Newsletter - Term 3, Week 4, 2019

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Principal’s Address

Dear Parents and Carers
Last week we celebrated Catholic Education Week which was highlighted by a special Mass on Wednesday morning. This year’s theme for Queensland was ‘Many Voices. One Spirit.’

This theme was chosen for its promotion and support of inclusiveness. The ‘Many Voices’ represent those of students, teachers, families, communities, parish, social services and government within all five dioceses in Queensland and includes students of all educational ages and beliefs.

Xavier Catholic College is proud of being an inclusive and diverse community and we see our diversity as a source of strength and a sign of hope. But it is just as important to remember what unites us – our common commitment to the values of the Gospel.I said to students at the end of the celebration that it reminded me of an old television commercial which promoted the mantra ‘It’s what brings us together that set us apart.’ We are all called to be agents of change, liberating those who struggle and making a difference to those who need us the most. When we act together, we are a powerful force for good.

Given that we were also celebrating the feast day of St Ignatius of Loyola, I asked the question ‘can one person make a difference?’ The answer is an emphatic YES! St Ignatius is the perfect example as he recuperated from the wounds of battle, was inspired by the story of Jesus and the lives of the Saints, lay down his sword and, as he withdrew from the world for a time at Manressa, wrote the Spiritual Exercises which still inspire people today.

But, while one person can make a difference, when we join together, we can be an unstoppable force. St Ignatius knew this and drew companions with him while studying at the Paris University to form the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits, who continue to transform lives around the world today, nearly 500 years after the first fledging group of seven men took vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.

I asked our students to never forget the power within you and to never forget that God has made you for a purpose. But, most importantly of all, never forget that when we work together all things are possible and tremendous things can happen. To quote from Martin Luther King Jr and often repeated by President Obama, ‘the arc of history is long, but with the power of our combined hands upon it, it bends towards justice.’

During the Mass we officially appointed our new Student Leaders who will guide us through the next 18 months. I offer my congratulation:

​College Captain

​Isabella McMahon

​College Captain

​Jaspa Wright

​College Vice-Captain

​Aylee Barker

​College Vice-Captain

​Jaden Carpenter

​Arts and Culture Captain

​Caitlin Brennan

​Arts and Culture Captain

​Henry Riley

​College Life Captain

​Michael Radocaj

​College Life Captain

​Larissa Wilson

​Justice and Action Captain

​Maddison Challies

​Justice and Action Captain

​Emily Thompson

​Praise and Worship Captain

​Dakoda Smith

​Praise and Worship Captain

​Jenna White

​Buthu House Captain

​Sieanna Alexander

​Buthu House Captain

​Zachariah Robertson

Dirum House Captain

​Sarah Murphy

Dirum House Captain

​Jakob Tietz

Kondari House Captain

​Phoebe Fraser

Kondari House Captain

​Cameron Tobin

Narwari House Captain

​Luke Jones

​Narwari House Captain

​Tasmyn Robb

2019 Leader Inductions7.JPG 

2019 Leader Inductions2.JPG2019 Leader inductions1.JPG2019 Leader Inductions3.JPG2019 Leader Inductions4.JPG2019 Leader Inductions5.JPG2019 Leader Inductions6.JPG2019 Leader Inductions8.JPG2019 Leader Inductions9.JPG2019 Leader Inductions10.JPG2019 Leader Inductions11.JPG 

I am confident that these exceptional young people possess the drive and the passion to make a huge difference and will faithfully live up to their motto: ‘Humility, Service, Faith and Love.’

God Bless

Simon Dash

Heads of School Address
Reading Night
Our Junior School Family Reading night was a tremendous success. It was made extra special with the launch Mr B’s very first, fully illustrated children’s book. Mayor George Seymour was in attendance as well as almost 200 VERY excited children and parents. Xavier is blessed to have some incredible teachers who give of their time to ensure that reading is given the spotlight that it deserves. The stories were fantastic, the children were enthralled and the sausages were delicious. Many thanks to everyone who attended and to the teachers who so willingly gave of the time to share their tremendous talents.

