Newsletter - Term 3, Week 1, 2017


Dear Parents

“A marvelous lesson appeared for me just now as I was exiting through the garage, to come to this little playplace they call an office.

As I opened the garage door, I startled a large moth, which, upon spreading its wings, displayed a bright red "tail" hidden by the motley brown wings, more a "butterfly" than a moth.

It flew immediately to its perceived escape, the circle-topped window where it frantically tried to exit through the invisible wall of closed glass.

I raised the second garage door in hopes of aiding its escape. That caused it to fly higher and higher and become entangled in a spider web. Fearful that it would remain entangled in the web, I selected a long-handled broom to assist it escaping the tangled threads.

At this, it returned to furiously pumping its wings and banging into the glass, which was, in its perspective, the pathway of escape, but remained in its cage.

By simply turning its focus to one side, it would have easily exited its prison. Rather, due to its intent on one direction, it remained confined, captive.”

I came across this story recently and found its message a powerful one.  We can all be a little guilty, from time to time, of taking the easy way out or repeating a mistake that we know won’t do us any good.  At times we can get locked into habits which we know won’t help our situation.  Sometimes we remain fixed in our approach and fail to see the alternatives.  Students face the same dilemma.  For some, poor study habits can be hard to break.  Unfortunately, developing alternative practices is not an easy process and takes high levels of commitment and the support of others.

In the first weeks of this Term, members of the College Leadership Team will speak to a number of students who struggled to apply themselves in Semester One and ask for an improvement.  While promises of change are usually forthcoming, my general warning is that it will take more than words to change the pattern.  A change to the balance of priorities is essential.  Setting smaller goals that must be achieved each week in order to attain the larger goal is a great first step. 

We are working hard to establish an environment that is conducive to learning and academically rigorous.  In effect, we are trying to make sure the focus for students remains on the importance of their academic studies.  At times this means challenging students who we feel are losing focus and getting their priorities out of balance.  The support structures are in place, but require a commitment from the student to work effectively.  Encouragement from home is often crucial to success.

Educating your child is a partnership.  We require parental support in ensuring that an appropriate study environment and routine is established at home.  The questions my wife and I ask ourselves when it comes to our own children are:

  • Has our language emphasized the importance of schoolwork?
  • In addition to asking “How was your day?” have we asked “What did you learn about?”
  • Do we know what assignments and exams are coming up?
  • Did we check our children’s homework?
  • Do we know their study plan for the week and help them to stick to it?
  • Have we checked the environment in which they are working (eg. noise level, lighting, cleanliness)?
  • Are we encouraging (even when they don’t do so well)?
  • Do we spend some leisure time with them and have fun as a family?
I am far from perfect, and the answers to the above questions often provide me with a challenge (Clare’s a bit more vigilant than me – but I’m learning).  But, it emphasizes that we don’t just expect our children’s education to happen at school.  It is just as important that it is happening at home.
Also on the topic of partnerships, I encourage parents to use the communication channels that are on offer.  I have encouraged teachers to make contact with parents early, if signs of trouble emerge.  As I have said on numerous occasions, a report card should not present a shock to a parent.  If a disaster is likely, get to the parents early so they work as part of the team.  Likewise, the reverse is applicable.  If you want to check on your child’s progress, have concerns or need information, please contact the teacher concerned.  Also remember that I am always available to hear your concerns.  While I tend to stay pretty busy, I will always get back to you within 24 hours or have a member of the College Leadership Team return your call if I am unavailable for an extended period.  The bottom line is that we are in this together and the better we can work as a team, the better it will be for your child.

God Bless

Simon Dash


Semester Reports for Years 6 to 8 and Years 11 and 12 will be available on the Parent Portal next week. You will receive an email shortly with details about accessing the Portal and the Reports. Parent Teacher Interviews will also be announced.

We must thank a number of staff who generously gave up time with their families to take our students on wonderful sporting and cultural activities. It is these activities that provide lasting memories for our young people but also give the chance to build relationships between students as well as between staff and students. The activities that were undertaken were:

We thank Mr. Colin Wright for coaching and working with the students - Christina Baumann, Lydia White, Natalie Quattromani and Namoi Shananhan-Giaqunito – to have them ready for a very challenging competition. They performed very well with Lydia receiving a special mention as an up and coming debater. We also thank Mrs. Dani Wright for assisting as Team Manager during the trip.

Once again Xavier took part in this challenging yet rewarding competition which enabled our young men to compete at a high level. The boys had some successes over the week but the rewards come from the experience and camaraderie that they were able to build. We thank Tony McQuaid for all his work in coaching the boys and providing this opportunity and Miss Angela Hogan for again taking on the role of Team Manager (House Mother) for the week and looking after the team.

