Newsletter - Term 4, Week 6, 2018

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Special thanks to Hervey Bay House and Land for their Sponsorship of our upcoming
Primary Spirit Night, Thursday 29th November.



This Friday, 16th November, our Year 12's will finish their schooling days at Xavier Catholic College with a Special Assembly at the College. On Thursday night we will have the Graduation Mass and Dinner.    

Valedictory is a very special time and an important rite of passage for our graduating students.  Our Seniors have been fine leaders throughout 2018 and have been generous with their time, particularly with the younger students at the school.  I wish them well for the future and hope that they continue to represent the values of the College as they move into a new phase of their lives.

This will be a very special day for all in our community as we farewell the Year 12's of 2018.  At such a time my thoughts are drawn to the Gospel passage of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples.

This gospel is a fitting way to send our graduates into the world: As Servant Leaders.

Thirteen people are gathered in the room to eat. There should have been fourteen, a servant to politely clean the dirt of travel off the feet of the guests.

But there was no servant. Jesus slips over, grabs the bowl and towel, and begins washing feet. In this moment, he is making their lives immeasurably more challenging. He is showing them exactly what it means to be a servant.

He serves the man who will in a few hours deny ever knowing him.

He serves the man who will in a few hours turn him in to the cops.

He serves the man who, three years before, laughed at his redneck roots.

He serves the men who argued over who was most important.

He is washing the feet that will, in a few hours, run away from him.

And it isn't like he didn't know what these feet, these hearts, were going to do. Jesus told them what they were going to do later. But he still washed their feet. And his behaviour invites questions. How did he do that? How do I do that? He doesn't expect me to do that, does he?

Yes, he does.

The act of service is grounded, for Jesus, in not having anything to prove. He gets nothing from this act, usually reserved for a gentile servant. Rinsing the feet of guests of the dirt that accumulated from manure-laden paths as they walked to a party had no redeeming value. This was not like opening the door for someone, an act that people can take turns doing. This was not about helping the helpless, an act that can earn inverse status points.

This act carried no points. It seemed repulsive to the disciples rather than noble. The idea of a servant leader was still new; was, in fact, in the process of being created at this table, on this night. But, Jesus wasn't jeopardising his position, he was establishing it. He is Servant.

Peter is the only one who responds when Jesus washes feet. For whatever reason, Peter is the voice. And Peter argues that he doesn't want Jesus to wash his feet.

But look more closely at what Jesus says to the disciples after he finishes washing their feet and gets dressed. He starts with a should, just like we expect: “Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash one another's feet." He piles it on: “I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you. I tell you the truth, no servant is greater than his master, nor is a messenger greater than the one who sent him."

Now the most important part of the message: “Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them." Wait, what? Not “you will be cursed if you don't?" Not, “I did this to make you feel guilty?"

No. Jesus said that serving blesses the servant. But that shouldn't be a surprise. After all, he's not doing it out of guilt-avoidance. He's doing it for love.

Over the past couple of years, I have had heard a great deal about Xavier's 'traditions'.  I want to share with you what I believe to be the only true traditions of this College – symbolised by the virtues of our faith and reflected in the actions of Jesus in washing the feet of his disciples. These virtues which form the fundamental traditions of our College are: generosity; fellowship; purity; courtesy; and compassion.

I ask our graduates to be proud of these traditions and be proud of their time at the College, for if they carry these virtues in their hearts, they will be truly blessed and make a mighty difference to our world.

God Bless,

Simon Dash


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15/11/2018Year 12 Graduation Mass and Dinner (St Joseph's)
16/11/2018Final day for Year 12 students
16/11/2018Year 12 Graduation Breakfast
18/11/2018Hervey Bay Catholic Parish Fair
19/11/2018Grandparents' Day Liturgy & Morning Tea
26/11/2018Year 11 Exam Block
27/11/2018Middle School Celebration
29/11/2018P-3 Swimming Carnival
29/11/2018P-6 Spirit Night (5.30pm - 7.30 pm)
30/11/2018Final day for Year 10 & Year 11 students
30/11/2018Year 7 Orientation Day
30/11/2018Prep - Year 6 Transition Morning
30/11/2018Prep 2019 Orientation Morning
3/12/2018Star of the Sea Xmas Concert - GOA PM
4/12/2018Year 6 Final Assembly & Morning Tea
5/12/2018P-9 Last Day of School
5/12/2018P-9 Final Mass and Assembly
5/12/2018P-6 End of Year Activities
5/12/2018Year 5-6 Hervey Bay Cinema Excursion

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Buthu Swimming House Champions for 2018

A day of fun was had by all who attended the Xavier Catholic College 9 to 12 years Primary Swimming Carnival held last Friday the 9th November at the Hervey Bay Aquatic Centre. With a focus on participation, all year 4, 5 and 6 students who attended the carnival, as well as a handful of competitive year 3 and year 7 students, were encouraged to swim 4 races and participate in novelty activities.

