Newsletter - Term 3, Week 10, 2020

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From the Pen of the Principal 

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Musical Magic!!!

For those who managed to see our College Musical, ‘The Wizard of Oz’, last week, I am sure that all would have come away mightily impressed. Every aspect was brilliant from the acting, singing and dancing to the costumes and sets. It truly was an awesome display of talent. While our COVID-safe Plan restricted the numbers at the two evening shows, the matinees allowed for every student to see the performance. I have been around the block awhile and seen many, many School Musicals. This one was simply superb.

Such a show does not come about by accident. The dedication and commitment of staff to provide our students with this opportunity was extraordinary. As Principal, your heart swells with pride when you see your students perform so well. It also fills with gratitude and admiration when you see such a large number of staff freely giving of their time to benefit our students.

While I thank all involved, I will take the risk of singling out two for special mention. Our Producer, Paul Damms and our Director, Jonathan Dunn, were the heart and soul of the production and sacrificed so much time, sweat and effort to ensure it came to fruition. We are blessed to have such fine people in our community whose love of the performing arts makes Xavier Catholic College all the richer. Thank you and congratulations (and what is the next one going to be?).

2020 Musical.JPG

Values Vision and Mission Statements

Last Friday I sent out a first draft of the reworded Values Vision and Mission Statements. It was a difficult process to take the rich feedback provided and mould the community’s wisdom into a series of simple, yet meaningful statements. As these statements will be foundational to our work together moving forward, I would welcome any feedback from Students, Parents and Staff to ensure it captures the essence of our shared values and aspirations as the Xavier Catholic College community. The draft reads as follows:

Our Values

Respect: Our school recognises that respect is basis of all relationships and seeks to work in an atmosphere of mutual trust where everyone’s contribution is valued.

Truth: Our school is an educational community where the quest for knowledge, enlightened by faith, is desired by all. 

Compassion: Our school stands in solidarity with all who suffer and seeks ways to bring them comfort with an attitude of joy and service.

Acceptance: Our school welcomes difference and accepts each person for who they are, appreciating the uniqueness of their feelings, thoughts, opinion and identity. 

Gratitude: Our school appreciates the gifts of life, love and laughter that come to us each day and remembers to say thank you to others and to God for these blessings. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a quality Catholic education in the Jesuit tradition which encourages all to strive for their personal best and to aspire to make a positive difference to the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a liberating education founded upon excellence and equity.

We strive to be an inclusive community that welcomes each person with profound respect. 

We encourage all to be ‘women and men for others’ who are dedicated to seeking justice.

We commit to living our shared values and the vision of Saint Francis Xavier.

End of Term Message

Where did Term Three go? I think the unusual nature of 2020 and the constant adjustments that we have had to make has caused time to fly. I express my thanks to the community for your patience and ability to adapt. I especially thank our Year 12 students. There are so many things that students look forward to in their Senior year that have not been able to happen, or at least not in their usual form. Added to this, it is worth remembering that this was the class that were the first Year 7’s in Secondary and the first to undertake the new Queensland Certificate of Education, with the ATAR system and the return of External Exams. With all that has happened, I have been so impressed with their resilience and fortitude. They have taken things in their stride, with good humour and strength of spirit. Congratulations to all. You have been excellent role models.

As students and staff ready themselves for the Term Three holiday break, I express my gratitude for the hard work of learning and teaching that has occurred so far this year. I hope all have an opportunity for some rest and recreation. When we return for the final home stretch of 2020 let us do so with the focus and discipline that strives to achieve our very best in all things.

Peace and Blessings

Simon Dash


Upcoming Dates

Athletics 9-12 years Discus & 800m
17/09/2020Yr6 Parent Evening – Relationships/Sexuality Education
18/09/2020Yr 3-6 (9-12yrs) Athletics Carnival
Last day of Term 3
5/10/2020Queen's Birthday Holiday
06/10/2020First day of Term 4
 Y11 Hospitality Excursion to Salt Cafe
 Y12 Mock Exam Block​​


From the Head of School – Primary: Mr Russell Davey  

Primary School - Excellence at XCC Award recipients 

These awards are for students who have demonstrated one or more of the following SAIL Expectations. 

