Newsletter - Term 3, Week 3, 2017

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Dear Parents and Carers

Next Wednesday, 2nd August, Xavier Catholic College will be holding its X-CITE Open Day. The afternoon will begin at 3.30pm and conclude at 6.00pm. I would like to extend an invitation to all our current families to come along and have a look at a breathtaking showcase of our teaching and learning activities and facilities. Please drop in at any time throughout the afternoon.

Our staff have been in overdrive in preparing demonstrations and interactive displays to give you a glimpse of the brilliant programs we offer to our students. It’s sure to amaze you how education has been transformed in recent years by technology and the latest research into best practice to enhance learning. We will have student tour guides on hand if you wish to hear about their educational experiences at Xavier.

We are also welcoming prospective families to come and have a look. If you know of a family that haven’t yet made up their minds about which school they wish to send their child, please invite them to come along.

I look forward to seeing you here at the College for what should prove to be an X-CITING afternoon.

Kind regards
Simon Dash


Dear Parents/Caregivers

Catholic Education Week will be celebrated across Queensland from 23 - 29 July this year. This annual event is held to promote the special ethos of Catholic schools and to highlight the great things that take place in Catholic schools every day. The theme for this year’s celebrations is:  Sharing the Journey.

Pope Francis has said: "Today, we need a Church capable of walking at people’s side, of doing more than simply listening to them; a Church which accompanies them on their journey. The whole journey of life is a journey of preparation…to see, to feel, to understand the beauty of what lies ahead, of the homeland towards which we walk. What is important is the whole journey by which we arrive at the mission the Lord entrusts to us."

Catholic education strives to make a difference in the lives of those in our schools and in the wider community by challenging young people to live out the message of Jesus and to reach their full potential as compassionate, contributing, life-giving members of society.

During Catholic Education Week 2017, Catholic education communities across Queensland are invited to celebrate how they are sharing the journey. There are 302 Catholic schools in Queensland that educate around 146,000 students and employ more than 18,500 teachers and staff, and most will celebrate Catholic Education Week in some way. Our school is planning a number of activities during the week and we hope you are able to join in the celebrations with us.I thank you for your ongoing support and look forward to seeing you during Catholic Education Week 2017.

2017 CEW Mass.jpg

An idea for each day of Catholic Education Week that families could try:
  • Begin a family gratitude journal for all family members to jot down little things that they are grateful for. Younger children could draw what they are grateful for or have an older sibling or parent scribe for them. After school, ask your child to talk firstly about 3 good things that happened in the day and then one solved problem.
  • Think about ways that your family might be able to practise sharing with our community such as feeding the hungry, helping the homeless, visiting the sick, helping the poor, comforting those who are sad or lonely, forgiving others e.g. donating used toys or clothing; visiting people in nursing homes or aged care facilities and spending time with them e.g. reading the newspaper to them or playing a game of cards with them.
  • Create a short end-of-day ritual to ask for and extend forgiveness to members of your family. “Do not let the sun set on your anger” (Eph. 4:26).
  • Make a point to smile, greet or make conversation with others you may meet throughout your day or week.
  • Before you begin a family dinner, light a candle and join hands with everyone at your table for a moment of silence. Pray silently for peace; peace in your hearts, peace in your families and peace in our world. This could also happen at the end of a shared meal.
God bless

Simon Dash


Stockland School Rewards
We are pleased to report that the College has joined a new program sponsored by Stockland to give us the opportunity of winning vouchers from JB Hi-Fi. Every dollar spent by you, our families as customers can be allocated to Xavier Catholic College. The school with the most points per students at the end of the promotional period will win. The competition opens this Thursday 27th July and the first step is to register either at Customer Care desk (located near Jamaica Blue) or online at From then on you can participate by making a purchase at any store at Stockland Hervey Bay.

Brisbane Catholic Education Visitors
Last week we welcomed Deputy Director, Doug Ashleigh and this week, Paul Thornton, Director of North Area to our College. Both visitors spoke with a range of staff and also visited classrooms and discussed with students how their learning was going and where they went when they needed help. Overall our visitors were very impressed with our classes, programs and teachers.