2019 Reading Night2.JPG 

2019 Reading Night1.jpg

Secondary School Parent Teacher Interviews
We thank the many parents and carers who took the time to meet with their child’s teachers to discuss progress and celebrate successes in their end of semester reports. Reports are available on the College Portal and you would have received an email with instructions on accessing these before the reports were issued. If you were not able to attend these interviews, please feel free to make contact with teachers to discuss any concerns you have.

Queensland Core Skills Test Preparation
Last week saw our Year 12 students preparing for the QCS test, which will be held on the 3rd and 4th September. This year will be final time these tests will be held as Queensland moves in line with other states with the introduction of the Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR). The ATAR will determine entry into tertiary studies for those students who wish to follow this pathway. We thank Mr Chris Relf and his team of senior teachers for the work they have done over the year to assist students to be well prepared for the last QCS test.

Whale Parade
2019 Whale Parade1.jpg

2019 Whale Parade2.JPG2019 Whale Parade5.jpg

Upcoming Calendar 

​8th August​​

Year 10 Hospital High School Engagement Program​

​Feast Day of St Mary Mackillop

​9th August

Year 10 RYDA Program​

Year 11/12 RST Level 1 Touch Referee Course

11th August​

​Student Leaders Induction Retreat

12th August​

​Year 7/8 STEM Questacon

​13th August

​Year 7-12 Hervey Bay District Athletics

​P&F Meeting

​14th August

Colloquium on the Ministry of Teaching

Year 7-12 Hervey Bay District Athletics​

​Grin & Tonic Performance

​P-6 Rug Reading

​16th August

​​Year 12 Aquatic Boating Skills Assessment

​Year 1 Church Visit

​Year 9/10 Readers Cup

​17th August

Year 6-12 SWQ All Schools Touch​

​20th August

Year 10 Parent Information Evening​

​21st August

K-6 Book Week Parade​

​24th August

​Year 6-12 All Hallows Touch

​26th August

P-6 Parent Teacher Interviews​

​Fathers Day Stall

​27th August

​Year 10 SETP Interview Day

​28th August

​Year 11 AQU MAR Houseboats Trip1

29th August​

​Principal's Afternoon Tea 2:00pm

​30th August

Year 11 Chemistry XCATS National Final​

Prep - Year 6 Fathers Day Litergy and Breakfast​

Tuckshop Orders Via QKR!
Parents of primary students are asked to order using the Prep to Year 6 tab on Qkr! This will ensure orders go to the child’s classroom. Orders placed via the Year 7 to 12 tabs are picked up at the window. We endeavour to look out for primary orders when bag labels are printed but we get a lot of orders and some may be missed.

Please note that you can pre-order on the Qkr! App up to 2 weeks in advance.

When ordering on the App please ensure you select the day that you would like the order filled with the correct student and class. When viewing the receipt, under order summary is the Fulfillment Date, this is the date the order will be made and will be different from the payment date if you are ordering in advance or if you have selected the wrong date.

If you have pre-ordered for a selected day, the day will be shaded green. If you select that day you will be sent your receipt.  You can delete the order by selecting the red circle with the minus sign, where you can delete an item or the whole order. You will be issued a credit which will then go to your next Tuckshop order when using the Qkr! App.

Any student or staff member who has an allergy should use the Allergy tab in the Qkr! App.

We strive to fulfil all orders. However sometimes this is not always possible for a number of reasons, including products being on back order, late deliveries, an influx of orders for our homemade items, end of term running down of stock, etc. In these cases we will provide a similar product to the item ordered. (We will try to call classrooms to speak to primary students if possible).

Parent Portal News
BCE Connect App
Parents and carers can access school information anytime, anywhere via the BCE Connect app.
Parents can:

•    Submit an absence
•    View ‘private’ announcements, calendars, forms, documents and newsletters
•    View the school contact directory
•    Access student report cards and attendance

We also use the app to send emergency announcements. The app is free to use and download, and is free of all advertising.
BCE Connect has been designed to work on both Apple and Android devices.

The app can be downloaded from:

Google PLay and Apple Store.pngBCE Connect.JPG

Report Cards
Please ensure you download all report cards and save them in a safe place every semester. It's important to download and maintain these records as only documents from the current year and the previous academic year can be viewed and downloaded.

