Newsletter - Term 3, Week 6, 2021


From the Pen of the Principal 

​​Dear Parents and Caregivers 

Each year there are words that gain entry to dictionaries for the first time. These words have been in circulation already, have become part of daily usage and so have earned the right to take their position amongst other officially recognised words. A couple of years ago some of the more unusual candidates for listing were: 

Muffin top: Roll of fat that overflows from tight jeans.  

Schmiddy: Beer glass with a capacity less than a pint but more than a half pint. 

Queuecumbered: To be trapped in a queue which slowed down the instant you joined it.    

At the other end of the dictionary, are words that have fallen into disuse but need to be listed still, so that we can refer to their meaning if we come upon them by accident. It has been suggested that one such word might be “respect”; a once commonly held word whose practice could be seen and experienced in the daily lives of ordinary people. However, an increase in disrespect has grown to almost crisis point in our society and is evidenced in the increased violence and anti-social behaviours that are reported daily through the various forms of the media. 

Individually, we can’t change society but we can make a big difference in our little corner of it. It’s up to us to make sure that we’re doing our part to be respectful adults and to teach our children to be respectful emerging adults. We parents can quickly lose credibility if we are rude to our children while teaching them to be polite. The following piece of writing is a young person’s response to the invitation to put into writing their feelings about respect – there is a moral to this piece of writing: 

“Everyone expects respect 

No matter who they are.  

The only way to gain it is to treat everyone 

As a friend, as an equal person, 

As part of our extended family 

No matter their colour or creed. 

Only then, will you start to get 

The respect you so dearly need.”  David Harris. 

And the moral: Respect has to be earned not demanded. 

It’s for sure that children learn their standards of respect from what they see around them and parents are in a powerful position to teach by their own example as well as by instruction. Because our children take their cues from us, we need to be sure that we are setting the best possible standards. Schools teach children about respect but parents have the most influence on how respectful children become.  

Respect is not the same as obedience. Children might obey because they are afraid but, if they respect their parents, they will obey because they know that parents want what is best for them. Respect is an attitude and being respectful helps children succeed in life. If children don’t have respect for parents, peers, authority or themselves, it’s almost impossible for them to succeed. The best way to teach respect is to show respect. When children experience respect, they know what it feels like and begin to understand how important it is. 

If we reinforce our children’s positive and respectful behaviour and eliminate disrespect by immediately calling attention to it so as to discourage it, we are helping to develop the moral intelligence of our children. This will improve their ability to be able to apply critical analysis to television, films and music whose content is increasing in the portrayal of disrespectful behaviour. It is true that we can’t change society, but it’s also true that we can be a powerful influence in our little corner of it.  

God, our Father, we ask that the love You have for us, be evident in the love we have for our children. Amen.  


Simon Dash  



Upcoming Dates 


Deano Yipidee Visit ​


Y4 Australia Zoo​ 


SETP Interview Day 


K-6 Book Week Parade 


Year 12 Headspace for schools 


Year 5/6 Spirituality Day 


Principals Afternoon Tea 


Senior Production – Love & Information 


Junior Gala Day 


Year 8 Retreat 


Fathers Day Event 


Year 12 Formal 


Head of School - Primary – Mr Russell Davey 

As most of our parents and carers would be aware, we strive at Xavier to ensure we are a welcoming community.  We value the health and happiness of each child and will do our best each end every day to ensure students are not only progressing in their learning but also learning to be good people.  We talk a lot about developing the children in our care to be citizens who strive to achieve their personal best and aspire to make a difference in the world.   

Achieving this goal is only possible when there is strong working relationship between school and home. One of the key markers of this relationship is consistent student attendance. Not only does consistent attendance ensure that students are given every possible chance to learn, it also ensures that the relationship between child and the wider school community is positive. School attendance matters. It is arguably one of the most important indicators of school success.  

