Newsletter - Term 3, Week 5, 2017


Dear Parents and Carers,

Last Friday we held our first Student Voice Committee meeting. I wish to begin by congratulating our representatives on their selection:

​Tayla Barber ​Mya Lynch Elle Harding​ Jessica Amai​
​Jackson Dundas Jack Ricketts​ Caleb Berthelson​ Finlay Ignatenko​
​Oliver Wright ​Logan Baker Jaylen Ironside​ Adam Wylie​
​Louise Drake ​Evee Reeves Ella Marxson​ ​Lola Esposito
​Libby Voss ​Elizabeth Murphy ​Georgia Cassidy ​Stella Ignatenko
​Eli Collins
​Mani Bowers
​Jonty Brien
​Andrew Ritter
​Nellie Davis ​Poppy Block ​Lakeyta Feste Harper Climo​
​Dylan Foster
Ethan Drury​ Noah Brookes​ Joel Glass​
​ ​YEAR 9 Sieanna Alexander
Sarah Murphy​ Aylee Barker​ Grace Farrelly​
​Levi Snell Jacob Tietz​ Jaden Carpenter​ Henry Riley​
​ ​YEAR 10
​Alex Goffinet Lockie Espulso​ Lenny Hazelwood​ Connor Geldard​
​Madi McGovern Natalie Quattromani​ Lydia White​ Lucy Glass​
​ ​YEAR 11
​Zoe Poulter Alex Pronk​ Maddi Smith​ Raemah Krause​
​Chris Howard Zach Durston​ Brodie Rowe​ Luke Triffitt​
​YEAR 12
​Mads Kjaer ​Ruby Mogor Beth Cramer​ Rani Wellington-Dedini​
​Kirra Tiltman Luke Taylor​ Brock McGrath​ Jeremy Hinton​

During the meeting students were asked to provide feedback on some issues that we are dealing with, as well as provide their own suggestions for school improvement. Among the topics discussed were paper diaries versus e-diaries, Trimesters, the results of the Bullying Survey and ways we can promote a stronger sense of belonging and school pride.

I was incredibly impressed by their thoughtfulness and the wisdom of their responses. I took copious notes as the excellent ideas kept flowing. It will be the first of many meetings as we empower students to work with us to shape the College and its future directions.

God Bless
Simon Dash

This week the college has recognised and celebrated Kondari Mission Week. An important part of this week is the P-12 Kondari Assembly and the recognition of St Mary Mackillop, her role in the Church and the foundation of schools for the education of the poor. In a world of strait-laced Victorians as well as a male-dominated Church, Mary Mackillop’s unwavering devotion to those on the margins of society met with considerable opposition. The antagonism to what she was trying to achieve came not only from the general public but from many of Australia's Irish-born Bishops and the Church itself. But with her strength of faith in God and her vision for a better world for all, Mary Mackillop refused to be daunted. Throughout Kondari mission week we acknowledge this unwavering devotion.

2017 Kondari Mission Week Assembly.jpg

Eisteddfod Performances
It has been a very successful week for those students involved in the Gympie and Maryborough Eisteddfods. Our Junior Choir travelled to Gympie last Thursday and returned with a second place in the Entertaining Choral Piece and a third place in the Choral Piece. They then travelled to Maryborough on Monday where they were overjoyed to receive first place after a long week of performances. Our Mini-Singers also performed at the Maryborough Eisteddfod and had a wonderful time receiving third place in the overall results. The teachers were particularly impressed with their behaviour during what was very long session of performances for our younger students. They were then followed by our senior choir who despite some stiff competition, were also able to secure first place with a very polished and professional performance. And finally, our congratulations go to our Year 3 students who travelled as a year level to the Maryborough Eisteddfod to compete in the spoken section of the competition. Upon returning the students were overjoyed with their result, a very convincing first place! Well done to all students involved in the last week and very special thanks to all the staff and parents who have provided supports across the week.

Hervey Bay District Athletics
Many of our secondary students will be competing in the local Hervey Bay District Athletics over the coming days. We wish them all the very best for their events and thank the staff involved for making their attendance possible.

