Newsletter - Term 3, Week 7, 2017


This Thursday, 24th August, we will hold our second Parent Engagement Committee meeting.

In an effort to meet the demands of busy parents, this time we will commence at 3.30pm in Campion Theatre and aim to conclude by 5pm.

It is a great opportunity to hear what is happening at the school and to offer your thoughts as to our proposals for school improvement. It is also a great chance to bring forward your ideas or concerns that you would like the College to address.

Among the topics I would like to gain parents thoughts is the School Uniform and whether changes might be necessary. This could entail the Formal Uniform and what days it should be worn, along with any additional items that might be required such as a College jumper.

Additionally, I would like to hear from parents about the best methods of communication between the home and school and what information should appear on the Parent Portal.

This is great opportunity to have a voice in shaping the future of a great school into something even better. All parents are welcome to attend.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson went on a camping trip. After a good meal and a bottle of wine, they lay down for the night and went to sleep. Some hours later, Holmes awoke and nudged his faithful friend.
"Watson, look up and tell me what you see."
 Watson replied, "I see millions and millions of stars."
"What does that tell you?" Holmes asked.
Watson pondered for a minute, then replied "Astronomically, it tells me that there are millions of galaxies and potentially billions of planets. Astrologically, I observe that Saturn is in Leo. Horologically, I deduce that the time is approximately a quarter past three. Theologically, I can see that God is all powerful and that we are small and insignificant. Meteorologically, I suspect that we will have a beautiful day tomorrow. Why, what does it tell YOU?"
Holmes was silent for a minute then spoke. "Watson, you idiot. Somebody has stolen our tent."
Sometimes we can get so caught up in the detail that we forget to look for the obvious.  Like Dr Watson, stepping back and examining the big picture also requires us to reflect on what we are not seeing.  Taking stock of our progress requires us to recognie our blind spots.

As we enter the final weeks of Term Three of the academic year, the students and staff of the College are entering into a very busy and demanding time.  So far Term Three has been a busy and exciting one, filled with the challengess of study and many achievements.  As with any time that we face the hectic pace of the day-to-day, the moment to stop provides an opportunity to take stock of our personal and collective progress.  We are blessed to have many students who excel in a wide range of activities.  We celebrate their achievements.  In addition, we applaud those whose stories are not told in these pages, but have achieved their personal goals.  For some, these goals have been reached in the classroom where dedication and persistence has paid dividends.  Not every child at Xavier Catholic College will be an academic world-beater, but every child can set goals that will challenge themselves to improve.  To all who have taken up this challenge and stuck with it, I offer you my congratulations.

Taking stock is not only about recalling our successes; it also involves facing up to those times where we have missed the mark; our blind spots.  As students reflect on their progress so far in Term Three, some will acknowledge that the effort may not have been enough.  This is not always determined by the result, but by the self-knowledge that the potential was there to do better.  As I have often told students, there is no such thing as failure at Xavier Catholic College; but there are opportunities to learn from our mistakes and to grow through our setbacks.  For those whose results, whatever they may be, leave them room for improvement, I hope there is time for reflection so we enter the final weeks of the Term with the determination to improve and to see beyond our blind spots.

God bless

Simon Dash


Dear Parents,
It has been another busy week at Xavier filled with the excitement and the busyness of our college community. 

On Saturday night, staff and many students participated in the Illuminate Whale Parade.  This wonderful community event was a huge success and as a college we were very happy to be involved.  The floats entered were of all sizes and shapes with a dazzling array of lights and entertainment included.  Xavier was very proud to receive First Place in the schools division and we were even prouder of the students who participated and the general feeling of good will on the night.  Our congratulations to all involved with special thanks going to Mrs Jensen, Miss Curran, Mrs Gaedtke and Mr De Waard who led the way and put together the materials and choreography for the evening.  Well Done!

This week our Junior school has celebrated our annual Book Week.  Mr Bebington, out Junior Years teacher librarian has put together a wonderful schedule of events to celebrate and recognise reading in our Junior Years.  The highlight of this week was the Book Week parade which for the first time included a parade of our younger students through our Senior Years areas.  Congratulations to all the staff and students for what has been a wonderful week filled with the joy of reading.

2017 Book Week.jpg

Over the coming weeks, you will hear and read a lot of information regarding NAPLAN results and how each school is performing.  As part of our normal school procedures a report will be sent to all parents outlining each student’s results for these tests.  Parents should note that these tests are designed by the Federal Government, and are primarily aimed at providing schools with an indication on how students across Australia are performing in Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation, Writing, Reading & Numeracy. It is also important for parents to note that this report forms only one part of the total picture of your child’s overall achievement. As a College, we value the information these tests and reports provide however we also acknowledge the importance of developing future citizens of strong character and good moral conscience.  As a Catholic school, we aim to provide our young learners with an education that caters for the whole student, combining academic rigour with a holistic view of educational needs.