You cannot learn what you are not there to learn. Students who attend school regularly improve their chances of being academically successful. There are obvious exceptions to both sides of the rule. There are a few students deemed academically successful who also have attendance issues and a few students who struggle academically who are always present. However, in most cases, strong attendance correlates with success outcomes at school, and poor attendance correlates with academic and social struggles. Regular school attendance will mean that your child gets a better chance at life. Your child will achieve better when they go to school all day, every school day:  

  • ​​they learn better 

  • they make friends 

  • they are happier 

  • they have a brighter future. 

It is also important that we acknowledge the statistics which are highlighted by consistent student absence. As a standalone event the impact of student absence can seem trivial. However, when we reflect on the combined impact of regular absence the story is quite different. Did you know? 



Which is 

1 day per fortnight 

20 days per year 

4 weeks 

1 day per week 

40 days per year  

8 weeks 

2 days per week 

80 days per year  

16 weeks 


Obviously, there are times when your child cannot attend school due to sickness or personal circumstances. As a school we acknowledge this and accept that this is not something parents can control.  This is particularly the case in the current COVID -19 impacted environment. 

However, I would encourage you to ensure that your child is at school and learning each and every day that they are able to do so.  I have listed a few key strategies below which you might find useful. 

  • A set routine can help 

  • have a set time to go to bed 

  • have a set time to get out of bed 

  • have uniform and school bag ready the night before 

  • have a set time for starting and finishing breakfast 

  • set a time for daily homework activities 

  • speak about school positively 

  • be firm, send your child to school every school day including their birthday and the last day of term! 


As always, my thanks for the support you provide as parents/carers. Please do not hesitate to contact the school should you support in regard to your child’s attendance at school.  

Head of School – Secondary – Mr Chris Relf 

Kondari Mission Week 

Last week we celebrated Kondari Mission Week across this College with many activities organised throughout the week to raise awareness of the work of Mary MacKillop and to raise funds for the St Vincent de Paul society. The activities included: bracelet making; face painting; wear your PJs to school day (for Primary students) and ‘Wear a Cap to School Day’. In addition to the activities, hamper collections and awareness raising the Kondari students led a beautiful P-12 Liturgy sharing some of the many things we can learn from Mary Mackillop. Thank you to all families for your support with the donations, and to Miss Stacy Mills and the team of Kondari teachers and students in showing great leadership and commitment to the school community by running these events. 

2021 Kondari Mission Week 1.jpg

2021 Kondari Mission Week 2.JPG

Year 11 House Boats 

Our Year 11 Marine Science and Aquatic Practices students have been out exploring the Sandy Straights on their House Boats excursion last week and this week. The students had a great time learning about the Marine Environment and collecting data to bring the real world back to their classrooms. Thank you to the teachers who supported the students on this excursion: Mr Donnelly; Mrs Glass; Mrs Green; Mr McQuaid; Mr Wedemyer and Mr Riggs.  

2021 Houseboats1.jpg

2021 Houseboats2.jpg

2021 Houseboats3.jpg

Year 10 Senior Education and Training Plan (SETP) 

For the past 7 months our Year 10 students have been preparing for the move into Year 11 and 12 and on to their future career pathway. They have explored many different careers and completed career quizzes to provide insight into the pathway that may suit their interests and skill sets. On Tuesday night we held our Year 10 Parent Information night and next Tuesday all students in Year 10 will participate in a SETP interview. We wish them well as they make some decisions about their possible future careers and the subjects that will help get them there over the next two years. For any parents who were unable to make it to the Parent Night, all information has been sent via email. ​

2021 Year 10 Information Night.jpg

Year 5 Retreat Day 

“Love one another as I have loved you.” Jn 15:9-17   

Our annual Year 5 retreat day was held earlier this term with the notion of “Being more for others” (St Ignatius) in our world.  Our Year 5’s came up with great ways they can do and say things that help and support those in our lives, especially our family and friends.  The students also discussed throughout the day ways of noticing harm or exclusion when it happens and how to challenge this so all felt safe, “What would Jesus Do”.  The day was well supported by many of our Year 10 students who gave up their time to prepare and co- facilitate the day, reiterating our goal for all Xavier students, “Being more for others”.  Our Year 5 students and staff really appreciated the senior’s commitment, energy and care shown to all on the day.  