  We are Safe 

  We Act Responsibly 

  We Interact Respectfully 

  We Love to Learn 

2020 Primary Excellence Certificate.jpg 


Award recipients Term 3, Week 8




Oliver Donohue

Abbie Trevillion


Blake Campbell

Ava Ilka


Xander Day

M-Jay Price


Niamh Baker


Andrew Heydon


Lachy Lowe


Alannah Blanke


Annabelle Trembath


Jason Bradley


Meg Collier


Madison Gibson


Shiloh Scott


Holly McWilliam


Alexis Baker


Emerson Frainey


Tyler Houliston

Pia McCue


Caolan Gilbert


Olivia Ikonen


Rhys Rockliffe


Madison Smith

Cooper Gray


Taylah Mitchell

Award recipients Term 3, Week 9




Harlow Finnigan

Loki Parker


Erik Thomas


Dixie Blaikie


Leona Murray


Sophie Loague


Austin Beadle


Abby Sargent


Sienna Farrell


Baylie Rowell


Lachlan Williams


Madison Gray


Owain Eke


Bajiri Eayrs


Zoe Anderson


Monique McIvor-Joy


Bryce Harris

Tayla Abraham


Jasper Heir


Lily Ferguson


Eloise Tinker


Lucy Bond​

From the Head of School – Secondary: Ms Tameika Grist

As we come to the end of what has been another Term this year, we are grateful that we have made it through the entire Term entirely on site. While some restrictions have eased we have recognised that the events and plans we normally expect to have across the school year can not run as normal this year. Thank you for your understanding and compliance for those that have managed to attend a couple of events lately.

​For those parents able to secure tickets to our Musical – The Wizard of Oz, I am sure you shared in the joy and amazement that such a high calibre performance was achieved during this year especially. I know that the cast started their rehearsals during the ‘At Home’ Learning’ stage of the year, and to see what they achieved under trying conditions, was nothing short of outstanding; all involved are to be commended, and many of those commendations are shared throughout this Newsletter. A big thank you must also go to the parents for supporting their children through the many after-hours rehearsals. Thank you for your dedication and support with transport and encouragement. These things cannot happen without you.


End of Year Celebration Events:

As we turn our eyes to the end of year stretch, we need to let all families know, that we have had to cancel our traditional Celebration Awards Evenings. Both the 7 – 9 Celebration Night and the 10 – 12 Night have been cancelled.

The Year 12s will have their awards given in a special Graduation Evening event on Wednesday 18th November at the Brolga Theatre, parents will have received separate communication around the arrangements necessary for this evening.

​The Years 7 – 11 students will have an Awards Assembly hosted at school. Unfortunately, with current COVID restrictions, we will not be able to have any families in our Assembly with us. We will live stream the Awards Ceremony for families to watch. This is scheduled for the Wednesday 4 November approximately 9.00 - 11.00 am.


Final Assembly for Year 12 students: Friday 20 November 9.00 – 10.30am 

This event is also traditionally attended by family and friends. This year we can offer limited seats to parents of Year 12s to watch a live stream in the GOA and Campion Theatres. Families may also watch on their own devices. We would then at the end of the Assembly invite those parents/families available to come out on to the oval and create a ‘COVID Safe’ Guard of honour around the edge of the oval. We will need to have parents pre-register to fulfil our requirements for our COVID plan. That will be set up closer to the date.

It is sincerely disappointing to not be able to share the celebration of finishing another school year together as a community. We do hope that as families you are able to plan ahead to come together sharing with your children, reflections of the lessons learnt this year, the celebration of goals achieved and recognise the successes that come with each year of schooling regardless of age.

Wizard of Oz - from the Producer

Before the Sun Sets in the Land of Oz I would like to officially offer my vote of thanks for what has been a truly amazing experience.  I am sure that everyone would agree.

We are all very aware of the challenges that we have encountered in this most difficult year.  Producing a major musical has been no exception.  With so many productions, bands, choirs and community groups being shut down it is such a credit to the Xavier Community that we were able run the show.  For this opportunity I would like to thank Simon and the CLT for their unwavering support in allowing the production to go ahead.


  • Mr Jonathan Dunn – I do not have enough words to describe how amazing you are. Your dedication, patience and directing excellence is a credit to you as not just a teacher but a person.

  • Ms Claire Sinclair – The amount of time and effort you have put into the show can never be fully appreciated, you are indeed a Superwoman.  I know how many weekends you and Alex sacrificed.  Many, many thanks.

  • My Amazing Wife, Ms Bev Damms– The costumes looked spectacular.  I know how much time was put into their creation.

  • Maddison Challies – The dance scenes were so professional.  What a future this young lady has.

  • Mr Patrick Donnelly & Ms Geena White – So much work you put in during rehearsals and the running of the show that made it all possible.

  • Mr John Donnelly & Mr Michael Thompson – The house actually looked liveable and was a feature of the show.

  • Mrs Jennifer Gilshennan and Mrs Sonia Milopolous – How can we have Oz without a Yellow Brick Road and Talking Trees?