2017 Xavier Confro team.jpg

QISSN Netball
Ms. Stacy Sulllivan, Xavier Netball Coordinator, was Team Manager for our QISSN Team who performed well in this competition. Stacy, along with Coach Kate Duffield lead a very dedicated team who enjoyed this competition. After months of training and off court team building they were appropriately rewarded. We thank these ladies for their work and giving up time with their own families to take the girls away.

2017 QISSN.jpg

On Saturday 19th August Xavier will take part in this wonderful community event. The theme is “Beach Party” and we are looking to borrow a flat-bed truck on which to build our display. If you can assist us with this please make contact with Head of Junior School, Mr. Russell Davey or Mrs Libby Gaedtke at the College.

Although this important celebration occurred last week, Xavier will celebrate next week with a range of activities for students and an Assembly to mark the many significant events of our Indigenous community.

We are very “excited” to announce our Open Afternoon/Evening on Wednesday 2nd August from 3.30 to 6.30pm in the College Grounds. All Learning Areas as well as all the Programs and extra-curricula offerings that we provide to the students as well as the wider community will have a display. There will be the opportunity to learn about these as well as try out many activities. Imagine walking the “Maths Arcade” or seeing our Debaters in action. Our wonderful practical classes such as Art, Music, Furnishing and Engineering, Hospitality will all be providing active displays. Please spread the word and bring along your family and friends.

Monday and Tuesday this week saw the newly appointed Student Leaders attend their Retreat at Camp Pialba. We thank Mrs Carmel Donnelly and Mr. Brendan McDonald for the work they put into organising and facilitating the workshops for this Retreat. The students undertook team bonding activities, learnt about the qualities of an Ignatian leader and worked with their Heads of House to plan for the next six months.

We believe that this experience allows the students to develop their confidence to lead the student body and work with college staff. We thank the Heads of House for the work they did to assist the students to build House spirit and share it with other students.

Our College Principal. Mr Simon Dash spent a considerable time at the Retreat working with the students and sharing his experiences and thoughts about leadership. We also thank Mrs. Amy Brennan for organising a workshop as well as providing beautiful music for many activities.

Heads of School – Russell Davey & Kerry Sidaway

2017  Yr 11 Leadership retreat.jpg


On Friday the 23rd June, the students in 5.1 celebrated the Feast Day of St. Peter the Fisherman with the church community at Burrum Heads. The students travelled by bus to the Burrum Heads church for a morning Mass, where they joined the Star of the Sea students and church community. Following the Mass, all were treated to a delicious and extensive morning tea overlooking the ocean, on the lawns at Lion’s park. This was kindly provided by the parishioners of the Burrum Heads community and included a sausage sizzle and mouth-watering cakes and slices.  Our students can be commended on their behaviour and how they represented the Xavier College community and Junior School during the Mass and as they chatted to the parishioners and Star of the Sea students.  Thank you to Mrs Amy Brennan and Mrs Sharon Nicoletti for assisting with attending this lovely morning.

Nicole Kilpatrick. 5.1

2017 SOS XCC Church.jpg
We encourage our community to write to Councillor David Lewis to support the proposed pathway to connect to our back gate entrance. You can email him directly:
The extract below can be pasted into the email and adjusted accordingly. Thanks for your support.

Dear Cr Lewis,


I/ we write in support of the proposed pathway connecting the new and existing parking to the back gate access of Xavier Catholic College and would appreciate this next stage of the park development be considered as a priority.

Yours sincerely,

[contact no.]

Bring in the sneakers, formal shoes and sports shoes you don’t need any more and help us send the biggest shipment to Weipa ever! Please, no other types of shoes.
Shoes can be dropped off at student reception any time.
New socks in all sizes gratefully accepted!
Please contact Tami Hammond ( or 4197 1177 for more information
Thank you!

Below are open days for some Queensland Universities.  For further information or for information on other tertiary options, please visit the relevant websites:

Australian Catholic University Brisbane Saturday 22 July
Bond University Gold Coast Saturday 22 July
Central Qld Uni Brisbane Thursday 10 August
Central Qld Uni Bundaberg Saturday 12 August
​Griffith ​All Campuses ​Sunday 23 July
James Cook ​Townsville ​Sunday 13 August
​QUT ​Gardens Point ​Sunday 30 July
QUT ​Caboolture ​Sunday 20 August
​University of Queensland ​St Lucia ​Sunday 6 August
​University of Queensland ​Gatton ​Sunday 20 August
University of Southern Qld ​Toowoomba ​Sunday 13 August
University of Southern Qld ​Ipswich ​Saturday 2 September
​University of Southern Qld ​Springfield ​Sunday 20 August
​University of Sunshine Coast ​Sippy Downs ​Sunday 23 July
The Tertiary Studies Expo (TSXPO) will be held at the RICC Brisbane Showgrounds on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 July between 10am and 4pm.  TSXPO offers a wealth of information:
  • Find out the latest careers, courses and study options available
  • Advice on how to enrol
  • Opportunity to speak to admission staff
  • Meet with interstate and overseas exhibitors
  • Compare course offerings between different providers
  • Information on bursaries and scholarships
  • Costs involved with courses and studies
  • Attend a variety of seminars
  • GAP year and overseas work experiences
  • and a whole lot more!
 Visit the TSXPO website for more information. 

Annie Sexton
Guidance Counsellor (Grades 8-12)

Next term, on Friday 21 July, (second week back), all Xavier students will be celebrating Bastille Day, France’s National Day. All students will be encouraged to come in costume – either as a French personality, a combination of the French colours (red, white and blue) or an outfit reflecting a period of French culture or history. Prizes will be awarded for the best individual and group costumes in each year level.

The day will begin with a special parade, the singing of the national anthem and group presentations reflecting the significance of this special day. Secondary students will be involved in a range of rotational sporting activities like petanque (French bowls), lacrosse and French waiter’s races during the day. There will be a separate program of activities organised for the Junior school students. Morning tea (chocolate éclairs and croissants) will be provided for all students. Lunch (quiche and garlic bread) will be provided for all year 6, 7 and 8 students and any students studying French in years 9, 10, 11 and 12. The afternoon will be devoted to athletics events in preparation for the athletics carnival.

In order to assist with the catering, we need to appeal to your generosity to provide us with donations of quiches and garlic bread for lunch for our years 6-12 French students.
If you can assist, either Quiche, garlic bread, or both please email the details of what you can provide, along with your child's name and class to by Friday July, 14.

Un grand merci,
Madame Swann

Congratulations to our Senior Debating team who competed in the 15th Annual Jesuit Debating Carnival hosted by Saint Ignatius' College Adelaide during the semester break. Students, Naomi Shanahan-Giaquinto, Christina Baumann, Lydia White and Natalie Quattromani conducted themselves beautifully. They worked well as a team and improved their confidence with public speaking by the conclusion of the carnival. It was a rather daunting task for these girls as all except for Naomi have never debated in this style prior to the carnival. Many of the other school coaches were impressed that two of our students were only in Year 10.

There are no opportunities locally to compete in these types of high pressure debates on a regular basis where teams are only given the topic of the debate one hour prior to the debate commencing. They have no access to internet, other reference materials or coaches in their preparation. They managed to come away with a win in their final debate so ended the carnival on a high. Naomi received the award for Spirit of the Carnival for guiding our team and Lydia was awarded with Xavier’s speaker of the carnival for most improved on our team.
The topics that they debated were:
  • That we should forcibly evacuate people from areas prone to natural disasters
  • That streaming services should have a minimum catalog of Australian content
  • That gender quotas for tertiary courses are a necessity
  • That any action on climate change does more harm than good

We congratulate these students. 

2017 Jesuit Debating.jpg

We encourage our students to take advantage of our free tutoring sessions. These sessions have changed slightly from Semester One.

2017 S2 Maths Tutoring.jpg

Term 3 School Fee Accounts were emailed between 21 – 22 June 2017
Payment is due this Friday 14th July 2017.

We are calling for assistance from parents and guardians to offer some of their time to assist in the tuckshop lunch preparations. Either pop in during the day or you can contact Liz Mee via email.


At the end of last term the 8 Years – 12 Years Athletic Carnival was held. We had a little bit of rain to start the day, but the sun shone for the rest of the day. A great day was had by all the students who enjoyed the introduction of ball games. Congratulations to Buthu who won the day, and we will have to wait till the 28th July to see which house is named the overall Athletics winners for this year.

Age Champions
8 Years – Millie Jackson and Sam Wilson
9 Years – Isabelle Martiensen and Blake Tomekovic
10 Years – Katelyn Relf and Rhys Byrnes
11 Years – Kyra Byrnes and Logan Baker
12 Years – Layla Martiensen and Nate Tomekovic

Buthu - 1106
Dirum - 996
Kondari – 953
Narwari - 866

2017 Junior Athletics Carnival.jpg

After weeks of training and several practice games, the Xavier QISSN team left Hervey Bay on the 25th of June and arrived in Brisbane later that day, preparing for the week of exhilarating netball ahead. The Opening Cceremony allowed for all the teams competing to gather together and establish the importance of QISSN netball and in particularly the level of capability girls have in sport.  