2021 Year 5 Retreat 1.jpg

2021 Year 5 Retreat 2.jpg

School-based Trainee – Crystal Kosmidis 

Crystal has been a School Based Trainee with McDonalds for the past 12 months completing a Certificate III in Retail. She chose to do the traineeship because the opportunity was presented to her after talking to the store manager. At the beginning of her traineeship Crystal admits it was a little challenging to get organised and stay focused to complete the Certificate while also completing her senior studies and keeping up with her sport commitments. Since starting her School-based Traineeship, Crystal acknowledges that her skills in customer service and organisation have developed and improved. Crystal is well on task to complete her Certificate III qualification.  

Crystal’s advice to other students looking at doing a School-based Apprenticeship/Traineeship, “just utilise the opportunity if it is presented to you”. 

Congratulations Crystal for working so hard and taking responsibility for your learning!  ​

2021 School Based Crystal.jpg

Junior School Scholastic Book Club… Order online by Friday 27th August! 

We are excited to have distributed our final Scholastic Book Club for the year.  We hope our students enjoy browsing through the Issue 6 catalogue which offers a great selection of books, suitable for all ages and interests.  If you wish to place an order, please submit all orders online using LOOP, the Scholastic Book Club Linked Online Ordering & Payment platform for parents.  Each order helps earn free books and teaching materials for our school.  Thank you to all families for your support of Scholastic Book Club this year.  Stay tuned for our upcoming Book Fair next term.  Happy reading! ​

2021 Book Club Loop.jpg

Year 3 Excursion - WEENANDIN (ROUND ISLAND)  

Last term, Year 3 at Xavier Catholic College went on an outdoor excursion across the shores of Hervey Bay. This educational adventure was run by Hervey Bay Eco Marine Tours. It began on board the Milbi, a safe boat for children. Cruising smooth waters, it took our classes on a journey to discover the rich Aboriginal culture, the breathtaking marine biodiversity and the beautiful island of Weenandin. After the boat trip to Weenandin, students explored Dayman Park. 

The purpose of the excursion was to educate our students about our local area and to develop an appreciation for the wonderful environment. The excursion also provided students with an opportunity to investigate the Indigenous heritage of our local area. This excursion is part of the learning that students complete in HASS. 

It was a very different day because our classroom was among nature. It was so fun! Our teachers for the day were the Butchulla people. To get there we went on the Milbi. We got to take off our shoes. The water was smooth on the way there. The excursion taught us lots about Aboriginal culture. – Jaiden 

Our tour guides were Dingka and Eric, and our driver on the boat was Trevor. On our tour they showed us a lot of flowers. My favourite one was a beach flower. When you put it on your forehead it takes away a headache. The island was a bit cold but it was fun. Trevor showed us how to make a fire. He said it can be useful if you are in danger. He then showed us how to play a didgeridoo. – Ben 

Our guide showed us some Weenandin bush tucker which we were able to sample. We were able to sample the oysters from the island. Our guide, Aaron?, showed us how to smoke the oysters and they were delicious! - Bodhi 

On Weenandin Island, we gathered around in a circle. The sand on our feet was so relaxing. We took our shoes off to perform a dance. Before we started dancing, the two Butchulla men, Eric and Dingka, taught us how to count to 3 in Butchulla. They had ochre all over their face and body. The dance was called K’Gari Gynda Narmi. It is a Welcome to Country song and dance. It brings in all the good spirits together. – by La’Meirah 

When we were at Dayman Park we played on the playground. We had lunch and then we made scratch drawings from the Aboriginal pictures on the concrete. Our teachers read us facts about the Aboriginal history of Dayman Park. We had one last play and then we left to go back to school. – Gabby 