Uniform Shop 2020 Price List

Click below to view the latest 2020 price listing for uniform items.

Wearitto XAVIER 2020.pdf

Kondari Mission Week

We have commenced Kondari Mission Week with skipping, paper plane folding, colouring in competitions, netball and hot dogs and hot chips! Tomorrow we will celebrate the Feast Day of St Mary MacKillop. Students were asked to wear a red top and donate a gold coin. Over the last 2 days we will enjoy ball games, 3 legged races and donut eating!
As in previous years, students are gathering food items for St Vincent de Paul hampers. Each PC and class have been designated an item to bring in. These hampers make a huge difference in the lives of many people within the Fraser Coast.



Colouring in Competition Results:
1st Place – Mia Falconer

Highly Commended – Rachel Noh

1st Place – Riley Murray

Highly Commended – Roisin McDonald

Year 3/4
1st Place – Tiara Scott

Highly Commended – Mia-Bella Sainsbury

Year 5/6 Poster Comp
1st Place – Brydie Kratzmann & Chantelle Mears

Highly Commended – Jaynequah Bligh & Aerin Goodfellow

2019 Kondari Colouring.JPG

Thank you to the Xavier community for supporting Kondari House and St Vincent de Paul Society.

All week: Please donate towards the St Vincent de Paul Charity Hampers
Primary & Secondary Lolly Guessing Competition (K3/K9)
Primary Colouring in Competition





P-12 Liturgy & Assembly​

Paper Plane Competition (Yr 7/8) GOA (K5)

P-12 Liturgy & Assembly

Ball Games Courts (K9)​


Feast of Mary Mackillop

Wear RED to School

Gold Coin Donation​ ​


1st Break

3 Legged Races

Primary Oval (K4)​

1st Break

Docut Eating Competition

Outdoor Stage (K6)​


2019 Kondari Mission Week Activities.jpg

2019 Kondari Mission Prayer.JPG

National School Plant A Tree Day2019 National Plant a Tree Day.jpg

Thank you Wide Bay Toyota for providing our school with 70 trees and shrubs for National School Plant A Tree Day!   3.1 along with the Senior Green Team, had a brilliant time working together to plant the trees.  It was a special moment for Year 3, especially when one senior remarked that ‘one day you will walk past this tree and know that you planted it’.  The new garden is a beautiful feature in the Senior school near room 42 and will attract plenty of bird life.  Thank you to everyone involved in making this meaningful experience happen!

Children’s Education FundSt vinnies.jpg
The St Vincent de Paul’s “Children’s Education Fund” can assist parents by providing funding for stationery and uniforms. Application forms for this fund can be collected from the St Vincent de Paul office in Liuzzi Street, Pialba, and must be returned to St Vincent de Paul by 31 August, 2019.

Boys 2 Men Program

A group of our Middle School Indigenous students recently completed the Boys 2 Men program run by USC. Butchulla man, Uncle Aaron Hendersson, guided us (Uncle Les, the boys & Ms Tilly Davis) on a sacred sites tour where we enriched our traditional knowledge of bush tukka & medicine & Butchulla Dreaming/Lore. Students enjoyed the tour and finished with a pizza party (provided by USC) and a yarn led by Uncle Les Raveneau about University pathways, study support & opportunities to inspire Xavier Catholic College's young, First Nations men. Congratulations.

2019 Boys2Men1.JPG2019 Boys2Men2.JPG

Shrek Jr Musical - Tuesday Afternoon Rehearsal Schedule

 2019 Shrek Jr.jpg
Below is the rehearsal times and groupings for our upcoming musical.




​Week 5

​13th August

Act 1 (Full run)
Scene 1-6

Mama Ogre, Papa Ogre, Baby Ogre, Story Tellers, Fairy Tale Creatures, Captain of the Guard, Knights, Shrek, Donkey, Young Fiona, Teen Fiona, Fiona, Duloc Dancers, LF​

​Week 6

​20th August

Act 2 (Full run)
Scene 7-12

Donkey, 4 Knights, Shrek, Fiona, Story Tellers, Rooster, Pied Piper, Morning Person Dancers, Donkey, Rooster, LF, Fairy Tale Creatures, Dwarf