This week and last our Year 11 Marine Science and Aquatic Practices students have been cruising around the Sandy Straits, using all of their fishing, crabbing, boating and navigating knowledge and skills they have been learning in the classroom. This excursion offers a perfect opportunity for the students for explore our rich mangrove environments and further their research for an extended marine investigation on adaptations.

2017 House Boats Excursion1.jpg


August 25 – Year 3 & 4 Gala Day
August 28 – Year 1 Church Excursion

August 29 – QCS
August 29 – Year 9 Parent Information Evening (Campion Theatre)
August 30 – Year 11 Study of Religion Houses of Worship Tour
September 1 – Junior School Preformances 11:30am and 1:30pm
September 1 – Junior School Father’s Day Breakfast & Liturgy
September 1 – Xavier@work morning/Principal’s tour
September 1 – Year 11 Hospitality Excursion to EAT@Dan & Steph’s
September 4 – Year 12 End of Term 3 Exam Block
September 4 – XCC Healing Mass
September 5 – Year 10 Parent Information Evening
September 6 – Year 4 Camp Underwater World Overnight
September 7 – Brisbane Writer’s Festival
November 6 – Junior School Grandparents’ Day Liturgy


BAYCREST BALL2017 Baycrest Ball.jpg

Last week a group of Year 10 students attended the annual Baycrest Ball at Baycrest Retirement Village on Doolong Road. The students were actively involved in the occasion, serving afternoon tea to the residents, casting the deciding votes for the Belle and Beau of the Ball and dancing with the residents. Reflecting upon the day, I was reminded of the Prayer of St Francis of Assisi which says, “It is in giving that we receive”. I know that the students received much through the kindness and gratefulness of everyone at Baycrest. I could not think of a better way to spend an afternoon than simply spending time with others from our wider community in a spirit of joyful celebration. 


Last Friday some of our Year 5 and Year 11 student leaders attended the Vietnam Veterans’ Remembrance Service at Freedom Park in Pialba. The ceremony commemorated the 51st anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan. It was a poignant reminder of the sacrifice that so many men and women made in serving our country and the harsh treatment that they were subjected to upon their arrival home after serving. As a college, we offer our prayers for the servicemen and women as well as the families of those affected by war and conflict.

Fathers play a significant role in the lives of their children and families.  Every year on Father’s Day, we remember the many sacrifices fathers make for their children and families, and the ways they do this - both big and small. We also remember the other men in our lives who may have filled the role of father for many of our college families; these may include Happy Fathers Day.jpggrandfathers, uncles, brothers and cousins, teachers, priests and coaches. All are invited to join us for a special breakfast and liturgy on Friday 1st September. A small breakfast will be served from 7:30am with some games organised on the Junior School Oval followed by a liturgy in Goa at 8:45am. Parents and families are warmly invited to attend.  A note will go home to P-5 students this week outlining all of the details including an RSVP slip for catering purposes.
Monday the Prep students were excited to board a big bus and head off on our first excursion!  We were greeted at St Joseph's Parish Church by Mrs Lynch who showed us some of the special things used throughout Mass.  Fr Regi also greeted us before we followed our maps and explored all areas of the church.  We boarded the bus once again for a quick trip to the All Abilities park on the esplanade where we had lunch and a play.  We will now spend time in our Religion lessons finding links between the church and prayer tables in our classrooms.  Thank you to Mr McDonald, Ms Hammond, Mrs Gaedtke and all the parent helpers who helped make it a very successful excursion.  The youngest of Xavier's students represented the school admirably, showing respect and taking care in such a special place to the Catholic people of Hervey Bay.  Well done!

2017 Prep Church Visit.jpg

Xavier Catholic College is excited to announce the upgrade of our Parent Portal is due to occur next week.
Our Parent Portal is the main channel of communication with our parent community. Stay up to date with important school information!

  • New features
  • New look and feel
  • Better Report Absence feature makes it easier for parents to use
  • Easier access to information about your child
  • Give permission for excursions and other events online – no more paper forms!
  • Image slide show on home page
  • Translate feature lets you see information (excluding the content of documents) in your choice of language.
Of course, all our previous features are still there including calendar and announcements, school documents, staff contacts, enrolment and fee information as well as your child’s timetable, teacher names, classes, attendance reports, NAPLAN and even report cards.
As always, you’ll need your email address and password to login. Forgotten your password? You can reset it here. 
Watch this space!

