Newsletter - Term 3, Week 6, 2019

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From the Pen of the Principal

From time to time we hear in the media about law and order campaigns.  It’s the approach that says let’s get tough and crack down.  The same approach is sometimes called for in schools as a response to poor behaviour and conduct.  As with most law and order approaches those who advocate for a tough stance tend to see it differently when it is their own child who is seeking the mercy and compassion of the organization for his or her own misdemeanors.

Xavier Catholic College sets firm standards in terms of behaviour and discipline.  But, such standards are best achieved through positive enculturation rather than through threat of punishment or coercion.  Our desire is to create a Culture of Care that brings about change from within the student, rather than a Culture of Control, which seeks the outcome by imposing external punishment.  As a community that is founded on the life-giving message of the gospel, our desire to create a Culture of Care aligns well with our calling to be a faith community.

The implications of being a faith community were spelt out in the Catholic School Studies Publication:

  • the teachings of Jesus are known and lived out on a daily basis – one of these being courtesy and respect for all

  • there is a genuine sense of justice for all in every aspect of life with a special concern for those most in need of care

  • all feel they are valued for who they are rather than for what they can achieve

  • there is a serious effort made to develop a spirit of giving and sharing of talents, time and possessions with others, especially the most needy.

The article goes on to say that if these features were clearly identifiable, the chances of bullying would be minimized.  I couldn’t agree more.  Building up a community that is tolerant, respectful, responsible and values every individual is a key response to addressing the problem of bullying.  So much of the solution is found in building positive relationships within the community.  It is for this reason that our Responsible Behaviour Policy focuses on creating positive relationships and encouraging individuals to take responsibility for their actions. This is underpinned by a commitment to Restorative Practices.

Our focus on relationships and creating community is necessary in order to fulfill the task of educating your child.  We are not a business dealing with individual clients, we are a community.  We are in this together and support each other to achieve our desired outcomes and goals.  This approach is supported by our faith tradition, but is also supported by current research into the functioning of healthy organizations:

“Von Krogh et al (2000) emphasise that a culture of care (certainly not a business term!) is vital for successful performance, which they define in five dimensions: mutual trust, active empathy, access to help, lenience in judgement and courage.  Does that sound like soft stuff better suited to kindergarten?

Not when you see the U.S. Army, KPMG, Gemini Consulting, Monsanto, British Petroleum, Sears and a host of other companies in “tough” businesses espousing quality relationships as vital to their success.”

(Quoted in Leading in a Culture of Change Fullan (2001) (p.158))

Creating a Culture of Care, as the writer says, may sound like “soft stuff”.  But the evidence is that it works.  

Market Research Survey
I would like to extend my thanks to the 270+ people who completed the Marketing Survey. The final report is over 140 pages long and contains excellent feedback that we will use to shape our future directions.

To give you a taste of what came back, I include the responses to two of the questions below:

On a scale of 5 to 1 (where 5 is very likely and 1 is very unlikely) how likely are you to recommend Xavier Catholic College to friends, family or colleagues?

2019 Market Research Recommend.jpg

On a scale of 5 to 1 (where 5 is very important and 1 is very unimportant) how would you rate the importance of the following?

2019 Market Research Values.jpg

God Bless
Simon Dash

Heads of School Address

Rug Reading

Our book week activities have continued throughout the term with Rug Reading occurring in Week 5 and our Book Week Parade in Week 6.  Using the theme “Reading is my secret power” students have been exploring a range of books and have been developing a genuine love for reading.  Our thanks to Mr Bebington for organising our book week events and continuing to be so passionate about the gift of reading.

2019 Rug Reading 1.png

2019 Rug Reading 2.png

Individual Achievements P-6

Several students in P-6 have had amazing personal achievements over the past few weeks.  Parents are encouraged to share with their teachers if students are doing amazing things. A couple of these personal success stories are shown below:

2019 Rosie Koia.jpg

Rosie Koia

This year marked Rosie's 5th year playing piano at the Maryborough Eisteddfod. She has worked very hard preparing for the Eisteddfod, showing real determination and tenacity. We talk a lot about showing persistence at Xavier and Rosie is a fine example of this characteristic in her piano studies. This year Rosie entered 6 sections, including two 15yrs and under, two 12yrs and under, a duet and an own composition. She won certificates in 5 of the 6 sections.


Anika Greco & Keeley Ward

Congratulations to Anika Greco who competed in the 800 m at the Qld State Athletics last week.  Anika. came 15th overall in her 800m race and smashed her PB. Well Done Anika.

We also celebrate the success of Keeley Ward who achieved 1st place in both Shot-put and Discus.  She also stepped up at the last minute to compete for Wide Bay in the 100 m relay and was justly rewards with a 3rd place medallion. Keeley will now move on to the next level to represent QLD at the National Athletics Championships.