  • Mrs Ana Lovric – Thank you for the creation of the Munchkins.

  • Ms Kate Duffield, Mrs Tracey Grambower, Mrs Gerry Glass, Mrs Alison McGovern & Mrs Janine Ritter – Thank you for help in the dressing room and front of house.

  • Mr Matthew Ninnes & Jazmyn Hanily – We couldn't have done it without the video footage.

  • Mr Nathan Milne, Mr Matthew Ninnes, Mr Colin Wright & Mr Michael Tyrell – The students got such a thrill working with you and everyone loved seeing you on stage.

  • Mrs Kareana Jensen – Always there when something needed to be done.

  • Mrs Amy Brennan & Ms Angela Hogan – Every show needs a Tuckshop!

  • Mrs Julie Westbrook – Always there to assist with budgeting and seating arrangements. *I may have gone a bit over budget ☹

  • Ms Marion Bridle – Thank you for your continued smiling presence keeping parents informed.

  • Xavier Staff – Thank you for your 'tolerance' during the last 2 weeks.  I know that the production has been a disruption to daily routine and I thank you for your support.

  • Cast and Crew – Totally Amazing, no other words can describe what they have achieved.

  • All Xavier Students – Please congratulate your students.  In my 15 years at Xavier I have never seen the students of Xavier behave in a more respectful manner during a long presentation, which is no doubt contributed to the high quality of the performances.

I know that as a Music Teacher and Dean of Arts I may be a little biased, but this production has been a bright light in a somewhat dark year.  Everyone involved will certainly remember it for many years to come.

Paul Damms

2020 Oz composite.jpg

​The Back Together Art Project

The Back Together Art Project wraps up on Friday with all art sent through to the designer for the creation of the school banner. Each P.C group in the Secondary School have completed a set of templates. Every Primary class has also participated in a collaborative art process resulting in amazing and spectacular mini murals (as you can see below!) Even the staff of Xavier Catholic College have been completing their own templates to contribute toward the mural!

This project has been enriching and has creatively brought together the entire school community.  The result will be spectacular as there are over 1000 templates contributing to the banner!

Kareana Jensen

The Arts, Primary School

2020 Back together art project.jpg

Term 4 Primary Swimming Lessons

Prep to Year 4 will attend swimming lessons at Elders Swim Centre on a Thursday, starting Week 1, 8th October. They will swim each week up to and including week 7, 19th November.

Year 5 and 6 will attend swimming lessons at the Hervey Bay Aquatic Centre on a Friday, starting Week 1, 9th October. They will swim each week up to and including Week 8, 27th November.


Primary Swimming Carnivals

The Prep to Year 3 Swimming Carnival will be held at Elders Swim Centre on Thursday the 26th November.

Xavier Primary Swimming Carnival will be held on the 30th October at the Hervey Bay Aquatic Centre. This Carnival is for all students in year 4, 5 and 6. Advanced swimmers in Year 3, born 2011 and advanced swimmers in Year 7, born 2008 will be asked to nominate if they wish to attend the carnival.

From this carnival, the XCC Swim team will be selected. The HBD Swimming Carnival will be held on Friday the 20th November at the Hervey Bay Aquatic Centre.

More details about these events will be emailed to parents.

Helen Hatchett


Primary Athletics Carnival

On Friday the 18th September we invite you to come and support the Year 3 to Year 6 students at the Xavier Catholic College Primary Athletics Carnival. This event will take place on the senior oval starting at 9am. Students are encouraged to bring food from home, as break times are short. Parents are welcome to visit the canteen throughout the day. Don't forget students are to wear their house shirts and are encouraged to bring their best team spirit.

800m events will take place on Thursday the 17th September starting at 2pm.

Parents and supporters are welcome to attend. Please follow correct COVID registration procedures.​


TIME8 years9 years10 years11 years12 years
9:00100m 200mLong JumpHigh JumpShot PutBall games
9.45Ball Games100m 200mLong JumpHigh JumpShot Put
10.301ST BREAK
11.00Shot PutBall Games100m 200mLong JumpHigh Jump
11.45High JumpShot PutBall Games100m 200mLong Jump
12.302ND BREAK
1.00Long JumpHigh JumpShot PutBall Games100m 200m
1.45100m and 200m Finals


Year 4 South Australian Pen Pals

Year 4 were excited to receive replies from their South Australian 'Pen Pals'.​

2020 Pen Pals SA.jpg

Book Week Finale

Our final activity for Book Week takes place this week. All the primary classrooms have been madly decorating their classroom doors with creatures far and wide because this year's Book Week theme is, “Curious Creatures, Wild Minds."  The children love the opportunity to look at all the other classroom doors and one child in each class from Year 3 to Year 6 has been chosen to be an official “DOOR" judge. Which class will take the honours and be awarded, DECORATE THE DOOR CHAMPION, 2020?