Congratulations to our 2018 Swimming Age Champions:

Age champions                                                       Runner Up

2009 Boy        Nate Sparks                                      Cooper Low

2009 Girl        Lucy Wright                                        Millie Jackson

2008 Boy        Jack Ryan                                         Lincoln Hislop

2008 Girl        Lily Barker                                          Abby Krause

2007 Boy        Noah Purser                                       Pierce Mailer

2007 Girl        Talayla Rasmussen                             Abby Veale

2006 Boy        Blake Begaud                                    Oliver Wright

2006 Girl        Charlotte Knight                                 Charlie Ryan


Buthu was the winning house for 2018. Congratulations Buthu!

1st        Buthu

2nd       Kondari

3rd       Narwari

4th       Dirum

From the results at our carnival, a Xavier team will be selected to compete at the Hervey Bay District Swimming Carnival on Friday 23rd November. This carnival will take place at the Hervey Bay Aquatic Centre. Letters of invitation will be sent home with students who have earned a place on the Xavier team.

2018 Primary Swimming Carnival.jpg

Junior Primary Swimming Carnival

The Prep, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 Carnival will be held on the 29th November at Elders Swim Centre. Preps and Year Two will attend from 9.30 to 11.00am. Year One and Year Three will attend from 11.00 to 12.30pm. We invite parents and caregivers to come along and join in the fun.



Year 3's Weekend Church Date!

On Sunday, Year 3 students were invited to attend mass at St Joseph's by their teachers, Mrs Jensen, Miss Crowley and Mr Bortolanza.  In class, they have been learning about local church history and a trip to the local parish was a perfect outing to reinforce in-class investigations and discussions.

The students enjoyed Children's Liturgy with their teachers and afterwards were treated to a special tour of the church by Mrs Donnelly.  Father Reggi also spoke with the children and answered their questions.  Emilia Bates, Piper Spencer and Alexander Zentveld sang so beautifully in mass, that a parishioner commented on their wonderful voices.

It was a beautiful outing, and everyone enjoyed themselves and learnt something new about their local parish (even the teachers).  Thank you to the parents who made the effort to bring their child to mass for this special weekend get together.    

 2018 Year 3 Church.jpg



To have a successful and productive day, you need to start off your morning the right way. At Xavier OSHC Before School Care, we provide your children with exactly what they need to achieve their very best.

Children enjoy having the opportunity to create their own breakfasts; based on their ideas, suggestions and the food we have available on the menu. How many fruits can we use on top of your cereal? Should we experiment with the spreads? The possibilities are endless and not to mention, extremely fun to discover and learn about!

To enquire further, contact Elliot Ashton (OSHC Coordinator) on 4194 1246, 0467 746 136, or alternatively, email at



Borrowing eBooks and audio books from our OverDrive Library has become very easy. All it takes is 4 steps.

  1. Install the Sora app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, or go to 
  2. In Sora, find our school (or enter our school's setup code xavierccau). Students sign in using their BCE username. Their teacher can tell what this is if they're unsure or parents can contact Library staff for assistance.
  3. Browse the Explore tab and borrow a book. The book will open so you can start reading right away.
  4. Close the book and go to the Shelf tab to see all books currently on loan. From the Shelf tab, students can:
    • Tap Open Book or Open Audiobook to read or listen to the book.
    • Tap Options to renew or return the book, get to your notes and highlights, and more.

Sora works on laptops, iPads or phones.

Students can also add the Brisbane Catholic Education library to the Sora app by clicking the Add a public library link and searching for Brisbane Catholic Education.

If you'd like help setting up your child's account, bring your device into the Library and Library staff can assist you.



Year 6 Graduation Assemby, 9.00am, Tuesday 4 December, 2018.  Don't miss this special celebration of our graduating Year 6 cohort.


2019 School Fees Information pack will be forwarded to all existing families by email on 16 November 2018.

This pack includes the 2019 School Fees and Levies Brochure as well as a selection of information, guides and calculators to assist you to set up a payment plan for your account.

Direct Debit Payment Plans

Xavier Catholic College offers Direct Debit and Credit Card payment plan arrangements to our families to allow more flexibility with their payments. 

Recent changes have been introduced to make this process more streamlined. 

Our Direct Debit forms now have 'UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE' in the end date field which allows parents to complete one form for the duration of their students' enrolment, instead of a new form each year as was previously required.  Alterations to the payment plan may then be advised by email without the need to complete a new authority form.

Please take the time to review the updated Direct Debit Service Agreement which can be found on page 2 of the Direct Debit Request form.

Multiple Year Payment Plans

The new school fee structure allows for payment plans to be calculated for longer periods.  For example, from Prep to Year 6 a seven year plan is possible and from Year 7 to Year 9 a three year plan is possible.  We anticipate payment amounts will only need to be re-calculated when students move into years 7, 10 and 11. 

Please contact our finance staff by email at if you wish to set up a payment plan for more than one year.


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