2019 Anika Greco.jpg2019 Keely Ward.jpg

P-6 Stem Clubs & Afterschool Lego Group
Several students have shown an interest in joining either our lunchtime Stem Club or Afternoon Lego groups.  These exciting new initiatives will begin in the coming weeks and are designed to expose students to STEM and giving them opportunities to explore STEM-related concepts with the hope that they will develop a passion for it. Thanks to Miss Crowley, Miss Young, Mrs Bowness & Miss Davis for facilitating these groups.

Upcoming Calendar 

22nd August

Year 11 SOR Houses of Worship Excursion

​24th August

​Year 6-12 All Hallows Touch

​26th August

P-6 Parent Teacher Interviews​

​Fathers Day Stall

​27th August

​Year 10 SETP Interview Day

​28th August

​Year 11 AQU MAR Houseboats Trip1

29th August​

Year 5/6 Spiritual Formation Day

​30th August

Year 11 Chemistry XCATS National Final​

Prep - Year 6 Fathers Day Litergy and Breakfast​

​Year 4-6 Teacher Book Talks
​Year 10-11 White Card Course
​2nd August
​Year 8 Retreat
​Year 11 AQU MAR Houseboats Trip 2
​Healing Mass
​3rd August
​4th August
Year 5-10 Sustainability Symposium​
​6th August
Year 3-4 Gala Day​

Wearitto – Uniform Shop Price List
Open Monday 8:00am to 10:30am Tuesday 8:00am to 11:00am
Wednesday 8:00am to 11:00am Thursday 8:00am to 10:30am

Click to view the full uniform price listWearitto XAVIER 2020.pdf

Making Payments to the College
Unfortunately, we are no longer able to accept payments by Credit Card over the phone.  There are however many ways in which you can make payments to the College.  These are:

  • Direct debit or credit card authority – weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or annually

  • BPay – for payments over $50.  Our BPay details are on the top right hand side your School Fee Account

  • At the front counter we accept EFTPOS, Cash or Cheques

  • Via an online transfer – our bank account details are on the bottom left hand side of your School Fee Account.

  • Via the Qkr! which can be downloaded from the App Store onto your phone, iPad or tablet.

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Parent Portal News
BCE Connect App
Parents and carers can access school information anytime, anywhere via the BCE Connect app.
Parents can:

  • Submit an absence

  • View ‘private’ announcements, calendars, forms, documents and newsletters

  • View the school contact directory

  • Access student report cards and attendance

We also use the app to send emergency announcements. The app is free to use and download, and is free of all advertising.
BCE Connect has been designed to work on both Apple and Android devices.

The app can be downloaded from:

Google PLay and Apple Store.pngBCE Connect.JPG

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Senior Early Childhood students engage the Preps in nature based learning

Students in Year 11 and 12 Early Childhood Studies planned and implemented activities for the Prep children to engage in. The activities focused on the outside environment and in particular using natural resources and incorporating the theme of reuse and recycle. Activities ranged from natural play-dough, making a scarecrow for the Prep vegetable garden out of recycled products, making bird feeders, using leaves and twigs to put pictures together, planting grass seed heads and painting pots for planting herbs and vegetables in.

There were many activities organised that involved items that could be added to the prep garden area. Bird feeders, decorated pots, grass heads, decorated water bottles and a huge scarecrow made from recycled materials. "The scarecrow will scare away those hungry crows so that they don’t eat all the yummy veggies in our garden. Mr Wedemeyer came over to help put up the scarecrow and we enjoyed watching him work his magic with the drill and hammer!" The prep gardens are a very special place for us to look after and the gardens look amazing. Make sure you have a look next time you are visiting the school.

2019 Prep Garden1.jpg

2019 Prep Garden4.JPG

Maths Pathways – Year 7 & 8 Growth Gurus
Each fortnight we will be recognising the students who have mastered six or more new mathematical concepts for the cycle. These students have achieved rocket status for their growth rate.