2020 Book Week Doors.jpg

Blood Drive

Xavier Catholic College is proud to be a part of  Lifeblood Teams; the group donation program from Australian Red Cross Lifeblood and we would like to extend the opportunity to our eligible (18 year old) Year 12 students to join the team.

1 in 3 of us will rely on life saving blood or blood products during our lifetime but only 1 in 30 people donate. Many of our Year 12 students have expressed an interest in becoming a blood donor. It would be appreciated if you could discuss this opportunity with your son/daughter.

For any eligible students willing to donate, you can contact Australian Red Cross Life Blood on 13 14 95, download and register via the Life Blood app or contact Kate Duffield for more information. 

When you do make an appointment please don't forget to the let the staff at the blood bank know you wish to a part of the Xavier Red 25 donation team. 

2020 Blood Drive.jpg

Kondari Mission Week – Thank You

Thank you to the XCC community for your support during Kondari Mission Week. Due to your generosity we were able to present St Vincent de Paul with an overwhelming number of hampers and a cheque for $645!

2020 Kondari Mission1.jpg2020 Kondari Mission2.jpg2020 Kondari Mission3.jpg

Primary School Reflection Sessions

Last Friday Mrs Amy Brennan and her team of helpers led the first of our many sessions with our primary students on friendship and kindness.  Our year 5's were engaged in a game of silent friendship bingo followed by making friendship bookmarks which affirmed others in their year level.  The afternoon was well received by our year 5 students and teachers and we hope that you had a chance to discuss with your child what others wrote about them.  This week Mrs Brennan continues to offer these special moments of thankfulness and gratitude with all our primary classes.  What a blessing to have people like Mrs Brennan in our community.  A big shout out to our student leaders who are and will be assisting with these sessions also.  What a wonderful Magis moment, being more for and with others.​

2020 Reflective Sessions.jpg

Maths Tutoring​ - Year 7-12 Semester 2






​Before School
8:00 - 8:30 am

​Mr Relf



​Mrs Wright


Mrs Glass

Rm 18

​First Break
11:15 - 11:35 am

​Mr Tyrrell

Rm 48

​Mr King

Rm 12

Mrs Buxton

Rm 48

​Mr Riley


​After School
3:05 - 4:00pm


Miss Murtagh


​Mrs Ritter & Hourigan



Maths Pathway – Year 7-9 Growth Gurus 

Each fortnight we will be recognising the students who have mastered six or more new mathematical concepts for the cycle. These students have achieved rocket status for their growth rate. 

 Maths Growth Gurus.jpg






Jobe Delahunty

Claire Hall

Helena Orr

Bianca Piggott

Jye Buckley

Lily Hare

Toby Railz

Summer Wilson

Addyson Frainey

Ash Ewart

Imogen Collins

Zeteny Barton-Bako

Lyla Tobin

Pheonix Driver

James Stanton

Mckenzie Taylor

Rosie Koai

Seth Keal

Corey Howe

Amelia Stow

Anabel Wilson

Sopie Barry

Isabelle Frawley

Tanzi Rowell

Hunter Murray

Emily Powers

Lily Carbone

Max Cooper

Jackson Dundas

Lehansa Jayasinghe

Abby Shipp

Hayden Ludgate

Aylah Petersen

Kailey Pritchard

National Week of Solidarity - #No Child Left Behind

This week is Child Protection Week and we would like to take this opportunity to point to the crisis facing children and young people seeking asylum during the Covid-19 pandemic. The National Week of Solidarity is from 6 - 12 September 2020. Late last term our school community discussed and shared the issues facing people seeking asylum during the COVID-19 current crisis. These issues have continued to impact this sector of our Australian community.


There are currently around 16,000 children and young people seeking asylum in Australia, and their families have been significantly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic - economically, socially and emotionally. Many people seeking asylum work in highly precarious, service-oriented sectors, and we have seen huge job losses among this group. Despite this, they remain ineligible for any substantive government support - JobSeeker, JobKeeper and some don't even have access to Medicare. As such there is a huge need in our community, as people are forced into destitution, including being unable to buy food, medicines or pay rent.