​Week 7

​27th August

Act 1 (Repair)

All Act 1 Characters, listed above.​

​Week 8

​3rd September

Act 2 (Repair)

​All Act 2 Characters, listed above.
Mama/Papa/Baby Ogre (Bows)

​Week 9

​10th September

Act 1 (Costume)

​Mama Ogre, Papa Ogre, Baby Ogre, Story Tellers, Fairy Tale Creatures, Captain of the Guard, Knights, Shrek, Donkey, Young Fiona, Teen Fiona, Fiona, Duloc Dancers, LF​

​Week 10

​17th September

Act 2 (Costume)

​Donkey, 4 Knights, Shrek, Fiona, Story Tellers, Rooster, Pied Piper, Morning Person Dancers, Donkey, Rooster, LF, Fairy Tale Creatures, Dwarf​

Group Explanations:
Fairy Tale Creatures: Pinocchio, Witch, 3 Pigs, Mama Bear, Papa Bear, Baby Bear, Wolf, Gingy, Peter Pan, Ugly Duckling
4 Knights: The 4 Knights with speaking lines
Knights: All Knights (4 Knights plus year 6 extras)
Duloc dancers:  Those who have their name down for this dance
Morning person dancers:  Those who have their name down for this dance
Freak Flag dancers: Those who have their name down for this dance

GECKO (Greatly Enhancing Career Knowledge and Opportunities)
Last Term our Year 10 students had the opportunity to experience life in the workplace as part of our GECKO program. This program is a unique Careers and VET program developed with the support of our local businesses.  Students contacted and organised their work placement, in the industry of their choice, with guidance and support from their PC teachers and the VET Links Officer. This week-long placement provides students with a real insight into an industry and what day-to-day work would look and feel like. This is a valuable program which helps students develop holistically. The individual growth in confidence, communication and organisation skills were noticable on their return to school. We would like to thank all businesses who host our students, for providing them with this excellent opportunity to make informed career decisions.

2019 GECKO VET.jpg

Secondary District Athletics
All information regarding the Hervey Bay District Secondary Athletics has been sent home with students. This event is occurring on Tuesday 13th August from 1pm to 5pm and Wednesday 14th August from 8am to 2pm. Qkr payment and form submission to the Sports Box is due by Wednesday 7th August 9am (this due date has been brought forward).

Sunny Coast All Schools Touch
On Sunday 28th July, Xavier had 6 teams competing in the Sunny Coast All Schools touch competition held at Glasshouse Mountains. All teams performed strongly finishing between 2nd and 3rd in their pools. The Open Girls team qualified for the semi-finals, losing to a very strong Chancellor team. This important competition is a significant step in preparation for the QLD All Schools held in October. Thank you to Phillipa Wright for refereeing on the day and to all parents who came to support Xavier teams.

2019 All Schools Sunny Coast Touch.jpg

Beautiful weather on Saturday 27th July paved the way for a great day of competition for some of our Xavier Oztag teams who competed at the inaugural QLD Oztag Regional Event. Congratulations to our Year 12 Girls, Year 12 Boys, Year 10 Girls and Year 10 Boys Xavier Oztag teams who showed great persistence, drive and determination in each of their games. The day served as a great training run for our players who have been busy developing new drills and skills as sanctioned by QLD Oztag and the Melbourne Storm. Further training for these teams along with our 7/8 Mixed and 5/6 Primary School teams will commence this term in preparation for QLD Oztag State Cup on the 4th/5th and 6th October at the Sunshine Coast.