Playing on Boondall netball courts, with the support of other Hervey Bay Schools, our families and staff from Xavier, the team was able to finish the week with a total of 9 wins out of 12 games. Whilst excelling individually is important, the paramount focus of the carnival was that the team balanced positions and supported each other to see the best possible outcome on court. Even without the much-needed rest day, the girls managed to push through the injuries, illnesses, and the exhaustion, with the help of late wake-ups, good food and constant support and encouragement from the people that surrounded them.
With the organisation of the teachers, we were able to attend the annual Defence Force talk at the cinemas and view Wonder Woman, keeping in the back of our minds and embracing the fact that we all too could portray determination, strength and sportsmanship on the court, much like a Wonder Woman.

The mixture of ages within the team worked simultaneously, highlighting the persistence, determination, and the bond that we had created within the team, which ultimately lead us to an outstanding result. The Xavier QISSN team ended up finishing 2nd in our division and we couldn’t be any prouder.

Special thanks to:
Special mention to all that supported us along the way, it truly helped us build confidence and enthusiasm within the team, knowing that we had people rallying behind us. The team is very grateful and would like to show our appreciation to the following who attended our games and clapped us on court.

Thank you to our parents and families, for getting us to every training and game and being our number one supporters on the sidelines. Without you guys we would not be able to attend this amazing carnival. Thank you to Mr and Mrs Dash for attending our game, and joining us at our team dinner at the Devil’s leagues club. Thank you to the following teachers; Mr and Mrs Relf, Mr ollier and Mr McDonald for supporting us from the sidelines, and thankyou to Mr Ninnes for keeping everyone updated on our progress throughout the competition. Thank you to Mr McQuaid, Miss Hogan and the confraternity boys for coming to a few of our matches and cheering for us. In return it was a pleasure watching the boys play as well.

The work of both our coach, Miss Duffield, and our manager Miss Sullivan can’t go unnoticed. Driving around in the special gold RSL bus, their work leading up to the carnival was shown on court. Thank you for dealing with everything that came along with 10 teenage girls, for keeping us fed, for taking us to the movies and shopping and for keeping our spirits high the entire time.

Lastly (but not lastly), thank you to our shooters, out centre court girls and our defenders for their incredible effort and manner on and off court. Even after playing 12 tough games, the level of sportsmanship shown towards opponents, determination, praise and encouragement from each and every one of the girls remained the same, to which they should be highly valued for.

Leaving Brisbane on Friday the 30th of June, accepting the losses and praising our accomplishments as a team, after several years of playing at the QISSN carnival, unfortunately for some of us it was our last. Playing QISSN is an incredible honour and privilege for each individual who attends, both representing their school and themselves. QISSN is definitely an amazing opportunity and it is highly recommended to any girls with a passion for the game, and who are willing to represent their school, to participate in the carnival and excel in in their individual netball abilities, and their abilities to work together as a team.

Kind regards,
QISSN 2017 Captain,
Breanna Houliston

2017 QISSN competition.jpg

In the first week of the recent holidays 19 Xavier boys travelled to Brisbane to compete in the 2017 Confraternity Shield Rugby League Carnival.  This carnival (hosted by Padua College), brings together 48 of the best rugby league schools to participate in a carnival underpinned by values including respect, camaraderie and mateship.  Xavier’s boys were joined by 3 players from St Mary’s Kingaroy to make up the full squad of 22. Throughout the week there were numerous examples of Xavier players pushing themselves to make a last-ditch tackle or to make that extra metre when running the ball.  Jack Savage, Will Kluck, Zac Durston and Isaac Mielczarek were tireless in their efforts to get the side on the front foot.  Tom Kidd was outstanding at half as was Griffin Lowe in the hooker role, trying every trick in the book to get points on the board. While Todd Baldwin and Casey Russell always looked dangerous when given the chance out wide. Over the course of the week, Xavier were victorious in 2 of their 6 matches, finishing 4th in their division of 8 teams. Griffin Lowe was awarded the Player of the Carnival for Xavier, while Will Kluck was adjudged winner of the Spirit of Confro award for the side. Throughout the week there was plenty of opportunity for non-league experiences including a rest day trip to Tangalooma Resort, trips to Boondall to support the QISSN girls, team dinner with the netballers and Mr Dash and a trip to the movies. Special thanks must go to Mrs Hogan who cooked, washed, fed and generally looked after 22 teenagers for a week. Her assistance is always greatly appreciated.  Thanks also to Mark Lowe who gave up his time to travel with the team as strapper, medical officer and on-field trainer. His experience and advice proved invaluable over the week. We look forward to Mark joining us again in 2018. We would also like to thank the Hervey Bay RSL & CSG Law for their generous sponsorship of the side, assisting in bringing the cost down for Xavier families.  We look forward to making the trek to Charters Towers for Confraternity 2018.