X-Cite Open Day
Thanks to all parents who attend our X-cite open day and supported both the College and the students who were involved in the many displays available. The Open Day format was well received by both our current parents and those that are considering attending the College. Most importantly it was an opportunity for all to see the wonderful learning that takes place in our classrooms each and every day. Our thanks to all involved however special mention must go to Mr Matt Ninnes and Mr Tom Riley for their many hours of preparation for this event. It was a wonderful afternoon.

2017 X-Cite.jpg

Heads of School – Ms Kerry Sidaway and Mr Russell Davey


14 August      Year 11 Marine Boating Practical

14 August      Year 6.2 Art Gallery Excursion

15 August      Year 6.1 & 6.3 Art Gallery Excursion

15-18 August  Year 11 Houseboats Excursion 

16 August       Year 10-12 Titration Chemistry Competition (CQ Uni - Bundaberg)

16 August       Xavier Art Competition

17 August       Year 9-12 Vicki Wilson Netball

18 August       Year 10 Science Excursion

19 August       Whale Festival - Light Parade

19 August       Years 9-10 Reader's Cup Wide Bay (Maryborough)

20-23 August   Year 11 Houseboats Excursion

21 August        Book Week

21 August        Prep Church Excursion

21 August        P& F Second Hand Uniform Sale (GOA Foyer)

UQ Health Programs
UQ are providing better access to a broad range of UQ Health Programs as part of their Rural Access Scheme. Most Fraser Coast and Wide Bay locals (especially those who have never lived elsewhere) will be eligible for this scheme.

Students providing QTAC with appropriate documentation may be eligible for an additional two bonus ranks for a range of UQ programs, including:

•    Doctor of Medicine (Provisional Entry)
•    Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology (Honours)
•    Bachelor of Dental Science (Honours)
•    Bachelor of Health, Sport and Physical Education (Honours)
•    Bachelor of Midwifery
•    Bachelor of Nursing
•    Bachelors of Nursing / Midwifery
•    Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours)
•    Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours)
•    Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)
•    Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)
•    Bachelor of Social Work (Honours)
•    Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours)

Please note that UQ recognises a maximum of five bonus ranks for any one applicant. For further information and eligibility requirements, please visit

If you have any questions or require any assistance, please contact me.

Annie Sexton
Guidance Counsellor (G8-12)

Xavier Junior Choir performing all over the district!
Last Thursday, the Junior Choir headed off to compete at the Gympie Eisteddfod. The group displayed exceptional behaviour and delivered amazing performances. Xavier Junior Choir left with a 2nd and 3rd place across two separate categories. It was a highly competitive field of schools and Xavier was by far the largest group. We looked and sounded incredible! This group then followed up with a 1st placing at the Maryborough Eisteddfod this week.

On Sunday, many members of the Junior Choir also attended the Teddy Bear’s Picnic and sang for a delighted audience. The Choir really showed their resilience by putting on an energetic performance. They dealt admirably with a different conductor and with backing tracks. Well done Xavier Junior Choir! You showed how our school shines in the community and how we value an inclusive approach to performance.

On Monday, the Junior Choir and the Mini-Singers headed off to Maryborough for our local eisteddfod, with the Junior Choir placing 1st and the Mini Singers placing 3rd. It’s been a busy time for the members of the choir and Xavier Catholic College is proud of every member. Singing well as a group takes a lot of practice and team work. The joy it brings is immeasurable!

2017 Choir.jpg


Book week.jpg
Xavier Catholic College will celebrate National Book Week from Monday 21 to Friday 25 August 2017. Book Week is all about loving and enjoying books. We have so many exciting events planned. The following is a list of Book Week activities and events that you may wish to add to your calendar. Don’t forget to come and see our fantastic door displays. They will be ready for viewing on Friday 18th August.