Maths Growth Gurus.jpg

Mackenzie AndersenLily CarboneEllie Taylor Alyssa Hunt Jamall Nelson Villo Barton-Bako
Thomas Costello Oliver CosterAbbey MathewKeeley Hunjas Cooper Reid
Grace CollinsThomas Vanner Bailey Stankovic
Lehansa JayasingheFinn BarryCaleb Berthelsen
Madison BenelloDawson JohnstonLarne McCue
Patrick GoffinetKiana KerrBrodie Phillips
Lyla Tobin Jackson DundasJack Ricketts
Maeve Riley Lachlan ManssenAbby Shipp
Max CooperLucia Jensen
Mya Lynch
Jordi Mitchell
Shayla HarrisCooper Wood
Zara RoyalGeorgia Farag
James StantonJaiden Smith- Christison
Alora Hill Katelin Whitbread
Lily Spencer
Matthew Marks
Chloe Mesken
Deacon Sanderson
Oliver Wright
Rehgan Christensen
Sophie Barry
Holly Linderberg
Lahni Claridge
Megan Berghofer
Corey Arnold
Harrison Betteridge

Congratulations to year 11 students, Caitlin Brennan and Brianna Skyring, who  have been selected by Rotary to attend the National Youth Science Forum. They will represent the region as participants in a 12-day residential program designed to give students a broader understanding of the diverse study and career options available in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and to encourage continued studies in these fields.  The program runs in January each year and participants from throughout Australia have the opportunity to visit science and technology related laboratories and facilities, go on site tours, listen to lectures, take part in workshops, go to social events, and participate in group activities that improve communication and presentation skills.

2019 National Youth Science Forum.jpg
Queensland Catholic Music Festival
“Congratulations to the Senior Choir on their Bronze award at the Queensland Catholic Music Festival! Thanks also needs to go to our amazing accompanist Kyle Downes. Throughout the day the students showed outstanding maturity and were impeccably behaved, exemplifying the best of standards from Xavier. We are very proud of all the students who attended.

2019 Senior Choir Catholic Competition.jpg

Readers Cup Trailer
Best of luck to our Year 7/8 Readers Cup team who will be competing in the upcoming State Finals on Wednesday 4th September. As part of the competition the students can earn bonus points through the creation of a video trailer for one of the books.  With the help of Mr McLean and Mr Ninnes the students created this video for Bren MacDibble's novel, The Dog Runner. Check it out below on our college Facebook page.

2019 The Dog Runner.JPG

Two of our Year 12 students, Miah de Brenni and Mikaela Gray, are currently completing a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care at East Coast TAFE. The course is an online course, but students have the option to attend campus one day a fortnight to get one-on-one support if required. There is also a requirement of one day of placement/fortnight at a Childcare centre.

The need for Childcare workers continues to increase making this a valuable career option for those who have a passion for the industry. This two-year course is a great stepping stone for a future as an Early Childhood Educator.
We wish Miah and Mikaela all the success in their future career path and know they will make great educators to many little people in the future.

School-based Hairdressing Apprenticeship
Mecedes Durston signed up as a School Based Apprentice Hairdresser late last year with Fraser Shores Hair Design. Mecedes has chosen to continue her full school load, while completing her apprenticeship. As she is missing some school to attend her apprenticeship, this means that Mecedes is working very hard to have success at school. This has not stopped her from successfully completing her first stage of training at the Brisbane School of Hairdressing. Mecedes has been commended by her trainers on her hairdressing ability, and she can now advance into the second-year of her apprenticeship. We congratulate Mecedes for her dedication to her schooling and her apprenticeship. Your talent is amazing, keep up the great work.

2019 VET Maddy Challies.JPG

Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Business2019 VET Mecedes.PNG

Maddy Challies is one highly motivated student who has a clear direction as to where her career will develop. She is currently working towards completing her Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Business through ATOD (Australian Teachers of Dance). Maddy, who is currently in Year 11, is incredibly dedicated and passionate about her chosen career path. Currently, Maddy commits about 6 hours per week studying her Certificate IV, and 7 hours per week teaching and assisting with dance classes. All of this is on top of her school studies. Next year while Maddy will be completing her Senior Certificate, she is intending to commence a Diploma of Dance. Congratulations Maddy! Your dedication is admirable.


Secondary District Athletics
On Tuesday and Wednesday last week, Xavier had 81 students in Years 7-12 represent the College at the Hervey Bay District 13-19yrs athletics trials. Students are to be congratulated on their determined efforts and their willingness to compete in events to ensure Xavier was able to field a full team despite the many students who came down ill or injured prior to the carnival. Both Isabella Jensen and Riley Grambower were Age Champions and Xavier took out the Junior Trophy (13-15yrs). Xavier also finished runner up in the Senior Trophy (16-19yrs), the Percentage Trophy and the Overall Trophy. Congratulations to all students.

2019 District Athletics 1.jpg

2019 District Athletics 2.JPG

Touch Football
This Sunday 25th August, our 3 Xavier girls touch football teams will compete at the All Hallows carnival in Brisbane. Good luck girls! Information for the QLD All Schools touch competition in October is being sent home with students this week.

 Community Events

2019 St Josephs Parish Fair.jpg

Orchid Society.JPG

2019 Teddy Bears Picnic.jpg 

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