Our team players included:





​Danielle Sankey

​Luke Harrison

​Tarah Smith

​Dylan Bennett

​Lucinda Cullen

​Dylan Smith

​Alyssa McGrath

​Nic Claridge

​Lucy Glass

​Gula Shillingsworth

​Cayley Phillips

​Ethan Campbell

​Emily Thompson

​Bailey Baker

​Georgia Cassidy

​Seth Tomekovic

​Kasey Gamble

​Brock Shepherd

​Trinity Ahston

​Taj Wright

​Sophie-Lee Pitt

​Zac Robertson

​Ruby Lunn

​Joel Glass

​Riley Granbower

​Henry Riley

​Mackenzie Wakely

​Dom Robinson

​Madi Wakely

​Harry Railz

​Crystal Kosmidis

​Matthew Cramer

​Tahlia Torrissi

​Elias Broome

​Seairra Scott

​Tae Scott

​Chloe Buttigieg

​Daniel Drake

​Alysha Robinson

​Jonty Brien

​Taya Walters

​April Lunn

​Tom Davies

​Sophie Harvey

​Charli Thompson

​Seth Hatch

​Sarah Murphy

​Lachlan Geldard

​Olivia Oakley-Smith

​​Tom Hillhouse

Many thanks to Mr Michael Thompson, Miss Kate Duffield, Mrs Gerry Glass and Mrs Lynette Pritchard for their help leading up to and on the day.

2019 Oztag Year 12 Girls.jpeg2019 Oztag Year 10 Girls.jpeg

PC Champions Trophy – Laser Skirmish

Stay alert, stay alive. This was the B9 and N2 motto as they entered into the Annual PC Champions Trophy Laser Tag Tournament with the Trophy winners, B5. You could see their trembles of nerves and shakes of fear as they came up against the champion PC, for they knew that the sheer strength and determination of ‘the best PC at Xavier’ would be hard to beat.

All three PCs were the first, second and third podium winners for the 2019 PC Championship Trophy. In order to hold these prestigious positions, a PC must show exemplary attendance at any and all Xavier Catholic College sporting carnivals. Whilst having sporting prowess is a definite advantage, the secret to winning the trophy is attendance and participation; every point counts. B5, B9 and N2 were the three PCs that demonstrated these important traits of attendance, participation, prowess and motivation, therefore they were awarded first, second and third place for the trophy.

On Wednesday the 31st of July, the Annual PC Champions Trophy Laser Tag Tournament took place to determine the true ‘champion PC’. The soldiers took their positions on the battlefield at Burrum Heads and competed in an hour-long laser tag battle. There was camouflage, concealment, conniving mutinies, cunning game-plans and crushing victories. We can report that whilst there were no casualties, the spirit of B5, who were mercilessly crushed by B9, was certainly humbled.

B5, B9 and N2 would like to thank Mr. Nathan Milne. He took the time and effort to organise an excellent incentive for participation at Xavier sporting carnivals. Whilst the prowess of Xavier athletes is celebrated, it is those who attend every carnival, and participate in every event, that are the unsung heroes of our schooling community. These carnivals are not always about being exceptional athletes; they are about attending school sporting carnivals and making the most of them while you can.

This is Lieutenant Geena White - ready to win the trophy again next year - signing off.

This year, ten ladies from Xavier: Madi McGovern, Lucinda Cullen, Tamara Anderson, Grace Farrelly, Kasey Gamble, Chloe Buttigieg, Larissa Wilson, Sophie Harvey, Brooke Harvey and Chantelle McCarthy went away to the 2019 Queensland Independent Secondary Schools Netball Carnival (QISSN) hosted by Shalom College, Bundaberg.

Over the five-day carnival, the girls played a total of ten games. This year, the team was three pools higher than our 2018 tournament, exemplifying the girls’ excellent strength and ability. Both on the court and off, the girls displayed the foundational Xavier traits of competence, conscience and compassion. They motivated, and challenged, each other to become the best cohesive netball team they possibly could; they made their coach and managers very proud.

The preliminary games were very successful, with Xavier winning most of their matches. Overall, we placed fifth in Division Five, with Sophie Harvey being named the Most Valuable Player of our team.

It was a whirlwind week of: netball, teamwork, support, strapping, tight muscles, Step-Brothers quotes, ice-cream trips, team highs, team lows, group breakfasts and early wake ups. Most importantly, it was a week of fun and excellent netball.

Thank you to all the families and friends that supported us and cheered us on.

Until next year,

The Xavier QISSN team!

2019 QISSN1.jpg
2019 QISSN2.jpg2019 QISSN3.jpg

2019 OSHC_Ad.jpg

Orchid Society.JPG

2019 Teddy Bears Picnic.jpg