MONDAY 21st August

  • Decorate the Door visits
  • Superhero LEADER READERS might fly into your classroom with a surprise
  • Local Author: Diane Patterson presents her picture book, “Betsy Explores Australia” to some Preps and Year 1’s

TUESDAY 22nd August (9:30 to 10:30) – Rug Reading

  • Presented by Year 6 Students. The entire junior school will be entertained by our Year 6’s who will be reading picture books to small groups of children, whilst seated on a rug in various venues.
Tuesday 22 August 6:00 to 6:45 pm. Kindy to Year 3 Family Reading Night in the Library
What is happening? Stories ... S t o r i e s and more … STORIES
  • Six library locations – Heaps of stories – Mountains of fun – Giggles GALORE
  • Guest appearances by Mr Simon Dash, Mr Russell Davey and many more.
  • Who is invited? Families in Kindy to Year 3 and any older siblings.
  • So, get your pyjamas ready, puff out your pillows, pack your teddy bear because this will be a night to remember. Families will be able to sit together and listen to the POWER OF STORIES. Children and parents are invited to come to the library in their pyjamas (optional for parents). Parents are asked to sit with their children.

Wednesday 23th August – (9:00 to 10:30) – BIG BOOK PARADE - Venue GOA

  • All Kindy to Year 5 students will come to school dressed up as their favourite book character. They can also bring their favourite book to school with them. Students will leave the junior school at 9:00 where the middle and senior school students will give them a guard of honour around the library and back towards GOA. Once we are all in Goa, a BIG BOOK parade will take place. Parents are encouraged to attend this event. Come and celebrate READING!!!

Thursday 24th August – Celebrating “Love your Bookshop Day”. 

  • Owner of Mary Ryan’s Book Shop, Cate Akaveka will be speaking to Year 4 and 5 children about the importance of reading and book shops in our community.

Chemistry = Colourful Concoctions + Cats
CATs can be seen taking over the lab on Wednesday afternoons at Xavier. The XCATs that is! The XCATs are senior chemistry students who are honing their practical skills. Xavier Chemical Analysis Teams are back in training for a tilt at the RACI National Titration Competition. During XCITE the XCATs were seen competing for the title of the Top Cat Trophy.  Titration is a method used to determine the concentration of a solution using specialised equipment and an indicator solution. The change in colour of the indicator is used determine the concentration. Two teams of three will travel to the University of Central Queensland, Bundaberg Campus, to compete against other schools. The winning team will go on to the State Finals.

2017 Chemistry Colourful Concoctions.jpg

Year 9 Chemistry
In the Year 9 Chemistry unit, “Bubbles, Bangs and Burns in Bottles” students have been investigating the effectiveness of various antacid medications. They are required to work in groups to design and implement an experiment. Whilst studying the unit, students made exploding bags, rainbow columns, used the flame test, produced various gases as well as performing many other experiments related to chemical reactions. Some students were sufficiently skilled to earn their Chemical Formula Writing licences.

2017 Year 9 Chem.jpg

Water Water Everywhere
Thanks to staff at Wide Bay Water, the year 11 students had the chance to visit the Burgowan Water Treatment Plant. Their current unit of study is “Water, Water Everywhere”. They are required to design and implement an investigation which answers a question about either water quality or the properties of water as an Extended Experimental Investigation. They are also using qualitative analysis methods to identify an unknown solid.

2017 Chem Water.jpg

Applications for the UQ Young Scholars Program are now open for Year 11 students!
Designed to nurture and develop our future leaders, the UQ Young Scholars Program presents students with an exciting opportunity for academic extension and enrichment and is designed to ignite young change-makers’ passions for leadership, academic achievement and community development in today’s global society.

The 2017-2018 UQ Young Scholars Program (YSP) involves:

  • A five-day Residential Camp at the St Lucia Campus (Sunday 26 November – Thursday 30 November 2017)
  • A YSP Reunion at UQ Open Day (Sunday 5 August 2018)
  • Online engagement activities and networking through the exclusive YSP Facebook group
  • YSP Newsletters

During their participation in the Program, UQ Young Scholars are challenged to think critically about today’s major global issues and are exposed to a wide range of potential study areas and career opportunities. They will engage in discussions and collaborative forums in group settings and enjoy a range of complementary social, sporting and cultural activities.

View the full information brochure online or please head to the website.