On Wednesday 17 August the Xavier Language Centre was transformed into an art gallery with creative works from the Xavier community. This years’ theme was ‘Life is Beautiful’ and artists submitted works of art from a variety of mediums including painting, sculpture and photography. Visitors to the exhibition were entertained by the talents of Year 9 Xavier singer, Rachael Damms. Well-known local Visual Art teacher and panel member, Venetia Stiles, generously judged the entries and prizes were awarded to:

1st.  Kath Thompson
Highly Commended.  Grace Waning

Year 10 - 11
1st.  Tory-Lea Fox
HC.  Tory-Lea Fox

Year 8 - 9
1st   Henry Riley
HC.   Lily Hunter

Year 5 - 7
1st    Isabella Harris
HC.   Ashleigh Relf and Ella Barker

Year 3 - 4
1st.   Matthew Sinn
HC.   Eve Orr

Prep – Year 2
1st.   William Moss
HC.   Cianna Brenia

Many thanks to Xavier staff and students who assisted with the hanging of the masterpieces, the catering and ensuring everything ran smoothly. We look forward to another great exhibition in 2018.

2017 Xavier Art Prize.jpg


Last Wednesday, Xavier was represented by two teams in the RACI National Chemical Analysis Competition. The competition required the participants to determine the concentration of solutions using a technique called titration. The students performed very well in a field of 47 teams from schools throughout Wide Bay.

The Year 12 team consisted of Amber Hatch, Teala Larsen and Ruby Mogor. Their results earned them a very respectable 16th Place. Poorna Jayasinghe, Ethan Makaresz and Kelsea Haupt were the members of the Year 11 team. They were given 4th place and were selected to compete in the National Finals later in the year.

Congratulations to both teams for your dedication to training and your behaviour and performance on the day. We wish the Year 11 team best wishes as they prepare for the finals. The titration will be a much more complicated process next time so they will be hard at work in the lab again.

A special thank you to our fantastic lab assistant, Mrs. Perry, who worked very hard to expertly prepare the solutions and equipment for the students to practice with during the training sessions and for her support on the day.

2017 XCats Titration.jpg

Lakeyta Feste and Ella Webb have been playing in the Karen Murphy Cup for Girls Rugby League in a Barbarians team. Unfortunately Ella injured herself and has been unable to play in the last couple of rounds. Lakeyta played through to the semi-finals last week, which they unfortunately lost in. Congratulations to both the girls for participating in this inaugural competition.

2017 Karen Murphy Cup.jpg


Fantastic effort by Skye Houliston who competed in the Wide Bay Schools U15 Girls Rugby League State Championships in Maroochydore last weekend. It was great for her to be involved in the 1st carnival ever held. Skye was lucky enough to be captain of the Wide Bay team, and was appreciative of the opportunity.

2017 WB Rugby League Sky Houliston.JPG


Bring in dresses, shirts, scarves, jumpers, shorts, jeans and clean clothes for the Magis Minis clothes drive.  Please no stains or holes because they need to be worn.  Bins will be located in the following locations; GOA, Library, Language Centre and Student Reception from 30th August until the 13th September. 

Friday 25th August, students wishing to purchase merchandise will be able to from an area set up outside Campion Theatre at first and second break.
Why are we doing this?  Year 10 student Declan James is the Wide Bay Burnett representative for this promotion, and has also been involved in various other charity projects including recently Riding his push bike from Hervey Bay to Towoomba raising over $3000 for Beyond Blue.
Daffodil Day.jpg 
Students are eligible to use the dental van from Prep to Year 10. Students in Prep to Year 7 will be issued dental forms through class teachers. Any students in Years 8-10 that wish to access the School Dental Service, please pick up a dental form from student reception. Dental forms are to be returned signed by 31/08/2017.
2017 Kindy Open Day2.jpg 
Help Xavier climb the leaderboard for prizes in the Stockland Hervey Bay School Rewards program. Any purchase made from a Stockland Hervey Bay store earns points towards our campaign.
Simply, visit the customer service desk with your reciepts and register towards our school OR register and upload your dockets online at
Every dollar spent, can earn one point towards prize rewards for Xavier.

2017 Stocklands Rewards.jpg

WOOLWORTHS EARN AND LEARNWoolies Earn and Learn.jpg
The Woolworths Earn and Learn program is back for 2017 and once again Xavier College is participating.
The program works like this – if our community saves their stickers when they shop at Woolworths we can use these to ‘purchase’ educational resource items from Modern Teaching Aids at the end of the promotion.

The program runs from 26 July – 19 September.
Staff, grandparents, neighbours and friends can all support our school by collecting stickers and placing them on a sticker sheet and dropping them into the boxes marked ‘Xavier College” at each Woolworths store or in the box in the college foyer.
Last year we were able to supplement our PE equipment for junior school and this year we would love to be able to use the resources in other learning areas.

Thanks for your support.
Health training.JPG 
Please support the Great Book Swap to raise funds for Indigenous Literacy Foundation
Tour de Bay.jpg