2017 Confo sponsors.jpg


​Match ​Opponent ​Result
​1 ​Mt Maria Mitchelton
​L 6-12
​2 ​St Anthony's Townsville ​L 4-18
​3 ​St Augustines Springfield ​W 22-12
​4 ​Good Shepherd Mt Isa ​W 20-12
​5 ​Emmaus Jimboomba ​L 6-18
​6 ​Chisolm College Cornubia ​L 20-22
2017 Confro competition.jpg

The athletics season is nearly here! With Narwari wining this year’s Swimming Carnival and Buthu taking out Cross-Country, who will reign supreme in this year’s Athletics Carnival? Please see below for the scheduling of events. Families are invited to come and watch students compete in all the athletics disciplines. Senior students are reminded that they are expected to remain at school (during normal access time) on the afternoon of Friday 21st July to participate in Field Event rotations.

Overview of Events

​Thursday 20 July ​10:40 - 11:20am ​1500m Events
(all age groups)
​Friday 21 July
​12:45 - 3:00pm
​3 x Field Event Rotations
(All age groups - see details below)
​Monday 24 July ​10:40 - 11:20am ​3000m Events
(not for Age Championship points)
​Tuesday 25 July
​10:40 - 11:20am ​800m Events
(all age groups)
​Thursday 27 July
​1:30 - 3:00pm ​200m Events
(all age groups)
All-age Shuttle Relay
Teacher vs Students Relay
​Friday 28 July ​8:40am - 3:00pm ​Athletics Day
(see details below)

Schedule of Events – Friday 21st July

​TIME ​13
(2004 - WHITE)
(2003 - ORANGE)​
(2002 - BLACK​)
(2001 - PURPLE)​
(2000 - PINK)​
​12:45 - 1:30 ​Shot Put ​Javelin ​Triple Jump ​High Jump ​Discus
​1:30 - 2:15 ​Javelin ​Long Jump ​High Jump ​Discus ​Triple Jump
​2:15 - 3:00 ​Long Jump ​High Jump ​Discus ​Triple Jump
​Shot Put

Schedule of Events – Friday 28th July – ATHLETICS DAY

​TIME ​13
(2004 - WHITE)
(2003 - ORANGE)​
(2002 - BLACK​)
(2001 - PURPLE)​
(2000 - PINK)​
​8:40 ​JPAC for roll-marking and Opening Ceremony (including War Cries) ​ ​ ​ ​
​9:15 ​Girls Discus
Boys High Jump
​Triple Jump ​Shot Put ​Long Jump Javelin​
​10:00 ​100m ​100m 100m​ 100m​ 100m​
​10:30 ​Girls High Jump
Boys Discus
Shot Put​ Javelin​ Long Jump​
​11:15 ​Triple Jump Girls Discus​ Long Jump​ Shot Put​ Boys High Jump​
​12:00 ​400m ​400m 400m​ 400m​ 400m​
​1:00 Boys Discus​ Javelin​ Girls High Jump​
1:45​ ​Relays ​Relays ​Relays ​Relays ​Relays
​2:30 ​WAR CRIES and THE XAVIER GIFT (Boys Gift 8-17yrs and Girls Gift 8-17yrs)
​ ​ ​ ​
​2:45 ​Presentations (JPAC) ​ ​ ​ ​

2017 Xavier Gift.JPG

2017 SOS Trivia Night.png

2017 XCC Aussie Hoops term 3.JPG

Chunky Dunks get ready to register yourself for a mere discount rate of $10 this FRIDAY.
Please join my MS Swimathon team!
Anyone, any age, any fitness, we have a team of all ages.
Swim a little, swim a lot, or stay dry and count laps... and moral support!
Hervey Bay event Sunday 17th September, 2017 - registrations open this Friday and are discounted only on that launch day.
You will find Chunky Dunks Team on the website this Friday, go to:

2017 MS Swimathon.jpg

Get Started Vouchers
Get Started Vouchers - funding to help young people participate
Round 10 opens for voucher applications on 12 July 2017.
Refer a young person for a Get Started Voucher
Where you know a child/young person who does not have access to a Centrelink Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card but requires financial support to join their local sport or recreation club, you may wish to refer them to the program.

Little Athletics.jpg