Applications are now open and will close at 4:00pm on Friday 11 August.
If you need any help with your application, please email or come and see me.
Annie Sexton

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Maths Arcade at our X-Cite Open Day. The lucky winner of the Maths Raffle was Michelle Wilson.

SVDP Clothes Drive
Bring in dresses, shirts, scarves, jumpers, shorts, jeans and clean clothes for the Magis Minis clothes drive.  Please no stains or holes because they need to be worn.  Bin locations for the clothes are GOA, Library, language centre and student reception from 30th August until the 13th September. 

School Dental Van
Students are eligible to use the dental van from Prep to Year 10. Students in Prep to Year 7 will be issued dental forms through class teachers. Any students in Years 8-10 that wish to access the School Dental Service, please pick up a dental form from student reception. Dental forms are to be returned signed by 31/08/2017.

Xavier Kindergarten Open day information
Saturday 12th August
10:00am to 12:00pm

2017 Kindy Open Day1.jpg
2017 Kindy Open Day2.jpg

Help Xavier climb the leaderboard for prizes in the Stockland Hervey Bay School Rewards program. Any purchase made from a Stockland Hervey Bay store earns points towards our campaign.
Simply, visit the customer service desk with your reciepts and register towards our school OR register and upload your dockets online at
Every dollar spent, can earn one point towards prize rewards for Xavier.

2017 Stocklands Rewards.jpg
WOOLWORTHS EARN AND LEARNWoolies Earn and Learn.jpg
The Woolworths Earn and Learn program is back for 2017 and once again Xavier College is participating.
The program works like this – if our community saves their stickers when they shop at Woolworths we can use these to ‘purchase’ educational resource items from Modern Teaching Aids at the end of the promotion.

The program runs from 26 July – 19 September.
Staff, grandparents, neighbours and friends can all support our school by collecting stickers and placing them on a sticker sheet and dropping them into the boxes marked ‘Xavier College” at each Woolworths store or in the box in the college foyer.
Last year we were able to supplement our PE equipment for junior school and this year we would love to be able to use the resources in other learning areas.

Thanks for your support.

All Hallows Touch Carnival
Last weekend Xavier’s 13 and 15 Girls Touch teams travelled to Brisbane to compete in the All Hallows Touch Carnival. This is the 9th year Xavier has been represented at this competition. The competition is an all-girls competition hosting predominately Brisbane and Toowoomba schools.

The teams travelled to Brisbane on Saturday afternoon and spent the night at Mt Maria College in Mitchelton. We then headed to the fields bright and early Sunday morning.

Both teams played strongly in the round games. The 13 Girls were coached by Miss Blaire Roffey. Despite missing two of their players, the girls progressed through to the Plate final where they played St Ursulas from Toowoomba. At the end of regular time the score was locked at 1-1. A ‘drop off’ was then played, which St Ursula’s went on to win after being the first to score.

The 15 Girls finished the round games with one loss, qualifying for the Championship finals series. They defeated St Ursulas 3-1 in the Quarter Finals, and were narrowly defeated 3-2 in the Semi Finals by the All Hallows 1 team. Thanks to Piper Hinton, who despite being unable to play due to injury, travelled as our ‘Team Manager’.

Congratulations to Freya Golik (13 Girls) and Dakoda Smith and Amelia Frawley (15 Girls) who were voted ‘Player’s Player by their team mates. A big thankyou also to Piper Hinton, who despite being unable to play due to injury, travelled as the 15’s ‘Team Manager’.

The girl’s performances on the field were fantastic, as was their behaviour across the whole weekend. They represented Xavier with great spirit, enthusiasm and sportsmanship.

Special thanks:
To Mr Glenn Mc Conville, Principal of Mt Maria College, and former Head of Secondary here at Xavier. Glenn and his staff hosted the teams on Saturday at the college and ensured we had a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

To the Hervey Bay RSL – they provided us with two of their mini buses for the trip to Brisbane.

The 13 and 15 girls will continue to train with our 13 and 15 Boys teams, and our Open Mixed team in the lead up to Qld All Schools in October.

Congratulations to the 13 girls who gave their all throughout the day. 

2017 All Schools Touch.jpg

2017 MS Swimathon Chunky Dunks.JPG