Catholic Education Week Mass
This week welcomed Fr. Regi to the College to celebrate our annual Mass and the induction of our new student leaders for 2017/18. We also acknowledged three staff who were nominated for Excellence in Teaching Awards earlier this year. We congratulated
  • Ms. Jo Kliendienst
  • Miss Emma Broom
  • Ms. Laura Stringer

2017 CEW Mass2.jpg
Opportunities for students

As always across the College there was a diverse range of activities offered to students to interest and excite them as well as extend and reinforce their learning.
  • A visit to the Wide Bay Water Plant by Chemistry students
  • St. Vincent de Paul Sleep out
  • Hospitality excursion to Aquavue
  • A range of sporting competitions were also held
Bastille Day Celebrations
We thank Madam Swann and her team of French teachers for providing us with a joyous celebration of all things French. We had the annual costume parade with many students putting together very innovative costumes as well as enjoying a lunch of croissants and quiche. Senior students who travelled to France earlier this year wrote a wonderful paly that gave us a hint of their many adventures on their travels.

Cooper’s Chair Dedication
On Tuesday our Prep to Year 3 students took part in a dedication liturgy for our Early Years’ Friendship Seat, in honour of Cooper Christensen. This was a very special and moving occasion, and a lovely way of continuing Cooper's spirit within our school community. The seat is now a place for students to use, particularly if they are feeling alone and seeking friendship. The seat was constructed by Senior Students under the guidance of Mr Donnelly.

2017 Coopers Seat.jpg
Heads of School - Russell Davey & Kerry Sidaway

  • 28 July- Yrs 6-12 Athletics Carnival
  • 1 August - Yr 11-12 ECOM Heroes Unit Movie Event
  • 2 August - Open Day X-Cite
  • 2 August - Middle/Senior Awards Assembly
  • 3 August - Yr 3-6 Junior Choir Gympie Eisteddfod
  • 4 August - Business Managament / Physics Dreamworld Marketing & 2D Motion Excursion
  • 6 August - Kondy Park Teddy Bears Picnic (Junior Choir & Senior Early Childhood)
  • 7 August - Kondari Mission Week
  • 7 August - Maryborough Eisteddfod (Jnr Choir 7-11am, Mini Singers 9-11am, Snr Choir 12-3pm)

Year 11 Retreat
Recently, our Grade 11 cohort was given the opportunity to take part in a retreat with a group from NET Ministries. Throughout the day we learned how we could better embrace ourselves and each other through faith, leadership and a whole lot of FUN!

Overall, the day gave us a surreal opportunity to bond with our class mates and to learn how to work with each other as a cohort in our last couple of years of schooling in leading our school. It also allowed us to learn how we can incorporate our faith into everyday actions and how to allow faith to help us find who we are. The day was an excellent and fun way to incorporate faith and our cohort.   It encouraged us to rise to the challenge of being a better version of ourselves in all our endeavours, in and after school.

Jack Buckley, Alexandria Pronk, Grace Lunn & Hayden Kubler.

2017 11 Leadership Retreat.jpg

Kerry Swann Papal Blessing
Foundation Xavier princial Kerry Swann received a Papal Blessing as part of the Catholic Education Week mass activities at the 9.00 am mass at Saint Joseph’s Parish on Sunday. The gift was in acknowledgement of his contribution to Catholic Education and to the parish over the 40 years he has been in the region, in his role as a teacher, Deputy Principal and Principal.
2017 Swann Papal blessing.jpg

One World, One Family - Bastille Day Festivities
Through our NAIDOC and Bastille Day festivities this week, our college celebrated the important contribution that the languages and culture of many people make to our own community. We also recognised that despite our differences we are, in fact, part of one global family. “One World, One Family”, the theme of this year’s Bastille Day celebration, was reflected in all aspects of the day’s festivities. The college was filled with costumes mirroring many different historical and cultural aspects of the French nation and the programme of events was a true reflection of our chosen theme.

The day began with a very touching liturgy reminding us all that our school is made up of people from all continents and all walks of life, yet we are all part of the one community, one family and that it is days like Bastille Day where we celebrate the diverse cultures that bring us together. We stopped to give thanks for the lives we were blessed with and to remember the victims of the recent tragedies which have impacted on our global family.

