Newsletter - Term 4, Week 9, 2018

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The final curtain is closing on the 2018 academic year and students and staff are looking forward to enjoying a well-earned rest.  There have been times this year when the busyness of life at the College has reached a frenetic pace.  Great things have happened and many initiatives have been introduced to improve the provision of a quality education.  Now that the dust is settling on the year, we have an opportunity to reflect on the many wonderful achievements and challenges that have taken place at the College.  It has been an excellent year.

I extend my thanks to parents for the partnership you have established with the College.  Much of the change that has been introduced this year has only been possible because of the support of the parents.  Your enthusiasm for the College and your trust in the changes that have been implemented is deeply appreciated.

The Christmas holiday break is a great opportunity to enjoy time with family, to celebrate, and to rest and rejuvenate.  I hope that your family enjoys the time.  I also hope that the true spirit of Christmas will be a central part of your family’s celebrations.  Christmas is a time to remember the birth of our saviour and the profound love that God has for us.

A poet was once asked if he could explain one of his poems in “ordinary terms”. He replied with some feeling, “If I could say what I meant in ‘ordinary terms’, I would not have had to write the poem!”

In a similar manner, it is difficult to put into “ordinary terms” the mystery of Christmas: the birth of Jesus, the Son of God, who grew in wisdom and age, who preached a way of love, who suffered, died and rose again, who became the model for our human and spiritual growth. The birth of Jesus made possible, not just a new way of understanding life, but a new way of living it. Even though all around us are signs that are rushing us to a Christmas of celebration that equates spending with love, we need to feel a strong undercurrent of authentic meaning. If we were to put into “ordinary terms” the meaning of Christmas, perhaps it might look something like this:

“It’s sharing your gifts, not purchasing gifts.
It’s not wrapping presents, it’s being present and wrapping your arms around the ones you love.
It’s not getting Christmas cards out on time, it’s sending any card, anytime, at the right time.
It’s not having the best Christmas light display, it’s displaying the Christ light that comes from your heart.
It’s not Santa coming down the chimney, it’s Jesus coming down from heaven and giving us the gift of Himself.”  Author unknown.

At Christmas we are reminded that God is in the ordinary.  The Christmas story reminds us that God has embraced our humanity fully and completely.  If being fully human was good enough for God, living my human life to the fullest is good enough for me. 

Christmas is a celebration of human life.  When I encounter another human, I encounter the God who became human at Bethlehem.  Jesus comes to us and is truly present among us every day.  He comes to us in those who need love, hope, comfort, and joy in their lives.  He comes in those who bring these same gifts to others.  He is born in every circumstance of our lives.  He is the promise of a new day.  May we all be filled with joy and hope and share God’s love by the way we care for each other.  

Peace and goodwill to you all.

Simon Dash

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State Champions -  2018 Apex Debating Competition

A very big congratulations to our Junior Debating Team, Jasmine Miller, Jazmyn Hanily, Sarah Garty and Lachlan Maag, who successfully argued their way to victory in the 2018 State Finals of the Apex Debating Competition. The competition final was held at Apex Camp Mudjimba on the Sunshine Coast and the opposition was the Year 10 West Moreton Anglican College team from Ipswich.  The judges were very impressed with our team’s ability to persistently rebut the opposition’s points and awarded the win to Xavier in a unanimous decision.

This challenging competition includes teams from the Wide Bay Burnett region, the Greater Metropolitan region of Brisbane and north to the Whitsundays. Throughout the year the team have worked on countless debates, giving up their lunch breaks and after school time to research, write and rehearse their speeches and rebuttal arguments. I’d like to commend the team on their fantastic team spirit, great sportsmanship and ability to find humour in almost every debate topic. Their title of ‘State Champions’ is certainly well-deserved.


Buthu Swimming House Champions for 2018

A day of fun was had by all who attended the Xavier Catholic College 9 to 12 years Primary Swimming Carnival held last Friday the 9th November at the Hervey Bay Aquatic Centre. With a focus on participation, all year 4, 5 and 6 students who attended the carnival, as well as a handful of competitive year 3 and year 7 students, were encouraged to swim 4 races and participate in novelty activities.

Congratulations to our 2018 Swimming Age Champions.

Age champions                                     Runner Up

2009 Boy        Nate Sparks                   Cooper Low

2009 Girl        Lucy Wright                    Millie Jackson

2008 Boy        Jack Ryan                      Lincoln Hislop

2008 Girl        Lily Barker                      Abby Krause

2007 Boy        Noah Purser                  Pierce Mailer

2007 Girl        Talayla Rasmussen        Abby Veale

2006 Boy        Blake Begaud                Oliver Wright

2006 Girl        Charlotte Knight             Charlie Ryan


Buthu was the winning house for 2018. Congratulations Buthu!


1st        Buthu

2nd       Kondari

3rd       Narwari

4th       Dirum

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Hervey Bay District Swimming Carnival
Friday 23rd of November was a big day at the Hervey Bay Aquatic Centre for our Xavier Primary Swim Team.  38 students from Year 3 to Year 7 represented our College on the day.  Many of these students placed in their races receiving ribbons for their accomplishments. The day finished on a high when our 12-year-old relay team swam to victory in the relay race, winning by a good margin. Congratulations to all team members and a special thankyou to those students who filled in so that Xavier had participants in every event. Xavier placed second in the Group A pool, going down to Kawungan State School.
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2019 - Xavier/Star of the Sea Shuttle Bus
The Xavier/Star of the Sea Shuttle Bus will be running again in 2019.  This bus will pick up Xavier students from Star of the Sea in the morning and return to SOS in the afternoon.

Next year there will be a small fee of $10 per week payable as you get on the bus.  It will also be a requirement that students have their ID card when on the bus and present it to the bus driver on request.

Just a reminder regarding the Non-State Schools Transport Assistance Scheme (NSSTAS) under which Financial Assistance for bus fares can be claimed.

Please email the following information to if you have students who will be using this shuttle bus service in 2019.

Student Name:
Student Year Level:
Parents Name:


Students with Food Allergies

When ordering on the QKr! App please select the appropriate item from the Allergy category and add it to your order.

This category shows as a tab on the top of your screen when you are selecting food items.

Adding this product will advise the Tuckshop staff that your student has a food allergy, and
will be required to be selected every time you make an order.

Please contact our Tuckshop staff on 4197 1264 if you have any further questions.


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