Families seeking asylum are embedded into the communities they live in, particularly through children attending local schools. Teachers, principals and parents are seeing the direct impacts of the government's policies in their schools with some of their students becoming completely destitute. Whilst it may not be as easy to see here in our Wide Bay community, it is still an issue of justice in our Australian landscape. The National Week of Solidarity invites school students and school communities to show their support to other children their age, who are trapped in unfortunate and horrible circumstances.  It is an opportunity to raise awareness within school communities on the refugee crisis.


If you feel moved by this and would like some action to take place, please join the 7000 others who have signed the latest petition which focuses on children.

Blessings Carmel Donnelly


Xavier Alumni

Xavier Alumni, Mallory and Jackson Tuche, 2014, 2016 respectively have been achieving amazing things. Jackson has just graduated with his trade in Mechanical Aero Skills at Wagga for the Australian Army. He will now move to Oakey and then Sydney, for the next component of training specialising in MRH 90 helicopters.

Mallory is completing her 5th year of a Bachelor of Pharmacy including 12mths Internship at the Royal Brisbane Hospital, achieving many academic awards and a GPA of just under 7. She is a Commissioned Lieutenant in the Australia Army as a Pharmacist for the year she applied. Mallory is posted to Darwin in January 2021 for 2 years, but is also considering furthering her study in Medicine to become a Surgeon, or an Academic University lecturer or researcher. She has also travelled the world extensively, living a childhood dream of climbing to Mt Everest base camp, which she did at 18yrs of age.

We are incredibly proud of our Alumni, and it is wonderful to see them achieving their dreams. Both Mallory and Jackson will see active service overseas in the future, and we know that both are very proud to wear the Army uniform.​

2020 Tuche.jpg

From the Junior School Guidance Counsellor

Supporting positive behaviour through praise and encouragement

Praise is sharing with your child the things you like or appreciate about them or their behaviour. Descriptive praise extends upon this idea in ensuring there is specificity in sharing exactly what it is about the behaviour you appreciate. An example might be: ‘I love how you are such a caring brother/sister when you share your toys’ or something similar. Praise, particularly descriptive praise, can be a helpful tool in supporting behaviour change. Evidence suggests that children are more likely to repeat behaviour that elicits praise than they are to reduce the frequency of behaviour which is punished. Watch for times when your child is behaving well and get your child’s attention before telling them what it is you like about what they are doing. At first, provide praise every time you see the desired behaviour, reducing the frequency of praise as the behaviour becomes more naturally ingrained in your child’s behavioural repertoire.

Remember too, it is important to praise effort as well as achievement as this will not only assist to shape positive behaviours, but support your child’s self esteem too. Encouragement is the praising of effort, which encourages your child to have a go at things and try their best. Some children, especially those who are low on confidence, may require a great deal more praise of effort than other children. When praise is focused on effort and not achievement, children are more likely to conceptualise success as a process of trying their best, rather than a successful outcome. This will support them to manage challenges and have a go at difficult things as they continue to grow.

Tanya Gripske, Guidance Counsellor

The definition of perfection (faultless and flawless) is both unrealistic and unattainable. A perfect life is one full of contrast. If your life goes up and down and you drive down good and not so good roads, then you are already perfect.​

Sports News

Secondary District Athletics Carnival

It is pleasing to announce that a District Secondary Athletics Carnival will be held in Week 3 of Term 4 on Thursday 22nd October. In light of many other schools in Hervey Bay not holding an athletics carnival this year, it has been decided that a modified format will be in place for this year's District Carnival. The modified format includes the following conditions:
- one day event on Thursday 22nd October (points and trophy up for grabs)
- 10 students selected from each year level Yr 7-12 (5 boys and 5 girls).
- 5 events (long jump, triple jump, shot put, 100m, 800m and relays)

Students will be selected from our interhouse carnival's results with the top 5 all-rounders for each year level (12yr old Year 7's will be considered).

Looking forward to Xavier giving their BEST for this event.


QLD All Schools Touch Football

A reminder to all touch players that Qkr Payment and Consent, plus the Travel and Accommodation Form is due back by this Friday 18th September 9am. Best wishes to all 5 teams competing 1st week in Term 4. You have trained brilliantly this term and deserve to play well at the tournament.


Trash to Treasure Competition

Don't forget the Fraser Coast Trash To Treasure Competition is running!  You will have holidays to complete your artwork.  Mrs Jensen is happy to organise the art being delivered to Maryborough after the holidays, so touch base with her if you are putting together something.   Some students in the Primary School are working on a few projects and we look forward to seeing the final results!​

Waste Art Comp1.jpg

Waste Art Comp2.jpg​​

Community Notices

Elders Advert Term 3 Week 8 2020.JPG

Girls Cricket.jpg