The presentation by senior French students, “Remy’s Amazing Adventure” focussed on the occasion of this year’s 70th anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival.  The play featured the introduction of a brand new category to this festival; that of the most famous cartoon character. The list of nominees featured Buzz Lightyear, Superman, Woody, Tigger, Scooby Doo, Mickey, Minnie, Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Shrek, Madeline, Madame Clavel and even the Minions. However, the most popular candidated would have to have been, Remy from the highly-acclaimed children’s movie, Ratatouille. He tells the story of how after being separated from his family, Linguini, Collette and Emile, he joins the students of Xavier Catholic on the French tour they embarked upon during the Easter break this year. Images of the highlights of their journey flashed across the big screen as memories and recollections were shared in an amusing and entertaining way via our very capable narrators in the guise of Elsa and Ana. The highlight of the presentation was the finale as characters chose partners from the audience to join them on stage as they danced to the strains of the 25th Anniversary song of Paris Disneyland, “Every day’s a celebration”.

The masses were kept fed and happy all day with a range of activities and an assortment of French delicacies – croissants, éclairs, quiche and garlic bread. It was a fantastic day of celebration, where each of us was reminded that we do live in a world full of different faces and different places but a world where we are members of one global family.

Loretta Swann –French Teacher

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Second Hand Uniform Sale
P&F Second Hand Uniform Sale. 
Monday 21st August. 2.00pm – 5.30 pm.
Cash Only.
GOA Foyer

Tuckshop Orders for Friday's Athletics
On Friday, Athletics Day, the Yr 12's will be selling some food items in support of their formal - Sausage in bread, icy cups, chocolates and soft drink. As a result, the Tuckshop will be closed to walk-in orders. Should students require tuckshop on this day, they have been asked to pre-order their food.

Rosie explores her future possibilities
On the last week of the school holidays I participated in the 2017 Nura Gili winter school at the university of New South Wales, Sydney. The program was for indigenous students interested in tertiary pathways in year 10,11 and 12. In the program there were 10 faculties you could choose to participate in My chosen faculty was built environment. This faculty covers architecture, planning, design and construction management. I was extremely privileged to participate in this program and am grateful to miss bates for introducing it to me. The most important and inspiring thing I learned from winter school was how I can portray my culture in architecture and design and that was something that really inspired me to learn more about my culture.

At first the idea of going down to Sydney for one week and not know anyone was scary so I wasn't sure on applying. I also wasn't sure where life was heading after year 12. However I am so glad I did apply as by the end of the week I have made many new friends that I one day hope to be studying with at the University of New South Wales. The program is an important experience for any indigenous students who are considering further study after high school as it educates you on the many different pathways one can take to be accepted into university and I encourage any indigenous student in year 9,10 and 11 who would like to apply to winter school next year to do so. I will definitely be applying for a second year. I also encourage anyone who would like to apply to any university program both indigenous and non indigenous. These programs are important as they give you an insight into university the courses they offer and the multiple ways of applying. Winter school has opened my eyes up to university and the built environment industry furthering my aspirations to one day study architecture at university and I will never forget the experience that changed the view I had of my future.
Rosie Baumann

2017 Nura Gili.jpg

Faith in action – Year 6 ‘Hospitality Cart’ Team
Team work, excitement, energy, fun, food, new skills – these are all words that describe our time together as the Year 6 ‘Hospitality Cart’ team. Twenty-five students from both our Catholic schools gave up their time after a long school day to prepare morning tea items for the parishioners of St Joseph’s Catholic Church. Some of these students served these food items after 9am mass on Sunday. The team has prepared morning tea items for the next four weeks. Below is a reflection from two of the team members who were involved.