We would like to thank the team at Hervey Bay Eco Marine Tours for providing such a wonderful experience for our students. This excursion provided our students with the opportunity to learn about Aboriginal culture, share pride in our national story and respect the ancient history of the land we live on.  Mrs Kate Mason ​

2021 Weenandin.jpg

2021 Weenandin2.jpg

2021 Weenandin 3.jpg


Touch Football 

Wide Bay All Schools touch football competition is being held on Thursday September 2nd in Bundaberg. Information has been sent home with students. Qkr payment is due by Friday 27th August 9am. We have received confirmation of the draw (emailed to students) and can now confirm that the bus will depart Xavier at 6am SHARP with an expected return to Xavier by 6:45pm. All uniform items (except Polo’s) have been distributed to students. If you have ordered an incorrect size for socks, there is an opportunity to return those items to Xavier and order new items, however there is a 6-week turn-around and thus they would not be ready for Wide Bay all schools (they would be ready for QLD All Schools). The process for completing this optional re-order of socks has been emailed to students (re-order due by Friday 20th August 9am).  



Xavier will send two girls AFL teams (Yr 7-9 and Yr 10-12) to play the Battle of the Bay AFLX gala day on Wednesday 18th August. Thank you to Mr Damms for coaching and good luck to all girls. 


2021 Oztag All Schools – OUR LARGEST YET! 

 This year the 2021 Oztag All Schools had it all 157 Teams, 21 fields, 49 schools represented with 2198 players AND a sudden lock down to contend with. 

Despite this occurring, it was fantastic to see Xavier’s 8 teams from Grades 4 – 12 be a part of this fantastic tournament. 

 All students represented the college extremely well with many receiving positive comments and compliments from not only referees but also from officials and staff from other schools. Excitingly, the following students have gained selection into a QLD All Star Merit Team.  


Year 5 Boys : 

Will Robertson, Kaiden McPhail, Hallie Merrick, Malahni Nooroa, Billy Franks, Luca Tomekovic, Gus Manning (Shadow)

Year 6 Boys:

Tom Mason (Shadow)

Year 8 Boys:

Xavier Dennis, Blake Tomekovic

Year 8 Girls:

Madison Fletcher, Cee Cee Hilton, Milli Paxton

Year 10 Boys:

Caleb Berthelsen (Shadow), Kaine Richters (Shadow)

Year 10 Girls:

Emily Fisher, Mckenzie Taylor (Shadow)

Year 12 Mixed:

Charli Thompson (Shadow)


Given that we were one of the schools that had to leave early due to the Sunshine Coast’s lockdown, a huge congratulations must go to each of these students on their outstanding efforts of being selected.  

Many thanks must also go to Mr Michael Thompson our Oztag ‘Super Coach', who organised the coaching of our 8 teams. The personal time he gives and his commitment to these teams is applaudable and is greatly appreciated by all. A big thank you also to the many staff who travelled away and supported our teams to help to make this event possible: Miss Kate Duffield, Ms Lynette Pritchard, Mrs Kerry Bryant, Mrs Tracy Grambower and Mrs Simone Collins along with past student coaches Miss Danielle Sankey, Miss Emily Thompson and Miss Riley Grambower. Thank you so much to each and every one of you as our teams would not be able to compete without your help and support. 

Finally, a big thank you must go to our players and your commitment to Xavier Oztag. You did a great job representing the college and you all looked amazing in your Xavier Wolves Oztag Uniforms! 

 Looking forward to next year - BRING ON ALL SCHOOLS 2022! 

Kath Thompson - Xavier Oztag Manager 2021 ​

2021 Oztag Collage.jpg



Orchid Fair

Orchard Society.JPG 

Youth Camp

Passio Youth Camp 2021.JPG

To Register for this event please go to Tickets are $150.00 or contact  Mrs Donnelly for more information  ​