listed below need to do so ‘online’.
All photos ordered will be sent to the parent home address.
Please go to and enter secure shoot key as follows.

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