“Not only did the Year 6 students pick up a lot of new skills they also took time out of their day to make a variety of delicious treats for the parishioners of St Joseph. My favourite food items to make were hedgehog slice and chocolate truffles. I hope you enjoy the treats we have made. “
Charlotte Wheatley
Year 6 Xavier Catholic College

“For the Hospitality Cart we spent the week making treats for our parish of St Joseph. I made Emoji cookies, scones, hedgehog slice and chocolate truffles. I enjoyed making hedgehog slice and scones the most. I liked these because they were fun and easy to make and now I know how to make them for my whole family at home.”
Sarah Shorter
Year 6 Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School


Xavier entered 6 teams in the Sunny Coast All Schools Touch Carnival held on Sunday 23rd July. The level of touch exhibited by all 6 teams was outstanding, as was their exemplary behaviour on the day. All teams performed strongly in their pools with 15 Boys winning their pool and Open A’s, 15 Girls, 13 Boys and 13 Girls finishing 2nd in their respective pools. The 15 Boys played an excellent semi-final and went down narrowly 5-4. Thank you to the parents who came along to watch and also to coaches: Blaire Roffey, Michael Tyrrell, Tracey Moore and Brad Mitchell. In addition, the Xavier Touch Family would like to extend our sincere thanks to Jodie Houliston, Phillipa Wright and past student Cree Forster for refereeing games on the day. We now very much look forward to preparing for the QLD All Schools held in October in Brisbane.

2017 All Schools Touch.jpg

A big week for Athletics this week at Xavier. A reminder of the remaining schedule of events:

Schedule of Events – Friday 28th July – ATHLETICS DAY

​TIME ​13
(2004 - WHITE)
(2003 - ORANGE)​
(2002 - BLACK​)
(2001 - PURPLE)​
(2000 - PINK)​
​8:40 ​JPAC for roll-marking and Opening Ceremony (including War Cries) ​ ​ ​ ​
​9:15 ​Girls Discus
Boys High Jump
​Triple Jump ​Shot Put ​Long Jump Javelin​
​10:00 ​100m ​100m 100m​ 100m​ 100m​
​10:30 ​Girls High Jump
Boys Discus
Shot Put​ Javelin​ Long Jump​
​11:15 ​Triple Jump Girls Discus​ Long Jump​ Shot Put​ Boys High Jump​
​12:00 ​400m ​400m 400m​ 400m​ 400m​
​1:00 Boys Discus​ Javelin​ Girls High Jump​
1:45​ ​Relays ​Relays ​Relays ​Relays ​Relays
​2:30 ​WAR CRIES and THE XAVIER GIFT (Boys Gift 8-17yrs and Girls Gift 8-17yrs)
​ ​ ​ ​
​2:45 ​Presentations (JPAC) ​ ​ ​ ​
Families are warmly invited to come and watch students compete in all athletics disciplines.

Congratulations to both Meg Mason and Jordan Visentin have been competing in the U15 Soccer State Championships in Cairns. Meg's U15 team were bronze medallists for the state championships. The girls fought hard, beating Met East in a penalty shoot out with Meg putting a goal into the back of the net.  The Boys team also performed strongly and finished in the top 10.

2017 WB Soccer.jpg

ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY presented by Australian Hearing
Adam Lewtas from Australian Hearing will be demonstrating Assistive Technology and Apps to improve quality of life when living with a hearing impediment.
Wednesday 18 October • 3:45 - 5:30PM

All parents and friends are invited to attend this year’s Parish Youth Ministry Fund Raiser Trivia Night at Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School on Saturday 29th July, from 6:00pm.

Child minding is available for school age children. Please enquire when purchasing your tickets.

Tickets are $20 per person and include dinner (supplied by El Shaddai Parish Group) and a complimentary drink (wine or beer) upon arrival. A cash bar will be available throughout the night.
Tickets will be sold individually or tables of 10 will be available. All tickets must be pre-purchased. Please call Star of the Sea Catholic School on 4125 1220 to purchase your ticket.
There will be a number of raffles on the night and some of the prizes include:
  • 2 nights accommodation (including breakfast and ferry transfer) for 2 people at Kingfisher Bay Resort
  • Fraser Island Eco Sail Adventure Family Pass onboard Blue Dolphin
  • 4 x $25 vouchers to The Torquay Hotel
  • 3 x Family Passes to the Hervey Bay Aquarium
  • $100 Gift Voucher from VIP Lawns & Gardens
  • 1000 Business Card Package from The Sticker Company
  • $20 Gift Voucher from Ron Morgan
  • $70 Hair Package from All About You Hair Design

Basketball Coaching Clinic this weekend

2017 Basketball Coaching Clinic.jpg

Teddy Bears Picnic.jpg